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  1. Buddy of mine was down last week for a few days wrench and to his surprise they caught a bunch of whites on windy points in the gravois during the day, he told me when it got a little cloudy they would bite and when it cleared they shut off. Said they had not much luck with crappie but I bet someone caught em somewhere. I'll be down Sunday through Wednesday and see what I can dig up
  2. I’ve fished with the swing jig in pre- spawn down at TR and have had great success, as with everything else, right time right place, I generally throw a 7/16 or heavier depending on wind and depth I’m fishing.
  3. I was able to get down for a few days last week Quillback, I did find some on a football jig, was able to catch a few as they were really hard to hook up with, they were in 20-25 feet of water. Think I was lucky I found them, My best luck was in the morning I believe it was Wednesday with top water and spoon as you say, I landed 3 non keepers and lost 2 keepers, I just changed out the hooks on the spoons earlier today, and had some good luck one night also. I struggled more so concerned about my knee and losing concentration while trying to land fish after dark but it sure was nice to get out for the first time in a year. I have new 10" birds on the boat and it's amazing what I can find out there now. Next stop will be LOZ in a few weeks for some crappie and whites. Good luck
  4. Glen, I’m thinking the lake should be in better shape this fall since Truman is so full, I believe winter pool will be later this year. We’ll see what happens
  5. We’ll get there one way or another, thanks and good Fishin.
  6. I was all planned for a vacation this week, the wife and I along with some friends to shell knob, Got set up with some new big boy equipment as bill calls it, then I had to have my knee operated on, meniscus, thinking I should be able to get out by the last week in September, I hope.
  7. I got the two I needed and am happy with them. Protect your investment
  8. A big congratulations are definitely in order
  9. I bought 2 new birds also and am thinking about the graph glass. From what I’ve read they are worth it
  10. Not that I agree but thought I would share, seen this the Other day. My plan is to buy the Ultrex this winter with the DI transducer built in,
  11. Despite what one hears about the bbc board, you can get a lot of great knowledgeable information on the Humminbird sonar forum, particularly from Wayne Purdue. I have installed a helix 10 di up front and helix 10 si at the helm, haven’t had a chance to use them yet but have received all the information on how to use them through the bbc board. The Technological Angler through you tube gives a lot of understanding on your settings through many videos all in aiding ones understanding of how to use these units.
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