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  1. EV West has a Tesla modded to drop in anywhere a small-block Chevy would. Takes a heavier-than-stock driveline though.
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  3. I just added you to my PM with Ham. Looked like it took this time.
  4. @Quillback I got "Quillback is not receiving messages" ?
  5. The way I see it, you can live a long life filled with foul tastes and miserable habits till you get cancer and spend your remaining days dying from the chemo, or you can climb atop a speeding train and catch an overpass to the brain while howling at the moon. I chose the latter.
  6. Yep. That's my every Saturday brunch Still working on it, but slowing down...
  7. Enjoying what life has to offer while I can.
  8. Speaking of poor air quality, scalding a hog is the way to go. Then you can cook it whole or halved with the skin on, burn the sh*t out of the skin without waste, and the skin holds all that wonderful pig juice in.
  9. If you have any reason to go south, you could pop little ones from the bank about now pretty easy below any of the L&Ds on the Arkansas River. Bonus there is the species potential. I've caught stuff there I couldn't identify. Sauger should be starting, gajillions of little stripers, all flavors of temperate bass, catfish, gar, & carp. Skipjacks, Gizzards, Lizards & snakes. It's a long list. I've caught several American Eels there too, but that's a Spring thing. Added; The slack water on the lock side is the deal for variety.
  10. I'll do that by Sunday. I'll mark up a map section for you. Work today kicked my butt, and tomorrow promises the same.
  11. For the deal I described, I use 3-4" creek baits (shiners, chubs, whatever I can catch) lip-hooked on a heavy-hooked 1/4oz maribou jig. 2 rigs straight down from the boat and a couple more cast out with slip bobbers set 4-5' off the bottom. Bait shop bass minnows would probably work too. That rig catches both species fine. If you know the stripers are passing thru, they'll rise to a topwater, but you won't likely see them break otherwise. What's weird is that it doesn't seem that the blues follow the stripers all the way to the back end for the twilight feasts. For that deal I bank fish
  12. On Beaver, when surface temps are ~48-52, (usually around Thanksgiving) you can catch both in the same spots. When the big gizzards pile up in the backs of the long creek arms, the stripers make a daily dawn & dusk trip back there for an hour or two. If you setup a little further out (~30' deep on a creek bend) you can encounter them as they head back out to the lake for the day (~10-11AM). Loose schools of blues are following at this point, you'll get about a 30 minute shot at the stripers, then another 30 with the blues as they cleanup behind the stripers. It's one of the most predictabl
  13. I hurt for you and his family.
  14. https://www.cdc.gov/shingles/vaccination.html
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