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  1. 1st trip

    nice way to break it in.
  2. Sta-bil marine works great. Stabilizes fuel easily over the winter for me. I run a 9.5 hp 2 stroke , a 70 hp 2 stroke & a 2hp 4 stroke. I use it in all of em. Works great. I try not to leave much fuel in the tanks & I also add some seafoam. I run fuel out of carbs when I put em away for any extended period.
  3. new boat

    wow!! nice ride. thats a really sharp color scheme.
  4. Had Light Line

    you fish from shore there or on a canoe/kayak/boat?
  5. Crane in May

    ness is spot on. i prefer shorter & lighter. your fly box will work just fine. focus more on presentation and less on what fly & you'll catch fish. oh & dont walk thru the stream.
  6. Little Sac today

    where did you see the water drop? not trying to argue but the gauge at 215 doesnt show that much of a drop. I believe it falls fast. & maybe its different down stream at Taylor or Orleans based on lake levels. I'm not sold on the gauge height info coming from there. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/uv?site_no=06918740
  7. Great Missouri Smallmouth Bass Source

    When is/was this presentation and where at? This would be great to see.
  8. Fish EVERYWHERE at Taylor

    silver/black paddle tails worked, chart/red worked. chart/white/yellow didnt work too well.
  9. Fish EVERYWHERE at Taylor

    With water like this, how far would you expect the fish to go upstream? 550th? 111th? Little sac conservation area? How far upstream have you heard of people catching them?
  10. Council Bluff Lake Help

    you go & how'd you do? never fished that lake. considering taking the family there to camp.
  11. Whites update?

    Can you run a bass boat up the little sac from Aldrich right now? I’ve seen them up by Ireland before but I’ve also high centered a small Jon boat by the old bridge pillars. Just nervous bc I havnt done it & don’t want any problems. Where does the channel run out there?
  12. Whites update?

    Thanks for the tip. not fun getting stuck.
  13. Whites update?

    is that easy access at the old bridge pillars? say, easy enough to load/unload a small jon? ive driven by on water but never been there on land. can you pull up close to the water?
  14. LOZ boat ramps

    Any issues with the main ramp at pb2?

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