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  1. Nice fish, don't worry, your spot is my secret, there are many more places on the lake also.
  2. It was on the cbs evening news the other nite
  3. Hummingbird Gen 3 are the mega units. Go to Cabelas or bass pro or any where that sells all the name brands, see for yourself the quality difference then make up your mind. Good luck
  4. Can you get a bit more information on the Motorguide he is using and what he thinks about it, and since you were with him, what is your opinion about it as far as what you've seen.
  5. I just want to fish, had my index and middle finger knuckles replaced last March with poly carbon implants. Setting the hook with a spinning rod represents trouble, any quick strong resistance in those two fingers and I’ll drop whatever is in my hand but I can use a baitcaster just fine, looks like I may have to start throwing senkos with a baitcaster
  6. I agree, that's what I use. Like anything else, you have to practice tying it. I have found that if you do not tie the two hitch knots in the right direction the knot will come loose.
  7. 96 CHAMP

    Cast iron

    Flax seed oil is pure, and fit for human consumption, Lind seed oil contains additives that makes it usable for paint cleaning properties, not good for human consumption.
  8. 96 CHAMP

    Cast iron

    If a self cleaning oven went to 800 I definitely would not put anything in it, the cleaning cycle on mine goes to 500 max.
  9. 96 CHAMP

    Cast iron

    I disagree respectfully, how hot do you think that Dutch oven is when you have coals under & on top of the lid. 350,400,450,500, all depends on what you are cooking for hours on end
  10. 96 CHAMP

    Cast iron

    For some reason I can’t get to copy so here goes, I stripped the pans completely in the oven on highest clean cycle, mine was 500, then rinse out and scrub with scotch brite pad, put back in oven on 200 for 20 minutes to open the pours in the metal then take out and apply a very thin coat of flax seed oil, I did inside and out, let no oil pooling in pan at all, put back in oven on highest heat for 1 hour and let cool in oven, take out and repeat with oil a total of 5-7 times. I used the oil I got at schnucks international collections virgin flax seed oil, any will do as long as it is pure.
  11. 96 CHAMP

    Cast iron

    Ya, when I stripped them I had to open the window and door for a bit & the flax seed oil puts off a aroma of its own.
  12. 96 CHAMP

    Cast iron

    Wandering who uses cast iron and what process you use to season your pans, my wife scrubbed some seasoning off one do I decided to re-season the 2 pans and Dutch oven. I went and put them in the oven on the clean cycle and stripped them, I then tried Flax Seed oil, the method is quite a lengthy process, I was quite impressed with the results as heating the Flax Seed oil at high temperatures actually makes it bond to the surface resulting in a smooth non stick coating. After numerous coats the pictures speak for themselves.
  13. Bill, do you have any information on the new Motorguide to be released this year, I have yet to find any reviews except for what’s on their website
  14. Sounds like a real show going on there. Sometimes it’s not so much the fishing but everything else we get to see out there.
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