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  1. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I am with you Wrench.. Just do not need to mention sun drenched bouldef banks with early flowers growing.
  2. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I am with you Wrench.. Just do not need to mention sun drenched bouldef banks with early flowers growing.

    I had a Olsen and Rice 60 attached to a board in a ice to run it after it got water in it from a model boat crash. That thing ripped out of that vice and hit me in the for head and onece more going over the top of my head. I took 17 stitches to sew me up
  4. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    OLD PLUG Does not use mono on his crappie outfit he uses 10 lb Pro braid on those. Preferably in yellow since he cannot hardly see to the the black stuff anymore. He uses mono for everything except sinko baits there he uses the 10 lb Pro braid again.

    No she wrote that on inspiration from the book of Matthew. Not sure right now what verse. You can find the lyrics Just google up Rhonda Vincent Lyrics.
  6. Cabin Fever

    As of last Tueday afternoon the Gravois was 35 degess. MAybe these 2 warm days pushed it up into he forties.
  7. 1st Blown engine

    All this talk about mercur. Just getting sure your Merciry is not a Yahama. I got a 115 Merc 4 stroke 2001 model and that power head is pure Yahama. Only problem I Have had is with fuel jets. Can be expensive to fix until I learned how to fix them myself.

    It is a general breakdown of our society. It has been going on a log time. The hard feelings pass on from one generation to the next. For every injustice or prejudist action there is going to be a reaction. That s how it is and that is how it has always been. There is a song called " You can't live God if you do not live your neighbor". The song make you think about yourself and your relationships to others.
  9. The Pelicans are Back

    Fish are active all winter just below the surface all winter in LOZ. Just watch where they feed. Same applies to the other fish feeding birds. They will come after you. Ask wrench
  10. Should I Get a Boat?

    Well Coming up in a few months on 55 yrs. I have no idea how much of this is true. I Got to wonder how the marriage lasted thru 35 yrs. You got realize the wife is you lives partner and everything has to be bargained . I am real happy my wife can be hard about this no doubt she has saved me from making some real bed useless buys.
  11. Hair jigs

    I can tell you the best glue I ever used was Liquid Fusion.It can be thinned to the point it saturates windings. When you do that part way before you warp the the finish wrap it will sink into the windings then when finish up your windings it will seal they as well. I top mine with a coat at full strength. A 2oz bottle will run you 7-10 bucks. It is water PROOF not water resistant.I have had jig that I used awhile and wanted to change them. I had to use a razor knife to scrape and cut the windings off. Hobby Lobby carries it and so does that big Fly tying supply house in St Louis County.
  12. Fishing property

    I got to wonder about the Liability of owning a strip pit. I used to fish a lot of them in central Illinois. Most were on land owned buy a coal company that has moved on. They always had them posted. Maybe that is enough for some outfit like Peabody Coal. God only knows the number folks they have killed over time and got away with it. But I am not sure posting would keep a individual out of trouble in the present day courts. My son was a full time swimming pool builder before he switched to Industrial & commercial property management. There were so many legal pitfalls in owning a pool it was one of the reasons he never built one for himself. I think it would be about the same for the little guy.
  13. I suppose it had to happen...

    It happens to everybody. Usually happens to me at the start or end of A seasonal change. Real easy to get skunked then because were human The fish are in there element. They make shifts and changes and pull the rug out from under your a bit.
  14. Old pic

    I think things might be a bit better today but the popularity of everybobdcand yos bother out on the river and the distraction of the environment that come with it is not good but way back in yeasteryear they did worse and the rivers recovered wonder if that might happen again. Back in my wife's grandfather day the they about blew up the merames and the creek from Steelville to Sulivan. He told stories about his dinamite days.
  15. Air Rifle

    Hmmmmmm are you starting to catch up with me wrench

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