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  1. Thanksgiving fishing

    I think you are right, Wrench. They seem to suspend deeper here in the winter and the lipless is not effective. Down south they spread out on the hydrilla flats and that bait is perfect for covering water. The fish are not that spread out you just have to cover a lot water to find the sweet spots on those big flats.
  2. Thanksgiving fishing

    When I lived in Texas the lipless crank baits is about all we threw in the winter. The best months for it was January and February the coldest part of the year.
  3. This weekend?

    My stepson and I fished all day Saturday and about 5 hours on Sunday chasing the green fish. Saturday started really good for us. We got out around 8:30 we waited for it warm a bit and started catching them right away on the blades. By noon we had 24 in the boat and had a several nice keepers 16" to 18" range nothing real big. We were running the main lake bluff ends and points to catching them most of the places we tried. Around 1:00 the clouds got thick and the spinner bait stopped pretty much completely. We fished for 3 hours catching on 6 more fish. I caught a couple small ones on a crankbait and the rest came on shaky head. I had one nice one on the shaky head that was around 4lbs. All in all a pretty good day. Sunday we got out at 7:30 and fished till around 1:00. Couldn't get much to hit the blades on Sunday we caught 2 or 3 small one on them is all. Caught a few on shaky heads and couple on a jig. The best bite we had was throwing a super fluke on a scrounger head. I caught around 7-8 hat with the biggest 3.5. I think we caught 14 total on Sunday with only 3 keepers. The bite was much slower for us on Sunday. It was amazing the difference in the bite early Saturday with the sun out and how it slowed as soon as the clouds rolled in. Thanks everyone for the input last week it helped us have a good trip. I think most guys were hunting the lake wasn't very busy, that may have been the best part.
  4. turn over

    Another good fishing conversation gone awry. Love it!!! Those midget crab wigglers are the worst.
  5. This weekend?

    Plug, those are some good memories. Wappapello is my home lake, I grew up in Poplar Bluff. We would duck hunt in the morning and then go fishing those fish down there would be shallow even with ice around the edge of the lake. Of course in that lake they don't have much of a choice about being shallow. We had been hunting then fishing in December and a snow storm came in we were catching the crap out of them and stayed on the water to long. Boat ramp was covered with snow when we came in and had a hell of a time getting home. I still remember pushing cars over the hills so we could get through. Thanks everyone for the info. I all excited about getting out this weekend. Would love for my stepson to catch a big one on a buzzbait. He caught his personal best up there this spring 5.7 off a dock corner with a senko.
  6. This weekend?

    I have heard guys say they will hit top water until it snows on this lake. I will give the buzzbait a try.
  7. This weekend?

    Thanks again on the update. I was hoping we could catch a few on the blades. Should we head back in the pockets or stay out toward the main lake. Sounds like the water falling has the pockets a little off.
  8. This weekend?

    Thanks, Wrench! We are excited about this trip its our first time to be up there by ourselves. No in-laws, no wife and daughter, just the two of us and we can fish all day if we want. I would think by now the big boat have slowed down? We might be able to move around the lake some. We are new to Lake O and would like to try some new places if we can run without fear...
  9. This weekend?

    My stepson and I are headed up to my in-laws place for a weekend of bass fishing. Sounds like the bite is a little tough. We are not to familiar with the lake we fished it a couple time this spring and had some good luck. We usually launch at Shawnee Bend and fish around that area. Any advice on how to catch a few would be appreciated. Wrench, we are not bringing any fly rods.
  10. Nick, I have about the same story as you for Saturday morning. We launched at Cedar Ridge around 7 and I headed for the wind blown banks looking for some active fish. We fished several windy banks in different areas, deep channel banks, back in the pockets, first deep bank in the pockets and didn't have much to much to show for it. I couldn't get anything love for the SB, caught a 3 on a square bill one keeper, one dink on a wart and my best luck on a 1/2 oz redeye shad. I caught 5 bass total with one keeper a 17" eye and 14" crappie. No real pattern to the fish just one scattered here and there. About 10:30 the wind was really getting up I headed to a blocked channel bank and we caught a few on a brush hog I think around 9-10 total with 2 more keepers. All the keeper fish were the 15-16 inch range nothing very big. The water temp is still a little to warm to have them on the banks and chasing that will come soon. I have only been able to get bites on plastics lately and they are scattered. When you catch one work the area good there are usually more there. You can fish for a while with out a bite and then catch 5-6 in 10 cast. Its about time for all you guys to go deer hunting and leave the fishing to me...
  11. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    That #7 is a big blade....
  12. The act of fishing – for fish, dreams or whatever magic is available – is enough. It transports us to a special world, and a state of mind, where we are free.”  

  13. Going to aunts Creek in the morning

    Thanks for the detailed report.
  14. September 13 bass report

    When I was out last Saturday I noticed several spitting up shad. Most of the ones I caught had pretty good bellies on them. They looked much fatter than what I had been catching most of the summer. Shad about the size of a pop-r. I like that. It much easier to match the hatch when the get that size. When they are all a inch long it had to fool the bass and I don't think the small shad attract the larger fish.
  15. September 13 bass report

    Thanks for the reports guys. There seems to be lots of smaller fish in the 6-12 ft range, where are the big ones?

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