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  1. Never k ew that I looked any it like a chain was on the same river.
  2. You can go on the internet and buy a shoulder brace cheap. I wear a double brace with I do ant heavy are hard work
  3. So is everyfarm pond and lake. But it is not a part of the osage chain. Truman and LOZ are the chain here in Mo
  4. The Pomme is not a Osage river lake.
  5. Just who do you work for in the Federal government oneshot This should sound interesting.
  6. At least you claim you did. It is not the doing it is if the doing drags you through some medical problems. Might make the rest of your life worthless. I think most old people Most of the air is not clean itself. Here in my area it stinks a lot of the time. Even if I have not eaten anything. I can walk ten steps and fart every step of the way.
  7. Let me give you a good piece of advice take your butt up to University of Mo. They are the very best. And run like a well oiled machine. My shoulder was replaced up there plus a second knee replacement in just a 3 month period.
  8. It might just be a peak at our future. Only thing I can see ;positive about all this rain it must be making it hard to ship all the Drugs and other illegal things up the Mississippi, Ohio,Illinois and Missiouri rivers
  9. I got braid, Mono and Nano fil on reels. I got to say if Braid will work on a sin caster (and it should) then so will Nano fil.
  10. Those 14' are a problem down the gravois to Wrench. I and my neighbor went out about 6 last evening to pre fish a rea he is taking a visiting friend tomorrow. I am not saying where we were but 14' was the standard all week. for me a few days I got a few better fish mixed in it. Last evening it was all dinks then in about 20 minutes we both caught a fish right short of 18' and about 31/2 lbs I caught another one that size a couple days ago. But other than that the few keepers I caught ran 15-16 ' I think this is a good example of what taking keepers and carrying them of in a live well 10 miles away
  11. Your fighting aa loosing battle. From what I here The Coirp puts all kinds of restrictions on docks down there. Including the types of material they are built with. I have a old dock dating back to the 50s tit is 2 stall and built with tempered steel. also has cross bracing in he roof and under the water. Plus chains and healy cable to anchor it.to the shore. I understand tyour problem with the boaters. I do not understand your problem with building docks down there to take the abuse.
  12. Ketchup I am looking forward to the recap of the tournament. You could not have found worse time to do one.
  13. What is happening to you is to be expected with a lot of super lines. I would stick to the mono and just change a lot more. I 2 spinning reels set up with braid and two set up with Nano Fil. The Nano fill beats the braid easy for casting
  14. Sure helps with the wife. Lets see excuses are like You never told me, I miss understood you. Then there is just saying Huh and What till she gives up and does it herself
  15. None of it bothers me at all. Raking leafs sure would. So I guess I will be blowing them into long small piles and burning or else running my noisy Milching mower and grinding them into fertilizing mulch.
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