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  1. Machine shop

    Thank you
  2. Machine shop

    Thanks Would you know what a short block would cost?
  3. Machine shop

    Look for a machine shop. I bought a 2000 bayliner with a 3.0 mercruiser and it spin a rod bearing. Look to get it fixed.
  4. Bridge port 4-26

    Went fishing this morning and got to the water about 6:30. I started at ben den and caught some small bass. I did manage 1 keep today. I caught them on a watermelon red flake tube and a watermelon red flake Centipede. Must of the fish came out of water less then 10'. I tryed throwing a spinnerbait and a square bill crankbait but didn't have any luck on them.
  5. James River access at Galena

    I was down there last night. The water is moving really fast right now. I had a hard time getting the boat on the trailer.
  6. Table Rock Tackle

    Anybody know if Mark is open on Saturday.
  7. Fishing Trip.

    Made a trip to Stockton lake and fished the greenfield access to day. This was my first time fishing there. I caught 4 bass and a drum. My biggest was 18" and caught them all on a rattle trap.
  8. Fishing Tips

    I was using a pumpkin color centipede and red and black worm.
  9. Fishing Tips

    Took a small trip to the Finley river below Nixa at the 160 bridge. End up catch 4 small mouth.
  10. Selling Baits In Shell Knob

    Do you know if they will put some in their Ozark store.
  11. White Bass Trip

    I was back down there on Friday and Saturday night. I took my wife and boy and they both caught them again. I think my boy is hook on them now. We had a good time. I will try to post some picture later.
  12. White Bass Trip

    I took my boy and my brother out for the first white bass trip. They both end up catching a couple up above bunks. I had lots of fun watch them catch there first white bass.
  13. Flat Creek Boat Ramp?

    I have ask the restaurant couple of years and they said it was free to use.
  14. Tackle For Sale

    All tackle has been sold
  15. Tackle For Sale

    Thanks pat92b. I will have to check into that. The saw is a hasqvarna 385xp and it about 4 years old

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