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    bfishn reacted to N9BOW in doo doo doo lookin' out my back door...   
    I did do the Wacky Waving Inflatable arm flailing tube man dance
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    bfishn reacted to Ham in High water fishing 1/25 and loss of a legend   
    Some of the trout were funny looking. 

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    bfishn reacted to Bluecollarfishin in Striper   
    Went bass fishing in the big creek area today got on the water around 7:30 the lake was definitely a few feet higher then the last time I was down. Bite was slow caught a couple keepers then decided to go towards the the state line and fish a few of the good  points that the channel swung up close to I was throwing a white and silver 4.8 keitech swim bait got a big bite in 40 of water but the fish came loose straighten my hook slightly I kept throwing and boom something else big took it ten minutes later he finally came up my fish bull shoals striper I think he was close to 40 pounds he was 36 1/2 inches long

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    bfishn reacted to moguy1973 in Just funny stuff   
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    bfishn reacted to Bill Babler in Just cannot get that mad at em   
    Really good friend of mine is an ornithologist in Kansas.  I emailed him about the robins and he said at this time of the year huge concentrations are in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern, Mo/Kan region.   I thought they were strictly bug eaters but he said they also will eat certain cedar and bush berries this time of the year that grow in our region.
    He also said unlike water fowl that will move North and South as weather permits, most song bird species do not, they just go one way.  They will however flock on these particular food sources this time of the year.
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    bfishn reacted to fshndoug in Just funny stuff   
    When my daughter was cheering and getting excited that the Chiefs were going to the Super Bowl my 3 year old grandson looked up at her and said '' Mommy you are out of control''
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    bfishn reacted to Bushbeater in Water Level   
    I also found this FERC report from 1981 discussing the Bagnell licensing for that time period. Very detailed info on flow and impacts. Bagnell info starts at page 63-39.
    https://books.google.com/books?id=V3waAAAAMAAJ&pg=SA63-PA43&lpg=SA63-PA43&dq=bagnell+dam+generation&source=bl&ots=hQ5wucgPe8&sig=ACfU3U0nucZDAldWRysLvtSyQNI_LdHxDQ&hl=en&ppis=_e&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj80-S1vJznAhX6B50JHXAYB0w4KBDoATAPegQICRAB#v=onepage&q=bagnell dam generation&f=false
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    bfishn reacted to Bushbeater in Water Level   
    Here's an interesting article about the design of Bagnell, size of gates and generator openings..
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    bfishn got a reaction from Terrierman in Just funny stuff   
    Oh yeah. Back when I was late teens, a buddy (toughest guy I ever knew) and I used to sneak fish his uncle's catfish pond as soon as the ice thawed. He simply refused to touch the guts to bait his own hook. I made a deal that if he'd say "The Creed"* every time he needed to rebait that I'd bait his hook for him. To this day he can still say it (just not in front of anyone else).
    *My name is ________ ________, I'm a non-fishing, p***y b***h, and I don't like shad".
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    bfishn reacted to jdmidwest in Yes I’m Burning   
    Heck, I thought you had died and was posting from the other side..................
    I am a good neighbor too.
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    bfishn reacted to MOPanfisher in Water Level   
    It wasn't lake O it was the st thomas level that prevented releases sorry.  Maybe I should clarify the difference between a control point and balance curves.  The 2 (and only 2) control points are the St Thomas gauge on he osage and Herman gauge on the Missouri.  When either of those two points go above a certain point releases that affect it are stopped, thus LOZ would have to stop releasing as well, and it goes back up the drainage basin.  Now however there are balance curves as well.  Let's say there was a massive rain that affected Pomme and Stockton but not Truman, both Pomme and Stockton could still release into truman (also I believe Melvern and Pomona?) until Truman hits a certain balance level, based upon % of storage capacity in each resevoir.  At that time all the lakes have to hold what they have and balance the system until the two control points drop below flood stage allowing for releases from the entire system.  What gets difficult to predict is the MO river, they have to account for everything that is coming down all the way to Gavin Point, that takes time for that water to get to the control point, so if there is flooding north and west in the MO basin they have to take those levels into account and make an estimate on when it will get there and not allow for releases from the Osage basin to overwhelm or use up what is available in the MO river.  Once st thomas drops, bagnell opens up and the ability to release rills up stream, if Bagnell can release 100k  cfs through their gates then so can truman, and the lakes upstream from that can begin releases also as long as everyone stays within the balance curve.  When a single massive rainfall event happens it is fairly routine to hold everyone until the level on the rivers drop and then begin to evacuate the system, but when event after vent after event happens it tends to overwhelm the system, you go from jugfling 3 things to juggling 7 or so and the guys in he resevoir Control center put in a lot of hours trying to calculate rainfall, when and how fast it falls, how fast runs off etc. 
    Now if you want to debate things like levees, flooding property to protect other property and whethwr or not Truman was bult to protect LOZ, well let's ice down some refreshments and discuss.  I have been around it for too many years to simply let some things go by without trying to educate folks.  It is NOT a perfect system by any means, there are too many variables, there are regylatuons put in place which don't allow for too many whims and the guys who make the calculations and decisions are some of the most conscientious guys I know about doing their jobs well and within the regulations, its not uncomon to get calls in the middle of the night, so yeah I get protective of them sometimes.
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    bfishn reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Drones   
    They had one at the airshow this year.  Video's do not do them justice. 
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    bfishn reacted to MOPanfisher in Drones   
    I have seen some videos, but the limits are still what a pilot can handle without passing out.  No pilot no constraints, and no need for oxygen etc.  Pure maneuverability with the computer able to make the decision as to how much or when.  F22s are one of the ciestate planes out there, I am not a plane guy by any means but the term killing baby seals is apt for the 22s.
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    bfishn got a reaction from Mitch f in Drones   
    Have you seen an F22 maneuver?
    The ability to essentially stop in midair, fall out of the sky in a controlled manner, then kick it in the a$$ and scoot away in the direction of choice is pretty amazing. Guess it oughtta be at $40-60K an hour to fly...
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    bfishn reacted to bferg in Ramp crows   
    I cook on a KJ as well and love it.  And the Ribeye Cap is the best part of the best steak.  My favorite steak by far!  
    As for the grill grates:  they don't get hotter than the grill temperature.  That isn't possible.  But, heat transfers at different rates depending on the type of heat. 
    The grill grates themselves create conductive heat.   (Heat directly from the metal onto the meat).  This is what creates the grill marks.  
    But, when you are cooking over charcoal you are also getting heat transfer through radiation.  
    If you want to nerd out on it, check out this article:  https://amazingribs.com/more-technique-and-science/grill-and-smoker-setup-and-firing/thermodynamics-cooking-and-how
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    bfishn reacted to tjm in Doors?   
    Fix the settling problem. In general though of the 3-4000 doors I installed,  Sliders had lots fewer problems than French doors. Mostly because sliders have built in slop of about 3/4" and swinging doors have about an 1/8".  Smaller tolerance binds sooner. On the other hand sliders are almost impossible to secure, if that's a concern.
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    bfishn reacted to Quillback in Striper growth rates   
    Gist of an email sent to me today:
    District 1 Fisheries Staff aged the Beaver Lake Striped Bass population in 2018 and found that Striped Bass are growing very fast. Biologists can age fish using an otolith; a calcified structure found in a sack of fluid under the fishes' brain. This structure helps in balance and sensing vibrations in water. The structure has annual growth rings similar to those used to age a tree. Beaver Lake Striped Bass grow very fast and reach 28 inches in 4 years. This growth rate is among the fastest in the country. The many high water events experienced on Beaver Lake have led to very good forage populations and the Striped Bass are responding very well. A trophy Striped Bass may be waiting for you in Beaver Lake!! Get out there and enjoy some great fishing.
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    bfishn reacted to Bushbeater in New Hat   
    Buy now pay later.
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    bfishn reacted to Bill Babler in Kim City - Jan 13 - Deep bite vertical & horizontal presentations   
    Phil Stone with a nice 5 lb. Table Rock LM caught on an A-rig
    Had a great day at Kimberling City this morning.  Launched at Mill at 7 am and started catching them.  Most were suspended for me in that 30' to 40' range over shad and trees.
    Dock is finding them shallower, and maybe I need to look a little shallower, but there are plenty where I am looking.  Phil and Eric caught about 20 yesterday with a combination of the A-rig, Ice Jig and drop shot with a shad shape worm.  I had 2 bites on the Ice Jig and lost them both this morning.  I had the best results,swimming something or fish a drop shot.
    Phil Stone and Eric Prey were on them yesterday and Phil clued me in.  The fish pictured above was chasing shad on the surface as were quite a few others.  They were also chasing this morning and I caught them about as good as possible for me on the 2.8 Keitech with a 1/4 oz head.
    I also caught about 1/2 a dozen on the Gulp Alive minnow pictured below

    There were quite a few shad floating and really the best deal if you wanted to do it was just scoop one up, put it on a drop shot and lower it down.  Immediate fish.
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    bfishn reacted to Ham in Let's see your river pics!   
    A little place I call home. 

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    bfishn reacted to Flysmallie in Let's see your river pics!   
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    bfishn reacted to Mitch f in Eating Bass?   
    I just like food

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    bfishn got a reaction from MOstreamer in Eating Bass?   
    It's just money & mobility man. When I was a kid in the '60s, fish were purely a welcome, secondary food source. Dad built & stocked our ponds for 2 reasons; to keep erosion from wasting productive soil, and to provide additional food. The fact fish were fun to catch was cool, but not necessary to the  equation. The occasional community fish fries with friends and neighbors are some of my fondest memories.
    Fast forward to 2018, when the NMMA evaluates the recreational boating industry alone at  $170B. Can't justify having a $50K fishing boat unless you use it a lot, right? And if you use it a lot you probably can't regularly keep your catch without negatively impacting your future fishing. It is what it is, and it ain't what it used to be.
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    bfishn reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Fillet or Not?   
    I have never tasted a talipia and I refuse to try one.  
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    bfishn reacted to fishinwrench in First 2020 Niangua day.   
    Didn't float it, but hopscotched every access (except for YOU KNOW WHERE) from 64 to Prosperine.  Beautiful day to be on the river.  Brought 12-14 rather ugly Rainbows, 3 Browns, and a pair of baby Smallies to hand.  Missed a good number of smacks while stripping streamers that I assume were short rainbows, or possibly little Smallies.   Fish of the day was a chunky 15" Brown that crushed a tan/copper Muddler.  
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