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  1. Old plug

    Mixing Batteries

    Go to your local Mennards when they got a 10% off sale you can get Batteries cheaper than $200. Just tkecgoodcsre of them after you get them. Overcharge is the main problem I have had. I nolongert own a battery charger more than 3 amps.. What is this Wrench. As long as I have known you. What does your wife need a vibrator for. Are you admitting defeat.
  2. Old plug

    Are you prepared ?

    Glad they got caught but that sort of action can backfire If they post those pictures. If they know who the kids are just report it to the parents I got a question for you my son called and said there were people stranded on 44 for 12 hours. His Job takes him all over the East and West metro are like the Mill man.. He as to go no matter what the weather is
  3. Old plug

    Are you prepared ?

    Roads are clear all voer around Laurie Just wet ND WE How no type of removal are salting back in here. Temp is 31 Yesterday we got about 2 inches of snow then had light rain into it most of the day. I was enough to cause some of my neighbors docks to sink down about 3" I am happy we did not get all that snow. Heavy wet snow can do a lot of damage to docks
  4. Old plug

    Deep fish

    I have brought big bass over 3 lbs up from the 30 ft range many times. Slow means slow and often than I like to see you cannot seem to do it slow enough in the hot summer time. if they are over 21" long
  5. Old plug

    Let’s go fishing show!

    I would go just out of support for Mitch. But a drive of 400-500 miles round trip is just a bit to expensive. I been trying to see them at LOZ for a couple of years but never even made that.. I would really like to know the specific name and address of the place they will be. I might be a Lake but I rarely go farther than than either of the Walmarts. Either in Osage Beach or Camden. It is toooo busy over there for my liking
  6. Old plug

    Reel help

    They do not care whats good all they care about is you buying it and profit
  7. Old plug

    Reel help

    i got both Pflueger President and Another top line I only seen in shops a short time called a Pflueger Templar.. Basically they are absolutely the same reel the Templar was about 10 bucks cheaper though.. Only two expensive spinning reels I own.
  8. Old plug

    Big One Got Away

    IfTaney como has any bi big blue cats in that. IO had that happen last year. Insnagged one I think. And it just slowly swam away. Turned the front of 90 degrees are better before he pulled loose
  9. Old plug

    Varmit weapon

    I agree with having as long as you do not run up on them or flash a sudden light in there face They're easy to kill.. I use a 410 slug on them
  10. Old plug

    Question about Nanofil

    All I will ever use it for are crappie. I just think it will not sink well and reach the depth with 1/32 jigs for me. I have 25 yards on there now. I will put the rest on another spinning reel and fish Jerk baits with it starting in about 6 weeks around here
  11. Old plug

    Question about Nanofil

    That post is not what the page I was posting on said it posted. I have since put the Nano thru some test and have my doubts. First two cast I made with the stuff it floated on top. I made about 6 more cast using 1/32 oz jig. I did this to find to see how long it took the jig to reach down 12ft or so into the top of the brush I was casting over. .It never did get there. At the time there was a very tiny current in LOZ and the whole cast line and jig drifted all the way back to the dock.That was totally unexpected. Makes me wonder if you river guys on rivers are not at the mercy of a current and having giant bows in your line..After a few more cast the line started to sink better but the drifting in line and jig also never did stop. The sink rate was nothing like I had been led to believe it would be either. I thought it would be fast. Reason I thought it would be fast is because I fish a lot with my neighbor off his dock When we were fishing identical jigs with his 8lb Nano and my 8lb mono his jig was getting down twice as fast as mine to the top of the brush. Still do not understand that. I am a stickler for drop rate. I use braid to slow it down and mono to make it drop better. I was hoping to find something that let a tiny jig down a bit faster than the mono. As far as knots go I had heard so many stories about how they had to be perfect and certain types on had to be used The old Palomar though did just fine like it always does if tied well. At this point I am a bit disappointed in the lines preformance. But you never know until you try it.
  12. Old plug

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    Glad to see your business is growing Mitch. I think they would be a popular with the river guys But for me I would be thinking of something 7-9" For my drop shot applications and would be expensive to mold and would not really sell to well to the general public. You might want to try to mold a few in some other colors. Pink can save the day at times. I tied a few Marabou pink jigs to fish on the stream about 50 years ago as a joke. They turned out otherwise.
  13. Old plug

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    Hey there I would love to see something like a giant trick worm with a bit harder head on it,
  14. I been out here tooooo long I cannot stand the traffic in St Charles.

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