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  1. Have you ever re-caught a fish you moved?
  2. http://www.swl.usace.army.mil/Media/News-Releases/Article/1209867/corps-lifts-table-rock-lake-shoreline-moratorium/
  3. Drove down to Combs Ferry today. We were remembering last spring with the road almost flooded. This photo is on the east side near the old ramp.
  4. The wife and I were fishing Brushy Thursday afternoon. Water temp was 48 deg. We did not see any gulls. Only picked up 1 spot on a spoon.
  5. We each caught one at the same time. Both on the ned.
  6. Afternoon fishing. Water temp was 55 deg. Two of us landed 4 fish. 2 keepers were a double. 5 to 10 fow. We spent time spoon fishing but never say any fish on the finder.
  7. My family move to this area in 2012. One of the reasons we relocated here was to fish and have easy access to Table Rock. I purchased a slip in a 10 stall community dock. I use this slip daily. I want to make sure this process does not remove community docks from Table Rock. It seems to me that 2 slip private docks are more invasive than a community dock. I am not sure of the best way to balance this process. One thing I am sure of Big Money will win in the end. One of the statements I read was that, during the permit moratorium, permits would not be renewed. Thats sounds wrong to me. Maybe this was a lie by big money developers. Hard to find the true facts on this issue.
  8. Thank you for the report.
  9. We like to troll for whites with war eagles. End of May and June are good time to catch some. This year... zero.
  10. Sounds like a happy ending.
  11. Snagged this big boy on the main lake while jigging for bass. 24lbs. 10lbs Floro... crazy.
  12. Thanks for the report. I hope to get out this week around the dam area. Looks like we could have some warm temps.
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