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  1. Ok, finally done with the beast. After much thinking and buying of parts not needed I settled on the original design, but just stronger! Had to have a fabrication shop help me and found out bolts in 3/8" size with a low profile are hard to find out there! Notice the material I am now using is 1/8" thick so hopefully this will last longer than the other ones!
  2. Whites?

    Thanks. I get out a couple times a year for the "run" and it is either hit or miss like always, but I always have stories to tell afterwards! I have had some good days there and others I won't talk about. lol
  3. If I have the time this weekend I know what my project will be! I also will try and remember to take some pics to share.
  4. Whites?

    Crickets in here! I would have thought by now someone would been getting into them either at Mccords or Blunks.
  5. Looking good. Mine has a hanger that makes the seat sit lower. No big deal either way for me. Is that Oak wood? I'm getting a better idea now of what I want!
  6. Big Sugar Water Levels

    Aw Big Sugar. If you want to wade it wait until the CFS gage is around 100 or below. If you are going to float fish it I highly recommend the CFS to be over 200 and under 400.
  7. Oh sir, you have no idea! You were in Okey Land ya know. Glad you got into them. It will be over before you know it.
  8. Cool. I have been mauling it around since I know here soon I will be out on the water. My neighbor did that to his boat, but he can't remove the seat. Only seems to be a problem though when we load boats. Post the pics I want to see them!
  9. Has anyone used one before? They are around $100 bucks or more and I have been looking at them to use. Looked into having a custom made aluminum frame with a bass seat on it, but that will be just as much as the one off their website. Thought about a wood platform with a bass seat on it and it will be at least $50-75 and probably weigh a little more. If anyone has used one or tried one out let me know. Thanks
  10. Can't see some people avatar as well. Can see some but not all and mine is gone as well.
  11. No limit on white bass

    I would think with this rain it would push them up further upstream as well.
  12. Line Class Record, Brad Wright's Story

    I met him once at RR and that was when I was first tying jigs for trout. Mine looked pretty ugly next to his, but he was very nice and gave me one of his go to jigs that day and I must have caught over a dozen in a couple of hours. After that I tried to duplicate every aspect of that jig and actually put that one away so I could model more after it. I would definitely say he inspired me to catch fish with jigs.
  13. No limit on white bass

    It is true, there is no limit and yes there is a TON of cleaned fish over by the ramps and where the dock used to be.
  14. Trip Report in tribal lands

    Yep, Twin Bridges gets mighty crowded this time of year!
  15. Reports?

    Yea, I was with a buddy who doesn't have a boat and wanted to just get out and fish. Next time I will bring the canoe! Also went to explore and found an access over east of Quapaw I had never been to before. Got there and it was closed. This is really the first time I have bought an Ok license so I need to get out and use it! Hopefully they will turn on full blast here soon.

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