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  1. 96 CHAMP

    Best Jigs to use on TR

    Pig sticker
  2. 96 CHAMP

    Indian Creek, 12/16

    Nice fish quillback
  3. 96 CHAMP

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    Should have taken him, chances are you may never see him again. None the less, nice video and beautiful buck
  4. 96 CHAMP

    Shot my personal best deer.

    Beautiful Buck and Congratulations. Well done sir!!!
  5. 96 CHAMP


    Any idea at what water temp the whites head out to their wintering grounds, I’m thinking once it gets below 50. ??
  6. 96 CHAMP


    Came down Wednesday afternoon, headed out after some whites with no luck on the banks, seen gulls going after Shad so headed across the lakes & caught a limit of nice ones in aboutb30-40 minutes throwing a 1/4 oz lipless crank bait. Went back Thursday late morning and early afternoon and started finding them on banks, went back to where I caught them the day before and fished the adjacent banks and caught another limit, after a bit I started culling fish there were so many stacked on the banks. Caught all them on a 1/4 oz vibric spinner. All in Indian Creek. Had a blast, sitting in a deer stand now. Good luck
  7. 96 CHAMP

    Fishing instead of huntin

    That’s funny. Lol, I’ll be down next week, see what we find.
  8. 96 CHAMP

    Fishing instead of huntin

    I say lets go after them whites & hybrids, If you can get into them it is a blast, By the way, where are they??
  9. 96 CHAMP

    Quick Howdy

    Good luck, kill a big one
  10. 96 CHAMP

    Big M area, 11/4

    Curious as to how you are working that menace grub, dragging it along bottom and steadily making contact or trying to keep it up off the bottom a little
  11. 96 CHAMP

    Thursday fishing

    Nite fishing has been good lately.
  12. 96 CHAMP

    10-7-18 big m

    Here they come Champ!
  13. 96 CHAMP

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-4-18

    Thanks for the days event, sounds like you had a heck of a time, sounds very exciting
  14. 96 CHAMP

    Big M area 9/25

    It seems to me quillback that by the time we get to the lake we might as well try something different than what the reports we read dictate, these fish change what they want by the minute it seems. Good luck

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