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  1. Legends Boat Company

    They only shape the way you think and believe if you don't have any common sense and can't think for yourself, unfortunately, there seems to be many that fit into that category.
  2. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    Yes, it disrupts family vacations to the lake, on the other side, they only have the lake for approximately 4 months of the year. I've often wondered the more pleasure boaters in the summer = less fisherman, = less fish being pulled from the water??
  3. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    That is a great article, thanks for sharing.
  4. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    I agree with you dblades, nothing you can do about it, move on.
  5. Blues baby!!!

    Nice fish, congratulations
  6. Not a Table Rock report

    Way to go, seems you had a good time
  7. America the Beautiful COE pass

    That is a ridiculous increase.
  8. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    Fall fishing is just around the corner
  9. Decent bite up the White

    Spoken from the Wit of one special writer, I thoroughly enjoy reading of your escapades Champ, as only you can deliver. Good fishing to all.
  10. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    US Army Corps of Engineers revisits two Table Rock Lake proposals http://www.ky3.com/content/news/US-Army-Corps-of-Engineers-revisits-two-Table-Rock-Lake-proposals-438577873.html
  11. Accidents

    http://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/boat_crashes/seven-injured-when-pwc-collision-capsizes-boat-on-lake-of/article_f96c711a-7078-11e7-bbf1-d3b09cbd7f49.html i was just reading this
  12. KVD does it again

    Yes he sure does have a special talent to catch fish.
  13. KVD does it again

  14. after dark baits

    Nice fish, congrats!
  15. Here at last ...

    Here is a simple formula To use to decide if you need a new one.

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