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    Wondering if anybody has been catching an bluecat recently? Been out the last few weekends and luck hasn't been on my side.. Been fishing from the bank.
  2. Thank you for the info. Yeah thats the one thing i'm not looking forward to is all the traffic that'll be on the lake this weekend.
  3. Hello all! A friend told me about this site a while back. I'm from the Clinton area and started bass fishing in lakes a little over a year ago. Grew up fishing private ponds. I've been a paraplegic for 10yrs now and still get out and do everything i use to...even bought a bass boat last year Fishing has always been my #1 hobby..
  4. Taking a friend out on Sunday morning. Neither of us have been on Stockton before. Usually fish Truman and Pomme... Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a good holiday!
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