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  1. This will be getting away from Pomme de Terre Lake, but in regards to the Pomme River, this dropped pin area is good for fall crappie and fall and spring whites (and for my buddy last fall, hybrids, sucked missing out on that one.) From the pin, going upriver to the first riffle is a good area for whites. The term first riffle should be used loosely though, that depends on Truman level and if there is a wet spring they will let that resevoir climb and climb and climb. On that note, MoPan, do you know if Ameren pays the Core to hold that really high sometimes to prevent property damage al
  2. None that I could see MoCarp. I assume you're bringing a bowfishing possibility to the table? Correct me if I'm wrong. I would find a bowfishing cause real hard to believe.
  3. You've got that right.... I wasn't willing to drag a bloated fish into the boat to measure it but I'd say all were keepers and some easily going past the 2 foot mark.
  4. Was down evening of 3rd through evening of the 4th and saw between 10 and 20 dead walleye (and that was only at the end of each arm/dam area, there's probably many more) and probably 1/3 to 1/2 as many muskie that were dead and floating in the water. Looked at some news online and they are talking about the heat accompanied with so little rain causing this at another lake further north I believe. Causing low oxygen I think it said. As slow as this lake brought white bass back (if you are a believer they're back), a die-off of those 2 species would be terrible. I checked before posting because
  5. Female agent in person told us the steel bridge at Orleans was the legal dividing line. Best I can remember I double checked with an email to MDC and it was the same story. But there's nothing like checking for yourself.
  6. That's how it goes for me Seth.... Love to fish. Lots to learn. Haha. Guy I work with caught them shooting docks Tuesday so I didn't know how many I would find from the bank but the weather was too nice to just sit around home. But generally speaking, any given day most people can outfish this guy.
  7. Went down last night (evening of 12th) to hopefully find and catch spawning crappie from the bank around McCubbins Point area. Found 7 total, 3 that would've kept. So it was definitely a slower trip than I wanted but I couldn't keep from trying after 2 warm days with sunshine. Lake is lower than usual for mid-April, best my mind can recall anyway. And I don't have temp readings for you guys, sorry. The fish I did catch weren't picky on jig color. Had a good time. Some rain and continued warmth should really get things going. Saddest part of the whole trip was catching 4 of those 7 in the last
  8. For our crew the combined total from Taylor's area today (3-24) was right at 15. Only one dink. 6 females when we cleaned them but several of the males were just as big. My father had a "hot streak" late morning where he caught 3 or 4 in 7 or 8 casts i think but otherwise it was very slow. Slower retrieval and lighter leadheads helped but nothing was magic. Few largemouth also. Several trying it this morning and it was looking difficult for everyone, couple guys doing much better than us though. Water was a little too clear for what I like but according to the forecast that's going to change.
  9. I sank a silverado to the skidplate one night by the old bridge pillars. Where there is gravel it is usually fine, I just made a bad decision and it was my fault. If the lake is low, you can pull past the little "parking circle" (4wd is necessary) and get closer or if the lake is high you could manhandle your boat to the water easily. Walking is no problem. Just be careful becuase even if an area looks okay just rememeber that sometimes the COE keeps the lake at or right above normal pool or higher for months into years and that stuff almost never fully dries out. Experience and long night tau
  10. Good info riverhyker. Mostly just a curiosity question on my end, highly unlikely that I will ever do that with my kayak. But I've wondered about that for a long time. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Will, if I recall correctly the language on DOR website is "any vessel powered by means other than oars" (or something like that) has to get registered and have a sticker. So.... not to change subject or get off topic, but let's say someone buys a kayak with square stern area for trolling motor mount? Are they exempt? Maybe I'm wrong (I probably am), but I didn't think kayaks came with titles....? Maybe you just fill out a title application with HID/VIN.....? I am honestly curious to know after a guy at work and I had this conversation earlier today. I've only ever purchased one kayak,
  12. Shrapnel, I'm glad you brought it up, at least I don't feel like the only surprised one this way. After a week of work I ran down tonight in the glaize around army rec and my heart sank when I got close enough to see the chocolate milk that replaced the lake water. I put in and exercised the motor to make sure everything was in working order for when conditions are right, but as for this evening.... didn't stay long and got skunked. I'd say visibility was at max 5 inches. Saw water temps 47 to 51.
  13. Shad on a spoon for crappie Oldplug? What size spoon? Never targeted them that way before... sounds interesting.
  14. Since you didn't mention it I will provide you this. 660-438-7317. Listen to the prompts and press 2. Government stuff so it is rarely ever updated on weekends and holidays. And they can change things a lot in your 1.5 hr drive. Also look at this website, (it looks better on an actual computer web browser than a phone) http://www.nwd-mr.usace.army.mil/rcc/nwk/lakepool.txt But I'm in the same boat as far as living far away. I like to see truman on the forecast online showing anywhere between like 16,000 and 32,000 cfs. It is fishable anywhere from 0 to mid 30,000s in my opinion. Much over
  15. Not quite MOPan. But you'll just have to trust me on how delicious they were, even without taters and onions.
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