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  1. Whites

    I've never really fished Stockton. When you are chasing the whites this time of year what jigs do you use? I'm trying to learn new stuff and I usually only fish for whites on Lake of the Ozarks in the fall with 1/16 oz maribou.
  2. Whites

    Thanks. The hybrid was caught by a rambunctious young'n from my church and the striper was my brother. My brother hasn't fished in 25 years and probably not more than a dozen or so times in his life and that was his first fish of the day. I think he likes fishing a little better now.
  3. Whites

    Hate to show up late for the party but I just seen this today. I have had a very successful season on the whites, one of the best in recent years. I hope this cold snap doesn't send them too deep. I soak mine in salt water for 24 hours then basically fillet the red meat out then trim any remnants. My family loves the whites. We all like a thicker fillet. To me a crappie is easily overcooked. Don't get me wrong, I do like the spring crappie run and a good crappie fish fry but nothing beats the way a white hammers a jig and takes off. Just a few pics of some white bass first timers I was able to take out on the water this year. Happy New Year everyone.
  4. Water temp

    Niangua 7 mile marker was 64 to 68 Sunday and Monday.
  5. Help on engine

    No problem. It is beyond my skills so I took it to Fair Grove Marine over the weekend and he said he will take a look at it this week. Thanks for your help.
  6. Help on engine

    Thanks Wrench. I did the compression test just now. I did it the first time just by taking one spark plug out at a time and testing the cylinder with the others still in and I hit the starter 3 times on each cylinder. Each cylinder tested between 120 and 125. Then I read the instructions and it said to take all the spark plugs out and test so I did that and only hit the starter once on each cylinder. I got 89 to 95 on all but one cylinder and it showed a little over 100. Do these sound good? I know they should all be in the same range but I don't know if that is the numbers we are looking for. One of our company mechanics just transferred into my department and he says he has what I need to do the tests you are talking about but I would still need instructions cause he doesn't know anything about outboards. Thanks for your help, I decided to go back to school for some crazy reason and this is finals week. If it takes me a while to respond please don't think I am ignoring your advice, I'm just writing papers.....
  7. Help on engine

    Thanks wrench. It is a 4 cylinder 120 horse. I can do the compression check but have never done the ignition output test. Is that something I can do myself? Would it drop like that if it quit sucking up water? I still have water coming out of the telltale.
  8. I have a 97 Force by Mercury. I have no problems with it till a couple weeks ago. My wife and I were out for a ride and we were at full throttle, right at 5,000 and it just seemed like it lost power and dropped to around 4,600 and sounded like it was bogged down. We were low on gas the first time it happened but I have added gas and it didn't help. I use the Stabil for marine in it every time I fill up. Now it won't get over the 4,600 rpm and sounds bogged down all the time. I hav e checked for water in the gas, the fuel filter, and pulled the plugs. I don't know what a fouled plug looks like so I uploaded pictures. Should I be looking at fuel issues? Air issues? Is there a screen in or filter in the tank that could be plugged? It runs smooth at the higher rpm and I haven't noticed anything different at idle either. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. ISO

    That probaby a little out of my price range.
  10. ISO

    Thanks Duck, I need a 24 volt. Have a goodn
  11. ISO

    Do you still have this for sale?
  12. Fishing Thanksgiving week

    We went today. Was great till the front moved thru then they quit. Had 12 in less than an hour then froze and never caught another.
  13. Fishing Thanksgiving week

    I seem to do better for the whites on chunk rock windy points. Gonna have to try the backs of the coves again, haven't had much luck with that in the past. Bring the boat and enjoy the lake. The weather is looking good and it's the best time of the year for LOZ. I'm going Wed and maybe again Fri.
  14. White Bass

    Yes, when I crossed the 54 bridge and seen glass smooth water I knew we were in trouble. Got a little breeze in the afternoon that helped. Friday will be a crap shoot for sure.
  15. White Bass

    Casting. Mainly main lake windy points and picking up some back in to the back of the coves. Tossing a 1/16 marabou jig in chartreuse or chartreuse, red and white.

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