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  1. FishnDave not meant to rebutt what you are saying at all...You are right on both fronts. Releasing of the King/Queen (bigger fish) give the breed/brood stock that you need to reproduce bigger fish (first heard by me from an article by Doug Stange). Then to let those bigger fish go they are big enough to eat the smaller and stunted fish (Big eyes etc. in comparison to body size). We are truly on the same page. Although I don't have an issue with people keeping bass for the table I never do within a slot... and on the rivers I don't at all... But again, those fish we caught in Strafford were
  2. I never did understand the science, because it doesn't prove untrue in southern ponds, but also in northern ponds... case in point.... My son was 4 yrs old when I took him to a sheep farm pond in Ohio (cold climate) in the Tappan Lake area. It was his first fishing trip, but I didn't spend time with him prior to us making the trip, ie how to set the hook in the backyard, casting etc. He would sit back, cast, then say Dad, my bobbers gone over and over. He missed fish after fish because he had to let me know that his bobber was gone so that I could tell him to set the hook. Most of the crap
  3. Although I have lived here longer (35 years) than I have lived anywhere before, I am very disappointed in the laws here about river access. Where I came from a certain amount of the bank to the river mark was public land and there were normally accessible areas every 2 to 3 miles. Mr. Agnew I totally understand what you are saying... I have also been to Jeff City for these "Meetings", and have a folder full of crap from the time that I found out that you could legally string bobwire across a river...lol.... I have also taken Water Quality testing classes with the Stream Team... We may
  4. That is fantastic... We remember us when someone that we loved took us fishing and we just didn't get it . We didn't need to...it grows on us, we may leave it but it never leaves us.... Congrats for the fish, but even more.... Congrats for a child that always remember the experiences and that you are Always Her Hero.
  5. I don't know why people state that there are no fish in Fellows Lake or Lake Springfield or McDaniels Lake...you just have to find them....the issue is over fishing...remember the tout to leave some for ours? It didn't take in those lakes. I watched 5 gal buckets of fish leave these lakes with no thought of limits....look around for DOC and they were nowhere even during the spawn...We reap what we sow. The good news is that there are plenty of fish, but fewer...I don't know how young your children are but if they are old enough to wear PFDs, a decent quality inflatable, ie Sea Eagle o
  6. Hi MCrump....according to DOR you do.... I got my Ascend in 2014. I originally only used it on the rivers w/o an electric motor. But, I then decided that I would like to fish smaller lakes, maybe the bigger lakes during the week when there was low boat traffic. So I thought it would be nice to add a trolling motor for hands free use. I called DOR in Jeff. City and they stated that you do (the little office in Nixa and Ozark had no clue). You will need the serial number (it usually on the inside of the hull, if you don't know where it is you can sometimes find it online or YouTube)
  7. First let me give you congrats on that catch...yes I am jealous... but so happy for you. I raised all of my girls on the water and it is great to see more and more women on the water...I am sending this to my daughter in Belton, MO. She comes to fish with Dad, she loves the rivers, but I am trying to get her to use our lakes a little more....Maybe she will see what you've caught and realize the possibilities...
  8. I am no expert at all...been fishing for over 50 years...the argument will always go on as to what is the best equipment, but I don't see paying the kind of money that most companies are charging any more for rods and lures...even to the point that I am going to make my own lures, and no, I will not pay big money for a rod. That is my opinion. We will always argue these points. My way of looking at it is this...If I have a chance to make a 6 figure salary....I am buying top gear. If I am being sponsored by companies that give me gear. I am being given these 18.00 lures/400.00 ro
  9. riverhyker

    Be Safe

    I can float with my jeans or ball cap. I know that if I am tired swimming to give in and sink long enough to give my muscles time to recupe....even if it is every 3 or 4 yards....I never panic because I know that it is detrimental.....I am naval trained....in big water....I would have normally been on the river 20+ times after the fish moved deeper in the lakes and the temps started to get to the point that I was sweating....I have been out once..... But, rivers, current, strainers.....I would only know what is common sense if the water is high....I have a canoe, an inflatable kayak, and
  10. riverhyker


    Wow.....oneshot....we have cudos to your wife....we have common sense...but sometimes choose not to use it....I am hoping that you are talking about children that are at an age that they "shouldn't, need parental supervision. But, we have seen the deaths of a number of people in SW MO that were adults this year already....I am not going to point out the down right disrespect for water, as I don't want to hurt these families.
  11. When I moved here 30+ years ago there were so many deep holes on the James....I hit a "Pothole" while fishing with my cousin and completely disappeared, my cousin said and my hat was floating...lol....but I came up with rod and fish. Because of the water levels I got a mental shot of my childhood dream from a tv show i used to watch as a kid (either Field and Stream or Sports Afield)....God, I caught this 16 in smallmouth while standing in the river w/o drowning (new to me as our rivers in OH are a Heck of a lot deeper...ha, ha, ha). I was standing in waist deep water, but, it jumped up
  12. FANTASTIC CATCH.....It has really been an abnormal year with all of the rainfall we have gotten. I would have normally been doing river fishing at this point (temps between 80 - 85. I would have normally been out at least 12 to 20 days at this point and have only been out twice. I really worried or wondered if they were shut down or flushed out of the holes I normally find them in.....OH....and THANKS for returning them....our local waters have some ultra light reel screaming sized smallmouth, but I have always been afraid to speak about it because of people that have no respect for the ti
  13. You are right Champ....Ms Donna is way below the 1/3 border on that equation. I Love seeing a woman in a boat.....married and still can't get it to happen...even after hours of shopping with her..lol
  14. Maybe I am wrong, but the only reason I am answering is because out of all that lake..CU has always corralled us to that bridge. I too 35 yrs ago was taught how to jig under that bridge while CU kept the coves and great fishing spots out of reach. To me CU means US. even though I have moved and I fish south....CU means owned by the people (I thought)....why do they do so many underhanded things and things from people that just want to fish?...None of their issues cause an issue w/compliance w/the clean water actl. TOTALY Bullies.
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