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  1. This weekend?

    Real nice buck champ, a great day for hunting or fishing. shrapnel, I figured you were kidding, that's why I started with the lol. Sorry about that, my wife doesn't think I'm funny either.
  2. This weekend?

    shooter next year shrapnel? lol we're not in texas or minnesota and I don't see that many nice bucks , I'd like to hunt your woods! it must be full of 170's , either that or they're all died of old age because your waiting for "next year"
  3. This weekend?

    Thanks wrench and John I've been hunting this buck for 2 seasons, a young guy in Versailles will do a european mount for $50.00 which is all I could do this year... I couldn't do the 4 bills for a full head mount.
  4. This weekend?

    been in the woods for the last 3 days with my bow, every day i've been seeing more and more movement. bucks are chasing does everywhere, should be a great opening weekend. i hope i'm not crossing some type of fishing forum guideline but I scored on this buck last week. be safe in the woods!
  5. Boat Lift Help

    thanks mike, i'm working on the rear arm, do i need to take both rear arms loose to remove the single arm or can i just remove the one arm by itself? i just watched the first 2 episodes of OZARK on netflix, I guess I should be happy that I can count to ten and spell my name after seeing that i'm just some dumb hillbilly........
  6. Boat Lift Help

    thanks shrapnel, i will see if they come to the northshore area. what i would really like to do is replace it myself, has anyone ever replaced the 4 inch bushings on their own lift? it looks to be only 3 bolts to remove the A arm but i don't know if i can just remove the one A arm that i need to work on or if i have to unbolt both of the rear arms to be able to get one side off.
  7. Boat Lift Help

    Thank you everyone for your input. I will check with b&b dock. I currently have a chain holding it together and that seems to be working ok for now, not sure how well it will hold up over the weekend. If it makes it to Monday I will feel a lot better about waiting it out for a repair person, other wise I might get the tools and come along and see what I can do if it looks worse. I'm trying to avoid getting a new used one, a halfway decent one is a few grand not including installation. It doesn't look like it should be that difficult to pull the arm off and bolt on the new bracket but I have never worked on one before. Thanks again for your help and input.
  8. Boat Lift Help

    thank you WW, i will look them up. the bracket is only 32 bucks that is why i would like to try and fix it myself.
  9. Boat Lift Help

    I'm hoping that someone here can help me. I have an older hydro hoist A arm boat lift and the metal bracket that holds the large 4 inch square bushing has broken. I called the guy that has worked on my lift for the last 10 years and he told me it would be a month before he could fix it. I called two other places and neither have gotten back to me. Does anyone know or have a good lift repair person that is dependable and reliable that I could call? I also found a place that makes a replacement bolt on bushing bracket that would work great and I'm thinking about trying to repair it myself, anyone ever try to remove the A arm or replace the bushings on one of these old lifts? I believe that I should be able to do it but thought I would check the forum first. Thanks everyone!
  10. Bass & crappie

    Thanks everyone for your help and input, we can't wait to get down, it sounds like the water has warmed up a bit also
  11. Bass & crappie

    Does anyone have any current information on bass and crappie in the North Shore and Gravois arm area's, I'm bringing my brother and his son down this week and would appreciate any help.
  12. Bass Help

    does anyone have any suggestions for bass in the northshore/gravois area? i had a little luck this morning with a firetiger trap and a buzzbait from midway to the backs of the coves but then everything stopped this afternoon. thanks
  13. Best place to launch boat near dam.

    this might not help you, but there is a public ramp between the gravois and the dam on the northshore side. it is off of highway W but i am not sure which road, it could be W-22 or W-20, i always see it in the back of the cove when I am fishing but I don't know which road leads to it. it is at about the 2-3MM.
  14. Lake is a rising

    there's some pretty asinine comments showing up on here
  15. lake looks like chocolate milk

    also, wrench, are you allowed to tell us the name of your shop

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