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  1. bfishn

    What's Cooking?

    Have you tried it for pancakes yet?
  2. bfishn

    Bus on Beaver Bridge

    5 News just aired the video, stating the bus weighed 35T, but a preliminary inspection today showed no damage to the bridge. Further inspections are expected. No word on the status of the driver...
  3. bfishn

    Old Maps

    Those pre-lake surveys were the best thing since bread and butter for learning where to look.I spent awhile in some with Photoshop way back when, the result was cool, and I learned a lot doing it.
  4. bfishn

    Old Maps

    Yeah, cemeteries are mostly "nothing" spots since they often dozed it flat after 'moving' what they could.... open graves & stuff. There are exceptions...
  5. bfishn

    Eagle Rock 10-7-18

    That's a pretty good catfish spot after the sun goes down too.
  6. bfishn

    Any Stripers in Table Rock Lake?

    Most any given time there are "some". While intentionally catching a striper from TR would probably be more rewarding than finding the needle in a haystack, it might take (a lot) longer...
  7. bfishn


    Yeah, the first sixty's a breeze... Happy Birthday Phil! Wish I could come to your party.
  8. bfishn


    I've been wondering what Hunter S Thompson would have to say... somebody beat me to it.
  9. bfishn

    Trolling Plate

    Or backtroll.
  10. bfishn

    Here's one for ya!

    Mama missed a golden opportunity to plant a tongue stud...
  11. bfishn


    Good grief man, get those poor pollies out of that nastyazz test tank and into a proper puddle. We need all the frogs we can get in the war on carp! Nah, I was fishing the day the teacher talked about tadpoles. You'll have to figure that one out on your own. 🙂
  12. bfishn


    You're welcome! Now I have some Qs for you... Would a surface film of boat fuel/exhaust inhibit or prevent the normal exchange of atmospheric oxygen? How long would it persist? Would the effect be more prevalent near a marina given the seemingly unavoidable leakage/spillage?
  13. bfishn


    I borrowed the chart below from an aquarium site because it has a Fahrenheit temperature scale. Whoever made it mistakenly labeled the oxygen scale as %, it should be parts per million (ppm). Otherwise accurate. As previously mentioned, DO levels are directly related to water temperature. Saturation is the most DO that water can contain under natural conditions at atmospheric pressure and the indicated temperature. I posted this to illustrate what a narrow range there can be between DO saturation and lethal limits. For instance, at 86 degrees, the maximum DO is ~7.6 ppm, just 3.6 parts per million above lethality for most fish. At 50-59 degrees (common thermocline temps), the spread doubles to ~6-7 ppm. Considering the dynamic, ever-changing nature of DO, it’s pretty amazing that we have as few DO-related fish kills as we do. Surface aeration replenishes DO, Biological Oxygen Demand depletes it. Then you have the daily phytoplankton cycle that replenishes DO in the day and depletes it at night. Inflows can be beneficial or detrimental simply depending on the specific conditions at that particular time and place. I’ll make no claims as to what I think a fish knows or thinks, or whether it’s smart enough to sense potentially lethal conditions and relocate accordingly. In the case of walleye that are conditioned to summer thermocline temperatures, I know it wouldn’t do them much good to leave that zone because DO was dropping and move the mere ~30’ to the surface where it’s better, because the sudden change from ~55 degrees to ~85 would croak them in a fairly short time. Maybe that’s what happened.
  14. bfishn


    I can dig it up at home, but a basic ROT is 6 ppm for trout and 4 ppm for most other gamefish, but there is really more to it than DO alone. I'll dig up some data for you tonight.
  15. bfishn


    That's a pretty good buy. I gave a little more than that for a used YSI analog model back in the early '90s. My primary use was at my trout farm and for live hauls, but I've used it plenty for fishing purposes too. Haven't used it since the AG&FC started posting temp/DO profiles online for the WR chain.

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