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  1. Watched the video last night. I found it pretty boring actually, but you can clearly see he is out there trying to snag the bass on beds. What a d-bag.
  2. I'm at work right now and can't watch the video, but when I get home I definitely will watch it. So many people knew he was cheating, but also most of them knew if they called him out it would make them out to be liars. This guy is a real POS!
  3. Wow, what an article. I have only heard of the guy and never followed him so I didn't have a clue until I read this! All because he had a reputation for big bass he was getting a free pass and everyone believed him. PT Barnum was right.
  4. I think you guys nailed it. Limited access that was available before that isn't now. My uncle lived in Walnut Shade over by Branson and was a huge coon hunter. He would cover miles in one evening and have to cross multiple land owners land and never had a problem. Bet that isn't even possible now.
  5. Never touch or move a fawn. The mother will always come back for her unless something happens to the mother.
  6. For a stove I use a Trangia. https://trangia.se/en/selecting-the-right-trangia-stove/ Great little stove for cooking outside.
  7. ollie


    I went down to Bernice to see my buddy on Sunday night and I must say, that has to be one of the worst floods I have ever seen on Grand Lake. I know it has been up this high before, but I personally have never witnessed it. Twin Bridges and Bernice State Parks were so under water and the bridge at Bernice had water pushing onto the road! Debris was getting onto the bridge as well. Not sure if any ramps are open. If more rains happen tonight and tomorrow I have no idea what level that will put the lake at.
  8. I saw the Mac County guy out Saturday. Can't think of his name to save my life but he has looked at my license more than once in the past! lol I will say around here they get out and do their job.
  9. A post with no real facts to know what really is going on with the picture. If they are legally in their rights then more power to them. I personally am a C&R guy, but don't get mad if someone is in their legal right to keep them.
  10. ollie

    Long Night

    Here in SW MO we got hammered. All the rivers and creeks are raging and where I live the sirens kept going off around 1:30 in the morning. So yea, I didn't sleep much last night.
  11. ollie

    MLF next week

    It will be interesting to see where they can even launch from!
  12. I have a friend on disability from the SS and from the VA. He is officially retired at age 52. Making somewhere around 25-30k a year. You wouldn't have any idea he is disabled due to the fact it is mental. He gets all the benefits of tax free this and even free fishing license. I mean, since I have known him about all my life I know he can't hold a job down longer than a year tops due to his condition. He lives by himself because his wife left him due to his condition a few years back. I know he isn't proud of it, but he also knows he can't hold down a regular job either. Knowing a person's back story helps out that is for sure, but like I said, you would think he is a free loader on the system as well since he can do anything physically. I mean he is remodeling his house right now by himself.
  13. ollie


    No google-eye there. I have seen them darker, but that doesn't quite look like one.
  14. ollie

    Small Derby

    I was down on the lake this past weekend as well visiting my friend in Bernice. Lots of boats were putting in there due to ramp conditions elsewhere. Horse creek area wasn't too bad due to the fact that no major river is feeding in there. Water was calm and if you look at Southwinds marina they have a great boat launch that is protected from the elements. With all those boats I can see where the fishing would be getting hammered! At least in October it shouldn't be as crowded down there.
  15. This reminds me of something my parents always told me when walking home from somewhere. You don't walk out into the middle of the street. Just because you can and you have the right away doesn't mean that someone out there won't hit you! Stay on the side of the road. I think we can apply this to all kayaks out there on the lake. I have been out in my solo canoe on the lake and I don't venture out into the middle of the lake. I stay close by the shoreline in case a boater can't see me. It is a 2 way street out there for everyone in a boat no matter what.
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