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  1. White Bass Size limit

    I must have got them in a cooperating mood then plug
  2. White Bass Size limit

  3. White Bass Size limit

    You are correct wrench, i am thinking the reason they stocked hybrids in LOZ is to help control the overpopulation and abundance of gizzard shad being they have no natural predators
  4. White Bass Size limit

    The ones I caught last week to be honest I don't know if they were hybrids or whites, never really looked close enough, but the way they fought and were tearing up the water i assumed they were.
  5. White Bass Size limit

    There is no minimum size limit in your daily limit, you can only have 4 of them 18" or longer in your daily limit.
  6. WTF?

    It's all good Plug!! You had me concerned for a second there!! Lol
  7. WTF?

    The only thing I found wrong was that in the laws it states you can only have your daily limit on the water on adjacent bank. If I am down for say 2-3 days and you keep them in a basket as I do, and you wait till you have a possession limit in your basket you are actually breaking the law. They have no idea if you caught them all that day or 2-3 days, it's ok to have a daily limit in the freezer and a daily limit in the basket though. I had no idea of that info but ignorance of the law is no excuse. I just looked this up yesterday, I wonder how many people actually wait till they have their possession limit till they clean them? As with that I will have to change my course of action regarding catching and cleaning at times
  8. WTF?

    I believe you are wrong on that plug, https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/species/bass-temperate/bass-temperate-limits
  9. More paying of dues.

    Them suckers a ferocious, nice fish!!
  10. I will not be at the lake on Sunday. We go a funeral to attend in St Charles sunday. were going to go up on Satirday to visit amy daughter and my grandkids are comin out. I will be home late Sunday and will not be on the Hybrids again until Monday evening. The one on the picture was 5.88 just shortvof 6lbs. Mybhybrd fishing budy got one over 7 1/2 week before last. 

    1. 96 CHAMP

      96 CHAMP

      well have a good trip and good luck fishing next time you get out

  11. WTF?

    You want whites LOZ is the place, as the water cools more it will really get going, got a limit of nice hybrids and crappie the other day.
  12. Big Catch!

    I agree!!
  13. Big Catch!

  14. More paying of dues.

    Congrats on catching the fish plug, I am in a white hull blue and silver Champ. The wife and I will be down Sunday and Monday, if I see you I will stop and say hello. Caught my limit of crappie today, some real nice ones.
  15. More paying of dues.

    I thought I may have seen you throwing the fly on the gravois Monday. Wasn't sure so I didn't stop, but now that I see you we're in a red boat I'm sure it was you, decided to stay another day, they came up again Monday evening but were scattered more and when they did show they didn't stay up long, only ended up with 4, caught some nice bass on the lipless yesterday afternoon

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