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  1. Lol, from a guy who has been asked more than once to prove I am legal to fish that is always what they ask for first!😒
  2. ollie

    Report 8/18

    Haven't fished Shoal for a long time. Probably 2 years at least. Buzz and I where going to fish Elk today but wen we got up this morning it was lightning and raining outside. That was around 5:30 this morning and it didn't look too good I thought. Good for us it moved pretty fast through the area. We called each other and decided to fish Shoal instead since we wouldn't get on the water until later in the morning. It's only like 10-15 minutes for each of us to get to. I got held up by a train, but we still got on the water by 8:00. Buzz struck first with a nice little largemouth and then just few minutes later I opened my account! Fat little largemouth at 13". Stayed about the same until the whopper plopper struck twice in row and then some! Before you know it I had like 5 or 6 and was killing Buzz on the number count. The water flow was just about right, little to fast for me, but the creeks all now have a good flow! So we are floating and fishing and then the wind comes back up it starts looking like it could get really bad outside. Buzz starts throwing a war eagle spinner bait and starts catching some fish! All of a sudden he passes me on the count during that front that was moving in. I ended up catching 2 largemouth back to back casts that were 14" and 15". Buzz caught a couple of nice ones as well when the wind picked up! It was weird in a way like it happened, but that is fishing! I ended up with 12 total in about 5 hours and Buzz caught 14 I think. Not a huge numbers day ,but it was enjoyable none the least. We encountered a little rain as well and that actually felt pretty good! Very humid in between the rains and clouds today. Most were largemouth that were caught today and the only smallies we caught were kind of small really. Largemouths came mostly from downed wood on the banks and weed lines. Buzz took a pic of where we were. lol
  3. ollie


    Yea, I bit the bullet on that license this year and forked over the cash for one. Glad I did now. From Neosho I can be on Grand within 20-30 minutes easy. Went three times when the whites were running and slayed them. Been to a couple of crappie docks as well and did fine. Tons of good catfish in there as well. If you want to stay in this area without spending the dough for that OK license then Shoal does have them in there, but like Chief said I don't think as many, although I did see someone last year haul out 2 five pound plus flat heads out of there. Now I think about that was first thing in the morning and he was checking limb lines from the night before. Go below Noel on that stretch of Elk and there are plenty.
  4. ollie


    I agree it can be a circus but it almost is automatic that they will catch one at least. If you are looking just to catch any fish then a local creek with some crawdads and worms will do.
  5. ollie


    If you hold off until the 17th of this month RR has free fishing days for kids with activities and all.
  6. Well, I think we all knew it would happen eventually. Powers that be weren't going to stand by and not get a cut of wealth for themselves. Shameful at the very least. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/epa-clears-path-for-proposed-copper-and-gold-mine-near-alaskas-bristol-bay/ar-AAF7rw8?ocid=spartandhp
  7. I love RR, but in the last few years it hasn't been a fraction of what it used to be IMO. Still a beautiful place to go though and I always hit it up on the C&R first day.
  8. I use to fish with Wayne on here before he died, R.I.P. and he used to live in Oregon and told me many stories of fishing the river. Told me basically what you reported, that there were more smallies in there than you could shack a stick at! He said you basically had to have a pontoon or similar water craft to float and the wind was brutal. Very isolated as well. Great report.
  9. ollie


    Ok, I read about sharkbites accident but just saw this and I'm thinking what is going on? https://newstalkkzrg.com/2019/07/15/explosion-on-table-rock-lake/?fbclid=IwAR2voURQ8wozVnOIQNNY3JvajUvKojcaNGcI47gP0NOiyPlbKeZkgtT4tuk
  10. Hahaha, my dad was huge into the fishing facts magazine and he swore by nightcrawlers . Wouldn't buy any lures at all. Anytime my uncle would join us to fish my uncle ALWAYS out fished my dad using artificial lures. Not to say a worm won't catch a big fish because I know it will, but when using worms of any kind you normally get the smaller fish first. It wasn't even a contest, my uncle also caught the bigger fish on lures as well. Around curves in the river are a pretty good bet along with fast water when they are really feeding good. Laydowns along the banks are good too. I have to admit though, I have fished really deep areas that look great and not had success as well. That is probably me, but Buzz on here will agree with me on that one. lol
  11. ollie

    Varmit weapon

    Little late to this thread but picked me up a Ruger Ranch in 5.56 about a month or two ago and I love the thing! Bought a Vortex 2x7x32 scope and I am grouping several shots in the bulls eye without any problems at 100 yards. I mainly got the rifle to knock down hogs and varmint on my property in the sticks. I'm sure it will do a number on the dillos though as well! I traded in a Hi-point 9mm carbine for it and that gun took many dillos down on the farm without any problems too.
  12. I had one of those pond prowlers as well when I was younger. Got a great deal on one and pulled the trigger. I floated Indian Creek, Elk, and Shoal with that thing. It was a tank and tough as nails. I decided to sell it one day when we came around a corner and there was a tree in the middle of the stream. The current pushed us into the tree before we had any time to try and maneuver that beast. Lucky I only lost a couple of things. Almost lost my rod but had line out and was able to get it back off the bottom of the stream. It was kind of surreal in a way. We bailed on the boat when it started tipping over and made it to the shore where in about 30 seconds later the boat went under the tree underwater and came back up on the other side. After that I sold the thing.
  13. Team Catfish Fiber Nuggets. Tried some the other week and it is a weird mixture for sure. Looks like powdered sugar on the outside and dry to the touch. When it gets wet though, look out, it is slimy as all get out! Stays on the hook great too.
  14. Yep, that is a good float when the water is like this. Once it goes down though the water gets real skinny in areas.
  15. Watched the video last night. I found it pretty boring actually, but you can clearly see he is out there trying to snag the bass on beds. What a d-bag.
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