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  1. Reminds me of the smallmouth we used to catch down off of Route CC south of Alton Mo. Probably 35-40 years ago. I’m thinking it was Fourche creek, we used to fish Fourche lake a bit back then, don’t quote me on the creek arm, ran out of the eleven point river. We used to catch some huge small mouth out of there along with the numbers. What a time it was.
  2. I heard Champ 188 bought the entire lot!!
  3. What model and year Champ do you have?
  4. If you can’t find a guide throw bluegill imitating crankbaits in the 8-12’ depth, up in the bushes near main lake points, that could encompass a lot of water so be ready to cover a bunch of water. The results could be worth your time, and don’t be afraid to fish up in the day a bit also. JMO and good luck!!
  5. It’s a great reel, shows they are out already
  6. We used to fish Fourche lake down near Doniphan and Ripley county lake also, years back. We would load up on nice bluegill in both lakes, catch a lot of bass, our biggest bass always came from Ripley lake and at night, we had a lot of fun down there then
  7. Very nice fish indeed!!
  8. Is the crappie fishing down there as good as it was years back, been down there many years back fishing under lights with a friend whos uncle and dad regularly fished that lake for crappie, we caught a bunch back then
  9. Nice fish, I would love to get into some striper fishing, Nothing like catching line strechers!
  10. I had a 355 rear end put in mine when I ordered it,
  11. Was planning on this week but with the cooler nights, it will be next week, the last 2 long weekends have been real good
  12. After the storms Sunday the weather was weird, overcast and no wind, the atmosphere seemed dead, but the fished turned on and a spinnerbait at night was the ticket.
  13. I'll be down next Sunday through Wednesday, if you and the misses are in the area give me a shout
  14. Sunday I found a good swimbait bite at Shell Knob for about 2 1/2 hours in the morning, ended up with 5 nice keepers, caught a bunch of fish, they had some Shad corralled up between two docks, they were about 15’ off the bank and suspended about 5-10’ they would stop for a bit and I would throw a 1/8 oz shakey head and they would attack that, it went on for about 2 1/2 hours, it was crazy, afternoon was a slow bite for me throwing various baits, late evening I went back and lost to exceptional fish, never seen em but they were heavy. Monday evening I was out when the rain came in and it turned those blacks on big time, all on the shakey head, threw a spinner bait that night and they were all over that on bluff with mixed big chunk rock. I had a great trip, right time right place. I only got two pictures. zoom shakey tail worm with buckeye spot remover shakey jig, 3.8 keitech on 3/8 oz Grubber head, 1/2 oz War Eagle P&B spinner bait and #1 Uncle josh & #11 Uncle josh B&B pork frog
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