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  1. Saturday was a virtual blizzard of caddis, they only had 2 units running and it was only partly cloudy, so I think that made a huge difference in the hatch. Caught about 40 on dry flies fro 2-6pm. It was crazy the amount of activity out there. I think it just depends on water level, temps, and sunshine. The caddis are still going strong.
  2. Here is a video put out by Arkansas Wildlife about the Smallmouth Bass tagging project that AGFC is conducting on Crooked Creek.
  3. I've used the Berkley Hot Line Braid Cutter. It requires batteries and costs $9.99, but it works great. In addition, I use it to burn out details and eye holes for my deer hair flies, and poppers that i tie.
  4. Is the BPS crankin stick still for sale for $25? Where at?
  5. is the crankin stick medium/heavy fast action?
  6. Great buck! I'd be grinning ear to ear if I had shot that! How many points? Did you score it?
  7. Yes, the trout biologist certified it on Saturday. It is waiting for a signature from the AGFC Chief of Fisheries to become an official state record. The Cutthroat was 26" and 10 pounds 2 ounces and it had an adipose fin clip indicating it was a hatchery fish from 2008 or 2011. The angler was Mr. Mike Bowers of Abilene, Kansas
  8. This comment is the root of all the issues that people have with spearfishing. It is the tragedy of the commons. If I can't or don't want to spearfish, then nobody should be able to. Most people that have an issue with spearfishing have never even been diving in our lakes, let alone tried to spearfish,to actually see how skittish fish are, and how few trophy size fish (8 + pounders) you actually see while you are down there, and how difficult spearfishing actually is. They have a perceived notion that it is as easy as going down and picking out which trophy you want to shoot. Not the case. Spearfishing is limited to 1/2 of the daily limit of rod and reel anglers, has a shortened season, and spear fishermen still have to abide by the length limits. I would bet money that the number of big fish taken out of the lake annually by spear fishermen is a small fraction of what is harvested by rod and reel anglers. As far as catch and release is considered, I am spearfishing for food and for the fun of diving with the fish, not for numbers. It's hard to catch and release deer while hunting as well, yes you can pass up the big deer, but you can also pass up the big fish if you choose to do so. Like you mentioned in your last paragraph, how many rod and reel anglers are actually releasing the large walleye and crappie they catch?
  9. Thanks! yeah that one took me about 3 hours to tie. I had no idea about the lead content in Longears. That is interesting, usually they don't big enough to mess with for me to want to eat them. Yes, they are a beautiful fish for sure. One of my favorites.
  10. They were right about you mis-quoting and twisting. I said I have never seen an 8 # walleye in 5 years of diving, but you said you can catch 4 in 1 day while rod and reel fishing. So you are anti-food fishing. That eliminates a large percent of the angling public when your looking for people to scream with you. Good luck to you sir. Your not saying much positive about them. They are still non native and destructive, and people may start screaming to kill them even if they have been here for 140 years. Do you think people will think silver jumping carp are good after 140 years. However, it doesn't mater, you completely missed the point of me posting that. I'm not here to debate common carp. It was used as an example, but you missed it completely. But actually you made my point, which was Just because someone is uneducated in a subject and screams loud, does not mean that they are right, and that the regulation actually accomplishes anything. I knew you would be passionate about carp and used that as an example. Anyway, I don't think you're getting a lot of support on here, and you're not understanding half of what I am trying to tell you, so please post your multiple state record Longear pictures when you get a chance.
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