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  1. We're you following the same pattern as the last outing?
  2. Not the way I would have imagined it. Very interesting. Thanks.
  3. Nice work!! 30 in the boat with 5 keepers is nothing to sneeze at!!
  4. Dang, that's scary.
  5. Glad to hear your alright.. Were you alone?
  6. I didn't notice if that ramp was open. I fished that bank directly across from there but never even looked.
  7. Mostly main lake, went into 2 coves and 1 of them was dead and the other I caught 5 or so.
  8. Started at Virgin Bluff and I went up the James past point 15 about 1.5 miles but the buzzbait fish came down river from point 15. Jig fish came up from 15.
  9. I got out this morning about 2 hours before sun up and was pretty disappointed in my results the first 2 hours. Skunked. I threw a jig and a black spinner. Water temp 79. When the sun got up just enough to see the bushes I threw a Buzzbait and did real well number wise. I probably had close to 30 with 2 keeps that were 16 to 17 inches long. Also had a couple good blowups with no hookups. By 9:00 I was throwing a jig again and caught around 12 more on it - but no keepers on it. Lost 2 keepers at the boat on the Buzzbait. Off the water at 10:45. Stupid people started showing up in groves. Came across these 2 little raccoons that were too hungry to care that I was around. Sure were cute little boogers. Never saw momma coon. You never know what your going to see out here, maybe that's why I love it so much!!!
  10. Nice work Quillback. 👍
  11. Why do you shop at those stores? I have met you once and you weren't big or all. Lol!!!! 😂😀
  12. Well done!!
  13. Sounds like they are heading out deep - but there are always some fish shallow. Jig and Ned rig in 12 to 20 feet of water on gravel points/ roll offs and rocky banks is where I would start. I am sure someone from that part of the lake will help out soon. I am more of a James river guy so I might be telling you completely wrong.
  14. Black with a blue triailer. My fav.
  15. Thanks for the reports and drive safely home. Yep, going to be busy for sure. Looked like this down 65 from Springfield at 5:30 Friday.