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  1. Yeah I see it too. And then when they catch one you hear the live well top slam shut and no release. Glad they are starting to patrol it more.
  2. SWPA ran a little water this morning but shut it down at 9:00 am. I headed to the dam C&R area and got there at 9:30. Water was already down and fishing was good with some nice size rainbows and a couple of cutthroats. Surprisingly I have yet to catch a brown up there since it reopened Feb 1. Now for the first... I was wading in the middle of the river and a guy in a kayak comes straight towards me. I am thinking WTH is he doing? Then I hear, Hi, State Game Warden. So I said cool, what do you want to see? He says license and wants to see my fly. I say great... glad to see you out here
  3. Just 1 guide boat up by the powerhouse.
  4. They shut the water off around noon today so I went to the C&R zone at the dam. Caught some nice rainbows, 1 cutthroat about 16" and a Tiger trout that was about 13". They stocked the tigers last fall and the ones I caught in the fall were all around 8 inches so it looks like they are growing pretty fast. They were all triploids so I guess that's why. Here's a couple pictures of the better rainbows. One on a Y2K and the other on a Ruby midge.
  5. Opps, forgot to add the picture...
  6. Got my first Pfizer shot this afternoon by BRMC at the Baxter county fairgrounds. Very well organized and no problems. In and out in about 10 minutes. Next one is 3/5.
  7. Gonna be pretty cold down south also. Just talked to my friend in Corpus and they are expecting some really cold weather. Possible fish kills from the cold and low tides.
  8. That is a bull red for sure.... The smaller ones are fun on a fly rod but I imagine there was some chasing going on with that guy.
  9. Well we finally got on a list. My wife called around today and found the best lead yet. She talked to Walmart and Walgreens and they said it was coming but they had no real plan or list at this time. They said load their App to get on the list. We did that but both their App's took our info and then said the vaccine wasn't available in our location at this time. She then called the Mom and Pop pharmacy in Viola and they put us both on the list and said they had many cancellations due to the big push by Baxter Regional today and we were about number 200 on the list and they are
  10. A few more from the good old days in Texas before they removed the oil rigs... 1. Cobia (aka Ling) 2. Grouper 3, Nice Kingfish my daughter caught, it was as long as she was tall.. 4. A few flounder from Galveston bay
  11. A few pics of Red Snapper trips from the old days on the Texas coast...
  12. Thanks Ham. I don't listen to the radio very often so I missed the announcement.
  13. Well the Covid vaccine distribution in Arkansas is a complete disaster. I am 72 and in the 1-B category. The local radio station (KTLO) said that you have to take it in your home county. We live in Marion county and the only place is a Harp's pharmacy in Yellville. Well OK, we call them and try to get on "the list". Guess what, no list. They said we need to just keep checking their website to try to get an appointment. That was 2 weeks ago and no appointments. So today we call some pharmacy in Mountain Home that is "designated" to administer said vaccine. They said we will put you o
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