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  1. Fricking theives...

    It’s so much easier to steal than to earn your rewards by working, seems to be the going thing these days.
  2. March 2nd, Shad rapping it around Big M

    Got any original Mag warts?? Liable to catch a good one in that dirty water, good bait in early spring
  3. Season Start

    Buddy of mine, his dad, RIP, always told us the golden years aren’t so golden, still looking forward to them. Have fun at the tournament and eat well!!
  4. Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    I’m glad you posted that Champ, been meaning to ask you about that jig head you showed me last year, plum forgot all about it.
  5. OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    Thanks Mike, I’m sure there will be plenty
  6. OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    I will not be coming this year, between recarpetting the boat, which I got the front deck done a couple weekends ago & other early spring financial obligations that need addressed I most likely will not get any March fishing in but that’s ok. April and May looks mighty fine. Good luck guys and catch a big one!!
  7. Big C is retiring

    Congratulations and most of all thanks for your service to the community! Happy retirement and wish you many good days on the lake
  8. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Best wishes for a recovery for your wife.
  9. February 14, Eagle Rock - Big M area

    I’ve had some of my best grub fishing in water temps like this, always keep a rod rigged up this time of year. Good luck
  10. Cabin Fever

    Going to be a bit before I get out. Put pad on deck, waiting for warmer weather to put new carpet in the Champ. Good luck when you guys get out
  11. Sad News

    So very sorry for your loss. The loss of a loved one is a terrible tragedy to deal with. My deepest condolences to you and your family in this time of grief.
  12. February 3rd, downstream from Eagle Rock

    Better than sitting on the couch any day
  13. Lake of the Ozarks Fast Lane to Great Fishing

    These guys over on the Table Rock forum complain greatly about the bigger boats down there in the summer and I agree. With that I have quietly said to myself, I believe it will benefit the fish as in the above “ commercial “! Lol I sure the hell will not be out there during the day!
  14. Strange freeze

    It has sure been cold. Nice pictures
  15. Deep winter bass

    I found this interesting and I believe explains why at times when I have found shad shallow in 40 + degree water temp that is has been some of my better stringers. https://www.bassmaster.com/greg-hackney/myth-deep-winter-bass-0

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