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  1. Heck, 2 of those would be just a sip shy of a pony keg!
  2. ...co-starring Festus, Jethro, and the mother-in-law from 'BeWitched'. Special guest stars, Redd Foxx and Carroll O'Connor.
  3. I think all drugs are experimental, in that they can have their approval rejected if evidence of harm arises. That's the thing about science so many have forgotten or never learned... it's not a statement of "this is how it is", rather, "this is what the evidence says it is today".
  4. Reckon they've been cleaning up the shad, like the cats?
  5. Since our grid can't store a month's worth of juice, their statement could've been clearer. Better to say they powered >400,000 homes for the week that they ran. Still a great thing, even a 2hr blackout on Mon or Tues would've put me in a bind... thankfully, it never came. Prediction; In the last week, WR tailwaters have become the river they once were... The remaining real rivers will see some snowmelt influx, but nothing compared to the blast down the White. Roaming fish that spent the winter deep midlake have likely already made the choice of where to run for the year and are on th
  6. Some, but SWPA is hydro-only, and MO & AR still rely heavily (~73%) on coal. The WR chain combined output is ~820MW, just a fraction of the 43,661MW SPP was overseeing today.
  7. The sister of my brothers-from-another-mother has taken a daily swim in a local lake for a few years now. Here's todays' dip with air temps of ~2 degrees.
  8. For us west-siders; Current Grid Conditions (last updated Feb. 15 at 5:14 p.m. Central time): After directing member utilities to implement controlled interruptions of service shortly after noon on Feb. 15, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has restored load to its 14-state region as of 2:00 p.m. Central time. The grid operator now has enough generation available to meet demand throughout its service territory and to fully meet its minimum reserve requirements. The SPP system reached a peak electricity usage of 43,661 megawatts (MW) on Feb. 15, and is required to carry additiona
  9. As a kid, those Creme purple worm rigs were 'bout all I had... and all I needed. That, and a big, red & white Daredevil spoon to snag snappin' turtles with.
  10. $30/hr of taxpayer money for you to post on social media... Better not hear you whining about food stamps for awhile. 😉
  11. Never been to Cape, but I spent a lot of nights on TR & BS over ~25yrs, and there are definitely some localized fog patterns that appear and persist in certain creek arms. From being there when it rolled in, it always felt to me that it was a product of the cooling air 'falling' down the hollow, so to speak. It requires calm conditions, but the air falling down the valley makes its' own breeze, from the West in places, the North in others, depending on the creek lay. The straighter (relative in the Ozarks, right?) the valley, the stronger the breeze. In the morning, the compass orientation
  12. If you could get permission from someone with a dock there to mount it, you could place a webcam that transmits photos over cell service. Just looked at some on the linked site below that lets you send 100 pics a month for free, and the cams aren't too pricey. https://www.spypoint.com/en
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