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  1. Went and spent $20 at the salvage yard for another MAF sensor just to see what would happen and I was surprised, but not really. The truck does run a lot better, but still has the misfires when under a load. Before I could feel the misfires going down the road over 40, but now that has disappeared. The engine light now only flashes at higher speeds like it did when I first got the truck. Back to the drawing board.
  2. That was hard for him to do I can tell. Prayers to his family.
  3. Ok, so last night I unplugged the MAF sensor and drove around some. Didn't really notice any difference in performance. It might have been actually better. Of course engine light stayed on, but when I went up a hill it did not flash. Plugged the sensor back in and when I went up a hill the engine light started flashing. Beginning to think I need to replace that for sure. Even if it doesn't completely fix the problem, I probably need a new one. I keep forgetting the truck ran for who knows how long without the proper air flow getting into the engine. I am guessing maybe it damaged that wire?
  4. Just sooo many things to check and what it could be! I have had the truck a little over a year now and it has always done this, but not to this extent. You can feel misfires going down the road as well. Now at lower speeds you can't really tell, but once you get it over 40 you can feel it. The truck has never been cared for you can tell when driving it. As far as the motor goes that is. The one thing I have noticed though is when I first got the truck the engine light never came on until I was at higher speeds and over 2k in rpms. After I replaced the air filter and cleaned out the box that ha
  5. Complete tune up in the last 6 months. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and air filter. Cleaned the MAF as well. Doesn't seem to matter at what speed I am going as well. It always happens when the motor is under a heavier load. As in when it down shifts from overdrive to deliver fuel and air. If I am going up hill and that happens the engine light will start flashing and I start losing power. As soon as it levels out the light will stop flashing and go away. That and you can feel it misfiring going down the road. I'm thinking of taking the intake manifold off and checking for leaks there. I have
  6. I'm going to just throw this our here since I am at a loss right now on what to think about it. Has anyone experienced problems with this motor before and if so did you have issues with random misfires? One of the main reasons I bought the truck was because of the simplicity to work on the motor. I had one in an S-10 that I drove the piss out of and I found it to be pretty easy to repair most of things on it myself. Fast forward and now I own one in a Silverado and it is driving me crazy! I know it could be one of MANY different things, but I just can't isolate it. I'm thinking either vacuum l
  7. Happy face there! I'm going to try and get down there after work this week if I can. Too good of an opportunity not to pass up this week!
  8. Nice. I take the water wasn't too high? Yeah, Blunks is a zoo this time of the year when the whites start running that's for sure. Glad you had a good time. I've been thinking about that float for sometime now and just have never got to do it. Hopefully this will be the year.
  9. I wouldn't recommend the Flat for someone inexperienced. I hear it has some obstacles, but then again I haven't floated that in like forever. Galena to Blunks is fairly short though and I doubt that it would have any real issues even though the water is up some. JMO though.
  10. I went yesterday after work since I knew it was going to get cooler later in the week. Didn't do great, but did manage 3 over 15" in about 2 hours of fishing. Caught five total with the other two being smaller males. I would say one of those was about 16-17". Put up a good fight as well since I just had my trout rod out because dummy me didn't notice I hadn't put line on my other spinning rod! duh! The water was still cold and after 2 hours I was getting cold! Nobody was really catching anything gang busters though. I waded above the 10c bridge and saw some caught, but again nothing really to
  11. Come on down to my neck of the woods and I can point them out all day long! lol That and girls wearing shorts with cowboy boots as well.
  12. ollie

    White Bass?

    Any reports on whites coming up the James yet? They are starting to run everywhere else so anyone got anything?
  13. I went down Saturday morning as well, but waded at the shoals above the bridge. Not much was going on there either. Would see someone catch one and then wait for a while another one would catch one. It was slow for sure. I only caught one dink so there you go. I would think this week would be really good unless it rains hard or we have cooler temps. Who know with the crazy white bass! lol
  14. Thanks for the heads up wily, I figured it would still be rolling along!
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