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  1. Just curious, what bait do you use to catch suckers?
  2. netboy


    Search for Buford Spur Place on Google maps. There are about a dozen homes along the river and a small private and somewhat primitive boat ramp where the road ends. Unfortunately that area is pretty remote so probably nobody around to help.
  3. netboy


    It sounds like the private ramp for the subdivision on the Baxter county side just upstream from Crooked creek confluence.
  4. Fishing has been good but the water is back up. It was 5 units this morning and went up to 7 late morning. Very limited walk-in wade fishing right now. I launched the boat at Wildcat this morning and ran to a shoal downstream that has wadeable water. There were some trout rising and I caught 4 or 5 on a crackleback. When that slowed down I changed to a Y2K with a ruby midge dropper and caught about 20 more including this nice rainbow and brown. Check out the red coloring on the brown's adipose fin.
  5. Oh my, I thought you were talking about Mingo Falls in Cherokee, NC. Really pretty place and decent trout fishing.
  6. I have noticed more small rainbows on the White also. Most are 4 to 5 inches long and are full finned with white tips and many have parr marks. That makes me think they are wild spawned trout.
  7. The last week has been great fishing with lots of wading opportunities and some good dry fly fishing. It was nice while it lasted but SWPA flows are coming back up starting tomorrow but too bad. I waded at the dam yesterday and then Roundhouse Shoals today and both areas were good. Eggs/midges early and then dry flies and cacklebacks started around mid morning when the bugs started hatching. Just watch for the dragonflies to start picking up the hatching bugs and then put on a dry fly. Here's a couple of nice rainbows...
  8. A couple more,,, first one is a small tiger.
  9. We have had minimum flow on the White and Norfork since Tuesday. They are increasing the flows around noon so the water is down until about 5pm here at Cotter. I fished Norfork one day and then here at Cotter and Roundhouse a couple days and Bull Shoals dam yesterday and this morning. Fishing has been great with lots of nice size rainbows, a few cutthroats, browns, brookies, goldens and tigers. The last couple of days at the dam fish have been rising to small mayflies starting around 10 am and a size 18 parachute Sulphur has been working on top. Egg with a midge dropper has been good as wel
  10. Just a couple more comments on the big drop in water levels. I fished at Bull Shoals dam yesterday and saw lots of buzzards feasting on dead trout in the depressions along the shoreline. Not to mention that the herons were too fat to fly much more than a couple feet off the water. Today I waded at Roundhouse Shoals on minimum flow and there were 4 boats pulled up on the shore and guys walking the shoreline. I talked to one of them and he said they were collecting sculpins that had been stranded by the big water drop. Apparently they sell them to the trout docks for bait. Seems like
  11. Yes, looks like it was deleted for some reason??? I know Duane and trust what he said. Here is the first part of the notification... USACE flow changes killing trout by ozarkflyfisherjournal THE USACE is killing trout and endangering waders with wildly swinging flows below Bull Shoals Dam. Guide Duane Bell posted Facebook video of "hundreds" of dead fish stranded without water below Bull Shoals yesterday morning when flows plummeted five feet in a couple of hours: from around 14,000 cfs to 750 cfs in under 2 […]
  12. This was on Dally's blog this morning. The minimum flows are great for wading but the COE needs to drop the water a bit slower. Hopefully they will get the message. https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/09/03/usace-flow-changes-killing-trout/
  13. Interesting. I didn't know they would hit a lure. Also I remember reading that they are pretty tasty when battered and fried.
  14. Cool story. What are they, some kind of carp?
  15. We only got a half inch of rain out of Laura but apparently there was lots more on the lower White. They turned the water off last night and there was only 1 generator running this morning. I waded the area just upstream from Cotter and there were lots of fish everywhere I tried. I caught a ton of rainbows as well as this nice golden and brown. I caught around 10 on dry flies early and the rest on eggs, midges and San Juan worms later. Don't know how long it will last but it was nice not fighting the higher flows.
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