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  1. Used to have a late '60's Skeeter Hawk (acclaimed as the first 'glass bass boat for those that remember) with a 20HP Merc & stick steering. Took it to the Quachita River a few miles below Lake Catherine to chase walleye early one spring. Got to the ramp just before dark and the river was rolling... must have had some gates open at Remmel Dam. I put in and spent a good portion of the night just trying to navigate the flow & the strainers upstream to a hole I'd been told of. Finally found the hole and some semi-slack water and anchored up and threw out a couple bait rigs. Cold & tired, I dozed off. Woke shortly after with a start 'cause one rod was jerkin' in its' holder. Pulled in a decent 'eye, and the other rod started dancin'. 6lber that time. It was just beginning to get a little light by then, and it seemed the river had calmed a lot. Before I could get rebaited I saw the near bank was wet several feet above the current water level... SSHHTT, they closed the gates! Hurriedly, I pulled the anchors and headed back downstream toward the ramp. Then I learned the true meaning of "the bottom fell out".Had to jerk off the 20HP and dump the bait tank and drag that Skeeter for a couple 25 yard stretches, and in a hurry too. I was young and fit then (and accordingly stupid). I couldn't do it now, nor would I try.
  2. Evidently the site filter isn't programmed for all of them. 😁
  3. More than 1250 English words contain the 3-letter sequence "posterior". Testing 1... 2... 3... compassion...
  4. bfishn

    Lake Level

    ...That plus the Mississippi is just 4' shy of flood stage at Memphis and projected to be there at least another week.
  5. We grin at that, but that's exactly how we did it when I was much younger fishing the Grand River in north Mo. We'd buy an old 3-5HP from Bad Bob Breeden for $25 and run it till it dropped. Shuck it off in the first deep hole, float back to our truck, and run to town hoping to find Bad Bob in a pleasant frame of mind (drunk). $25 later we'd be on our way back to the river. Wish I had some of those antiques today, there were some cool old Scott Atwaters, a Goodyear, some Evinrudes, and a no-name or two that I recall. Bob never had a Mercury. We always kept a coat hanger handy for a plentiful supply of shear pins.
  6. Yep. Fortunately, while social media debates the pros and cons of renewable energy, there's a bunch of really smart and motivated people that have grasped the concept of selling sunshine and wind... My Grandpa had a windmill that spun a 12V generator that powered a pump that filled his stock tanks before he ever got electricity. Long after the neighbors had REA power , he refused to connect. People are funny creatures.
  7. Go right ahead, some of these goobs could use a little Grammatikkorrektur. 😊
  8. 'About me' for "some guy on the internet"; "Felix is not affiliated with any university, scientific establishment, or corporation, and therein lies his strength. Untainted by institutional bias or conventional wisdom this architect turned author brings fresh insight to the study of the ice ages." ROFL!
  9. The Mercury Model, to a tee. I'd rarely heard the term NLA till I sold Mercury parts. Planned obsolescence.
  10. bfishn

    CWD cure claimed.

    Not sure if it was that SJ or another, but I heard the Nuge' from my backyard on the N side of Grandview, about 6-7 crow miles. Sounded like heavy interstate traffic just over the hill... pure noise. Ended up having a great time with some fellow music lovers that had no interest in Ted either. There really were some great acts to roll thru the City from ~'76-82 when I was there. Free shows in the parks on Sundays were nice too. The old Memorial Hall...
  11. My anecdotal 2 cents... Chasing down jug-hooked catfish is way easier with a gas motor than an electric troller. Something about that electric motor gives 'em second wind and they flee in panic. On the other hand, I've electric-trolled for shallow 'eyes, just 5' over one on the graph, thrown out behind the boat without changing course, and catch the very fish I'd just driven over. Armed with that experience I've concluded that dropping a 2 oz sinker in an aluminum boat definitely scares the fish away.
  12. bfishn


    But then you just have to reel it back in and do it all over again. 🤔 ???
  13. "Impounded waters" in Bull Shoals, Table Rock & Norfork, as stated in the screen grab posted by Bigfishes1 above. Upper Table Rock (WR) reciprocal fishing specifically ends at Houseman access. Other tribs are less clearly defined, but have commonly been accepted as being at or below conservation pool elevations.
  14. bfishn

    MDC Rant

    ...unless they sell it on the courthouse steps for back taxes, or take it by E.D. to build a highway, lake, or wall across it, or some prosecutor claims a portion of it was paid for with ill-gotten gains...
  15. I believe most of the mortality happens before they're an inch long.
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