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  1. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    Ok. I may not be able to get it up there till sometime next week or possibly the week after. Do you have a drop off for after hours or do I need to get there before you go home?
  2. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    Sounds cool. Do you have a number for me to call to set up an appointment or just want me to drop it off sometime?
  3. stuartsx5


    So, my wife and I like to camp down on Table Rock at Mill Creek or Old 86 but we have never fished it except for jug fishing. This past weekend we were down there and decided to crappie fish a little. Like a blind hog finds and acorn, I found three crappie. One of these is the biggest I ever caught. Don't know how I did it but it has peeked my interest in Table Rock. Just gotta do a little research but just one question, is this the norm at Table Rock or did I just get lucky and find these slabs?
  4. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    If I test the coils and change the plugs would you take a look at the carbs and whatever else needs a look over? I know you all are busy this time of year so I could bring it up to you and let you have it for a while. I am just not confident in the carb work and I think its time I pay a professional to try and figure this out. May have to wait a week or two to get it up there tho.
  5. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    So, I think the venturis are the same, put a compass in the top one and set it then in the bottom and it for the same. Could this have run like this? My problem is i have no proof it was like this before. Anyway, I guess the question is should replace this top carb or just work with it? Top pic is of the Frankenstein the bottom is of the bottom stock carb numbers if that helps.
  6. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    No. Or the final bill was the same as the quote anyway. I'm gonna go to the shop and measure right quick I will let you know.
  7. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    I take pictures of everything but unfortunately I didn't take any pics before I took it to him the first time. He did mention a pin holding the float was bad and he had to find another. Maybe he meant another carb....
  8. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    So, I have been piddling around with this tonight. Pulled the plugs, seemed like all were grimey except one. Pulled the carb covers off. I don't know much but I assume the top carb (see pics) has the choke plate but not the bottom one? So, in the side picture it shows nothing attached to that choke plate so when I choke it I can hear a click but nothing happens. I know this has nothing to do with my problems but is that wrong or does it choke some other way than that choke plate?
  9. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    Thanks Wrench. Sounds like I have a full weekend of testing to do. Maybe momma needs a new boat for Mother's Day......😊
  10. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    He did mention the fuel pump but he thought it was ok. I wouldn't know about the link and sync because I know absolutely nothing about carbs on outboards or any other engines. I can check the butterflies (I assume those are the flaps inside the intake part of the carb). I may do that tonight. I'm not going to put too much effort into it before I go see Wrench cause I can probably tear up more than I fix with my limited knowledge. I have been very fortunate over the years and have bought old boats that just run forever. This is the first time I have had to even consider a mechanic. Thanks for your input, I will keep you all updated on my escapades.
  11. stuartsx5

    4200 RPM

    Thanks Wrench. If I am going to start replacing parts I assume I would be best to start with the plugs because I replaced them last fall and I did use the NKG plugs right before the trip that started my problems. Could that be the problem or a small part of the bigger problem. Since there is no bench test for the coils do you use a resistance test with an ohm meter? That is something I can do if I know what terminals and what the readings should be. I may look into those two issues and the voltage regulator and if I can't figure it out or that doesn't fix it I will set up an appointment for you to take a look at it. Thanks Again.
  12. I have had my outboard worked (1996 Force 120) on and I am still not where I need to be. To start it was running fine, 5000 WOT at about 40 MPH and it just dropped to 4200 and 35. Took it to a mechanic, said coils bad, replaced with used ones he had. Said fuel line deteriorated, plugged the carbs, so the carbs were cleaned. Got it back and would do about 4600 and about 38 MPH. Thought it may be the instruments but didn't seem exactly right. Three weeks ago, running down the lake and dropped rpm and mph just like last fall. Low end rpm so bad I couldn't even load it on the trailer. Took it to the mechanic he adjusted carbs so the low end is better but hole shot and top end speed and RPM still not where they should be. So, this is my question. Should I be looking at ignition first or fuel? Is there anywhere I can have the coils load tested? I hate to replace without testing because I think that is what has been done. I am at the end of my rope with this and it is about time to start pulling skiers also and it wouldn't do that very well in the shape it is in. HELP......... Fishnwrench, are you accepting new patients????????
  13. stuartsx5


    I've never really fished Stockton. When you are chasing the whites this time of year what jigs do you use? I'm trying to learn new stuff and I usually only fish for whites on Lake of the Ozarks in the fall with 1/16 oz maribou.
  14. stuartsx5


    Thanks. The hybrid was caught by a rambunctious young'n from my church and the striper was my brother. My brother hasn't fished in 25 years and probably not more than a dozen or so times in his life and that was his first fish of the day. I think he likes fishing a little better now.
  15. stuartsx5


    Hate to show up late for the party but I just seen this today. I have had a very successful season on the whites, one of the best in recent years. I hope this cold snap doesn't send them too deep. I soak mine in salt water for 24 hours then basically fillet the red meat out then trim any remnants. My family loves the whites. We all like a thicker fillet. To me a crappie is easily overcooked. Don't get me wrong, I do like the spring crappie run and a good crappie fish fry but nothing beats the way a white hammers a jig and takes off. Just a few pics of some white bass first timers I was able to take out on the water this year. Happy New Year everyone.

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