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  1. If you're after those bugeyes, the islands Ham mentioned are a good place to start this time of year. Some of them are visible, some are completely submerged. There's also some submerged weedbeds you won't find on our other highland lakes. For a lake that looks much like what you're used to, it's got some different bells & whistles.
  2. There'll never be another ewe...
  3. I tried to go thru Anderson right after the downpour quit yesterday AM, saw 3 vehicles with their lights on (and presumably people inside) all pinned against trees in fast moving water up to their headlights. Tried to pull over to offer assistance but the police said rescue crew was coming and I should get on out of their way. Scary business.
  4. Duck Dynasty Disillusionment
  5. Understood. That's why I don't spend the time on my favorite lakes that I'd like to anymore. Wakeboaters have no respect for crazy. 😉
  6. Drunks, crackheads and tweakers are nothing to be scared of, you just have to show them that you're crazier than they are. In their compromised condition, that's pretty easy to do.
  7. Nothing in particular to be suspicious about, Missouri has created laws mandating e-fuels, and Arkansas hasn't. They did it in front of God and everybody, and the media covered it. Probably has something to do with the fact that lots of people in Mo. have corn to sell, Arkansas, not so much.
  8. Best of luck on your new water and adventures yet-to-be-had.
  9. Mine too. Odd we've never run in to one another. 😉
  10. Minor correction; hardest thing ever is quitting nicotine. After 40 yrs of pack-a-day smoking, I switched to vaping in 30 minutes. One of the easiest things I've ever done. 2 weeks later a 2 year old case of bronchitis I couldn't shake just vanished. I feel way better and it only costs about 1/4 of what smoking costs. I never want another nasty cigarette in my life. Dreading the day I decide to quit nicotine.
  11. bfishn


    Once you have a green sunfish in hand, it's really easy to ID by the feel. They're way softer all over, with the dorsal being the only place to poke you, and even that's pretty tame compared to other sunnies. I suppose that's why flatheads prefer them, they'd be way easier to swallow whole.
  12. Sure does. I hear leaf blowers 24/7.
  13. All this timely talk about kayaks & wakeboats lately made me wonder what would happen if they crossed paths... guess I'm way behind the curve, they already been there, done that;
  14. bfishn

    What the Heck?

    Sshhh... what they don't know won't hurt us.
  15. bfishn

    What the Heck?

    We all need to do a better job of promoting golf.
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