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  1. jskutt04

    Machine shop

    Thank you
  2. jskutt04

    Machine shop

    Thanks Would you know what a short block would cost?
  3. jskutt04

    Machine shop

    Look for a machine shop. I bought a 2000 bayliner with a 3.0 mercruiser and it spin a rod bearing. Look to get it fixed.
  4. jskutt04

    Bridge port 4-26

    Went fishing this morning and got to the water about 6:30. I started at ben den and caught some small bass. I did manage 1 keep today. I caught them on a watermelon red flake tube and a watermelon red flake Centipede. Must of the fish came out of water less then 10'. I tryed throwing a spinnerbait and a square bill crankbait but didn't have any luck on them.
  5. jskutt04

    James River access at Galena

    I was down there last night. The water is moving really fast right now. I had a hard time getting the boat on the trailer.
  6. jskutt04

    Table Rock Tackle

    Anybody know if Mark is open on Saturday.
  7. jskutt04

    Fishing Trip.

    Made a trip to Stockton lake and fished the greenfield access to day. This was my first time fishing there. I caught 4 bass and a drum. My biggest was 18" and caught them all on a rattle trap.
  8. jskutt04

    Fishing Tips

    I was using a pumpkin color centipede and red and black worm.
  9. jskutt04

    Fishing Tips

    Took a small trip to the Finley river below Nixa at the 160 bridge. End up catch 4 small mouth.
  10. jskutt04

    Selling Baits In Shell Knob

    Do you know if they will put some in their Ozark store.
  11. jskutt04

    White Bass Trip

    I was back down there on Friday and Saturday night. I took my wife and boy and they both caught them again. I think my boy is hook on them now. We had a good time. I will try to post some picture later.
  12. jskutt04

    White Bass Trip

    I took my boy and my brother out for the first white bass trip. They both end up catching a couple up above bunks. I had lots of fun watch them catch there first white bass.
  13. jskutt04

    Flat Creek Boat Ramp?

    I have ask the restaurant couple of years and they said it was free to use.
  14. jskutt04

    Tackle For Sale

    All tackle has been sold
  15. jskutt04

    Tackle For Sale

    Thanks pat92b. I will have to check into that. The saw is a hasqvarna 385xp and it about 4 years old

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