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  1. Wow it looked like 4th of July up here today. The parking lot at Cotter was packed. There was minimum flow scheduled until about noon today so I waded Roundhouse Shoals this morning. Fishing was great and there seemed to be trout everywhere you would think there should be trout. I wasn't counting but probably caught upwards of 80. Started with a Y2K and then went to a crackleback and finally found some caddis hatching and that was fun. Didn't get any really big ones but lots of 16 - 17" so good fun. Looks like an indefinite paid vacation for most folks from the bigger cities due to all these crazy happenings and what better way to enjoy that.
  2. Got our post card today and we are diligently making our tin foil hats right now as I type this...
  3. The schedule showed minimum flow all day today so I went back to the dam C&R area this morning. I was the only one there until about noon and then a few others showed up. Fishing was good with lots of nice size rainbows, one average brown and one average size cutthroat. There were lots of midges hatching when I got there and a size 18 parachute Adams worked until the hatch slowed down. The Y2K worked after that and also the olive mop fly. Looks like more water running tomorrow so the dam area won't be wadeable.
  4. They have been running some minimum flow at Bull Shoals Dam C&R area the last few days. This will be short lived until the flows at Newport gauge start to go down and then we will see big flows again. That said, fishing has been good at the dam. It is like old home week with all the "usual suspects" present and accounted for. Good to catch up with the guys. Fishing was good with some really nice rainbows, a brown here and there and a couple of nice cutthroats today. A friend caught a 23" brown today and I had 3 rainbows over 18" along with many smaller rainbows and 2 cutties. Best flies were small black midges, ruby midges, size 16 Y2K and then caddis dries after 3 PM when a small hatch started. No pics today as I forgot the phone. Enjoy it while we can.
  5. I haven't read this entire thread so I don't know if this article has already been posted. Anyhow some interesting thoughts... Couple days old. But interesting excerpt from an article from MIT Technology Review: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/6...-19-really-is/ "The new coronavirus has killed more than 8,700 people, which is about 4% of the 214,000 confirmed cases, making for a shocking death rate. But the real fatality rate among everyone infected by the virus is certainly lower, and possibly much lower. The reason epidemiologists can’t say for sure is they don’t know how many people are infected but never go to the hospital or even have symptoms. In essence, modelers are missing an accurate denominator of the death-rate calculation. That’s a huge problem for setting policy. John Ioannidis of Stanford University, writing March 17 in the publication STAT, argued that the true death rate could be less than that of the seasonal flu. If so, “draconian countermeasures” are being decided amidst an “evidence fiasco” of “utterly unreliable” data about how many people are infected. Just this week, a report estimated that early in the outbreak only 1-in-5 to 1-in-10 of the actual infections were being documented." For example if you look at today's numbers from the CDC for the US (35,418 confirmed cases and 473 deaths) that comes out to a death rate of .013.
  6. Praying to the toilet Gods???? Been there , done that.
  7. A couple more on the lighter side...
  8. Water went down this morning at Cotter but it was still muddy. I took the boat up to White Hole Access and ran up to a shoal where was some wadeable water. Fishing was good and I caught most on an olive mop fly and the usual Y2K, about 50/50. Good thing was a few caddis came up before I left so I tied on an Elk Hair and caught a few on that. Here's a coupe of browns, one on the mop fly and one on the Elk hair... nothing huge but still fun.
  9. They actually shut Bull Shoals dam to less than 1 unit around 10 this morning. May be due to high water downstream. Newport gauge is showing 21.5 feet and rising.
  10. I read there are quite a few retired Chinese living in northern Itlay. Somewhere around 350k. Probably lots of travel to/from China, family visits etc.
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