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  1. Targeting catfish from shore

    All 3 types of cats can be had where you're at with enough persistence thru the warm months. Monte Ne, Blue Springs, & Hwy 12 accesses can give a fair shot at any of the 3 thru the warm months also. Channels & flatheads are about done for the year, but you can find active blues most of the winter. Where you're at should be real good for blues as soon as surface temps get down around 48-52, when the stripers make daily runs to the back of PC. When the stripers pass by, there's often a good school of blues slightly behind and below them, cleaning up the leftovers. You'll only get about a 30 minute crack at them from your fixed location twice a day, but if you get the timing right it can be pretty awesome. They'll usually follow the old creek channel on their way in and back out, 20-40 ft is the typical target depth then. Forget about the store-bought stink baits, stick with shad (live or fresh cut) or the bluegill.
  2. Full of something, for sure.
  3. Electrical help needed

    Yeah, if the outlet's hot and the smoker cord (assuming OEM) isn't noticeably warm, there's a high resistance (bad) connection at the outlet. Could be a poor plug fit, but most likely the feed wire connection. If the installer was lazy (or greedy), he used the quick pushin connection on the back instead of under the screws on the side. The pushin only has a contact area where just the edges of two spring tabs actually touch the service wire. They'll work fine with the common 2-3A loads they see, but make 'em earn their keep, and they lay down. If that's the case, just snip, strip, and use the screws. If the GFCI trips after that, it's probably heat damaged, and needs replaced. (Disclaimer: I was an electrician in a former life. If you dig up what killed me in that life, well, that's just fake news...)
  4. Just funny stuff

    Yeah, there was a velocity issue at first... then we employed a shop vac, a spray mister, and a propane torch. We were way outside the box that night.
  5. Just funny stuff

    "Had" being the telltale descriptor there... as in, I no longer have mine either.
  6. Just funny stuff

    Was that the one with the 1/4 lb rolling paper inside?
  7. Bait Regulation.

    Yeah, a river tug with 6 barges gives new meaning to the term 'wake boat'.
  8. Bait Regulation.

    You could swap "zebra mussels" from your 1st sentence for any of the following and still be correct: American eels, cottonmouths, and 90% of the fish species in Arkansas. Throw a net there enough, and you'll eventually haul in something you have no idea what it is. And if you're serious about live shad, there's no time to sort out the culls, you just dump the net in the tank, stowaways and all. I caught a lot of bait on the River, but I used it right there, never hauled any out. For the life of me, I can't imagine why anyone would rather fish Beaver than the Arkansas River anyway...
  9. Dam Removal

    I have no experience and unsettled viewpoints. Comments I'm full of (among other stuff). American Rivers has a bundle of info to help in your quest, including a list of the hundreds (surprise to me) of US dams removed since '99. Good luck! https://s3.amazonaws.com/american-rivers-website/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/15104536/DamsRemoved_1999-2016.pdf
  10. That's the title of a biology periodical. Other than that, it's not even a word.
  11. Cool Unusual Fish Pics

    non-carp-related trivia; Eastern whip-poor-wills don't fly around in the daytime.
  12. Cool Unusual Fish Pics

    MoCarp sez; "I can only go by what the guy claims.." No, you could be objective. Try it sometime. MoCarp sez: "if you were to go to that much trouble, why a carp????" Indeed.
  13. Used to be married to a whole clan of leeches. Wish I'd have thought about using them for fishbait...
  14. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    jte54, It seems we've run your thread thru the wringer as we're prone to do. Glad you're sticking it out. I hatched, raised, & sold trout for a living thru most of the 90's, so I understand some of your situation. You've found a demand for a unique product, and you're looking for a way to fill it. Been there, done that. For it to flourish enough to make a living on, you have to be able to produce X volume for Y $ less that you can sell it for. That's a lot harder to do with bass than for trout or catfish. What I know about that; If you're growing trout, you most likely have a spring fed facility that allows year round peak growth rates. Catfish ponds in your neck of the woods get what, 5 months growth? Bass ponds will be about the same. If you're providing temperature controlled silos or things of that nature, that cost has to be paid for up front. Trout feed is very expensive, being 75-90% fish protein, and the single biggest cost of production. Catfish feed is cheap in comparison, being grain & fat. Last I knew, 'bass feed' didn't commercially exist, but the SOTA products were at least as expensive as trout feed, at least thru fingerling stage. Neither trout nor catfish need be trained to feed like bass do. They don't eat each other either (much). Barring any catastrophes, you'll harvest nearly as many trout or cats as you hatch. Can you do that with bass now? Bottom line, there's a reason that nobody's selling bass to those who want it (yet). Don't let that stop you. I learned to do what I did primarily from a few old texts written by guys like you. Guys with dreams contributed to the pool of knowledge thru their failures as much as their successes. It's the old, "if at first you don't suceed..." On the other hand, your bluegill project sounds like a winner... :-)
  15. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    It is legal, just like trout and catfish. The producer gets an aquaculture (fish farmer) permit from the state, and gives receipts to buyers/resellers for every purchase to keep them out of trouble. OMG!!!! There'll be gill nets all over Taneycomo tomorrow!!! (...you were right Wrench...)

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