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  1. Probably your best bet would be the road that runs in front of the shower house at beaver creek camp ground that goes down the hill to the marina.
  2. I should have been more specific. I was wondering more about hwy 160 bridge that crosses over beaver creek..
  3. At 654 the 2nd and 3rd riffle is just above the tin horns. 660 they are above the bridge. 680, ? A mile above the bridge? Maybe
  4. How far above the bridge does one have travel to find the whites with the lake being 20 feet above power pool? Anyone having any luck?
  5. How is the white bass’s there.! Mother Nature through us a curve ball on BS this past week. Worst trip in 30 years
  6. Yeah I’ve been watching the water level. Supposed to be at power pool March 8th. Fingers are crossed. We sold are cabin and have reservations at a place in Forsyth from March 13th through the 22nd. I haven’t learned how to put pictures on here and I get crap for it when I mention how many fish I’ve caught. I’ll text you a picture from yesterday. And if you do a search on you tube ( ranger 1880 ms) it’s the red and silver one stock # R818
  7. Just picked up my brand new ranger with 200 proxs 4 stroke yesterday. Plan on running 91 octane without ethanol. Even though the manufacturer says 10% ethanol is fine. I know they make money selling parts too. My last boat lasted me 19 years and I got good money for a trade. And it’ll make someone a good boat. I used 91 w/o ethanol must of the time. And never had any motor troubles. What you folks think?
  8. Yeah that’s my exact thoughts too mixermarkb. I think I was just trying to have someone try and talk me into saving $4800. Thanks fellas
  9. Yes their is. Family of 4, they love to boat too. And it’s not that fun setting 4 on a bench seat. And I really like the layout of the back end of the boat. Boat test.com has it running 47.5 on Evinrude 150. $4800 upgrade for a 200proxs. Just was wondering mph gain per dollar and if a jack plate helps these type hulls..
  10. I’m seriously thinking about buying a new boat. I currently have a 19’ ranger bass boat with a 150 mercury efi and it has a 6” jack plate. Top speed is 62. I know these MS hulls are going to be slower but was wondering what kinda top speeds that this boat will get. 150 4 stroke mercury is standard and 150 proxs4, 200hp4 and 200proxs4 are options and all the other brands 150 to 200. Does anyone on this forum have one of these, know someone that has one or know of a forum or website that I can get info? And do jack plates help these hulls?
  11. Nice looking fish. Were they up a creek or main lake spawners?
  12. Yes, I clobbered them in beaver creek for 8 days🐟😁
  13. Is anybody doing any good on the whites yet? I’m headed that way in the morning. And will be chasing them for a week. I haven’t seen much on here yet this year. What’s up
  14. Thanks for the report, glade to hear they made a run. I missed it by 2 weeks this year
  15. 3” pearl slider 1/8 oz head worked on a medium retrieve. They were in the same area again today. Plus the big whites moved in.
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