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  1. Fishing has been decent the last couple of weeks but there are very limited opportunities for wading. Flows are high but steady at around 5 to 6 units most days. Yesterday I found some trout coming up to sulphurs in a protected area and had fun drifting a foam sulphur dry fly back to them. Caught quite a few rainbows along with this nice brown. I first thought it was a small rainbow when it came up to the fly. It barely made a ripple on the surface and then went crazy on the hook set.
  2. I think both my wife and I have already had it. We went on a cruise on the Adriatic coast (right next to Venice Italy) to Croatia and Montenegro in late February. We had layovers in a crowded Paris DeGalle airport on the way over and a crowded Amsterdam Schiphol airport on the way home. We both had what we thought was a mild flu when we got home. Lasted a few days and then gone. Guess we should get checked for the antibodies.
  3. Oh my... hope your boss doesn't look at this website.
  4. Those are pretty nice...
  5. Thanks Bill. I'll have to try that. I have had good luck with an olive mop fly here on the White stripping it much the same way as fishing a jig.
  6. Do you guys dead drift those under an indicator or strip them back?
  7. They ran 1 full unit this morning so I took the boat up the C&R area. Sulphurs have been coming up in a couple of places on minimum flow but with the higher water those areas were not wadeable today. I anchored the boat upstream and drifted a size 16 parachute Sulphur back to fish that were rising for the bugs. There weren't many bugs hatching but those that came up got eaten pretty quick. The hatch lasted about an hour and there were some healthy rainbows chomping them down. After the hatch stopped I waded some protected water and caught quite a few on Y2K/ruby midge under an indicator. Here are a few of the better ones...
  8. This is true... Most of them could not read or understand much more than a comic book.
  9. If it was white it was probably a Shakespeare Wonder Rod. I still have one from my Bennett Springs days in the early sixties.
  10. These are pretty darn good. I have a friend from Colorado that was just here and used one and he said it was equal to his $500 Sage. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Goture-Fly-Fishing-Rod-4WT-5WT-8WT-9WT-Carbon-Fiber-Fly-Rod-Trout-Bass-Saltwater/324137222288?hash=item4b78158090:g:HAoAAOSwGVVel8hN Also it had this reel on it and he said it was as good as his $250 Sage reel. When you think about it what does a fly reel do? You strip line off and fish all day and then reel it back up when you are done. Sure if you hook a big one it will take drag, but I have never lost a big fish to a faulty drag on these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fly-Fishing-Wheel-3-4-5-6-7-8-Ice-Fly-Fishing-Reel-Aluminum-Fly-Reel-Machine-Cut/223781986953?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=522523884193&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Needless to say he ordered the rod and reel when he got home.
  11. If it is 25 years old I would just buy a new one. Fly rods have gotten much better in the last 25 years and you can get a decent rod for less than 50 bucks.
  12. Great post Devan S. Also wanted to mention that those neoprene waders are great in the winter but unbearable in the warmer months. Get a pair of breathable waders and you will be much more comfortable.
  13. The hatch was short lived but fun. Only lasted about an hour. Hope to see more with the lower water levels (which doesn't make much sense with the lakes being so high)..
  14. For the first time this year I saw some Sulphurs coming up on a shoal around Wildcat. I tied on a size 16 parachute Sulphur and had lots of takes (and misses). Landed a bunch of rainbows, 1 cuttie and 4 or 5 browns. This was the biggest brown....
  15. They started stocking them last year on the White. The AGFC purchased trout from Crystal Lake hatchery in Ava Mo and that is where the goldens came from. This was due to a shortage of trout produced at the AGFC Jim Hinkle hatchery at Mammoth Spring due to damage from the flood last year. I watched the Crystal Lake truck stock at Cotter a few weeks ago and it looked like a couple dozen goldens were mixed in with the load of rainbows.
  16. Took the boat out this morning and ran to a shoal that has been marginal to wade with the current water releases. Well today they turned on another generator so it was too high for safe wading. I anchored the boat upstream from a nice run and caught quite a few rainbows using a Y2K/ruby midge combo under an indicator. I noticed a golden rainbow hanging out along the grass edge just downstream from the boat. Those things shine like a neon light in the water which makes them easy targets for the eagles and herons. I watched him approach the egg and then look at the midge on 5 or 6 drifts. He finally committed and took the midge. They are strange looking fish.
  17. Agree with that. I had enough with the crazies in Houston, Tx. We moved to Corpus Christi and that was good until it also got kind of crazy with the local government. North Arkansas and Southern Missouri are probably the best places to be right now.
  18. I think we should defund congress. They don't seem to accomplish anything these days.
  19. Here is the Corp's response on their recent release strategy... https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/06/10/corp-says-plan-worked/
  20. They opened the spill gates at Norfork early this morning. https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/norfork-spillways-open/
  21. We got 3.25" in Cotter. River is muddy this morning. Looks like they got about the same at BS dam but less farther to the west.
  22. Latest update from the COE... https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/06/08/cristobal-update-from-the-corp-6-8/
  23. Looking better for the White river watershed. The COE issued a dire warning yesterday.... but things change. https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/06/07/corp-warns-of-large-damaging-cristobal-releases/
  24. Here is the latest update on Bull Shoals from the COE... https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2020/06/06/and-now-they-are-off/
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