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  1. Just got back from a trip. Everything but restaurants are open. Some of the restaurants are doing carry out. I went to Woods, and didn’t have their card. Be prepared for 30 questions for why you’re there. Unbelievable. The store and staff are not prepared- no social distancing by staff and no disinfectant wipes for carts. I finally told the lady the truth that we were healthcare workers and haven’t had time off In awhile. She finally shut up. If you get that, just say you’re visiting family. 🙄. Fishing was terrible for me, hope you find them.
  2. I am as walleye novice as it gets. Only second time I "focused" on walleye and really didn't think they would be that shallow. The waves and south wind had me out a bit farther too, on a couple points it didn't leave much room for a mistake or correction time.
  3. My wife and I ran down Thursday- Saturday. I manned the trolling motor and fought waves, she caught fish. 😡 Total fishing time was cut short with the wind We trolled with a couple crank baits and a couple bottom bouncers focusing on 22 foot mark. Caught 6 walleye but only one legal and several more catfish. Should we have moved deeper for bigger walleyes? Does it need to cool off a bit more? Maybe Lmt Out had already been there?? We had a nice stay at the Cabins in Stockton, it was new to us. Our sons came up and fished a bit Saturday. Lake time with the family is the best. Wish we could visit more than couple times per year.
  4. Good job falling on the wicked witch of the west and catching some nice fish. Hopefully things will pick up a bit with the falling water.
  5. I replaced my Stratos from page 3. Sure liked the deeper sides with the "breeze" the last theee days. The Ulterra is awesome too, it makes fishing from the stern a blast compared with the old fish and ski.
  6. FYI, stopped by Cabelas and their Berkeley crankbaits are 25% off. STL store had a nice selection because there was no one in there tonight!!
  7. Thank you RPS and Dirtrider. That spawn is earlier than I thought. I do like to catch big fish, but I'm not into trophies, and a big female walleye is too valuable to take. I may get three days off and thought it would be fun to try once. I've thrown jerkbaits on the White, and my shoulder still remembers that!!!
  8. The thought has crossed my mind as well, have never fished Stockton this early. I only get one or two trips per year. It seems there is a whole lot of winter left this year but if a guy could swing a trip around March first, what could I expect? Walleye staging around the dam and possibly getting ready to move upriver???? I'd be appreciative to any thoughts.
  9. Now that's a report!!! Thanks Oberst. Great content and boat set up.
  10. First picture post. Hope this is sized right.
  11. My son is on spring break from MSU this week and wants to hang out with dad Thurs-Sat this week. Well the first place I thought of was Stockton. But I have never fished there this early. Would you: 1. Fish the upper ends, CC and Highpoint for white bass and walleye, maybe catch some warmer water. 2. Fish the dam area, I am not sure how long the walleye there stay active. 3. Switch gears and head to Bennett Springs trout fishing. So mother nature is looking to have her fun this week, I guess there is a fourth option, watch it rain/have a beer. Thoughts please??
  12. Thanks for the info Dan, I'll check out the you tubes. I might get to hit Stockton more often if my wife gets a fish fry once in awhile!!!
  13. Man that hurts. I fished a couple days in the wind last week with one short being the only walleye. I don't get down there often and my walleye skills stink.
  14. It would seem if the tag sales are down, the hatchery could get caught up. I have noticed a change in the fish pellets over the years. They used to be more oily, now they feel like compressed crackers and most likely do not have as much nutritional benefit. I'd even like to go back to the strain from the late 80's/early 90's. Those fished jumped a lot.
  15. Fishinginwrench, your not doing it right. Remember to put your earbuds in and never look up from your phone to make eye contact as you hold the door.
  16. Has there been a stated change in stream management at Bennett? I just got back Friday from fishing a few days with my sons, and there are few deep holes anymore. Zone 2 from the hatchery retun to the bridge is a solid weed bed. I remember as a teenager fishing jigs through that area in deeper water. A few guys would fish kapoks on the bottom. Not possible anymore. Is it let a stream be a stream management? I looked at one of the fish drop sites, where they have dropped a nice pile of white rocks that are washing into the stream. I guess no one cares anymore, just throw the fish in? Rant over.
  17. Common guys tell him the truth. Ranger Dave - I use 2 things. An hourglass figure and the eyes. If they give you a squinty "I'll kill ya if you go fishing again!!" That's a female.
  18. Real glad God was watch over you Aggressor.
  19. Good point Aggressor. I am no longer a stockton virgin. Always heard of the guys who drive over your fishing zone. We came down for a few days and had a pontoon boat that just couldn't stay in the middle of the branch behind me. He knew... Wouldn't even make eye contact. Hope that fad ends quickly. Fishing was decent for us until the wind flipped 180. Couldn't figure them out after that. Take care all.
  20. Good on you SR Jim for keeping cool and ignoring bad behavior. X3. Great report, thank you MUCH. Hope those fish taste all the sweeter.
  21. I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their fishing adventures, successful or not. Great forum. I live 4 hours away and only get to Stockton once a year or so and appreciate the opportunity to hear about current conditions. I reserve the right to cuss a bit when I read " going after work today" though. Take care and set the hook.
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