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  1. Eclipse

    The "media" is simply a 24-hour buffet with franchises around the globe. They have stuff you like, and stuff you don't like. Often, some of the stuff you like is bad for you, and some of the stuff you don't like is good for you. Consume too much of either, and you're likely to have a bad day. Complaining about it is pointless, nobody made you consume it, and you can walk out at any time.
  2. Another weekend of...

    As to the health of this particular stream... As has happened many times in the past, the last flood washed a buttload of bass, catfish, and bream out of the BV lakes and into Little Sugar. I was at the big lake when the rain quit. The first water over the dam was clear. The outflow rushed thru a narrow ditch for ~1/2 mile, then spread out and slowed on a low spot in the golf course. I saw a lot of fish milling that pool, and the only guy in the 'hood smart enough to be there with a rod caught a 50lb mess of cats (8 fish) in short work. He surfed that stringer of cats right thru the flooded greens to his truck. In a couple hours the water was muddy, falling, and they were gone... ...down Little Sugar Creek.
  3. I'm reminded of a promise I made to myself around 1970; I will never be critical of the music others might prefer, and I will never tell them to turn it down. So far I haven't broken it... ...(though I have contemplated redefining what qualifies as 'music')
  4. All the kids I know today are intelligent, well-adjusted, and overall good kids. Some like to fish, some don't. I'm not worried about a one of them.
  5. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    There's no reason you couldn't incorporate boat batteries in the dock's storage system, keeping the batteries charged and alternately providing lift & lighting power in return. You'd still want some permanent dock batteries, but wouldn't need as many.

    That, or trying to figure out what the heck a Ned Rig is.

    Sharks, schmarks, I'm not gonna worry till I see this;
  8. That's too big of bite!

    Walleye start doing that at ~1/4" long and <2 weeks old if there's a shortage of the right sized live food. Swallowing a whole fish of equal size isn't possible of course. They swim around with their sibling hanging out of their mouth like that picture for a couple days till the body rots off, then they swallow the head. After a few episodes of that, the cannibals are enough bigger (and stronger) than their siblings to really take advantage of the situation. In a fish-eat-fish world, your brother might also be your breakfast.
  9. Planer Board ?

    They do work. They're also a real PITA, so the degree that they help is tempered by loss of effectiveness of your downlines or longlines. My experience was always by myself, but if you have a little room to roam and a nimble first mate, it could be different. Nowdays there's only one situation where I readily break them out. When the surface temps allow shallow dawn/dusk/nightime activity, I'll pull a shallow stickbait in a hand-held rod with a board to run the bait thru fish I'd surely spook by running over them with a boat. When they're 15 ft or deeper, boards just get you more baits in more places, which can jack up your numbers if you can handle it. I've run 2 downlines, 2 longlines, and 2 boards all at once by myself. That setup can turn south on you pretty quick if you actually get into fish, or a little too near an unknown brushpile.
  10. Walleye on Beaver tailwater

    That's a politically correct version of the adjective I had in mind. :-)
  11. Jet boat tours?

    ^^^...the most well-reasoned, logical post in this thread...^^^
  12. Today I went striper fishing

    Nice Quill! Seems like there's something missing from this thread, but I can't put my finger on it... When you cleaned them, were there any bass in their craws?
  13. TO lock a phone or not

    Right where they were before I carried a phone around. Behind the driver's license and the picture of Raquel.
  14. Bass spwn on LOZ

    There could be huge differences in available food type and quantity over just a couple weeks.

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