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  1. 1. Chain river bridge over the Danube in Budapest. 2. Vltava river in Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic.
  2. One more tip... Reds are constantly moving to find their food (think grazers) whereas our trout in the rivers are stationery in their ambush points.
  3. Well we had more rain the last few days and the lakes rose about 5 feet so more big releases in the near future. That said I went to my neighborhood backyard fishing areas and the trout were up in their yards feeding on bugs coming up out of the flooded grass. Caught some on a size 18 BWO and also the ruby midge. Here's a couple of the better ones...
  4. It's very similar to fishing the rivers up here. Find some transition areas where there is a shallow ridge or drop-off. Redfish will follow those contours and then wade those areas and you will catch fish. Also very important to figure out which way the fish are moving...always into the current. That is usually a very slight current in a bay system created by tides or winds and then wade slowly into the current direction to maximize the opportunities.
  5. We enjoyed south Texas while we were there but the summer heat can be brutal. It was like 9 months of heat and 3 months of cooler weather. Also got tired of worrying about hurricanes and tropical storms. We closed on our house in Corpus 1 week before hurricane Harvey hit. We enjoy the seasonal weather up here.
  6. We had a great redfish fishery on the Laguna Madre but I did take a self guided redfish trip to Venice La it was pretty darn good. Good luck, but you probably will not need it down there. Send pics and report.
  7. Just to clarify... this is for a bay (inshore) trip. Offshore trips are much more expensive especially in Texas since they have to travel a long way to hit deep water.
  8. Guides are pretty expensive on the Texas coast. They average around $600 a day for a party of 4.
  9. We lived on the Laguna Madre near Corpus Christi for 17 years. We had a house on a canal with a boat lift and yes, saltwater is hard on equipment. But with regular maintenance it is not a problem. I had a 20 foot shallow water flats boat with a Suzuki 140 fourstroke that I bought when we moved down there and it was still running great when we moved up here a couple of years ago. It had over 5k hours on it. I fished or duck hunted 4 or 5 days per week. As previously said you need to hose off your rods and reels after use and I would flush the motor once a week. .
  10. I saw them filming that episode last year. He was with Donald Cranor and they had another boat with the film crew. They were fishing the side channel just above the railroad bridge near Cotter. It was a HIGH water day.
  11. Here is a report on the AGFC meeting about the Spring River trout management plan that was held Monday (courtesy of Mark Crawford's blog). May be some good things in the future. https://www.springriverfliesandguides.com/blog
  12. I use warm water with a few drops of Dawn detergent and then treat it with Mucilin green once it is dry.
  13. Cold day on the Spring river.
  14. May be a better plan to rent a canoe from one of the many outfitters and do an overnight camping trip. The North Fork of the White and the Eleven Point river have good outfitters that will set you up on a great trip.
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