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    ollie reacted to Hunter91 in Good opening day doves   
    Had a pretty good opener last week. It rained on us a couple hours but as good hunters we all persevered. 
    Had a great young retriever there with boundless energy. Don’t think the whole group lost maybe a bird or two. Our group had 106 birds out of 10 hunters so everyone got plenty of shooting and it was a safe day with no accidents.
    Now ready for duck season to start!!

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    ollie reacted to aarchdale@coresleep.com in Top Water fun   
    Launched at Cape Fair and went and did some drop shotting. Caught a kitty and some decent spots. Then decided to go up to Bridgeport since its been a while since i went up that way. Stopped under the bridge and for a solid hour and a half caught the heck out of them on top. About every 5 minutes they would come up chasing shad.  When they weren't on top i threw a crank at them and caught them doing that too. Im sure a lot of things would have worked, Shad were small, i didnt have a Dixie Jet tied on but i bet that would have been great.  On Live Scope the top 10-15ft of the water column was just full of them. I just hung out under the bridge for the shade and had a fun time. Good mix of spots and Largemouth.  Nothing real big, but when they are schooling on top it doesnt matter.  
    A couple times my whole boat was surrounded by the fish boiling, i thought they were attacking me. I could just barely dip my sexy dog in there without even casting and they would go nuts on it. Had two on at once a couple times. 

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    ollie reacted to Devan S. in What is trashy to do if your poor, but acceptable to do if your well off.   
    government handouts are trashy if your poor.......government subsidies are acceptable if your well off.
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    ollie reacted to fishinwrench in The mine again   
    I've said that before too.   But I've seen it not add up way too many times.  
    Take 3 kids all raised in the same house, same rules, same incentives, and eating out of the same box of Cocoa Puffs..... You'll have one real go-getter, one lazy bum, and one that's somewhere in between.   But Wait....check on them again in 20 years.   People evolve.
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    ollie reacted to DADAKOTA in The mine again   
    If your kids end up lazy, entitled, and don't want to work I'd look to their upbringing.
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    ollie reacted to Gavin in The mine again   
    Trump wont show his tax returns because he has never paid any income tax...Real Estate developers only pay income taxes when they sell property for a big gain. Cash flow is great, but its all offset by depreciation. Kids working at McD's probably pay more income tax than DJT. I'm sure his returns are legit, because they are done by a top 100 CPA firm, and they don't do crap returns like Block.
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    ollie reacted to Gavin in The mine again   
    If you are referring to the TCJA....The legislation gave most people a few crumbs, soaked the upper middle class high wage earners, gave public companies a 15% tax cut, and a 20% tax cut for small business owners. My business clients were making out like bandits with the 20% QBID deduction until this virus stuff hit...And most made out like bandits with the PPP virus stimulus. I help them do it. Our stupid govt, makes stupid rules and I help my customers benefit from their stupid rules. I will always have secure employment thanks to the idiots in DC & States across the country.
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    ollie reacted to LittleRedFisherman in New kayak!   
    Got to break in my new kayak ( a NuCanoe flint)  last weekend on the Southfork, felt good to get back on the water.  I’ve fished some this spring and summer but haven’t for any smallies since March.  Fishing was slow but didn’t care a whole lot.  Had some good quiet time in this crazy awesome setting!  

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    ollie reacted to Lifes2Short in Banner Morning!!!   
    Got on the water at daybreak out of Mutton Creek. Headed up the Big Sac and had a ball on top-water and also gitzits. I was catching top water fish up until about noon when it got hot enough for me to come home. LOL

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    ollie got a reaction from dan hufferd in Somewhere on Spring river   
    I'm not a huge fan fan of Shoal even though it is literally a few miles from the house. Although Buzz and I normally float it a couple times a year. We normally go from the pipeline down to mt. malang . We did pretty good last year and it has finally come back down to a descent float level. Looks like you got into some fish! 
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    ollie reacted to dan hufferd in Somewhere on Spring river   
    Sunday afternoon near Carthage Mo.

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    ollie reacted to MO Huzgr in Loch Lomond Bella Vista   
    Spent the week down on loch Lomond in Bella Vista for a quick getaway. Pretty much only fished in the morning and golfing and seeing other sites in the afternoon. I have never fished this lake and spend some time doing some mapping with the Garmin. Started off fishing main lake points and didn't get too much a few here and there. Was trying drop shot, swimbait, crankbaits etc. Finally discovered (slow learner!) That on the upper end of the lake each morning the bass were schooling and chasing shad. Lasted about an hour and a half each day. And then we hammered them. I primarily was using a zara puppy topwater and also got them using a shad colored wake bait.  There were also a number of boats out in the deep water by the dam but I didn't talk to any of them so not sure how they were doing. Overall it was pretty good fishing and we had a good time.  Was able to fish with my 87 year old father and he had a great time!

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    ollie reacted to aarchdale@coresleep.com in Kim Bridge   
    The little man talked me into taking him tubing last week so of course i did. Then he wanted to catch a fish.  Bridge pillars are always a for sure thing, had to hit a couple and then he caught a couple on a drop shot.  Livescope helped a bunch to find what side of the pillar they were on.
    It was all he could do to get that smallmouth in, i thought either him or my rod was going overboard

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    ollie reacted to BFScott in Fun fishing!! Interested???   
    So I’m going to start this report off by saying....As you know if you’ve been reading my post I’ve been catching fish on the main lake and they were biting ex-e-lint-toe!!! Last tues was the last day I caught them. Their still there from what I see on the ol fish-o-matic!! But I think it’s turning into a timing thing. I like to keep moving trying to fire them up. Sitting in one spot with anchor lock on for 8 hrs in 100* weather waiting is not fun for me!! I was going to fish a tournament Saturday but with that in mind I decided to keep the 75bucks in my pocket. I went fun fishing with my favorite bait!! THE BUZZBAIT!!! And this happened!!

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    ollie got a reaction from trythisonemv in Hitting creek Monday   
    Glad to hear that I inspired you to tie one like that! Now if I could only manage to catch a fish out of there as well. I went down there this past Sunday and fished below the ball fields and didn't have but one bite. Lots of deep holes in tight spaces like you said, but my jigs just weren't doing the trick.
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    ollie got a reaction from Terrierman in Big Ol' St Louis cat   
    I know some monsters have been caught in Alton by the grain elevators. Those catties love the grain as well!
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    ollie reacted to fishinwrench in Fly-fishing Jon boat   
    And Blah, blah, blah. Lots of sweat and cussing, and hangups on getting paint, a console, and various other items that ordinarily wouldn't be a problem at all (thanks to COVID fearing suppliers across the country).    
    Anyway, she's done and ready for taxes and registering at the DMV.  

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    ollie reacted to dan hufferd in Illionis Bike fishing trip   
    I had some work in the great state of Illionis, near Chicago for the last 6 weeks. 
    There are a ton of very nice interconnected bike/walking trails most leading to water in some way. It seems every subdivision has a pond of some sort. I could not help but to do a little recon fishing. I was able to squeeze in one morning of bike fishing.
    I left my room at 7am on 2 wheels, rode just over 11 miles, caught 11 bass cruising the weeds near bluegill beds, I was back in my room before 11am clocked just over 22 miles. Weightless pb&j zoom trick worm was the ticket, if they didn't hit it on a 5 second drop, just pop it up again. Fun!
    I am glad to be back in my hill country!  I'm not a city dweller!
    Total miles biked in Illionis 107 in 6 weeks, not real good, but it did rain, and I do work 12hr days/nights.
    Thank God for fishing! 

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    ollie reacted to Travis Swift in A new Tip for drifting fishing Taneycomo.   
    Something I discovered the last trip while drifting is called a "Carolina keeper".  They come in clear and red and are a hard rubber that you squeeze open with pliers and then when you get it where you want it it you release and it holds your weight in place.  So you just place your weight or swivel on the line then the Carolina Keeper and slide it up however far you want.  This means you only have one knot on the whole set up which is tied to your lure and your eliminating the need for 2 more knots with the swivel up above.  This also allows you to adjust the leader length as you want in a moments notice.  It doesn't crimp or damage the line like a split shot would either.   You can retie way way faster as well.  I used it both drifting scuds and small jerkbaits.  Anyhow a tip I wanted to pass along.  

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    ollie got a reaction from Quillback in Yet another big spoonie (potential world record)   
    My cousin said it didn't surprise him. He used to fish that tailwater all the time and said there were monsters in there just waiting to be snagged. Man those get big over there!
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    ollie reacted to wily in Chicken for dinner   
    Pretty good tonight...nother 19

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    ollie reacted to yaknar in Kayak Stowaway   
    I had a stowaway when I went floating this week. I get my kayak from the barn.  It sets in the garage overnight. I took it to the river and floated 5 hr. When I got home and took the hatch off to dry out there was a mouse inside. And it smells bad. I have since made a cover for it  while it drying out. And when I got home and walked behind my truck, my paddle was barely hanging on. I don't know how long it was like that. No one honked the horns to warn me.  As for the fishing it was a very good  day. I caught some nice bass and normally I might catch a couple whites a year, I caught 5 in one day. caught one walleye but when I got him unhooked in the kayak he flipped out before I could get a picture and a mess of goggle eyes. I used crankbaits all the way down the river and they either hit it as soon as it hit the water or they wanted it on a "fast" retrieved. It was a great day on the river, took pictures of a few and released them all...

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    ollie reacted to darbwa in Largemouth Are On   
    I also get frustrated that no one talks about Grand very often on this forum. I am fishing South Grand. Generally I stay south of Goat Island. 
    Here are a couple photos of my daughter having fun. She has been rubbing it in to her older brother that she is catching fish!

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    ollie reacted to Bill Babler in Early Morning Jerk Baiting with Hunter   
    I beat Ducky to the ramp this morning that happens very seldom.
    Hunter is leaving for the Marine Corps tomorrow and his dad bought him a trip to try and catch a big fish.  We started with a 4:45 launch out of Cooper and were tossing the megabass by 0500.  First fish  down stream from the ramp came at 5:30 and it totally crushed the stick bait.  We got 3 huge head shaking jumps out of it before it slung the mega bass back at the boat.  Hunter was a bit unprepared and got the line and rod behind him and the fish totally whipped him.  Would have whipped me too.
    Just a beautiful orange/yellow and red spotted fish that was probably 24 to 26 inches.  Hunter's dad and grand dad were in the boat and their eyes were as big a saucers.  The fish had the back hook in its mouth and the other two treble hooks were stuck to the side of its head, have no idea how it spit it with that many hooks but the battle was simply magnificent.  Hunter's dad ran to the front and they were hugging and high 5ing like crazy.  I was just sitting there with my mouth open, agasp.
    Next fish came at 6:30 and it was just about a repeat, only bigger.  Hunter was keeping the bait moving turning its head like walking the dog with a Zara Spook and this one nearly took the rod out of his hand.  As a matter of fact he said it hurt him.  The big brown just banged the stick bait about 1/2 back to the boat on a full cast toward the bank.  Fish came off the channel bank below Cooper.
    This fish was heavy wide thick and fat.  On the strike it went down and then came completely out of the water tail and all.  It was not as vibrant a color as the first, with more silver and probably 26 inches but really, really thick.  After that jump it ran down stream and jumped on a tight line quartering away from the boat.  Hunter held on as the drag sang.  It then turned toward the channel and jumped again not getting quite out of the water but enough to know it meant business.  The crazy fish then reversed its course and ran back the way it came.  Hunter had been doing a masterful job up to that point, as he had the drag singing and a nice bend in the 6'6" falcon medium rod.  When the fish turned back toward us his line just went totally slack and his rod bounced up and he quit reeling, thinking the big brown trout had pulled free.   His dad yelled you still have him, and he is running at you and we both in unison yelled "Keep Reeling,"   at that very moment, the fate full 4th. jump came almost back where he stuck him on a totally slack line.  I can still see that bait flying thru the air.
    I think after that one all 4 of us were totally silent and did not breath for  2 minutes, and that is a long time for me not saying anything. 
    Never boated a fish this morning and this will still go down as one of my all time favorite trips.  We sent Hunter off to serve his country with one of the most exciting mornings I have ever spent with a client outside of Alaska. 
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    ollie reacted to wily in Chicken for dinner   
    Pretty good tonight...19.5 with a baby duck in its gullet 
    also caught a couple 18’s...and a bunch of dinks
    Nice night in se Kansas 

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