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  1. Great report! Awesome pics! Looks like everyone had a ball!
  2. i was heading thru the area yesterday late afternoon & thinking about stopping. I ended up going to barclay & found just what you described. I fished for a 20-30 minutes & left empty handed. didnt really give it an honest effort.
  3. Where about on the river is this report from?
  4. I'd agree. Those reports are just about worthless.
  5. I like the concept. Don't know enough about it to really form a strong opinion. If the elite series is doing it maybe it's not all bad. Scaling it down to amateur/semi pro seems workable. Unfortunately guys being honest in any sport will always be an issue at all levels.
  6. links arent working. does MDC have current maps of these areas? they change their site around so often i cant find anything anymore.
  7. GREAT TRIP!! what a nice evening to be on the water. I love the variety & doubles too.
  8. great report
  9. Could the ranger have written a ticket? is it illegal to float when the river is 'closed'? not sure how a river could be 'closed', is it just access to/thru public property is closed? just curious.
  10. Is that a another new hat? how many lucky hats do you have?!? nice work catching em! always good to get a variety.
  11. Thanks for the fly info ducky!
  12. I would agree, jigs & soft plastics around docks, shaded areas, should get some results. points, main lake or secondary, near spawning pockets. get the dam hotline # & if their pulling water you might try main lake points.
  13. Thanks for the recipe. Sounds good & have to give that a try. Just need to catch a few now.
  14. id also like to get some idea of how to smoke walleye. that sounds like it would be interesting to try.