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  1. Agreed. Comparing it to what I see out of my front window - it is very accurate. Pretty cool - Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice job, thanks for the report.
  3. I am not working - so I will take care of the chips.
  4. If I am not working - I will be there and will bring the chips.
  5. If I am not working - I will take care of the chips again.
  6. Put in at 10:00 this morning, stayed close to the house most of the time. I did run to Bridgeport and caught a chunk 3.1 Kentucky on a jerker. Also caught a nice 4.3 large on a rock crawler. I had my best luck on a jerker. Got hot out there today. I had about 15 total including this dink. 3 keepers total
  7. I ran up to Battery Outfitters (my 1 year bass pro batteries were dead on arrival) the day of our OA one bass tourney and picked up 2 new batteries because of all the good reviews. I fished the rest of the day with more power I have had in a long time and plan on getting many years out of them.
  8. Friend of mine said that up by Blunks the whites are hitting a 3" jarkbait, or minnows. Having real good luck right now.
  9. Yes, a great event!! Thanks to all!! I am already thinking about next year's event. Great to see you all again!!!
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