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  1. JohnF52

    Open the floodgates

    Huge rain today in the Beaver Lake headwaters. Lake is only 2.2 feet below flood stage now. Rapid rise coming.
  2. JohnF52

    Rain on the way

    Back in the day, (1960s-70s) we used to catch more fish on Beaver without fish finders than people catch now with them. Has the fish population declined?
  3. JohnF52

    White Bass Run

    Anyone noticed the run starting? Usually small males come upriver first.
  4. JohnF52

    White River at Elkins

    02-24-18: The White River at Elkins is rolling again, the second time this week. We should see lake level of 1120 Sunday.
  5. JohnF52

    Oooh got that fever

    Do they sell fathead minnows?
  6. JohnF52

    Polar Bear

    I knew a couple of guys way back in the early years of Beaver Lake that caught 10 bass in less than an hour that weighed about 63 pounds total. That was very unusual, even back then. Those bass probably were original stockers. The growth was incredible in the first four years of the lake staring to fill over the fields and woodlands. The five largest would have been well over 35 pounds total.
  7. JohnF52

    Feathers and Fins where is he?

    He was kind enough to meet me at the 12 bridge ramp one day. Took me out in his boat and showed me how he catches crappie. Very nice and generous man!
  8. JohnF52

    Beaver Lake & White River Current Conditions 3-30-15

    White River is barely trickling in most places. This fall has been even drier than last fall. The soil in fields around here is powder dry. Looks like 2006 all over again. Will we see the Monte Ne Amphitheater again soon?
  9. JohnF52

    Feathers and Fins where is he?

    Some people gave him no credit, and negative vibes. He is a great guy. He started a FB forum.
  10. JohnF52

    Winter water Level

    They don't need the power right now. It's an off peak part of the year, and Beaver is for peak electrical demands. They will not try to sell power when there is not much market for it. Winter power pool level is 1,120.43. The Southwest Power Pool will try to hold it to no higher than that, but can go lower depending on power needs, all the way down to 1,077.0.
  11. JohnF52

    Bait Regulation.

    I can't either. I've always caught more on the AR River than on Beaver. It's a much richer fishery, and much richer in forage too. To guide on the river, a USCG Captain license is required.
  12. JohnF52

    Bait Regulation.

    There are zebra mussels in the Arkansas River. Beaver may have some starting already from that practice. They take a few years to show up.
  13. JohnF52

    Bait Regulation.

    That regulation will be very difficult to enforce.
  14. JohnF52


    Redear are getting huge (exceeding five pounds) in Lake Havasu Arizona due to their consumption of zebra mussels. Blue Catfish like to eat those mussels also.

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