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  1. Dam area 8/18

    Nice job Mike. Glad you got out for a while.
  2. Campbell point 8/17

    Well done.
  3. Night Fishing Dam Area 8/17

    Well done. Nice fish for sure.
  4. Ned Rig Hawg

    Well done for sure.
  5. Did you get to make the trip up the Kings?
  6. Decent bite up the White

    Well done Champ. Thanks for the report!! As always - very well written.
  7. Last thursday/friday

    Sounds like a pretty good day. Thanks for the post.
  8. Upper end HI to Panther

    Well done.
  9. Square bill challenge

    Well done Quillback!!! I throw a buzz bait, all crank baits, spinner baits, flukes - basicly anything that is not sitting on the bottom the way you threw your square bill on a regular. I back off the bank when I throw a jig or worm. I have lots of learning to do when it comes to the different types of fishing. Thanks for the post!!!
  10. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    I wouldn't even try that!! I would rent a place. Wow that's tight.
  11. bass have really gone deep, lol

    Well done Bo. You are a night fishing machine!!
  12. Big M area 7/26

    Sounds just like Quillback's post from the same area.... haha.
  13. Crickets in Kimberling City?

    I have never fished with crickets, but I do know that Petsmart on the south side of Springfield on highway 13 has crickets. Not sure if there is any difference in the crickets your looking for vs what they have for pet lizards or what ever.
  14. Cape Fair 7/22

    Post how you do if you do this ^^. I am interested on how that goes.
  15. Cape Fair 7/22

    I didn't go. Sitting on the front porch looking at all the wake boarders and jetskies - wishing I had a fantastic report for those that are interested. 👍👍👍

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