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  1. ollie

    New State Record Cutthroat out of Norfork

    That is beast!
  2. ollie

    I am a kayaker now !

    Welcome to the dark side! lol
  3. ollie

    Beef tongue

    Tongue in a lot of mexican dishes are very tasty!
  4. ollie

    Canoes for $100

    Waters Edge posted it via FB. Over at Tipton Ford. Some better than others from what I gathered.
  5. ollie

    Canoes for $100

    Saw today where a campground outside of Joplin has canoes for sell. They are selling off about 20 of them. I don't need or want one, but somebody might so I am posting.
  6. ollie


    Since you are relatively new to kayaking I wouldn't recommend the upper end of Taney. Too much can go wrong if you haven't encountered all that can be thrown at you. I am a seasoned paddler and I'm not so sure I would do the upper end unless I knew for sure they weren't going to generate power.
  7. ollie

    You buying this?

    Or just drive down to Ponca, pull over and just watch them for free.
  8. That is what goes on down on Grand day in day out.
  9. Bahahaha, this thread is turning into a train wreck fast!
  10. ollie

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    I have been caught in an undertow at a low water bridge I was trying to cross over in my yak a few years back. It sucked as I couldn't catch my breath fast enough before the current pulled me back under. I honestly thought I was going to die after the third time getting pulled back under and then it just came to me to be calm and go to the bottom where I could push myself back up at a faster rate and through the current. It worked, but had I been too drunk or didn't know how to swim I wouldn't be writing this today. It also helped that I knew the stream and how deep it was and all of that.
  11. ollie

    The Great floods of '93

    Lived through it in Alton at the time. My son was born on July 9th during a wicked thunderstorm! His aunt suggested that I named him Noah, but we didn't. Also remember not having water for 2 weeks until the water went down and they could clean up the pump station. I watched more than one house floating down the stream that year!
  12. ollie


    I have to go with Seth's answer, they usually have hooks everywhere! When I do hook them that is. ☺️
  13. ollie

    Baby trout?

    That pic brings back funny memories! The guy in the pic that caught that fish tried to sell it on ebay! lol It was also rumored he had foul hooked the fish in that first pond below the hatchery. Doesn't matter because someone broke his record on Taney not more that a couple months max after this.
  14. ollie


    A couple of weeks ago when Buzz and I were tearing them up on the river we did notice one thing about the hook-up ratio. When the bass hit the plopper from the side it was almost never a solid hook-up and most of the time we lost those. Only the ones hitting the lure from behind seemed to be hooked really well. Just an observation we had.

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