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  1. Curious to see if the shad kill has any affect on the night spinnerbait bite in the spring.
  2. Congratulations and wishing you a speedy recovery
  3. Nothing you can say can defend the liar nor defend your ideological beliefs Funny antifa wearing mega hats?
  4. If your ok with what The liar in chief and his followers have done yesterday you are part of the problem,
  5. Trump could care less, he has no intention of the federal government helping, he’s too busy trying to tear apart our democracy. Traitor!!
  6. I'd purchase those CCI BR2 primers if you want to get rid of them
  7. Being able to re- tie in the wind or being able to un-button a fish or any other issues while in the wind as I get older is the main reason for wanting spot lock, and to just take a break. Is the price worth it? I’m thinking yes, my knees and back need some help!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, keep us posted for more reviews. This is the reason I have not bought anything yet. Been waiting patiently like many
  9. I’ve been waiting for it to come out before making a decision, I have read of multiple issues people have regarding the ultrex , such as water getting into the motor, control board going out, steering going out related to pressure sensors under the foot pedal, some say you need a spare steering board and cables with in case you have problems. I’m sure just as many have had no issues also. I’d appreciate it if you would keep us posted on your time on the water with it.
  10. I remember you giving me a couple of them and I was using them and still have a few of them, I used to be able to find them online, I have some spare time, I should make a day trip to hook line & sinker and get some.
  11. Pig Sticker Baits I see are back in business, was posted on their FB page earlier this week.
  12. Wish I had waited, just got one a couple weeks ago
  13. Do you guys see pelicans down there in the winter, I was at LOZ the other day and they have arrived there
  14. You can't get any pig stickers any way. They shut down
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