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  1. Krazo

    9/29 Walleye

    how was the bowhunting?
  2. Krazo

    Gotta love Stockton.....

    sounds like great trip. Thanks for the report.
  3. Krazo

    Dropper or not??

    i use 2 flies a majority of the time. windy days can be tough. i prefer to fish under the surface vs something like a hopper dropper. sometimes i use an attractor then a scud or sow. i vary it up until i find something that seems to be working. i also like 2 flies when im stripping. kinda like 2 bait fish or one chasing another. i tend to tie off the hook more often.
  4. My opinion is this belongs in the alternative method season along with any device that maintains an arrow in a cocked and ready position at all times i.e. crossbows.
  5. Krazo

    Walleye Bsits

    i think Lakey's has leeches too.
  6. Krazo

    Anyone familiar with these?

    Thanks for the info guys. I believe these will be best served on a shelf for decoration. Think i'll just get a basic white river or something of that sort. besides i've prob got 4-5 extra rods the I dont have reels for and could use an extra one or two to rig up those as well.
  7. Krazo

    Anyone familiar with these?

    2 of the 3 will spool up. the copper colored one, its an eagle claw, wont spin. prob needs a good cleaning.
  8. Krazo

    Anyone familiar with these?

    Thanks for the insight. interesting to know the shakespeare is that old. Im not even sure how to use these. seems like they are spring loaded or something. should prob watch some youtube video to help learn. Ive got a couple rods laying around that I could strap these on to so i can go play.
  9. Krazo

    Anyone familiar with these?

    Here's another one. I have 3 total.
  10. My wife's grandfather has picked these up at garage sales/estate sales and passed them along to us. I remember my grandfather using one but cant say i ever have. Is there any value to these reels? Id like to spool one up for my son. He wants to fly fish.
  11. Krazo

    Conservation agents.

    how was the fishing in that tailwater? is that a cold water fishery?
  12. Krazo

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    wow! this is too much drama for me. nice fish huntingducks117. be selective, shoot big ones, shoot small ones, stab em, keep em, release em. do whatever you want long as its within the regs. no pics of big ones here. its usually straight to the stringer for those, no messing with the camera.
  13. Krazo

    Just wondering...

    we're going to give it a go tomorrow afternoon. we'll prob drop a couple jugs as we head up one of the river arms. we'll stop on a shoal somewhere along the way and swim for while. then prob start fishing during the evening. it'll still be hot but a bit more bearable when we swim.
  14. Krazo


    thats the truth. its not the ones I catch that keep me going back, its ones that get away.
  15. Krazo

    Red Hot Walleye!!

    Sounds awesome. Bucket list trip. Any smallies mixed in?

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