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  1. bumming rides is not always bad

    Nice fish Champ!
  2. New brand of bass boat??

    I'll stick with my Champ,
  3. New brand of bass boat??

    Maybe a John Boat! 😜
  4. New brand of bass boat??

    Anyone here about this? http://bassfan.com/docktalk_article/18801/new-boat-company-to-be-unveiled-friday#.WiC4fEFMGEc
  5. Thanksgiving fishing

    I was throwing them on a Falcon cc4-17m. 7' rod with a lews tournament pro speed spool with 14# sunline super. I personally was quite happy in how it felt and handled, I only targeted largemouth 1 afternoon a few weeks back and caught some descent fish, darn whites and hybrids had me wound up. Back to the rod, not a cheap rod but I imagine one could find one cheaper and get good results
  6. This weekend?

    We went out this morning till about 9:30, we had 8 real nice whites till the temps dropped and wind was really blowing back in Indian creek, we was thinking we should have gotten out there about a hour before daylight. Any way we had a good trip with plenty of nice whites.
  7. This weekend?

    Same hear Wrench, see you next time
  8. This weekend?

    Billethead, I went over and met Wrench Friday afternoon, I asked him what he thought, he said you got him all wrong!! lol I'm glad I got over and got aquainted with him. A buddy and I came down Wednesday evening and been chasing whites. They are being hard to pinpoint, you catch 2-3-4 maybe in a spot and have to keep moving, did catch more in some of my favorite spots but not like usual. Today the ones we caught were real good ones, no shorts at all.
  9. This weekend?

    Looks good, interesting, do they spawn twice a year? We fisher 4 hours this morning and probably 3 this evening and have ended up with 13, had to move around quite a bit, most of the ones we caught came out of Indian creek with the others up on gravois and main lake. I got my buddy on fish, that's all I care about and he's having a great time. If you got room and are going out tomorrow evening and want a couple of bums to tag along we will come, if you don't have room, 3 is quite a bit, we are planning on coming by in the afternoon for a bit to visit.
  10. Skunked

    That's funny , sounds like something that happens to me! Lol, better luck next time though, can't get any worse
  11. This weekend?

    Them are some dandys for sure, nice catch
  12. This weekend?

  13. This weekend?

    Well in all honesty I'm glad it's over because now it's time to go fishing, be down through the week, plan on going over to meet up with wrench one evening.
  14. This weekend?

    Can't resist sharing, picked this one up this morning
  15. This weekend?

    Nice buck for share, thanks for sharing!

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