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  1. Yeah, thanks for the waste of gray matter in your head, I'm sure your intellect impresses many. My dad having full body sepsis and being in a medically induced coma for 7 weeks bummed me out, but that is not depression. Nor is the feeling that I had when I received the phone call that my mother was literally ran over by semi and had all sorts of internal injuries depression. Those were "bummers", as a I quote the wise one who only knows about outboard motors yet feels he possesses the qualifications to determine what is or is not depression, but not depression. Your back peddling B.S. that
  2. "I think it is time to stop pandering to people with mental disorders." I highly doubt pander is really what you wanted to say hear, as I would imagine most people who are transgender would rather not have the whole world to know of it. While I am not transgender, I have depression and anxiety and, while in school and freshly out of school(broke), I couldn't afford medications or other treatment for my depression. Thankfully my new place of employment does pay for mental health and, while it is a process, it's nice to have the help. I would say that the US is well behind the rest of the fi
  3. Went out today to Lake JACOMO which is a lake in the Kansas City metro. Spent three hours and no fish, but that is not the frustrating part. I have one of those Humminbird bank fish finders. Started off marking 0 fish, and chummed some to draw attention. I had about ten good sized fish(from the view of the fish finder) around my bait and no takers. This was my first time specifically targeting carp and, with the degree of difficulty involved, it will not be my last time going after these fish. At one point I felt like those guys on Wicked Tuna, marking fish but they aren't biting.
  4. I was hoping to find the real generation on the White today, thus I went to Newlands website only to find that it is down. Does anyone know what is going on i.e. financial troubles/change of ownership?
  5. Sounds like an over complication of the matter. I carry two colors, red and black. Both have silver beads and silver ribbing. Sizes from 16-20. If they aren't hitting that, then I feel as though I am doing something wrong. Usually it starts with how deep my fly is from my indicator. I usually try to keep it around 12 to 24 inches depending on the depth of the water and how fast the water is moving(more current = more depth). Then I go to tippet. I am a fluorocarbon guy and I am not ashamed to admit it. I start with 5x, then go to 6x. The most common error I do, and see others do as
  6. grizzly


    Looks like you guys are getting more rain today. Any clue of how much the local weather forecast is calling for? I was hoping to come down in a week and a half.
  7. Or they could put a limit on the amount of gigged fish. For example, 100(or whatever number) confirmed gigged fish equates to the end of the gigging season. It might be a little harsh to those who gig ethically, but it could put result in people reporting those who poach in order to keep the gigging season alive.
  8. I think the "One example of a situation that would probably result in a citation is if a person repeatedly gigs gamefish." statement puts a bit of a hole in the "unfounded, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory" jargon you are throwing around. Realistically, gigging puts an MDC agent in a difficult situation. We all make mistakes, but a gigging mistake hurts just a tad more than a barbed fly in a barbless only area. The agent is a human and may take mitigating factors into account despite the fact that it seems that this law is one of strict liability. Personally, I don't know what I would do i
  9. I have an 11 year old daughter and I'm already starting to see the teen years coming. I love her to death and she is the center of my world, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the teen years will be interesting. "When I was sixteen, my father was the most ignorant man in the world. By the time I reached 21, I was surprised at how much he had learned in five years." Mark Twain was correct about so many things.
  10. Sorry for jumping in so late and maybe this is a dead horse, but I cannot believe the amount of outcry regarding C&R and the ethical implications of such an act. Everyone on this forum fishes and there are really two options once you land a fish: keep it or release it. I personally prefer to catch and release. Call me what you will (trophy hunter, number counter, unethical . . .) but I can sleep at night with my decisions. You have your way, I have mine: as for the right way, the correct way and the only way, it does not exist. If this makes me immoral, then maybe I’m just having a
  11. What are you fishing for? (It might help a little). Trout? Something with some shine to it. I would have an attractor pattern, such as an egg, but the dropper is going to be normal sized(a sz. 14 PT flashback or something with some flash). Otherwise, big streamers. A double articulated fly will be my first choice. Look on Kelly Galloup's website to find some patterns.
  12. grizzly


    These trout have been through just about everything: drought, floods, heat, farming, DDT . . . . I think they will be ok. Maybe not a great brood for next year, but these trout are survivors.
  13. This topic is very repetitive on this forum and it is apparent that neither sides will ever agree. I would have to imagine that regular pole and line anglers affect our smallmouth population than gigging simply because more people fish with pole and line as opposed to gigging. Enforcement of the wildlife code has always been an issue in Missouri, it's comparable to traffic violations as there are so many highways and so few cops to enforce those breaking the speed limit. What is one to do? I think the MDC needs to hire more people to enforce the regulations. Merely putting words on paper
  14. Dain, I read back through my post and I think that I may have came across a bit harsh. I apologize if I offended you. Anytime I am fishing and not catching, I look to my tippet and my approach. Fluorocarbon has really treated me well. When I fish the white, I usually don't go below 5x and I rarely, if ever, use 6x. I just checked my tippet rolls and it looks like 4x and 5x are the ones I used the most last year. I have a friend who guides out west and he never goes below 5x, even if he is fishing spring creeks. Nonetheless he strictly uses fluorocarbon. Whe
  15. Your experience could be the result of a few things. I would imagine the presentation was off i.e. that your fly was dragging. I don't fish trout parks anymore, but I always notice the people dragging their flies all around. Work on mending. If that wasn't the case, the fish could be spooked from all the anglers. Trout in these parks don't seem to mind people so much, but you never know. I've never known trout to be too picky at RR, but I do use fluorocarbon when nymphing. I really like fluorocarbon over mono when fishing nymphs as it sinks better and, supposedly, it
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