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  1. Nobody would have bought that.
  2. Have you actually looked for that stuff, or are you just wishing someone else would do it for you? Here's a start; If you'll search out the references listed in those documents, they will provide even more information, and the references in them even more... If you're seriously interested, there's enough freely available documented research to keep you entertained for a lifetime. Some of it you may have to visit a library for, but there's an ever-increasing repository on the web if you're willing to do the diligence to find it.
  3. There's a Facebook page claiming he gigged it... a bed. Haters...
  4. Heck, that's suburbia... I thought you were talking about 28th & Troost or similar... I know what you're talking about though, giving the appearance of crazy got me thru some sticky situations there too. To be completely honest though, giving the appearance comes pretty naturally for me...
  5. Sounds like you were reading open circuit voltage. You can have a stranded wire with all strands broken but one, and you'll still read the full source voltage at the load end as long as there's no load (current draw). As soon as a load is applied the volltage falls to zero or some other much lower value).
  6. According to Websters; having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience I know from experience that you can't catch a fish if you don't go fishing. "Look Maw, yer baby boy's an ekspurt fishurman"! Whodathunkit
  7. It only takes one to get you. I was hiding from a thunderstorm under a concrete bridge several years back when a bolt from the blue snaked down the bridge column about 15 ft away. I felt like I'd been beaten with a club all over for a week, and I have permanent hearing damage that affects my job & sleep. I figure I was pretty lucky overall. No more tempting mother nature for me.
  8. +1 on having PD back! I’ve not studied Stockton as much as the White River chain, but your thoughts are pretty close to mine on the subject. The existence of giant southern strain river walleyes has been debated in more than a few fisheries meetings, and has been the driver of world record dreams for many a walleye angler. I’ve spent a lot of years freezing my tail off chasing that rainbow myself. I saw one by my stern light one night that I’m sure would have been at the record mark if not way beyond. I’m not even going to say how long it was, because no one here would believe it. That fish and most of the 10+ lbers I’ve caught were from the boundary lakes (TR & BS) that are stocked by both MDC & AGFC. Up until the last ~15 years or so, AGFC strictly stocked TR & BS from Greers Ferry broodstock, the only isolated WR watershed reservoir that had never been stocked with non-native walleye. Nowdays the Charlie Craig Hatchery gathers eggs and stocks fingerlings from TR tribs too. MDC has historically stocked from multiple sources (some from northern states) in the same reservoirs. While natural recruitment here is considered poor at best, it only takes a few ‘furriners’ to muddy up the gene pool, and we’ve been stirring up that mud for more than 50 years now. Kentucky is claiming some success with southern strain walleye obtained from a relatively overlooked tributary of the Cumberland. Time will tell. Since we built dams and stocked non-native genetics decades before we had affordable methods to determine if there were genetic variances, the gene pool we have today is mostly a varied mix. I don’t believe we’ll ever really know if the legendary giant southern walleye of days gone by ever really existed or not. That doesn’t stop me from believing in them. :-)
  9. I'm afraid I'd be really hard pressed not to invite those beautiful chubs along on a walleye trip.
  10. I bet there's some head scratchin' over #4... :-)
  11. Most 24V PWM trolling motors now have low voltage protection.
  12. Way back when I ran a shop we installed Hambys keel guards. The original dealer-install-only ones are awesome and lifetime guaranteed (and pricey). I put one on my old Falcon CC and ran it up on the rocks or ramp every time I loaded out for years, even if there was a courtesy dock available. Now they have one for consumer install, but I have no experience with it. If you have a boat you plan on keeping for a long time I'd highly recommend the dealer-install version.
  13. Yeah, but we can't have "large carnivores", (specifically, lions, tigers, & bears). But they couldn't leave it at that. The next subsection rules out any hope you might have had of keeping a monkey in the spare room; • ARK. CODE ANN. §20-19-602. Prohibited activities (a) A person shall not import, possess, sell, or breed the following primates: (1) An ape; (2) A baboon; or (3) A macaque. There's quite a story about how the monkey ban came to be. It involves a paranoid, redneck Arkansas legislator (our favorite kind), a mother-in-law, a clown, and a circus that had some monkeys. :-)
  14. Sorry, but I have to respectfully call bull pootie on this. You can keep fish in water that's super-saturated with oxygen, even to the point their eyes actually bug out of their heads... but they don't turn red. The diet thing I can believe. Carotenoids and all that.