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  1. Old plug

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Interestijng Wrench. That chevy was not a corvette was it. I know a 81 year old here at the lake has a brand new Corvette complete with 4 large tail pipes that provide ample relief for his 650 hp power plant
  2. Your fish are more than likely shallow up in the flooded areas
  3. I have been absent on this forum for sometime. I have personal problems it's a sick widfe and my own health problems. I do want to give my congrats to the second place finisher Mike Harlan.. This young man is a personal friend. HE has a temendois amount of talent and deterimination to make all of us proud who know him. Just remember that name I think our going to see a lot more of it in the future .
  4. Old plug

    Yea Right!

    Your just darn lucky one of those women do not poison you to end your misery
  5. Old plug

    Yea Right!

    How large is th water heater you got wrench And do you bleed it now and then. The bleeding lets sediment out of the bottom that takes up room for the water. With your crew up there I would say you need about 50gal unit.
  6. They should know if they got all the detectable cancer shortly after the surgery. If it was aggressive It might show up again in the same area where the prostate was and you will need Radiation to clean it up.That happens frequently with Prostate cancer. That is what happened to me. But have been cancer free for 5 years now.
  7. around here HI Mitch

    I will be leaving the lake and quiting fishing for the most part.Within the next year. My wife has Level 3 kidney failure and I at 80 have enough arthritis to make doing a lot of anything pretty painful. Do not know where we are going but Washington might be it. It is just getting to much work to live here.. I am also sick and tired of the boating situation and the damage it causes. Around here from May thru October your lucky if you can get out on the lake 2 days a week Tues and Wed. without getting beat around by big boats. Always thought I would die before I would ever stop fishing. But now the conditions I am faced with do not make it look so bad.

    1. Mitch f

      Mitch f

      Well that makes me sad. I hope your wife gets some relief. Lake of the Ozarks is crazy for sure with those summertime boat crazies. The only way I would know to fight it is get a jet boat and go up the rivers where those big boats can’t go. I’m sad to hear you are moving away

  8. Over the past 70 yrs I cannot even to start to remember.all the junk I have caught or hooked into. Most recent I never got a look at a What I thought was a bush on the finder turned out to be what I suspect was a very very large catfish. I must have foul hooked him and he very slowly just took off with me !8ft targa and everything in it. Until the hook pulled loose.
  9. His wife said they said his head hit the windshield. But it was very lowI think he was catapulted over the bow about 6+ feet and we3nt head first into the rocks of the bluff. There were two long bloody smears way up on the smears on the fore deck way up at the end. I am sure he was ell over the speed limit for night. I do not belittle the man for what happened. It is very easy to doI have seen it about 4 times. Beside there was another one plowed into a bluff up in the Niagua same night
  10. Watch yourself at night. A guy from church drove his cigarette boat head own into a bluff there week before last. Split his scull wide open Died a few days later never regained concoius
  11. Try all you want. It will happen in time Problem is just too many people. As far as the bass tournament goes that amounts to no more than most of those fishermen involved just being fish themselves.trying to keep up with the jones. They just wind up on the stringer of the commercials and magazines. We are on the verge of a terrible recission if not a world depression That will slow everyone down except those with money to afford it .
  12. I am about to pull the lug on living down here on LOZ. Every year after they drop the lake I have concrete repair on my sea wall. At 80 years old it is not as easy. I have given up on the idea of any improvement to the condition here. I am thinking about going back to bank fishing tail waters of Dams.
  13. You like the light tackle stuff you should see my neighbor. We often fish together for everything from a crappie to Hybrids. I have seen him catch big crappie, Bass to 5lbs and a 8lb hybrid last year and never use anything bigger than his favorite 6 ft crappie rods.
  14. BOY WRENCH.. Can I ever relate 6o that. I remember a time back in the day years back before the creation of the drunk dump Coconuts when the points around the mouth of the Gravois were really hot spots for really good sized whites. I used to go down there every evening with a neighbor. and catch them on the rise. You could no more than lift them from the water and the S---- would fly in every direction. Some of it winding up on your clothes. Got so bad Pat would make me change clothes before I could get into the house and go directly to the shower. Boat looked worse than that Ranger for days on end. I think it amounts to nothing more than gorging themselves on shad. Same thing happens with us humans.
  15. I have yet to see one come in like a drunk or sand bagging. I just got new dual shoulder brace today. I hope to be out after them tomorrow evening. Going to try tipping a flutter spoon with frozen shad and see what happens. I hope they take it.Will not be like the real fresh thing ,but it is the best I can do till I figure out how to get them without a cast net. I have to give them a long gentel playing. as well.They can mess me up for awhile otherwise.
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