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  1. The biggest advantage to Sand Springs is the cafe.
  2. The landing is in Branson and I wouldn't plan on parking a trailer there. There is a good Mxican place in Hollister across from Country Mart and there is plenty of parling in the CM lot or Lowe's.
  3. I think powder coating is a waste of fishing time. I've been spraying mine with primer and then using brown or green camoflauge (rattle cans ) paint to finish. This produced a tough dull finish that doesn't detract from the skirt colors. Powder coat is fine for fishermen, but the fish probably don't even see the dull camo colors.
  4. As a rule the campgrounds are owned by people that live on site. They just need to turn on the lights and furnace. This changing hands probably has them waiting untill the season really gets going. It's pretty lean around there in March and April during the week.
  5. Piper's on 176 has them and they are reasonable. It's not all that far from Empire really.
  6. I think your memory is foggy. It was TG&Y and K-Mart that led the charge in that business, not Walmart who just did it better. Small towns that were supposedly ruined by Wal Mart had JC Penny's, Sears, A&P grocery's, Safeway's, Western Auto's and the list goes on shutting out small independents. Many were owned by locals, but they wern't 100% independent. At one time Walmart did have signs in they're clothing dept.promoting American made, but they had to compete so they didn't last long. As far as Chinese fishing tackle, I don't remember when BPS brands wern't made in China.
  7. Use some stranded THHN, put it in some flex condiut and use anti corrosion on all the connections. All of it is avaiable at Lowe's or Home Depot. You really don't need a flexible coating on the feed because it isn't moving consatantly.
  8. The Pothole is very unreliable for wading. If the water is down around 554' or less you can generaly wade between Silver Creek and the dam. There are shoals farther north that can be waded. The problem is that the new water level isn't conducive to wading and in the Spring the elvel can anywhere. You just have to go and wade what you can, sometimes a lot of areas, and somwtimes almost none.
  9. OK, be honest, did anyone think it would be OSU? My take was that they wouldn't get past AL.
  10. Wayne SW/MO

    Dez's Catch

    He had no choice but to reach for the goal line, it was 4th down. He made a football move after catching the ball, he reached it out to the goal line, The ground can't cause a fumble. The rules commmitee needs some consistancy.
  11. In my opinion the Alabama rig, haven't used one, and the real suspending jerk baits are new. Lures were modified before to make them suspend, but it was a lot of work. The rest are just old methods with new names or very slight modifications. In my experince the Texas rigged plastic worm was a tsunami.
  12. I bought a switch 3 years ago just for Taney high water. I never did use it up there, but I did fish whites with it enough to see that it has advantages. I bought one that is 2 heavy and that's the main reason I haven't used it much. I bought an 8wt and even a 9wt line with a sinking leader isn't quite enough for it to the max out of it. Anyone thinking of buying one should do some research because a 5wt switch is much closer to a 7 or 8 weight than a 5. I think a 5wt would be just abot right for Taney.
  13. I have a hard time believing that anyone would think that DGB wasn't going to enter the draft as soon as he was eligable. You don't even have to go to college to play in the NFL. Stoops knew he wouldn't play, Pinkle knew he wouldn't play. DGB didn't have numerous run ins either, he was just one more teenager who had his head up his butt. More inportant he needed to stay in school and OU offered that to him in exchange for challenging his DB's in practice. It makes no sense to send a kid back to the ghetto over his slips.
  14. OTF, so you are in the long harsh punishment league? I don't recall Pinkle hitting him on the first "crime". What is wrong with OU is Mikey and anyone who doesn't believe that tell me why he had to come back to brother when AZ fired him. OU needed 11 points overall to win 3 of their losses.
  15. You're probably rightt. He will be is hitting stride when they move nto the new stadium.
  16. I don't think OU ever thought he would play. There were some perks for the sooners though. Having someone that talented on the scout team was good for the team, giving DGB a chance to fly right and allowing Pinkel to enforce disapline without really harming a younster made it all good.
  17. Wayne SW/MO

    Now Open!

    I'm looking forward to trying Chic-fill-a. For some reason I've never hat the chance to eat at even on vacation. I suppose most know that the Panda Express on Branson hlls pkwy is open. Not bad for a fast food offering.
  18. Wayne SW/MO


    I think it's a refection of the age of the team. They're the youngest in the NFL and seem to respond to the challenges accordingly.
  19. In the spring they grab at the bridge on Bull creek on the west side of Bull Creek. Not much shallows to grab in on the lower lake. We are talking grabbing and not gigging?
  20. You could use it for tails. As said, you need the opposite feather for wngs.
  21. http://www.news-leader.com/story/sports/outdoors/2014/12/24/teen-lands-releases-huge-muskie-kayak/20870513/
  22. A little body hair under the bucktail will slow the fall also, just don't pull it down to tight and use lots of glue..
  23. I'm a fan of bucktails myself. I do use skirt material however to add some subtle color. I will take an olive bucktail and add two strands of chartruse skirt material on the lower sides. I do this because most crawdads have a little color on the bottom edge of the carapace.
  24. I've used them for quite awhile now. I get all of my skirt material from them for fly tying, jigs and sinner baits and no complaints. Believe it or not the best tails I've got came from Bass Pro.
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