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  1. bfishn

    MDC Rant

    ...unless they sell it on the courthouse steps for back taxes, or take it by E.D. to build a highway, lake, or wall across it, or some prosecutor claims a portion of it was paid for with ill-gotten gains...
  2. bfishn

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    I believe most of the mortality happens before they're an inch long.
  3. bfishn

    Bats are out

    I saw a caravan of RVs with Minnesota tags headed north Saturday. Pretty sure it was the same gaggle of vagabonds I saw headed back south today. Guess I better bring some wood in tonight.
  4. bfishn

    January 6 Upper End Report

    That's easy enough to solve, just Google "spanking for hire". It looks like there's a decent sized industry serving folks that don't think they got spanked as much as they deserved...
  5. That would have been a fairly safe assumption from the early '70s thru 2016.
  6. bfishn

    Striper Boat For Sale

    ...not seeing a shad tank anywhere...?
  7. Cool! I told that exact same story as a younger man, only I used "smugglers" instead of "malcontents". Got some pretty good mileage out of that one. 👍
  8. bfishn

    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    A response that is surprisingly appropriate in a wide variety of pre-Christmas situations; "You'll shoot you eye out, kid."
  9. bfishn

    The Good Stuff

    The Prelinger Archives are a relaxing diversion for me. Historical to hilarious, with lots of stuff I remember from grade school in the '60s. You may find, as I did, that some of the propos that impressed you as a kid were really pretty hokey on review.
  10. Bet there's more than a few here that don't have a clue what you're referring to... I do... those slicky pages really sucked in the wintertime!
  11. A couple hours of that and I'd have to put myself on suicide watch. I'm driving till the wheels fall off and burn!
  12. bfishn

    Bluff crappie

    Frazil ice.pdf
  13. bfishn

    What's Cooking?

    I've been lucky enough to get invited to some friends T day dinner for the last several years since I have no family left in the area. Last year I talked them into skipping the ham & turkey and letting me fry catfish for a change of pace. They loved it. This year they asked me to do it again, but one of the brothers insists on bringing a ham too. I'm gonna bring him a loaf of bread so he can make sammiches with all his leftover ham. ☺️
  14. My first encounter with them was below Bagnell back in the '90s. Caught a dozen in about 10 minutes. Must have been hundreds there. My second experience was a misunderstood order I placed at a local taco joint. Not sure how you get 'tilapia ala diabla' from 'camarones ala diabla', but they did. Neither experience was particularly enjoyable.

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