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  1. ollie

    Fishing report 7-10

    Buzz and I really like the float from Pineville to the low water bridge. We always skip it from there to Shady Beach. Once you pass under that bridge the people count goes way up and that 1-2 mile stretch gets slow water and normally we encounter lots of wind that blows upstream. That and we never have really caught anything on that stretch. Probably because we get there in the afternoon by then and the fishing slows down as well. I hear ya on the beer can problem, always has been a problem. That and those dang jello shot cups!
  2. ollie

    A week in Reynolds County

    I still have a few that Case plastic made. Haven't found any like those in a long time. This might be as close as I have seen.
  3. I have a friend looking for something like this. I will let him know.
  4. ollie

    Lower Elk gravel bar camping

    Now that is cool picture! I meant you could park your car at the campground and he could shuttle you up. That way you could take your time and your car would be safe. Although your car probably would be safe at the boat ramp as well.
  5. Looking to purchase a new baitcaster with a price point of under $100. Suggestions? Looking at the Pluger President right now.
  6. ollie

    Lower Elk gravel bar camping

    I have floated that stretch many times and have seen people camping on gravel bars without any problems. I've been thinking the same thing as you as far as doing an over nighter on that stretch. Right now the water is super low so you will have a lot of dragging to do with the boat. You can put in on the road that runs next to the river right below the Tyson plant. There is a big boulder that sits in the water, can't miss it. Last time I floated it we fished it pretty hard and we made the float last until like 3-4 in the afternoon. There are also many place to camp that hold fish as well. You can also have them shuttle you the river so you can park your vehicle at the campground.
  7. Don't like it one bit! I saw that today as well and a lot of things ran through my mind.
  8. ollie

    Report 5/27

    So Buzz finally got me out on Shoal Creek for a float. Some of you may know that I don't like Shoal for one reason and that is log jams. Several years ago my neighbor and I did a float on Shoal and encountered a log jam we had to go around. Let's just say it wasn't pretty and I got pretty banged up after going around that log jam. Enough so that I swore off Shoal forever! Now fast forward to this past Sunday. I made it out alive and with some fish to be caught as well. We did a small float up around Tipton Ford and couldn't seem to buy a bite until later in the morning. Top Water was a bust and so was spinnerbaits. Ended up catching all mine on a small grub in watermelon. Also a first for me as I caught a nice size trout up of there! Didn't get it measured, but would have guessed it at 14-15" though. I had always heard of people catching them out of there, but I hadn't until just then. Also caught a nice 15" smallie as well. Buzz ended up catching a few as well and my neighbor who went along caught a huge soft shell turtle. Hooked him in the back foot and that thing dragged him around for minutes until he could get him to a gravel bar. That turtle probably weighed over 10 pounds. All in all it was a good trip and now I will have to go back.
  9. ollie

    Kings River Advice

    Go to Grand if you are looking for crappie! They are still on fire there and everyone is catching them in less than 5' of water.
  10. My canoe is a Disco 119 so it is almost 12' long. Yes it sticks out the back of the truck and it sticks out around 3 feet, but again I don't have a problem with it since I use a ratchet strap and a red flag on the back of it. I just can't see getting an extender for something I don't think would be a problem, but to each his own. If I had to haul multiple boats then I could see a reason for it. JMO
  11. Shoot, I haul my canoe out of a ranger with it sticking out the back and have NEVER had a problem.
  12. South Town Bait. It is actually closer to Fayetteville though if that matters to you. They treated me right. When mine came in from the factory it had a blem on it and they ordered me another one and took back the first one. It is the same people that used to own South Town in Joplin many yeas ago.
  13. Picked mine up in Rogers Ark., but that would be a little further than a couple of hours for you.
  14. ollie

    5/7/18 First drowning

    Well, as Dirty Harry said, "A man has got to know his limitations". I could float that water as well and not have any problems, but I would choose not to unless I just wanted a fun fast float. Probably alcohol involved as well, but I don't know that.
  15. ollie

    5/7/18 First drowning

    It's the part of the rental people I question. I still don't know whether or not she rented from an outfitter so I shouldn't make assumptions just yet I suppose. I have just seen ALL kinds of things going on at Elk and it wouldn't surprise me if she was never informed of any obstacles she might encounter.

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