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  1. I wouldn't even attempt the take out at Buffalo creek now. I was down there scouting it out earlier last month and the floods have completely washed out any road into there. Trees down everywhere and dang near impossible to just walk back in there. The only place that I know of for sure to take out is a ramp further down stream, but I don't know if it is private or what. I just know there is one about when you start seeing boat docks and by then you are definitely in OK. The only doable thing is to paddle down and then come back up, but that will be dang near impossible again with the flows like they are. Unless you have a motor of course.
  2. I bet those were a blast to catch on top water! Nice
  3. Our Walmart doesn't carry pistol ammo anymore as well. Pretty sure that was a corporate decision nationwide. Along with the 5.56 and .223, they won't sell those anymore as well. Have you tried SG Ammo online? They are out of Stillwater OK and have a rather large inventory of about anything you want. That is all they do all day long. Sell ammo that is and nothing else.
  4. If I only had the extra cash to drop!
  5. From the article I read there wasn't really that much to go on. Journalism isn't what it used to be!
  6. I read the report from this the other day. They found the guy in 6' of water and the yak by the dam. Guy wasn't wearing a life jacket and couldn't swim. Also this was his first time in a yak. Complete recipe for disaster IMO. The only way they found him was he had an ankle monitor on that pinged the location. That in itself doesn't sound too right. People just don't have any common sense anymore. smh
  7. Did one of you guys catch them all out of there? lol Went back again on Sat. morning and right as I was pulling in it started to rain and rain hard for about 10 minutes or so. Got out of the truck and went down to the first gravel bar again where the action was on Wed. night. Wasn't crowded this time so I just chalked it up to the rain. Boy was I wrong! Family of 4 down there when I arrived and they said they had caught 2 dinks and that was all. They left about 30 minutes later and I had the place to myself for a little while. I don't remember now how many different lures and colors I tried but I couldn't buy a bite! Some other people finally showed up and they didn't stay long either. Nothing, zero, zilch, nodda, just plain not happening today. I ended up getting skunked there for the first time in a long while. It was a bummer to say the least. I talked with some guys in a boat of 3 people and they had only managed 9 between them in a couple of hours. SSSSlllllooooowwwww.
  8. It's on like Donkey Kong! Went yesterday after work and tore them up. Always a good sign when you get to the gravel bar and two people have fish on at the same time. I met a buddy of mine that lives over in Bernice and we got to the water at just about 5. I was going to put the waders on, but glad I didn't now because I would have burned up in them last night. So we walked on down the path and didn't see as many people as I have in the past down there. Thought that was a little odd since it was such a nice day. Normally that place is packed! Did see tons of boats up the river fishing though. So we get down to the gravel bar and I start throwing a rooster tail in chrome and nothing. Guys and gals around us catching fish, but not me. Being stubborn and all I keep it on for a while until I can't stand it anymore. Nothing. My buddy ties on a curly tail grub in a gold type color and has one on right away. Game changer there for me. I tie on a different color rooster tail and I catch one right away too. Both of our first ones where females you could tell. Well, I keep throwing that color rooster tail and he keeps throwing the grub, but he is out doing me big time. I catch another small male and he keeps catching bigger fish! By 6:00 his stringer had a dozen good size fish and he decided to just head home and clean those. I said, "there is no limit on these you know"? he said he didn't want to carry more weight back to the car! lol I can see what he means know. After he left I search my small tackle box I brought and found a ginger colored jig I had left over from the last trout trip. Once I tied that on I started tearing them up as well. I caught another dozen or so before I lost that jig and then I tied on a different color. Nothing again. That was the go to color last night. I ended up leaving by 7 since I wasn't catching anything again. Most other people I saw catching fish were using a plastic grub as well in another color, but the gold type color was the ticket for us.
  9. I went down yesterday and only managed to catch one from the bank. Water is still a little high and running pretty good. The fish are in there and I did see one good stringer from a couple of guys on the first gravel bar upstream, but there really wasn't much room out there to get more people on that gravel bar. Most of it is still underwater. Tried walking up to the second gravel bar, but I was unwilling to cross the creek via a downed tree. Saw people crossing it though so I don't know how they made out up above there. This clumsy old man didn't want any part of that! lol Right now it looks like hit and miss from what I could tell. I am seeing more posts about people catching though so that is positive at least.
  10. I must be missing something here. You can travel outside of Missouri the last I heard. If that isn't the case then I know several people who have violated that including me! Of course for me it is only about 30 minutes to cross the state line and into OK. Pretty sure OK and MO doesn't have a travel restriction between both states. Of course I don't know about your work and what they expect either. My wife is an RN who works at Mercy and they told her if she went out of state she would have to quarantine for at least 3 weeks. My employer just told me to use good judgement wherever I go. Ah, I just realized both of you are in cities with shelter in place. I am not at the moment.
  11. It has begun. I am starting to see my FB feeds blow up from reports. No reports of a lot caught, but saw a couple reports last night that makes me think it starting to come alive! One of the reports was of whites getting the smack down just up from Twin and the other was a bank report below 10C.
  12. Quick update from what I am seeing. I went down there yesterday and the water is still up and muddy. Plenty of rigs at the ramps (Twin & 10C) but I didn't see any bags of whites. Couple people I talked with said they had caught a couple here and there, but nothing to brag about. I know some guys are catching them, but just not in huge numbers. Always a good indicator is the amount of cleaned fish I see at the ramp or smell at the ramps and I didn't see many cleaned. Lots of people down trying to snag a spoonie right now as well. Of course my day wouldn't be complete without seeing the GRDA out and about patrolling the waters too.
  13. This thing needs to run its course and fast! Who else has noticed way more people out on the water than normal? My wife gave me the green light to go fishing on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and everywhere I went I encountered more than usual crowds. Social distancing my arse! Places that I go to and only see maybe a couple of people I am seeing double to triple the amount of people! Lots of people taking the kids out since schools are cancelled and every Joe Blow out there that didn't have a license is now out on the water! I was just amazed at how many people were out and around. I guess people are getting tired of staying home.
  14. Rumer has it even with the high water some guys are hitting them in the clearer feeder creeks up the river. Get into some of that and you might do alright! It still hasn't completely busted loose yet from what I am seeing.
  15. Yea, that was at the darn we saw everyone wading out. It was just a bummer that we COULD have gotten in some more quality fishing had we known.
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