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  1. What's your thought on how far down Bull has to get before the repair?
  2. I started strong - but now tanking.
  3. What was the water temp?
  4. Thanks for the report and I am glad to hear everything turned out ok with your boat. I sure would hate for you or anyone else for that matter to damage the old fishing boat.
  5. I agree with you, however, if there was something to sign that could help - I would put my real name on it.
  6. It's kinda like like my grill - if you want your food done faster you put it on the left side (warmer side) vs the right side that's colder. Just kidding- I am interested in the reply also.
  7. That seriously made me laugh out loud!! And it came at just the right time for me - Thanks Wrench!!!
  8. I love throwing a buzzbait and throw it from now until Christmas. I like the original "Lunker Lure" brand. I mostly throw black on black before sun up and after sundown and on dark cloudy days. I go with black with a gold blade for most every other occasion. Some people will have other opinions but it works for me. I know there are a couple people on here that make some real nice looking buzzbaits so you should check them out. When it's time for me to pick up a few more - I will definitely be giving them a call.
  9. I have always understood it to be a winter pool of 917. If that's not correct my bad.
  10. Lol.
  11. Winter is 917 summer is 915. Ya makes no sense.
  12. That's the same concern they should have in the dry months (summer) when the pool level is reduced with no anticipated rain until spring again. I will not understand the logic unless some hard facts are presented.
  13. See where Winter pool was noted to be 881 at some point? Not to say I want it there in the winter, but I would like to know what revelation came about to increase winter pool to 917? What is the logic?
  14. I would say they screwed the pooch also. What is the reason they keep a winter pool at 917 so when the spring rains get here there is less capacity for it. Keep the winter pool at 910 or 905 so when rain like this hits it's not such a disaster. Floods in 2007 or 2008, 2011, 2015 and now 2017....
  15. Here is my mailbox and the front porch to my house at 934.5 by Cape Fair/Virgin Bluff. There are a few missing docks from my area as well.