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  1. That's a nice load of crappie for sure, congratulations.
  2. I was back in Indian creek Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Usually takes me a half day or so to figure things out but when I did it was all over. Found them in Isolated brush or cover up near the bank, some behind docks, others not, caught most out of just two areas. Seen a lot of people using the spider rig also. Thursday after that front came in they were still there but playing their games a bit but still managed to catch them. Next week with that warmer weather will really get em going.
  3. Nice fish for sure, wish I could get down but out of commission for this spring, what size weight you throw when throwing that swing jig Quill, a light one and working it through the water column or a heavier one and bouncing it along the bottom? The swing jig is one very deadly and versatile set up
  4. Nice fish for sure, congrats for placing yourself
  5. There are a lot of people that claim the everstart 29dc deep cycle battery is a great battery at a great price. It only has a I year warranty and available at wallmart stores everywhere. $86.00
  6. Call deans and give them your Hull ID number on the back of the boat & email them a picture of the seats
  7. I’m sorry to hear that also, I never met him but talked to him on the phone, he has a lot of people he met at Champion owners tournament through their FB page concerned
  8. I have a update on Bruce Phillips as posted on the Champion boat owners Facebook page. His vitals are declining and he is not getting any blood flow to his foot and needs his leg amputated, the doctors don't think he can make it through surgery and without removing his leg he will succumb to more infection so they are putting him on comfort care. This is from his son Jason
  9. I have caught some of my biggest stringers this time of year with the water temp in the 40s, I always have a small 3-4 " grub tied on with 3/16 - 1/4 oz. grub head. Smoke pepper, Milky S&P, are my two I have done the most damage with. Watch for gulls and schools of shad, as long as they aren't all over the lake as in Bill's post you may get inti some good fish, once I find them I start fan casting, I have caught them even right up on the bank. Good luck!!
  10. Was wandering if anyone new this man, 176 Champion ,aka Bruce Phillips has suffered a stroke and is in the hospital? Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery Bruce!!
  11. Should have taken him, chances are you may never see him again. None the less, nice video and beautiful buck
  12. Beautiful Buck and Congratulations. Well done sir!!!
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