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  1. When I got started trying back in 2001 the man who showed me how well jigs could catch trout didn't have any of his jigs painted on the head and I watched him and his wife C&R well over 100 trout at RR in a day. That being said back then I'm not so sure the paint technology was as good as now. Theory is the paint will chip off eventually after bumping the bottom. Brad Wright gave me a couple that he tied and they didn't have paint on the head as well. How many flies do you see that the head is painted? I have always been in that crowd that thinks it is more for the tier than the fish. The fish I am holding was from the NFOW caught on an olive jig I tie with no paint on the head. Plus I am lazy and just don't want to do it!
  2. I tie a lot of jigs and only use the collarless ones as well and I don't paint the head on them either.
  3. I have seen a couple of people using them on the Elk down here. There is one brand out there and I can't think of the name right now, but you basically buy the frame and then sit your own motor in it. That way if the motor ever gives out you can just replace it and they have several options as far as what you can drop in them. The ones I have seen are fairly noisy though IMO.
  4. I went a couple or three years back when the BM Elite series was there at Wolf Creek. It was pretty cool to watch them come in for the weigh in and all of that. I might try to make this one as well.
  5. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    I think I marked it on the calendar once, just once. 🤣
  6. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    It's no big deal for me. I only live about 20 minutes from there!
  7. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Water level was fine, it doesn't effect that creek much at all unless Monett gets it really hard. The wind was more of an issue however!
  8. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Mark another down for the books on this one. This year Buzz and trythisonemv tied for first. A whopping 2 fish each won this year. Fishing was really tough and that is an understatement at the least! Wind was howling through there and the temps weren't so great either. I played the part of Ricky Bobby in that, "you're either first or last" and you can guess which one was me. I didn't get of those slim rockets to hand. Although I'm pretty sure I caught the biggest fish of the day. Just never got a hand on it. Nice brown going at least 16", but not to be had. Thrashed at the last moment when Buzz went to net it and then it was gone. I didn't get to see the fish Buzz caught because I was up at the dam trying to fish it first thing in the morning. I saw the 2 bows that trythisonemv caught and he caught his right up against wood in the faster flow. Buzz said he caught his on the back end of the pools. The one I hooked up with was at the back end of a pool as well. I was throwing jigs all morning and Buzz was mainly throwing a small crank with a rainbow color and trythisonemv was using the fly rod I think mainly throwing streamers but I could be wrong on that one. I knew it was going to be tough so I knew what to expect and that is the nature of Capps. It doesn't always give up the fish!
  9. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    We might have a bigger flow of water than we need! We saw a steady amount of rain today in Neosho and I know they got some rain from that storm that pasted by Tuesday night. Hopefully it will be good!
  10. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    It's because he got tired of all the punks tearing it up. They have been doing donuts on all the parking lots from what I can see. Can't really blame him on that.
  11. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    We have Mike long of the Ozarks entering this year? 😄
  12. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    It's that time of year again. I have to work 6 days a week and the only one off is on Sundays. That is kind of how this all started. Met Buzz down there and ever since we have been doing this on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. If you can't make it down to the Jigfest on the White then give Capps a try! I think it will be tough this year from what Buzz and I have encountered, but that won't stop us from trying! This year we will start at nine like always, but we will meet in the lower parking lot. Come on down and show us you are the king of Capps!
  13. Well, for me it sucked! Compared to previous years for sure. The water was really up and gettin' it on downstream! I.Did.Not. Expect. That. I knew there was rain over there, but not like that. The water was dropping from what I could tell. I only managed 13 until we left at 1:30. My neighbor caught about 20 and when I left Buzz was somewhere around 50! Buzz was on the fly rod and we were tossing jigs. We started on the bottom end and didn't do very well until we hit the upper end and then started catching more on the jigs. I think Buzz said he switched several times but there before we left he was catching one about every other cast it looked like! Great day just to be out and not at work. I have to work the next 6 weeks 6 days a week so this is always a great day out. Oh yeah, my colors were olive and then ginger.
  14. Anyone else going other than Buzz and I? Hopefully they put in some bigger fish this year. I know in years past I almost always caught a nice one over 20", but that hasn't happened in a long time for me. Say hey if you see us!
  15. ollie


    Quillback, the guides on Grand are tearing up the blues on the flats with cut shad in 1-4' of water right now from what I have heard and seen.
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