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  1. Rock snot. Where it isn't?

    Normally I'm one to fish with the conditions. However, this spring trip has been an entirely different ball of wax from the last 9 years down here. How far do I have to go from Indian Point to get away from the entire bottom <15' being coated in snot? Wife and 5/9 year olds can normally fish 'ol ned all day long from late april to mid may and have a ball... but nobody's having any fun this year with with "tick, thud, pull, oh it's slime". Not gonna lie... I as the "fisherman", am already bored with trying to stumble upon the random secondary point which holds roaming suspended fish chasing shad that are willing to bite a kietech in 8-12 over 15-22, depending on the sun and wind. Give me a drag/bottom bait of some kind... but how much fuel do I need to run there to be able to do so? If I can't get the family on some fish, it's probably going to mean more trips to Grand Country "Fun Spot" or the Disney store at the outlet. Help! Or maybe I'm just SOL along with everyone else on this pond, given the terrific weather we've had this year. Globull warming my a$$.
  2. Getting the green algae stain off my boat?

    I've used automotive 3m rubbing/buffing compound with good success on mine. It's the stuff they use when wetsanding and buffing clear coat. I think if your gel coat is in good condition, and the stains are just from regular outings (rather than being docked in water for months) then you'll be fine. We've got pretty stained water at home from lots of vegetation, so my white hull usually gets a discolored ring after several outings on the lake... but it usually comes off pretty easily. A cheap electrical orbital buffer makes it a lot easier than doing it by hand.
  3. FLW Costa

    Man I have horrible timing for spring vacations on this pond. Ok, cool ,record flood, good, good, snow, ok, good, great, record flood, 800 boats in 3 weeks. Sept/Oct trips are just gravy on the turkey. At least we caught 2 on ol' ned in 15 before the rain chased us off tonight. First quick day down, 8 full ones to go.
  4. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    Not necessarily -- if one is willing to deal in used equipment. I own a clean champ 734 that cost me $160. If you have the time to search and aren't in a hurry, lots of good deals can be found on ebay, BBC, and other online fishing forums. I used to buy my Dobyns stuff (no I don't own a jersey ) new during the usual online sale times... but by the time the rod count approached double digits, my better half had become rather cynical of my "it's on sale" schtick. So I started shopping used and found that I could pick up most stuff for 35 to sometimes 50% off of original retail. The less popular the rod is, the bigger your discount usually is. Now that's just the market for used Dobyns gear, but I'd think you could find other niche brands for similar. My general experience is that the majority of people who have sunk $200+ into a fishing stick will have taken reasonably decent care of it (if not, you can easily tell by the pics). The extent of any scratching or cork soiling/dings will have more impact on your discount, versus your ability to fish with it. Used reels can be a bargain too, but IMPO, you need to be a little more particular due to the mechanical aspects. So in short, don't be afraid to also look at used if you want a higher end model but don't want to spend the $ for it new.
  5. WTF?

    Have no worries -- I will be venturing from the Great (somewhat) North on Saturday and bringing you cooler temps for next week. The weatherman says its going to top out in the 60s and drop into the 40s overnight. Also calling a round of showers with the front Saturday night into Sunday AM. That should help some, shouldn't it? Or is it still a couple weeks away from really starting to pick back up? If I get down this time of year it's usually around Columbus Day, so I don't have as good of feel for the transition out of the September/early-October funk.
  6. Tuesday trip

  7. Tuesday trip

    What's the water clarity looking like lately? Looks pretty bluegeeen there, but wondered if the gold double willow was in response to some sort of dirt or tannin stain... or just the lighting/cloud cover). Will be down for a week in just a little over a week.
  8. Not a Table Rock report

    Never would I have thought I'd come to OAF and find a report with pics from Wanahoo. And let's just dispense with all this ned talk in relation to said lake. It will certainly NOT catch fish at wanahoo or anywhere else around these parts. Nope, no fish. Those wanahoo bass will completely ignore anything you throw in a gp/red or Canada craw on one of Dave's 1/16oz heads. Spend your hard earned money on something else if you want a 30+ fish morning. With that said, let's get back to normal debates about wart knockoffs and frustrations over increased lake traffic.
  9. Gravois Arm this week

    That's the concern I have with where we're staying (not my call to make though). My hope is if I fish the weekdays prior to 9am and after ~8pm then I can hop between a few nearby pockets/coves and avoid the brunt of what you just described. Now if that's not even possible due to the sheer number of crazies, then maybe I'm better off saving some mpg's and leaving the boat at home.
  10. Gravois Arm this week

    Wrench, would those be good patterns to try in main-lake coves as well? I gather that most folks are fishing upstream to avoid the traffic this time of year... but a family event will have us staying in the MM14 area next week. First time on LOZ.
  11. Dam area 5/11

    Wow! I highly advise against throwing gp/orange on the ned. It's downright opressive.... makes them them upset and angry. Too many people start throwing it, we're gonna run out of safe spaces for all these triggered fish.
  12. Dam area 5/11

    Haven't tried the GP/orange yet... but have found the canada craw to be working pretty well in place of the usual PBJ.
  13. Indian Point area - 5/7-5/9

    I wish I had a ton of profound insight to add, but all the reports since Saturday are pretty spot on with what I've come across thus far during our weeklong stay. Limited spinnerbait bite (assuming there's wind), zilch on a topwater, and not a whole lot for a suspended/keitech bite (finally started to see a few of those fish show up on the graph today, more during our late-evening outing)... which leaves you the bottom of the lake. Bearing in mind that I take the kitchen-sink approach when I first get a few hours away from the kids/nedheads, I've caught them on shakey finesse worms, tubes, 5/16 eakins jigs, heavier football jigs, and a biffle head / structure bug. The tube though has been about my most consistent bite. 3/16 weight, 3.5" tube, gp/orange bps if you want to be specific. I'm beginning to think though that you can pretty much catch them on whatever you have the patience to drag across the bottom, in the right depth. So maybe returning to typical spring pattern?? Oh, and another plug for +/- a few feet of the old bank line. And slow. If the trees are just too tempting to leave alone, the first row is the most productive with the drawdown.
  14. State park area 5/6

    I'll throw my hat in this ring as well. After a day of travel and unpacking, got the family out for about 45 minutes prior to sundown. Buzzed up to one of our usual haunts near Indian Point and put m&m's report to use. As promised, marked and caught fish parked right near that old bank line under about 15-20 ft of water. Ended up with 5 shorts and one barely keeper before two tired kids became too unruly to push staying out later. Shaky worm and ned accounted for the hooked fish. Had two nibble a tube but wouldn't commit, and one shallow fish throw loose a 5/16 finesse war eagle halfway to the boat. Back at it tomorrow AM.
  15. Ramp suggestion

    Add Still Waters to the list. We'll be down there for 8 days beginning tomorrow. I called this morning and confirmed they had docks up and slips available. Their going rate for the hotel size rooms is around $60/nt (no idea on availability), plus a little extra if you want a slip. I launched from their main marina drive near the peak of April '11, so should be fine at 930+. If you see a white & red triton fish/ski putting around that neck of the woods, say hi. Hoping to contribute a few reports for the good of the cause.

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