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  1. havnt been to this location. but id bet its washed out, and what mud is there is prob dried out
  2. which river what ramp? lots of places like this
  3. I quit counting fish after 1. but even up until then its still a good day fishing. anything after 1 is a great day.
  4. I called the park office yesterday and they suggested I get there the sunday before labor day weekend for a first come- first serve site. May just be better off postponing the trip for a week and going the following weekend or even later in the fall. besides, i think my wife is the only one excited about camping in summer. id rather wait til temps cool down.
  5. thats what im afraid of. i cant get there that early in the week. guess im hoping to waltz in on Thursday evening and get a non-reservable site.
  6. Haven’t camped here in prob over a decade. I know the park has several first come first serve sites, but how fast do these fill up? And on Labor Day weekend, how early in the week do you need to get there to get a spot, any spot? I was thinking about fighting the crowd and going Thursday after work and trying to stay thru Sunday but don’t want to risk driving there if nothing available. What do you think, how busy will the campground be on Thursday? 100% occupancy?
  7. serial is OR257977 Thanks for the link. Using that site I found a 'kit' for $85. way too much. may just take it apart and try to clean it up without replacing anything. another thing, any ideas for a cowingl gasket? mercury wants $100+ for a new one.
  8. trying to help my neighbor out. He just got a 2008 mercury 3.5 hp, model f3.5m i think. motor sat with fuel in it for years before he got it. he cleaned up, checked all the lines, etc. now the problem is it runs when you start it with starting fluid but dies quickly. I think the carb is gummed up, maybe float is stuck. any other thoughts? however im trying to find a carb kit for this motor and didnt see anything in the sierra marine catalog. im not familiar with mercury motors, can anyone recommend a good website with manuals or schematics, part information? Im just trying to find a carb kit for this thing but i cant seem to find what carb it has. All I seem to find is a carb for 4hp but nothing smaller. is this the carb they use for everything under 4hp? #803819A05 https://www.crowleymarine.com/parts/371186.cfm
  9. nice fish. always good to spend this quality time with your wife. glad you had a good time and the fish cooperated.
  10. im ready for it to be back to 'normal'
  11. sounds like a great trip! priceless memories
  12. saw this and thought some of you might find this interesting. I didnt know the Meramec was such a hot spot back in the day. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/castlewood-state-park-missouri-vacation-destination
  13. does meramec springs park charge more for tags than the other three trout parks? i havent fished there in so long I dont recall.
  14. What are regs for length and daily/possessions? Is there a difference between smallmouth and large regulations?
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