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  1. redshad

    Polar Bear Tournament Series

    Yes, its a team tourney. I am sure you could fish alone if you wanted.
  2. redshad

    Polar Bear Tournament Series

    First tournament the October 14th Stockton State Park . 7am to 3pm. $60 entry fee includes big bass. Payout is one in five and two big bass. No membership. Entry $10 goes toward insurance etc. $10 goes toward big bass. $40 goes toward total payout. Good Luck hope to see ya there! Anybody fishing Sunday? I haven't ever fished this series but might give it a go Sunday.
  3. We were camped at Cedar Ridge for a few days arrived the 27th to the 30th. The bass fishing was good when we had some clouds and slow with the bright sun. Thursday was slow all day the bites were few and very small. Friday started the same way we fished all the way to the back of Maze and only had 6 fish with 1 keeper. We headed in around 11:30 for a bite to eat and the clouds started rolling in and the wind switched to the north. We headed back out about 2:30 still cloudy and windy. The bite was on. I stared by hooking a good one on a plopper. Fought it for 30 yards and got it up to the boat she was tired and rolled on her side. Me being not so bright decided to boat flip her and off she went. She was better that 6. Oh well at least some thing is biting. We cought them pretty good all afternoon on blades and the plopper. The plopper doesn't work well on the real windy areas but the spinnerbait will shine in those areas. We had at least a dozen keepers big about 3.5 and several in the 13 to 14 range. Saturday morning back to blue bird skies. The bite was fair for the first couple hours and then slowed down. I did go back to the big girls house about 6 pm Saturday evening. Threw my plopper by the same rock and boom. I had her again, this time it didn't last long she came up shaking her head and out came my plopper. 0 for 2! Sunday we woke to clouds and hurry out to the water. I tried big momma again but nothing. We got on a good blade bite on wood on the flats. Fence rows were the best. If you had a single line of trees running across the cove and there were shad present you could catch them. They were hanging around the trees ambushing shad. The best water depts. were from 4 to 10 feet. I did catch a couple keepers in les than 2 feet of water on the plopper. Best bait was the blades slow rolled around trees in 5-10 feet. We fished till 11:30 on Sunday had 18 keepers with momma catching the big of 5.6. Here are some pics of the weekend.
  4. redshad

    Water Temp?

    Fishinwrench, "tomato-red" SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH. You need to keep those words out your mouth.
  5. Yankee, the jig color didn't matter much. I change colors a couple times after I broke off in a brush piles. I usually stick with some green pumpkin with different colors mixed in. Our best docks had 15-20 foot of water on the front side, 8-10 on the back corners. The smaller fish are hanging out in front of the docks chasing the shad. All our bigger fish were on the back corners or along the side. We were targeting the first few little pockets in the coves. There were a lot of tournament guys on Saturday a lot of them were running to the back of the coves but were had our best luck from the mouth to about half way back. We caught 50 fish Saturday with a 6.4 and 5.7 were out two biggest ones. Sunday was much slower. We caught probably 20 but had 2 in the 3-4 pound range and a bunch of 12-14 inchers. The boat traffic has died down enough that you can enjoy fishing up there. My stepson is ready to go back already. I am hoping we can make in back up after the Bash.
  6. redshad

    Where have they gone?

    We are camping Thursday thru Sunday at Cedar Ridge. I haven't fished Stockton much at all this year. The wife and I did fish for about 4 hours a few weekends ago when the tropical storm remains moved through. We caught the really good right on the banks on buzz baits and wart type crankbaits. I thinks that was due to having a few days of cloudy rainy weather. I am not sure if it is happening on Stockton but the lakes I have fished lately they have ben on a big jig. With the cooler weather I thinking I should be able to get up the river a bit and catch them flipping wood. I will hit some deeper main lake brush pile with the big jig also. I am excited I hope we can catch them.
  7. We were up on the lake this weekend fished Saturday and Sunday. Saturday they were biting good. We caught most of our fish on back corners and sides of docks fishing the shade. We were throwing 1/2 and 3/4 oz jigs with rage craws trailers. Saturday pitch that big jig in there if they didn't grab it on the fall hop once or twice and they were on it. We caught fish pretty much all day long. We got off the water around 4:00 to go get some food. Sunday we were on the water at 6:30 and had a bout a 30 minute flurry first thing and then they slowed way down for us. We caught some fish but they were mainly shorts we had 4 that would have been keepers on Sunday. We caught most of our fish Sunday on a 1/2 finesse jig. I did catch a couple 3 lbrs on the big jig. It was another great weekend on Lake O.
  8. redshad

    BASS FISHING 9-8 & 9-9

    That's a good bag for September. Thanks! I think you walleye guys catch more spots because of where your fishing and the lures you use. I am not saying that the spot population in not increasing on Stockton and I would be for the 12" limit on them. I just think the a spot and a LM are different fish and you have to target them differently most of the time. LOZ has a 12" limit on spots and its a great LM lake so maybe it would help.
  9. redshad

    Sunday 9/9 report

    Great day and nice eye. Thanks for the report Ewlech.
  10. redshad

    BASS FISHING 9-8 & 9-9

    I have been catching more smallies than kentuckies up their. Last Saturday we caught 16 and had 15 LM and 1 spot no smalls but wasn't in the area for them. I think a lot of it is how you fish. If you go drag a ned around all day you will catch spots and smalls. Chunk a big bussbait or 10-12" worm you will catch more LM. just my 2 cents.
  11. redshad

    BASS FISHING 9-8 & 9-9

    I will have to give Scott a shout out and see exactly when he will be on. I will post when I find out.
  12. redshad

    Saturday afternoon bassin

    Everyday is different. I think we just hit on an afternoon they feeding. I would think you could catch them on a jig if they didn't want to hit a moving bait. Some days they just don't want to eat and its hard to make them... grrrr What won the Joe Bass Sunday?
  13. redshad

    Saturday afternoon bassin

    My wife and I went out for a few hours Saturday afternoon after the rain let up a bit. We launched at Cedar Ridge around 3:15 cloudy, misty and windy. We fished the deeper chunk rock banks from the 245 bridge to the High Point area. We managed to catch 16 with 14 keepers nothing real big had several in the 3 to 3.5 range. Caught them mainly 2 ways buzzbait and warts. I didn't fish the black buzzbait to much because for it to work you had to get right up on the bank and parallel it and momma had no where to fish. When ever she would take a break for a few I would pull up to the bank and throw the busser. I caught 4 or 5 on the buzzer all keepers lost one at the boat that was over 4. I think I could have ran that pattern and had a nice sack. The other way we caught them was throwing warts to the banks and retrieving them out. The clouds and wind had them up pretty shallow and I think they had been feeding on craws pretty heavy. Most of the fish we caught were pretty beat up from the dorsal fin to the tail on their sides. I think they have been rubbing on the rock catching craws. Look at the one in the pick you can see it on the sides. Several of the fish were more beat up than this one. Water temps were 77-78 looking forward to some cooler fall temps.
  14. redshad

    Curiosity gets the cat

    I have been reading and watching some videos on the new Curado DC since they announced the release. Curiosity got the best of me so I broke down and order one last week from BPS it is set to ship on Monday. I am eager to see how the digital control system works and mostly see how it preforms skipping a bait under docks. I am hoping it takes out the frustration when I have a brain fart and don't get my thumb down quickly when it doesn't skip right. I don't know how I will like the whine sound when casting I guess all the digitals do that a little. I will let you know how I like it in a couple weeks. Jeff
  15. redshad

    Stockton Bluegills?

    Yes Dkman it is a great way to get kids excited about fishing.

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