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  1. A couple hours of that and I'd have to put myself on suicide watch. I'm driving till the wheels fall off and burn!
  2. bfishn

    Bluff crappie

    Frazil ice.pdf
  3. bfishn

    What's Cooking?

    I've been lucky enough to get invited to some friends T day dinner for the last several years since I have no family left in the area. Last year I talked them into skipping the ham & turkey and letting me fry catfish for a change of pace. They loved it. This year they asked me to do it again, but one of the brothers insists on bringing a ham too. I'm gonna bring him a loaf of bread so he can make sammiches with all his leftover ham. ☺️
  4. My first encounter with them was below Bagnell back in the '90s. Caught a dozen in about 10 minutes. Must have been hundreds there. My second experience was a misunderstood order I placed at a local taco joint. Not sure how you get 'tilapia ala diabla' from 'camarones ala diabla', but they did. Neither experience was particularly enjoyable.
  5. bfishn

    communicating with the mdc

    Lots of places you can buy LM bass fingerlings for around a buck a pop (delivered).
  6. bfishn

    Pickerel in south west mo

    Distant cousins of Zebulon Pike...
  7. bfishn

    Oldest Weapons in North America Found

    Not so in this case, and from reading several sources, that may be a cause for controversy; "The radiocarbon dating method was not used to date the archaeological components at the Friedkin site because there were no carbon samples that would yield reliable and accurate ages. In situ charcoal is not preserved, and all bones are leached of collagen. Dating of bulk sediment organics was not undertaken because these ages are usually inaccurate. For example, two bulk sediment ages from the Clovis horizon (unit 3a) at Excavation Area 8 of the Gault site, located ~400 m upstream of the Friedkin site, produced ages of 7130 ± 40 radiocarbon years before the present (14C yr B.P.) (CAMS-65535; ~7.9 to ~8.0 ka ago) and 9300 ± 40 14C yr B.P. (CAMS-65986; ~10.4 to 10.6 ka ago) (12). These ages are 2 to 5 ka younger than the known age of Clovis." "Instead, the OSL dating method was used to determine the age of the artifacts at the Friedkin site by dating the floodplain sediments that bury them. This method is well suited for the site because according to the geological principle of inclusions, any items, such as artifacts, in an undisturbed sedimentary deposit, such as the floodplain clays at the Friedkin site, are at least as old as the sediments that contain them. The OSL method has been used for decades to date Late Quaternary deposits and has been shown to yield accurate ages; many tests have shown that OSL ages are in agreement with radiocarbon ages (13). Luminescence dating has also been used to successfully date archaeological sites in North America such as the Clovis horizon at Pavo Real, Texas, and the Archaic, Paleoindian, and pre-Clovis horizons at the Gault site, Texas (12, 14, 15)."
  8. bfishn

    What's Cooking?

    Have you tried it for pancakes yet?
  9. bfishn

    Bus on Beaver Bridge

    5 News just aired the video, stating the bus weighed 35T, but a preliminary inspection today showed no damage to the bridge. Further inspections are expected. No word on the status of the driver...
  10. bfishn

    Old Maps

    Those pre-lake surveys were the best thing since bread and butter for learning where to look.I spent awhile in some with Photoshop way back when, the result was cool, and I learned a lot doing it.
  11. bfishn

    Old Maps

    Yeah, cemeteries are mostly "nothing" spots since they often dozed it flat after 'moving' what they could.... open graves & stuff. There are exceptions...
  12. bfishn

    Eagle Rock 10-7-18

    That's a pretty good catfish spot after the sun goes down too.
  13. bfishn

    Any Stripers in Table Rock Lake?

    Most any given time there are "some". While intentionally catching a striper from TR would probably be more rewarding than finding the needle in a haystack, it might take (a lot) longer...
  14. bfishn


    Yeah, the first sixty's a breeze... Happy Birthday Phil! Wish I could come to your party.

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