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  1. How did you do today? Walleye?

  2. Going to try my luck at it tomorrow any advice would be much appreciated great post every one
  3. Was a good day for fishing just another local out hopeing to learn a thing or 2 from the pros didnt see much happening a few here and there caught . I fished all morning side by side with about as much luck as everyone else nothing then come the bit of a lifetime right at the noon hour thought I was hung up again o on a monster on the other end or should I say a monsterett the fight was on couldn't belive my eyes when I got it to the boat 24 to 28 inches 6 to 8 lb fatty had my hands on it when out come the lure no net = no fish o well guess I'll always have the story of the one that got away
  4. I think this will b a great thing for Stockton hope its a great turn out ill be there fish just for the fun of it
  5. All I want for Christmas is a big mess of crappie hope to put in a few hours on the water over Christmas break any good advice would be much appreciated thanks and a merry Christmas to all
  6. very nice what have you been fishing with besides a pole
  7. wheres up the river
  8. headed out early morning any good pointers for catching crappie on the noth part of the lake or shoud i take the trip down south?
  9. will the wind ever stop blowing going to head out on friday and try my go at some crappie hope to catch a string like that
  10. Any reports of crappie on the north side of the lake ? headed there tomorrow
  11. I did some pond fishing today and couldn't by a bite even with worms think there was a cold front with storm just didn't change temp much . Going to try the lake tomorrow the boat has been calling
  12. WOW good deal wish i had that kind of time
  13. And slime there shall be
  14. I haven't figured out how to post pictures
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