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  1. 96 CHAMP

    Dr.C Fishing

    I guess that makes you more intelligent than me wrench!! Lol
  2. 96 CHAMP

    Dr.C Fishing

    This is not a endorsement by no means, if it’s against the rules by all means take the post down Phil. I just got these in today and is the product I have been looking for for a long time to keep my line on the spool while filling and storing without over run, wanted to pass it on, wandering if anyone else has used it. https://drcfishing.com/
  3. 96 CHAMP

    SAFETY while boating

    For me personally, especially when you can’t get to the lake often enough and in our younger years it’s all about “hurry up” can’t wait to go fishing, as we get a tad older we all need to slow down, take your time, take another 5 minutes and double check everything. The exception to that is that accidents do happen, Idle Time and myself have had quite a few discussions on this topic. Speak up and say something to your partner in the boat, Safety First!
  4. 96 CHAMP

    SAFETY while boating

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you well on the road to recovery
  5. 96 CHAMP

    More fishing Memes

  6. 96 CHAMP

    Walleye round two

    Good Job for sure.
  7. 96 CHAMP

    Table rock walleye

    We caught some of those giant whites earlier this spring, they were a blast to catch. Congratulations you have some nice fish there.
  8. I was told by one of them a couple years ago that if the power was not hooked up to charger then they want the power cord removed from the outlet
  9. 96 CHAMP

    Ultrex install

    I would help you if you thought we could figure it out neighbor, if not what about Tri-State in Wentzville??
  10. 96 CHAMP

    Downlake from Big M

    That picture there quillback is why I think In all reality is why we outdoorsman hit the lake or woods or wherever. The subtleties of the exposure we get from our journeys keep bringing us back no matter how small they may be. Apparently you fit right in, thank you for the picture!!
  11. 96 CHAMP

    Indian Point area - 6/19/18

    Fish smarter, not harder, take that to the bank as well with everything else you do .
  12. 96 CHAMP

    Kimbering Docks?

    I know at Campbell point marina there are signs. Self explanatory I believe. There are always those that don’t want to abide by rules but I believe most do, besides, I believe a lot of those fish at marinas get fed, wouldn’t waste my time.
  13. 96 CHAMP

    Big Heads in Bull Shoals????

    I hear that they are in Kentucky lake big time, read a article about it a while back, seems there is no getting rid of them
  14. 96 CHAMP

    Big head carp

  15. 96 CHAMP

    My wife

    So sorry for your loss, may she Rest In Peace

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