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  1. I've been researching online as well for a new yak. I wouldn't go with the outlaw unless you want a heavier boat that will act like a sail with you on top of it! I already have a solo canoe that is almost 12' long, so I am looking at a 10 footer. I'm leaning towards the Vibe brand now. Buzz has a 12 foot Acsend that he likes, but it is a tank to load and unload. I want something lightweight since I go a lot on my own. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. To be honest the places I carry are normally out in the woods or on the creek. Unfortunately I have encountered too many unsavory characters in the last few years. My gun normally stays in the truck. Nothing worse than running into a tweaker who wants to kick your arse at the ramp or parking lot in the middle of nowhere.
  3. I have a S&W Shield and when I carry I put it on the back of my belt right above my butt! No one sees it and my shirt hides it very well. For me it is easy to reach back and retrieve it if need be. I don't think the ankle holster is all that great IMO.
  4. Anybody have a Vibe? looking at the Yellowfin 100 right now and it looks pretty simple and sweet. I think Thursday I am going down to Bella Vista and take a look at one from Ozark kayak. I'll see what they have to offer. Forgot to add this tidbit from my wife. I'm explaining to her what I am going to do with a canoe and kayak and she just looks at me and smiles. She says, "I don't care how many boats you have, I sell and collect jewelry all the time"! Lol Green light if ever to buy as many as I want!
  5. I guess I should include that I don't want anything over 60 pounds as well! I fish a lot by myself and getting it in and out of the truck real easy is a plus for me.
  6. No, not the scupper holes. I was referring to the the size of the hole where the transducer mounts? On the pescador it looked like something that could get hung up on something. I don't need that anyways since I wouldn't be mounting one. I see WS is making the Tarpon again so I am leaning towards that one right now. Feel Free has some nice ones as well, but not so sure about the wheel that is mounted on back.
  7. Ok, I started the Pescador thread and now I have changed my mind on that model. After looking at it more and more I don't want the hole up front where the transducer could go. Seems to me that could get you hung up on a rock or tree limb just barely under the water. So now I am looking from something different. Would like price range to be under $900. I see they are making the Tarpon again so that could be an option for me, but i want to hear what else is out there that someone else has paddled already!
  8. I don't know, I had a WS Pamlico that was 10' and I wouldn't have sold it if it had been sit of on top instead of sitting in. My knees just can't handle that anymore. Your right about it not tracking all that great, but I never minded that so much.
  9. Well , the Disco 119 isn't that great that I have now!
  10. Looking at maybe getting one of these in the near future. Anyone have one and if so what are your thoughts on it?
  11. It's an amazing thing to see, but man they should have lost that game yesterday! Always been a Chief's fan and always will be, but they just keep getting super lucky!
  12. My mom did the same exact thing with us boys. My dad travelled and was never home until the weekend. What was bad is when you did something early in the week and then by Friday you thought she would forget, until later in the day after school she would remind you.
  13. ollie


    Cut shad period.
  14. Had an uncle die from it last week and the funeral is tomorrow. He was 90. On a vent and was getting better so they put him on a bi-pap and everything was alright for a couple of days and then he took a turn for the worse. Died 3 days after getting off the vent. It can happen to anyone at anytime.
  15. That is exactly how that went down! When I got to the island I was slaying them and before you knew it I was trying to run underwater to get back to the access! Never heard a horn at all. I can only imagine at night how that could turn out. It was the middle of the afternoon when it happened to me.
  16. You ain't kidding about the water coming up fast! I was down there back in January wading from the handicap access up to the island and never heard the horn blow. My buddy was a little ways downstream from me and he noticed it had started to rise. By the time we headed back down to the access the water had come up to my waist. It was at shin level when we entered the water. So yeah, be careful at night because it does come up really fast!
  17. ollie


    You sure you aren't aspiring to be a Mohomes fan?! lol
  18. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Ness, come on down and give either Buzz or I a shout. We can get you started in the right spots.
  19. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Yea, by that time I had already conceded the day to you Buzz! lol I didn't think either of us would catch you at that point. Just goes to show you that two guys standing there basically throwing the same thing and only one catches the fish. I wasn't holding my mouth right or something!
  20. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    3 bows and a couple of chubs was all I had to show for yesterday. Buzz won the bragging rights this year. Although you never know if he was using bait or not. You would have thought that seeing him catching them! lol I just didn't have what it took yesterday. The conditions were prime for catching trout just like I like it, but I just couldn't produce. Bad thing was I normally dominate up by the mill dam and I couldn't buy a bite. I knocked off early. Just wasn't feeling it after that poor showing. Oh well, I get down there a lot so I know I will have better days in the near future.
  21. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    A. Buzz needs to keep his distance around me! lol B. I hope it does rain. Just not real heavy. Need some cloud cover to bring the big boys up and around. C. Hope to see everyone down there by 9:00. Lower bridge and we will disperse from there. D. Come and grab your bragging rights for this year!
  22. The guides there have been putting the smack down on crappie and spoonies this last month. I often wonder how long that lake can take those numbers coming out of it.
  23. I prefer to float myself. Only because you can reach places you can't while wading. I don't want to stop and turn around when I reach too deep of water or can't go any further. I like to wade, don't get me wrong, but I'll take a float over wading any day. JMO
  24. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    That is correct tjm. We typically met up and then go fish. Have to watch Buzz though, he likes to bend the rules! lol
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