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  1. Got a question for the old timers on here.(Please forgive me). what and where is the "sidewalk hole"? I cant seem to find anyone my age (39) who knows what I am talking about. I have heard a few references but no directions. I would appreciate any help you can provide.
  2. Bad, Bad, and Bad. That about sums it up. Fished from 264 Ramp to the back of Hickory CReek. Tried minnows, jigs, spoons, small umbrella rig and rapalas. Caught 2 small spots on minnow. Marked quite a few fish but struck out. I hope this helps. Trying to be a contributor and not just a reader. Good Luck.
  3. You have got to go down to Venice, LA and try the red fishing. Mike Frenette http://www.rodnreel.com/teaser/ Fishing is great, food is wonderful and lodge is very nice. Here is a pic of the last time I was down there about 2 years ago. THe crazy thing is we catch fish like this everytime we visit.
  4. Fished Friendship creek today. Little windy. Caught 4 whites (3 females full of eggs) and 1 nice crappie. Hoping to keep updated with someother fishing fanatics to stay on the bite. Thanks
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