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  1. I figured it had been private as well since you had to cross a cattle guard to get down there. I never saw any trash down there myself, but plenty of ATV tracks in the gravel every time I had been there. Well over 20 years I had known about that spot and never once did anyone say anything to me about being there. Different times we are living in for sure.
  2. Man, I'm seeing more and more of this around the state. I was at R&R this weekend and a spot that has always been available to park and wade has fencing right up to the road now. Same with a spot on Shoal Creek as well. I guess the land owners have finally had enough. 😢
  3. I had an older man once tell me the only thing he would stock would be crappie and catfish. Odd combo I always thought.
  4. Been there once and would love to get back there soon enough! Great place on the river.
  5. It's hard to hang with Chiefs for four quarters! Seems like they just sit back and wait and then decide to start doing something on offense. lol If anyone caught the half time report they were really hoping the patriots would take this one or so it seemed like. Then they changed their tune towards the end of the game.
  6. Yep, having a hard time finding ammo I need. 5.56 and 9 and when they do come available in this area it is gone as soon as they put it out!
  7. I don't know where everyone else lives, but in my neck of the woods I see them all the time! Last year right down the road from where I work I must have seen over 40 of them in a yard! Yes, over 40. Around the bottom lands of Shoal Creek they are everywhere.
  8. Yes to that. I have seen plenty of live scope pics of guides down on Grand showing off. on the lower part of Elk I have seen them move in schools as well.
  9. I have never seen the need for an anchor while fishing on the creeks and rivers I do. Now a pond is different. Also remember any "leash" you have in that boat will tangle you up in swift current if you flip. JMO
  10. I have taken a canoe out at Blunks before, I wouldn't think you should have any difficulties. Good luck and let us know how you did!
  11. I'm not a huge fan fan of Shoal even though it is literally a few miles from the house. Although Buzz and I normally float it a couple times a year. We normally go from the pipeline down to mt. malang . We did pretty good last year and it has finally come back down to a descent float level. Looks like you got into some fish!
  12. That looks hot and uncomfortable! Just get a shoulder or belt holster.
  13. I know some monsters have been caught in Alton by the grain elevators. Those catties love the grain as well!
  14. If more people get back to work then the fishing pressure will ease up some. I have noticed WAY more people at the places I normally fish as well. Most of those people don't have anything else going on in their lives right now so they get out more. JMO
  15. My cousin said it didn't surprise him. He used to fish that tailwater all the time and said there were monsters in there just waiting to be snagged. Man those get big over there!
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