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  1. Krazo

    Weird Crappie

    what lake did that get caught out of? springfield lake?
  2. Krazo

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    you rig the sliders weedless?
  3. small waters can change significantly from year to year as drought and water levels have their effect. I would look at the waters MDC lists special management areas.
  4. any thoughts on night fishing for crappie right now? never used lights or fished on stockton at night but planning on going tonight and breaking in a new light. prob look for same type of area I would fish during the day, something like freefallin described. Just got this light off amazon. seems bright. I put a bead of silicone around the caps and the wire where it goes into the tube. https://www.amazon.com/Lightingsky-Lumens-Submersible-Fishing-Underwater/dp/B011INFKCU/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=fishing+light&qid=1557495609&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  5. I just emailed the state this morning asking this exact question. I'll post up their response if/when I receive one.
  6. read 1st page and jumped to the end, didnt read in between so may be repeating. I have a few of these and love them. They are one of my go-to garments for hunting and cold weather. just enough to take the bite out of the wind. I havent worn them much for fishing. my glasses fog up also and I havent found a good way to combat that. besides in the hot summer I dont want to be covered up any more than i have to. sunscreen for me. but id think if you keep it get it wet regularly it would help keep you somewhat cool.
  7. sounds like a great trip. you run into anyone else on the water that day? been a while since ive been at Taylor. Is there any dirt/gravel ramp there? looking to put in a 14' richline there.
  8. put in a CR the last couple days. water clarity was pretty good i thought, prob 4' or so may be better. I didnt run towards aldrich, fished between CR and masters. didnt see any floating trees but certainly some debris in the water, mainly along the edges.
  9. tinnitus drowns it all out
  10. we were out at turnback and big sac area. water temps 68-70. crappie were scarce. we fished prob 4+ hours and only caught 6 fish. didnt see anyone hitting em hard. we did see 4 agents at the ramp when we put in and took out. they said they checked prob 100 people yesterday. im surprised at the big swing in temps from the area i was in to where skeeter was. can anyone tell me if thats normal for stockton in the spring? maybe just the natural progression of the way the lake warms?
  11. im trying to import the MDC brushpiles for stockton. never done this before. the file is in a .gpx format. i've got a humminbird helix 7 di gps. anyone know if the file will import straight in? or do I need to convert the file to another format? seems some folks say it needs to be converted to another format and some say the .gpx will work just fine. going to pick up a microSD card today to give it a shot but prob wont have time to actually get it done until tomorrow.
  12. hope you heal quick.
  13. nice bird. memories are the trophies.
  14. Thanks gumboot. im in the springfield area so that CL motor is close by. im holding out for a short shaft though. i've checked the usual fb and cl listings. there are a few omc 9.5's that dont look too bad but i'm hoping one shows up closer to home. most are a little further than id like to go for this.
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