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  1. A Question of Ethics?

    I'm not a fan of it. mainly for the reasons mocarp mentions. like to hear what the long term effects are of looser limits on these methods. I certainly dont want to see these methods legal for game fish but i'm also not a fan of infringing on someone else's sport. Id guess most guys who do this abide by the law. like anything a couple bad examples are what everyone points to. i dont know what a fair solution is but it does seem that MDC does a better than average job when it comes to management of the resources of our state.
  2. When to wear your ring ?

    glad to hear she's okay. sounds like couldve been worse had it not been for your quick actions. have you looked into the silicone rings? we have them for times when we're active. they are a great alternative.
  3. Trolling motor problems...

    How old is the TM?
  4. Hello, everyone!

  5. Couple days last week

    Nice work on them 'eyes
  6. Fam Camping at Rend lake

    Love the shirts. We do something similar. Looks like fun was had by all
  7. Orvis Fly Rod Question

    I have a rocky mountain series 5 wt 2 piece. It is a slow rod. It throws small bugs fine but as wrench said it can be easily overpowered.
  8. Planer Board ?

    Yeah that makes a lot more sense now that I reread his post. Thanks!
  9. Planer Board ?

    Can you post a pic of this setup?
  10. Inviting Themselves?

    Sometimes, not always, but sometimes I think people invite themselves looking for any opportunity of fellowship with one another rather than an opportunity to use our stuff. Our perceptions are easily turned into reality for us but sometimes our perception is not accurate. I too try not to invite myself to places/things. I feel it is rude. But there are times when I want to spend time with others that i will put an idea out there, such as getting together at their place or doing something they enjoy, so as to make it easier for them. It doesn't always work out.
  11. I second this. not sure whats in season. not oysters or crawfish though. but i suppose they always have the farm raised which prob dont taste much different. dont htink id know the difference.
  12. River MM

    Looks like a great day trip.
  13. What happened to Vida access ?

    Good to see so many comply with the law, too bad they had to be held up for just a few. I wonder what the average time is per vehicle stop. Like to think the LEOs used some discretion out there. sure you can stereotype em but i prefer not to. Im not sure yet if i agree with this tactic or not but sure seems like it didnt yield all that much. Id like to see a report from the dept that conducted this stop to see their report & a breadown of that stats. Has this been done before in MO? I've not seen this here ever but maybe i just missed them.

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