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  1. bfishn


    Anywhere near a bank or a law office...
  2. bfishn

    Aunts Creek 8-9

  3. bfishn

    Best Excuse

    Carp phobia.
  4. bfishn

    Rare experience

    While it's illegal to shoot down or jam a drone, I think a prosecutor would have to get pretty creative to charge anybody for putting on an otherwise-legal aerial fireworks display...
  5. I guess it's a good thing he doesn't have ultra-curly hair given the story he told, otherwise we might be calling him Knappyhead... 🙂
  6. All I got was, "The billet head is a decorative piece of woodwork that adorns the bow of a ship". That left me even more confused... Good idea for a thread Ness.
  7. Be fishin'. As in "I be fishing", "We be fishing", or the existential "BE Fishing". Might as well explain avatars too. Mine's a spring peeper, which I listen for on the first few warm Feb-March evenings to know when to gather some creek minners for an offering to Walter.
  8. You don't have to click it to see where it goes... Turns out to be a legitimate link to a resort in Ontario. Sure smelled like spam though.
  9. bfishn

    Invasive Species Redux

    Heck, you could anchor one on a channel break and create enough shade to attract some fish... the inverse of sitting with a light at night. 🙂
  10. bfishn

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    Yep. And a bunch of that clutter is alive... you can see it change depth at dusk & dawn with the change in sunlight. Where the tiny stuff goes, the little stuff follows, and the bigger stuff follows it.
  11. bfishn

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    That's a really important part of this picture.
  12. bfishn

    Walleye Bsits

    Don't even need that unless there's a woman in the house. Just turn the light on before having a midnight snack of pasta.
  13. bfishn

    Mouse bite

    Live bait rules!

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