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  1. I have taken a canoe out at Blunks before, I wouldn't think you should have any difficulties. Good luck and let us know how you did!
  2. I'm not a huge fan fan of Shoal even though it is literally a few miles from the house. Although Buzz and I normally float it a couple times a year. We normally go from the pipeline down to mt. malang . We did pretty good last year and it has finally come back down to a descent float level. Looks like you got into some fish!
  3. That looks hot and uncomfortable! Just get a shoulder or belt holster.
  4. I know some monsters have been caught in Alton by the grain elevators. Those catties love the grain as well!
  5. If more people get back to work then the fishing pressure will ease up some. I have noticed WAY more people at the places I normally fish as well. Most of those people don't have anything else going on in their lives right now so they get out more. JMO
  6. My cousin said it didn't surprise him. He used to fish that tailwater all the time and said there were monsters in there just waiting to be snagged. Man those get big over there!
  7. ollie

    Largemouth Are On

    I honestly think not many on here fish Grand on a consistent basis to make a report even. If you want a good report on Grand go to FB and sign up for the grand fishing report on there and lots of people contribute to that page. You can thank me later! lol
  8. Depends on long of a float you want to do. If you are looking to float back to 2 sons then you will need to put in at Pineville, Low water bridge, or Mt. Shira. At the bridge you have to pay however to launch because they are pretty strict about putting in or out right from the bridge. Private property around it and all of that. tjm is right about the flow right now. Good float water to fish IMO. I might go down this weekend as well. Just be aware this weekend you will run into LOTS of people on the water. If you have little ones just be aware of the party people on the water. Again, lots of people on the weekend. The lower end after Noel is harder to find anyone to shuttle unless you have your own way. That is a much longer float however. Better in a lot of ways and not in others. Hope we have helped you out.
  9. Pond bass and pit bass got to eat what they can find! nice catch!
  10. Surprised no white caps out on that water! lol
  11. I keep thinking that as well Ham, but Grand seems to never slow down on them and cats. I figured they put a no limit on the whites for a reason down there. It has been no limit on them for at least the last couple of years. I honestly don't know how many years it goes back. I am guessing they feel like they need to cull some of them out of the lake. Cats are also thick as can be from what I keep seeing and hearing about. Although they have a limit on those, but I think it is still like 15. They finally got smart about the crappie and put a length and 15 on them. I honestly don't know how that lake keeps fishing like it does for those species.
  12. I saw a post yesterday of a guy just up from 10c bridge and he was putting the smack down on the whites. Apparently they are still up stream somewhat. But, in general it wasn't anything like it was last year.
  13. The protesting I understand. Plenty of black people have been shot for no good reason. Tulsa, Dallas, Louisville, Baltimore, and now Minn. These are the ones I can think of in the last few years. The rioting and looting are just an excuse for the thugs to steal at will and know they aren't going to get caught.
  14. My son is in the guard and he got called up last night to go somewhere in MO. Something he has never had to do before. I bet he will have some stories for me when he gets back!
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