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  1. What a shame. Hopefully it died of natural causes. I guess if someone caught it recently and then tried to release it we would have heard about it and there surely would have been pictures.
  2. Water was a bit lower this morning so I launched the boat at Cotter and ran up to a shoal that was wadeable. I didn't see any fish coming up so I started with a Y2K and midge dropper under an indicator. I noticed a nice golden rainbow holding in the current and made a cast just upstream of him and he took the Y2K. After I released him I saw another golden and caught him also. Then one more showed up and I caught him. That was 3 goldens in a row, all different sizes. This shoal is not close to any of the stocking points so I guess the goldens must like each other's company and hang out together. Overall it was a good morning with lots of rainbows and one decent brown. They liked the Y2K better than the midge today. Here's a picture of the biggest golden and the brown...
  3. I take 2 fly rods, 1 rigged for indicator fishing and the other for dry/wet flies, a pair of waders, wading boots and fly vest. And the normal safety stuff, a rainsuit and some basic tools.
  4. Ran out of file space. Here is the rainbow...
  5. I launched at Wildcat this morning and ran to some protected water and then put the waders on. There were some fish rising to small mayflies so I tied on a size 18 parachute Adams. I had 6 or 7 takes and landed 3 rainbows and a decent cuttie. Then I noticed a big splash close to the shoreline so I switched to a size 10 green foam hopper since I saw quite a few small green hoppers yesterday when I mowed the yard. Second cast and I hooked the brown in the first and second pictures. A while later I hooked the rainbow in the last picture. I missed a few more takes on the hopper and then I didn't see anything rising so I switched to a Y2K/midge combo under an indicator and caught quite a few rainbows. Glad to see the fish starting to look for hoppers as that is one of my favorite ways to fish.
  6. I forgot about those. They stocked them last fall just to confuse us TU guys after the Bonneville plants. I caught a few at Rim Shoals and thought they were Bonnevilles but Christy Graham said they put them in. Add another species to the slam list...That would be quite an accomplishment to catch all (now 8 species) of trout from the Bull Shoals tailwater in a single day.
  7. It is really going to be difficult to get a true White River "Slam" in one day's fishing. 🙂 You would need... Rainbow Golden rainbow Brown Snake river (fine spot) cutthroat Bonneville (big spot) cutthroat Brook Tiger
  8. They stocked 5,800 brook trout between the dam and Gaston's earlier this month and another 2,700 at Norfork... https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/07/14/brookies-stocked/
  9. They only stocked them in the C&R area below the dam with the thought that many of them would stay up there and be protected. But apparently some of them are moving downstream as the one I caught was just upstream of Stetson's. Here's some more info... https://www.agfc.com/en/news/2020/05/27/agfc-to-try-tiger-trout-hybrid-in-bull-shoals-tailwater/
  10. Sounds like a good day. I fished around Stetson's this morning and also caught a small Tiger trout. I understand they are triploids so they should grow pretty fast.
  11. Well since there aren't many reports on here lately, I guess I'll put one up... I launched the boat at Cotter ramp and ran up to a side channel that has a big coon tail weed bed where sulphurs have been hatching. Put the waders on and there were a few fish coming up but they were few and far between. I caught 3 on a sulphur dry fly and then switched to a Y2K and ruby midge combo and started to do better. I caught quite a few rainbows, lost a really nice golden rainbow and then caught this long but skinny brown on the midge. Still decent fishing but the flows are coming up more each day. It was 22" but looks like it hasn't had a decent meal in quite some time.
  12. Or a piece of hot dog, a piece of doggie biscuit, a marshmellow or just about anything...
  13. Match the hatch....What color Power bait and how to stack them??? Bait guys at the ramp swear that a pink one first, then a Chartreuse, then an orange one. Then maybe re-stack in a different order. Must make a difference.
  14. Can't speak for Missouri but they have been stocking like crazy here in Arkansas for the last few months. Jim Hinkle hatchery truck came yesterday and loaded a stocking raft and then dumped a bunch off the Wildcat ramp. This morning the Norfork National hatchery truck showed up and dumped another load in off the Wildcat ramp. I fish most every day and the stocking in Arkansas has been at least normal if not more since January. If you think about it, it takes around 14 months to raise a trout from an egg to stockable size. There was no Covid 14 months ago. They have to release the trout or what is the alternative? Put them in the dumpster?
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