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  1. ollie

    Nobody post here?

    If you want a true Grand lake post, go to FB and look for grand fishing reports.
  2. ollie

    Gun questions

    Hey, I don't care if my shield is a girly gun or not, it goes bang every time and is a great conceal carry gun!! lol
  3. ollie

    Gun questions

    I know Grove OK is a bit of a drive as well, but they have a nice gun shop with a range that rents $18 all day long and you can try out many handguns there as well. For her I would recommend a 38, 380, or 9mm. I own a S&W Shield in 9mm and it doesn't kick nearly as hard as my sons Sig .380.
  4. ollie

    Elk in SE Kansas

    First I have ever heard of Elk being shot in SE Kansas. Didn't know they even existed over there and that is only a few miles away from me. And since when did KS issue a statewide tag system for them? This baffles me a little.
  5. ollie

    State Alternative Record Walleye

    Would have rather seen it caught on a pole and line, but hey, it's legal and it is huge! Congrats to him.
  6. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    Nice meeting you tjm. Glad to put a face with the avatar. The wind always sucks down there!
  7. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    Did you finally catch that bow out of that hole?
  8. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    My. my. my. sad day indeed, I wish I could report a great report, but I can't. Fish were there in one hole where they stocked but we couldn't buy a bite at all. I mean they were everywhere jumping and cruising on top of the water, also going in a pack like new stocked fish. Four of us throwing everything we had and no one landed or even had one on. I got 2 short strikes and saw the one circle a couple of times, but that was it for me. Buzz sort of kind of won today. He caught a small brown on a jerk bait technically on Shoal creek but I will let him win . He would cry if I didn't. lol 🤣 No, it was really tough and since he really only caught the only trout of the day I give him credit. Oh yeah, the wind and weather sucked big time!!!! Another one in the books. Some are just better than others. Next year !!
  9. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    Ha! so I see you met Mr. Haskens?! Look, the mill park is a non-profit thing and the parking fee is for maintenance and upkeep. On a side note, the bathrooms are very nice and heated in the winter time. I personally don't pay to play there, but have in the past. I have parked just about everywhere there is down there and never had any problems except once. Now Haskins and I are alright. He even let's Buzz and I park on his property to fish if we want. Some old fashion talking with a land owner will do that for you. 😉 The flooding got worse when they built up the wall in front of the mill itself. It used to not be like 4' tall on that observation deck. New bridge didn't really do that before. On his place the MDC has provided a barb darn to try and reclaim his land from flooding as well. He sold them some acres and now they control that. It is kind of a weird arrangement. If you are coming tomorrow look for either mine or Buzz's truck. He has personalized plates and I drive a white Ranger. We will meet at the lower bridge since the upper lot won't be open until later in the morning. See you at 9:00!!
  10. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    Well, I have some new jigs tied up that I haven't used before so maybe..............
  11. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    Come one , come all! Going to be a tough one this year. Low water with high visibility and probably will be sunny out to boot!
  12. ollie

    Olliefest XII

    Looks like another year and another olliefest is about to happen. For those of you that can't make it to the Jigfest party come on down to Capps for crappy fishing and hoping to catch a rainbow or brown for the day! Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend is the date. Time to start is 9:00 am. Meeting over at the lower bridge this time around. We would normally meet at the upper end, but for some reason that parking lot is roped off until later in the day. At least that is what I have noticed the 2 times I have been down there in the last month. Will start at 9 and end around noon or 12:30 this year. Come on out and beat Buzz or I for the undisputed title of Capps Creek!
  13. ollie

    C&R This Friday

    Went down with my neighbor and the catching was just crazy. We only fished 3 1/2 hours and managed over a 100 between us! He had to leave by one, but the fishing was still hot when we left. I'm thinking now I should have caught a ride home with Buzz. Buzz told me he caught over a 100 himself. I didn't catch anything over 14" and I'm not sure, but I didn't witness any caught much bigger than that. All mine on jigs of course. Didn't seem to matter what color you were throwing either. Started out with a black and white combo jig I tie and then switched back and forth between olive and other combos. I know after yesterday I won't own anymore P-line fluorocarbon. I don't know how many jigs were lost due to fish head shakes when trying to remove the hook. I even made sure to cut the tag end a little longer so the line wouldn't slip. Had a 12" break the line clean as well. Never had the problem with the CX Premium, just this line. All in all a good morning at RR!
  14. ollie

    C&R This Friday

    Down below the park the water is very low and there really isn't any deep holes any more. At least that was the case last year when I fished below the park. I don't go during the summer months either. Too busy chasing other fish. This time of the year with the transition in weather I fish the park maybe once and then other places as well. Although I only live 20-30 minutes to the creeks you have mentioned, I generally won't fish them again until it starts warming up again.
  15. Who's going this year? I will be down there even if it is cold out!

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