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  1. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    Think I'll CL it in about three weeks, depending on weather, unless someone on here is interested.
  2. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    What's the best month to sell a rig? March?
  3. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    Thanks for the nice comment, fishinwrench. Yes, that motor is a classic. I simply haven't been using the rig enough to justify keeping it. It's taking up garage space. It's too nice a rig to leave outside even under cover, IMO. I'm going to wait a month or so before putting it on CL. Hopefully, I can sell it here to some avid fisherman who will have it out every week. $4k firm.
  4. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    Because it's such a pristine rig for its age, plus the upgrades I've done, I'm asking 4K firm.
  5. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    Yes, I need to sell it...not using it enough to justify having it in the garage.
  6. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    Pretty much have to sell it as a complete rig, or it might be hard to sell. Sorry.
  7. JohnF52

    Please help me price a rig

    1998 Xpress 1650VJ with .100 gauge hull. Hull in very good to excellent condition. Good running 25 HP low hour electric start tiller steer 1998 Evinrude, 2013 MotorGuide foot controlled bow mounted trolling motor. LED running lights. Five inch Humminbird fish finder with GPS, lake maps chip, and down imaging. Built in rod locker. Two Millenium boat seats. Two batteries. Anchor, cushions, bilge pump. Good trailer with spare, UHMW bunk runners for shallow water launch. Everything works, no issues, garage kept.
  8. JohnF52

    Open the floodgates

    Huge rain today in the Beaver Lake headwaters. Lake is only 2.2 feet below flood stage now. Rapid rise coming.
  9. JohnF52

    Rain on the way

    Back in the day, (1960s-70s) we used to catch more fish on Beaver without fish finders than people catch now with them. Has the fish population declined?
  10. JohnF52

    White Bass Run

    Anyone noticed the run starting? Usually small males come upriver first.
  11. JohnF52

    White River at Elkins

    02-24-18: The White River at Elkins is rolling again, the second time this week. We should see lake level of 1120 Sunday.
  12. JohnF52

    Oooh got that fever

    Do they sell fathead minnows?
  13. JohnF52

    Polar Bear

    I knew a couple of guys way back in the early years of Beaver Lake that caught 10 bass in less than an hour that weighed about 63 pounds total. That was very unusual, even back then. Those bass probably were original stockers. The growth was incredible in the first four years of the lake staring to fill over the fields and woodlands. The five largest would have been well over 35 pounds total.
  14. JohnF52

    Feathers and Fins where is he?

    He was kind enough to meet me at the 12 bridge ramp one day. Took me out in his boat and showed me how he catches crappie. Very nice and generous man!

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