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  1. I'm far from an expert but I have fished Taney at night with decent success. For me bigger #6 to #10 streamers are the ticket. Wooly buggers and mohair leeches work well. Black, olive, and purple are good colors. Cast straight across stream or slightly downstream. Then do a strip type retrieve. Vary the speed and length of your strips. Usually the hits are hard! It is really exciting when the fish are hitting well. You can fish with scuds and such at night. However you need to use some type of lighted indicator if you do that to see the takes. I've not ever tried this. The above technique has worked well and seems more fun to me. Good luck. Greg
  2. Congrats. That's one of the more colorful Browns I've ever seen. Greg
  3. Wow that is big news. Unchartered territory but I'd sure love to see some wadeable water this summer and fall. Thanks for sharing. Greg
  4. What?? I never said it was worth the hassle? Where do you get that from my post? Geez! I think all Jim was or is looking for is to talk this out with some of us. Sometimes when you are put in a bad situation and are forced to walk away (I've been there several times) it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And it helps to talk (or post on this forum) about it with reasonable people (us). And thanks Cricket. We need to go fishing one of these days. Greg
  5. I agree with this in a lot of circumstances. BUT in this instance jimf1969 was not expecting exclusive use of a stretch of water in bssp. All he was asking for was common courtesy. To me this guy's behavior goes beyond just being rude. It sounds like he's borderline dangerous. Greg
  6. Charlie is an interesting guy for sure. I like him fine. My wife is a lot less tolerant of his lectures. I can remember the first time I met him he asked me if I knew who he was. He proceeded to tell me he was one of the legends in fly fishing right up there with Dave Whitlock and Bob Clouser. I thought he was blowing smoke at the time but I think he really is a very well respected "name" in the sport. Some of his custom fly rods are incredible one of kind pieces of art. Greg
  7. I could be wrong but I'll bet we are looking at 2 to 4 generators running most of June and July. As has been stated you can do some limited wading with 2 generators but it's pretty limited. You can even wade a few places with 4 generators running but then the choices are extremely limited to just a few very short stretches that tend to be crowded. Greg
  8. Your mentioning the kid with the short rainbow on his stringer made me wonder what the length limit is? I've fished the Current several times but we don't ever keep trout. Sounds like a great trip.
  9. I use the park store the most for convenience. But I like Larry's the best by far.
  10. Nice report and good to know Bennett is fishing well.
  11. Wading Taney with 2 units going is really tough. But conversely I've caught some of my biggest fish with 2 or more generators going. It's just not as much fun because you are so limited in where you can fish.
  12. Glad to hear they are ok. I had family in the Joplin area too. Fortunately they all live in Webb City and are OK. Greg
  13. Interesting stuff. I remember boating on tablerock with my family when I was a teen back in the 70's and seeing MO conservation agents shooting into and killing a large # of gar. We asked them why and they said something along the lines of gar decimating the bass population in tablerock. Obviously times have changed and I'm sure that's no longer the case. Greg
  14. Glad you found a rod and line that you like. New equipment is always a thrill. I think that's why I have too many fly rods. Greg
  15. My experience has been the exact opposite. I think I had only seen one or 2 of these birds in my entire life. But I've seen several in the past year. Including in my own neighborhood. Greg
  16. Regarding the petition - I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of legal matters like this. BUT at least Chief did something. That's more than most of can say we would have done in his place. I didn't sign the petition because I missed it. But I certainly would have even now despite your assertion that it is a "joke".
  17. If it was me I'd spend most or all of your $200 bucks on the rod. Some disagree but to me the rod makes by far the biggest difference. TFO makes a good rod. But I'd look at redington, st. croix, and even sage too. Even their lower priced rods are awesome. A $200 Sage Launch is my favorite rod. I know $200 is not cheap but for something that will last you 10 or more years that's not bad. One other thought. Regarding line I've found the bass pro cvII to be a really good line at a good price. Greg
  18. I have to say I'm kind of shocked that there is any question that these guys (Cricket and the rest of the floaters) did anything wrong? They were floating a navigable stream. And as far as their attitude I thought they showed remarkable restraint. If I had been in their shoes I probably would have been more outspoken towards the deputy and the landowner. And heaven forbid if my somewhat hotheaded 22 year old son had been with me! I think they handled it just right though. Greg
  19. We have a trip planned there about a month from now. Sure hope it's back to normal by then.
  20. I honestly didn't know they stocked any trout in Kansas. Nice fish even if it is a stocker. I caught a bow at Taneycomo that looked a lot like that one 7 or 8 years ago. I released mine but he was 8 or 9 lbs based on his length and girth. I knew by looking at him he was a brood stocker and not a holdover fish that had gotten big in the lake. But it was still a thrill to catch it. Greg
  21. After you posted this I had to look on that Rocky Mtn fly board. I was blown away by the attitudes there. I don't care if they think that is "hotspotting" or not there just isn't any excuse for that.
  22. I think this is also the precise reason why Congress can't seem to get things done at times (LOL). I mean this "tongue in cheek" - I'm NOT trying to take this discussion further into the political realm.
  23. Mitch I'd just like to say I'm sorry if you feel anyone has attacked you (including me). You are certainly entitled to your opinion on this. I'm sure Phil feels that way too. You probably don't care what this old man thinks but I think you handled yourself well through this thread. I enjoyed the Mark Twain quote. I hadn't heard that in years.
  24. We camped in Estes park a couple of summers ago and even though it was unseasonably rainy and cold (in Aug!) we had a great time. The fishing was pretty good too. I fished the Thompson in the park several different places as well as below town. It's pretty varied fishing for one river. In the upper reaches in the park it is very small and mostly dry fly fishing for brookies and the occasional brown. The river is much bigger below town. My favorite area was moraine park/meadow in the RMNP itself. The funny thing is I had been advised not to fish there because the fish were too heavily pressured. But I had a ball catching lots of browns (mostly 8 to 14 inches) in that area one evening.
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