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  1. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Ness, come on down and give either Buzz or I a shout. We can get you started in the right spots.
  2. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Yea, by that time I had already conceded the day to you Buzz! lol I didn't think either of us would catch you at that point. Just goes to show you that two guys standing there basically throwing the same thing and only one catches the fish. I wasn't holding my mouth right or something!
  3. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    3 bows and a couple of chubs was all I had to show for yesterday. Buzz won the bragging rights this year. Although you never know if he was using bait or not. You would have thought that seeing him catching them! lol I just didn't have what it took yesterday. The conditions were prime for catching trout just like I like it, but I just couldn't produce. Bad thing was I normally dominate up by the mill dam and I couldn't buy a bite. I knocked off early. Just wasn't feeling it after that poor showing. Oh well, I get down there a lot so I know I will have better days in the near future.
  4. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    A. Buzz needs to keep his distance around me! lol B. I hope it does rain. Just not real heavy. Need some cloud cover to bring the big boys up and around. C. Hope to see everyone down there by 9:00. Lower bridge and we will disperse from there. D. Come and grab your bragging rights for this year!
  5. The guides there have been putting the smack down on crappie and spoonies this last month. I often wonder how long that lake can take those numbers coming out of it.
  6. I prefer to float myself. Only because you can reach places you can't while wading. I don't want to stop and turn around when I reach too deep of water or can't go any further. I like to wade, don't get me wrong, but I'll take a float over wading any day. JMO
  7. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    That is correct tjm. We typically met up and then go fish. Have to watch Buzz though, he likes to bend the rules! lol
  8. ollie

    Olliefest XIII

    Yes it is. I'm not broadcasting this years event. Every year I make a post to invite everyone and normally you are the only one that shows up. We are doing it again this year for anyone who wants to come on down. This Sunday we will met at the lower bridge at 9 or maybe a little sooner if I can get my butt around quicker! lol
  9. Looks like he had all the basics covered!
  10. ollie

    No Butcher

    I think a lot of shops aren't doing them like they used to. There is a butcher shop down the road from where I work and this is the second year in a row they will only take quartered deer to process. I think part of it has to do with the disposal of what's left over. That and they told me they just don't have enough people to handle it.
  11. I have lost about 40 pounds in the last three years and the first thing I did was to start with smaller portions. That and I have pretty much given up a lot of processed foods. I still eat pretty much what I want, but in limited numbers. I gave up soda a long time ago and that was a huge amount of bad things going on there! Started eating more veggies as well and when I was younger I never did that. My wife is big into supplements, but me not so much.
  12. The knot I just clipped way too short because I didn't have that issue after that. I should have known better though. P-line #4 CX. The spooling issue was just the case of me getting in a hurry and not getting all the twist out. Both issues I could have avoided had I taken the extra time and not been in a hurry.
  13. Went down yesterday for the start of C&R and it was a hoot! I met up with Buzz down by the old fish cleaning station and we started from there making out way upstream. Right away we were hooking up with fish. Within the first hour Buzz had caught 30+ fish and my count wasn't as impressive. I kept having issues all day long with either losing jigs or with my line. After the second fish I was having problems! Word to the wise if using a co-polymer line, don't leave a short tag after tying. My second jig the fish just took off with it after I got it in. The knot slipped through all the way in
  14. I'll ask my neighbor if he wants to sell his. It is a disco 119 and he didn't get it out last year and I doubt he gets it out next year as well. He is having shoulder surgery sometime in the near future.
  15. I figured it had been private as well since you had to cross a cattle guard to get down there. I never saw any trash down there myself, but plenty of ATV tracks in the gravel every time I had been there. Well over 20 years I had known about that spot and never once did anyone say anything to me about being there. Different times we are living in for sure.
  16. Man, I'm seeing more and more of this around the state. I was at R&R this weekend and a spot that has always been available to park and wade has fencing right up to the road now. Same with a spot on Shoal Creek as well. I guess the land owners have finally had enough. 😢
  17. I had an older man once tell me the only thing he would stock would be crappie and catfish. Odd combo I always thought.
  18. Been there once and would love to get back there soon enough! Great place on the river.
  19. It's hard to hang with Chiefs for four quarters! Seems like they just sit back and wait and then decide to start doing something on offense. lol If anyone caught the half time report they were really hoping the patriots would take this one or so it seemed like. Then they changed their tune towards the end of the game.
  20. Yep, having a hard time finding ammo I need. 5.56 and 9 and when they do come available in this area it is gone as soon as they put it out!
  21. I don't know where everyone else lives, but in my neck of the woods I see them all the time! Last year right down the road from where I work I must have seen over 40 of them in a yard! Yes, over 40. Around the bottom lands of Shoal Creek they are everywhere.
  22. Yes to that. I have seen plenty of live scope pics of guides down on Grand showing off. on the lower part of Elk I have seen them move in schools as well.
  23. I have never seen the need for an anchor while fishing on the creeks and rivers I do. Now a pond is different. Also remember any "leash" you have in that boat will tangle you up in swift current if you flip. JMO
  24. I have taken a canoe out at Blunks before, I wouldn't think you should have any difficulties. Good luck and let us know how you did!
  25. I'm not a huge fan fan of Shoal even though it is literally a few miles from the house. Although Buzz and I normally float it a couple times a year. We normally go from the pipeline down to mt. malang . We did pretty good last year and it has finally come back down to a descent float level. Looks like you got into some fish!
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