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  1. I can second this. Saw those two today.
  2. Wow that is horrible to watch. Really, really sad.
  3. MattS

    dallas vs blues

    Blues matchup VERY well against the Stars. Stars are banged up (Seguin) and the Blues are coming off a physical and emotional series. I think we'll handle them just fine.
  4. I can attest to the tough crappie bite in the BN this week. Really was expecting it to be a solid weekend but we really struggled on Saturday and Sunday. Just a few shorts.
  5. I struggled this weekend too (not fishing in tourney) but did have some luck on buzzbaits and flukes in the coves.
  6. I cannot even fathom seeing a smallie that big in my boat. I think I might go into cardiac arrest.
  7. Wow thanks for all the responses. Great news to hear from fishinwrench about being able to use a fly rod for these guys. I was really worried when I bought the place that I might lose opportunities to use the fly rod, but I guess maybe not! I'll try some of those techniques out next time I go out and let yall know how we do.
  8. I actually just bought a condo in the upper Big Niangua Arm near Camdenton. I am not new to bass fishing or the Lake itself, but have never really targeted anything but bass at LoZ. I have a bass boat and wanted to do some fishing from the new place this weekend, but wanted to try something new. Anyone mind giving the basic tactics for targeting white bass/hybrids at this time of year?
  9. Stripers there are a riot! Awesome lake no matter what you do though
  10. MattS

    Dry run

    I've fished their twice personally when I was younger. I threw anything and everything and got bites. But an egg or a SJ or a scud would be the best. It really is a great place. Plenty of pools where fish stock up like a trout park x2.
  11. Those lights would make fishing at night interesting.
  12. Beckner is listed as a DT, but also can play DE. He is an absolute beast.
  13. Fished the same day, but did not have as good as results as you. Ended up throwing a wooly bugger for the most of the day and managed two browns on that. Glad you had better luck.
  14. Northern Michigan has been my favorite fly fishing trip in my short life. Such diverse options across the board - smallies, little brook trout streams, opportunities for big browns. I have never fished for the salmon, musky, pike, or walleye that I know they have. They also have awesome tourism, scenery, weather (usually). Even without the fishing, Michigan is probably my favorite vacation destination. If you haven't been out West, I think I would go there first, but keep Michigan in the back of your mind.
  15. You probably saw my dad. Said he caught about 25 on midges and softhackles.
  16. I had the same hookset problem at Norfork last weekend. Probably got a bite on every 3 casts but landed about 1 out of every 7 or 8. Usually I can hook them easily but they must have been taking them differently than usual.
  17. My best days on Taney (and Norfork) have been because of soft hackles. At Taney, my first choice would be a size 18 red butt, followed by size 16 yellow.
  18. Coming down tonight and hoping they turn the water off for friday/saturday. Doesn't look like they want to cooperate lol
  19. What Missouri Rivers were in that?
  20. Awesome video would love to see another one!
  21. MattS

    New Pb Brown

    I had a great day on Sunday at the same river. No big browns, but almost stepped on two 20 inch browns while I was walking back to the car. Didn't catch any browns that day which was kind of disappointing but did catch a 17 inch rainbow.
  22. How heavy line do you use for fishing medium streamers at night?
  23. Hello all, I have been fly fishing for 6 years and would like to get out to Colorado. I was just wondering what fishing was like out there and how it compares to Missouri. Obviously there are many different streams, region and seasons in Colorado, but I would most likely be fishing June in rivers like the Yampa and Elk (near Steamboat). How many fish would be caught on an average day on a well-known river? To my knowledge these are wild trout but the trout per mile in those rivers is very high so I don't really know what to expect. Any comments would be nice. Thanks
  24. I went for the first time in late June and did pretty good despite the pretty bad conditions (low, clear and hot) so I can imagine it would fish good anytime.
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