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  1. True drop shot works, I got my first drop shot fish today. however quickly turn to draggin a 1/2 oz football with a hula grub. I wouldn't be afraid of a hula on a jika, but I am not ordinary when it comes to throwing my plastics. I did not slay them today only fished fo 4 hours had 8 decent fish 7 lm 1 k. 2 in bushes 1 pn drop shot and 5 dragging 20' plus. Just one more weighting system on the market shoot i use weighted swimbait hooks for trick worms and craws works great. My point experiment and you always have goto stuff if it doesn't work.
  2. thank you very much
  3. Anyone know how the water color is in cape area? Heading out in the morning hoping its not a mud hole.
  4. I fished yesterday from 11:00-5 ish and gotta say 3-4 lb fish were common, my 8 year olg caught a 5.65 lm on a hula grub and we nailed them on a weightless fluke. Threw the thunderstick a bit with no takers and caught 3 on a 4xd. In all ill bet we had 35- 40 fish total with 10 plus keepers.
  5. Started late at around 11-11:30 about 10 min south of cape fair fished little pockets. My daughter beat us both with the ned rig, we caught mine on chatterbait , and Travis had his on a jig. Only my second time on the lake however still not sure about color differences on the rock. I now have a slip here so not much pomme or Stockton fishing anymore. Sorry no temp readings forgot the finder at home. However fish were in 10-15 ft. of water on my normal pomme colors, wat.red . Any help on colors would be appreciated. Forgot only fished till 2:30 and had a lot of bites just no takers.
  6. Fished cape fair to flat creek today from 10-2 first time on table rock. Water temps 57-61 and visibility 1-2 feet had a good day though. Caught a few had a limit in the 12 lb. range. Had bites on jig and shakey head but missed the hook set, all caugt with the A rig with a not so standard color combo of baitfish, Arkansas shiner and smoking shad, on a flash mob. I must say I love this lake and after one trip im looking for a slip. I appreciate all the posts here and the people at cape fair marina excellent guys. All fish caught in 6-8 ft of water. All males.
  7. Thank you I do appreciate the help he is obsessed with catching his first Lm we do a lot of crappie at Stockton. For an 8 year old he well set up for bass with two baitcasters that he is quite good with but pomme has shut us down twice . from the posts on here the bass bite is much better at tablerock than either Stockton or Pomme im sure ill pick up some crappie but his first bass would be a highlight.
  8. I don't mean to highjack a post but I'm new in Ozarks angler, and will be fishing first time on the rock with my 8 year old son who is crazy about fishing. Will be putting in at cape fair have a any advice, baits , colors would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Wasn't bad had 9 whites at taylor, 0 at steel, and 0 at 215 bridge, 8 of 9 came at 3 pm and 4 were females.
  10. how is the cape fair area at this time any keeper size lm, sm, or k's coming out of that area or maybe some whites . I'm taking my son fishing next Sunday any pointers would be greatly appreciated its my first time on the rock in my 32 years of living here.
  11. Depends on depth I had 55 degrees in 2ft at pomme yesterday and 48.3 in 30ft so it is warming up infrared isn't the best for water usually only accurate on solid objects.
  12. Thank you I'm going to try and fish some basin USA tournaments and that's the ramp they are calling for.
  13. Ok I may be a little uneducated about pomme but where is hermitage landing located.
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