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    ollie reacted to Devan S. in Parker Bottoms 2/20   
    Fished a busy Parker bottoms Saturday for a short time. Managed a couple small rainbows and couple small browns. Buddy caught a nice 17" rainbow and I stuck this nice brown in the same spot. Didn't get a good length but weighed 3.5lbs on my scales. 

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    ollie reacted to Hog Wally in A nice surprise in 33.5 degree water   
    Fished a little tournament on the Osage Saturday and had this beast eat my little cricket !!

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    ollie reacted to gotmuddy in 1/31/21 report, dam 3 access.   
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    ollie reacted to Mitch f in A great life memory   
    About 13 years ago, My business partner and I went over to Barcelona, Spain to look at a new scanning technology. We were thinking about becoming their North American distributor. Very cool place...The architecture was very cool, the Tapas we ate was very good, and in general just a fantastic place to visit.
    During the visit, the owner of the company took us out one night to Barcelona Stadium to watch a soccer game. The cool part of this was that Lionel Messi, probably the greatest soccer player of that time, and maybe GOAT, was playing in his home town team stadium. The owner intentionally rode with us on the subway over to the stadium. That night they were playing Germany, and it was apparently an important game and tensions were a little high. There was a group of young Germans on the subway, singing a German song out loud that had the same tune of “Oh Susannah”. They were belting it out at about 75% max volume. The locals were just kind of grinning and rolling there eyes. I’ve since found out that the British hooligans were the worst of all the soccer fans for causing trouble. 
    We got dropped off near the stadium and we all walked about the last 300 yards. There were probably 10 police paddy wagons sitting in front of the stadium as we walked by, ready for action. There was a definite sense of excitement in the air as we walked up to the “Nosebleed” seats. They announced that there were 100,000 people in attendance.
    Words can’t describe the noise level when Messi was dribbling the ball around the opposing players. Personally, I’ve never been to sporting event that crazy, but in Europe, I guess this is the status quo. Quite an experience! So I guess there is one thing I can say....
    There are not many people in the USA who can say they saw Messi play live in Barcelona stadium!!! For that I’m grateful!
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    ollie got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in Ankle Holster?   
    To be honest the places I carry are normally out in the woods or on the creek. Unfortunately I have encountered too many unsavory characters in the last few years. My gun normally stays in the truck. Nothing worse than running into a tweaker who wants to kick your arse at the ramp or parking lot in the middle of nowhere.
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    ollie got a reaction from ness in S.O.T. Kayak Recommendations   
    Anybody have a Vibe? looking at the Yellowfin 100 right now and it looks pretty simple and sweet. I think Thursday I am going down to Bella Vista and take a look at one from Ozark kayak. I'll see what they have to offer.
    Forgot to add this tidbit from my wife. I'm explaining to her what I am going to do with a canoe and kayak and she just looks at me and smiles. She says, "I don't care how many boats you have, I sell and collect jewelry all the time"!  Lol Green light if ever to buy as many as I want!
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    ollie reacted to Quillback in January 19, Big M area   
    Got in the water about 0730, another boat was launching just before me and that was the only other boat I saw up until I left at 1:30 in the PM.
    Decent bite on the Ned rig, usual chunk rock banks, points with timber on them.  Only exception was catching a couple on old boat ramps.  Fish were anywhere from 10 feet out to about 25.  Slow dragging on the bottom.
    Caught 17 with 5 keepers.
    WT was 44 early when I checked.

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    ollie reacted to Terrierman in Chiefs just keep finding a way to win...   
    I did.  But I thought QB sneak, never a pass to Hill out in the flat.  But that's the kind of call that makes Andy the coach that he is.  Brilliant!
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    ollie reacted to ness in Chiefs just keep finding a way to win...   
    I can get excited and loud watching football. That pass on 4th and 1 from Henne to Hill had me up outta my chair and sent the dogs running for cover! 
    Also, a great call by Nantz and Romo 
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    ollie got a reaction from Flysmallie in Chiefs just keep finding a way to win...   
    It's an amazing thing to see, but man they should have lost that game yesterday! Always been a Chief's fan and always will be, but they just keep getting super lucky!
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    ollie reacted to BilletHead in Chiefs just keep finding a way to win...   
    Yes and I have killed a bear with a recurve bow which is just a stick and string but was more scared of this game than that bear!
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    ollie reacted to fshndoug in What lived in our forests?...   
    license plates from Mo.at Taneycomo in September.
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    ollie reacted to moguy1973 in I'm blown away   
    A few weeks ago I was over on Bass Resource and a topic about fly fishing came up and the guy that started the thread wanted to know who fly fished and if they fly fished for species other than trout.  I put my 2 cents in and said I've only ever fly fished for trout but sometime when I have more time on my hands I wouldn't mind giving fly fishing for bass a try. The farm pond I fish in would work great for fly fishing, there are decent sized bass in it, and there aren't many trees around it that would get in the way of casting. I also have a nice St. Croix 7wt rod my mom left me when she passed away that would probably work ok for larger flies.  Well, a couple days later I get a message from the guy asking if I would give him my address and he would send me a few bass and pan fish flies to try out that he tied.  He said he was a retired, disabled veteran from Montana and he has a lot of time on his hands in the winter time and that's what he does to make that clock hands move.  So I gave him my info and asked if I could pay for shipping and he declined that offer.  He said he would send me a couple flies to try and they would get to me in a couple weeks since their USPS service up there still uses horses (*sic*).  Today I got a small box in the mail and when I opened it there were two fly boxes in it full of what is below.  Way beyond what I was expecting.  I guess there are still some really awesome people out there in the world.  All he asked in return was for some pictures of the fish I catch with them, which I'll absolutely hold that end of the bargain.

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    ollie reacted to Blake Wilson in Night Fishing report taneycomo   
    The turbidity of the water is getting much clearer, after hearing good reports of night bite from the previous night decided to get out and wade up by the dam!  Got to the hatchery around 10pm started out with the signature series 762 French pearl the first hour had 3 fish between outlet 1 and outlet 2 had  numerous hook up and get off shortly after.  It would seem they were short biting a little bit. However much more active night bite then I have seen in almost 2 months.  Humorous side note I fell over while wading( it was 35 degrees) but didn’t let it deter me, continued fishing.  After a while of trying slightly different retrieval speeds it turned out that and extremely slow retrieve with very short pauses was the most effective for producing the most hook ups. One other side note, they were running a little less than a half unit.  After a little over 1 hour between outlet 1 and 2 we decided to make a move down to the boat ramp around 11pm.  Just 2 casts in by the boat ramp, using a 762 signature series rainbow hooked up with my personal best brown trout length of 30 3/8 inches and we caught one more 19” brown right on the other side of the boat ramp!  Those were the only 2 fish we found down by the boat ramp and it seemed around midnight that they just shut off but an amazing night of fishing and I think we can look forward to a more productive night bite from here on out!

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    ollie got a reaction from Quillback in Seen So Much   
    My mom did the same exact thing with us boys.  My dad travelled and was never home until the weekend. What was bad is when you did something early in the week and then by Friday you thought she would forget, until later in the day after school she would remind you.  
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    ollie reacted to netboy in 12/12 Fishing trip   
    Lots of stockers today along with a few nicer ones. Caught this guy in a deeper run on the Y2K under an indicator. Got some great jumps out of him.

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    ollie reacted to Devan S. in 12/23 Cane Brake Short Trip   
    Arrived about 3pm had one fish on my mind from the other day. Knew I only had an hour so made the most of my time and went straight to where I saw him last. 
    Had several hookups on smaller rainbows with the small jerkbait but they come right off with barbless hooks without ever landing them.
    Started moving up above the access and caught a nice 17" and a small 8-10" fish. Also caught a decent little rainbow. Hooked up on another 3 or 4 fish that pulled off. 
    I know staying until after dark would probably be a good idea but had things to do. 

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    ollie got a reaction from bfishn in Bait   
    Cut shad period.
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    ollie got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in Quarantined   
    Had an uncle die from it last week and the funeral is tomorrow. He was 90. On a vent and was getting better so they put him on a bi-pap and everything was alright for a couple of days and then he took a turn for the worse. Died 3 days after getting off the vent. It can happen to anyone at anytime.
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    ollie got a reaction from BilletHead in Quarantined   
    Had an uncle die from it last week and the funeral is tomorrow. He was 90. On a vent and was getting better so they put him on a bi-pap and everything was alright for a couple of days and then he took a turn for the worse. Died 3 days after getting off the vent. It can happen to anyone at anytime.
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    ollie reacted to Phil Lilley in SW Kansas Bird Hunt   
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    ollie reacted to Flysmallie in How Strong Is Your Belief?   
    Every time I camp on a gravel bar I pray that I’m not assraped by Bigfoot. I haven’t been so I’m pretty sure it’s working. 
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    ollie reacted to Mitch f in How Strong Is Your Belief?   
    The Chinese would starve a Jew to death! Take it from someone who knows. 🤓
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    ollie got a reaction from nomolites in Night fishing advice needed 12-10   
    You ain't kidding about the water coming up fast! I was down there back in January wading from the handicap access up to the island and never heard the horn blow. My buddy was a little ways downstream from me and he noticed it had started to rise. By the time we headed back down to the access the water had come up to my waist. It was at shin level when we entered the water. So yeah, be careful at night because it does come up really fast!
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