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  1. Invite is high and cloudy maybe you need to tip your lure with a salmon egg or crappie candy if that is league. Or a smell spray of some sort.
  2. I cannot tell myself for sure. But if he is loosing his Crankcase cover maybe a touch of viagra in there help it return to some sort of more active piston pumping.
  3. OHHH he works hard I can guarantee that. That is my neighbor and fishing partners boat with the impeller problem. If he has a problem getting it done we will be going in mine
  4. I go long with both the above post Wrench. The sun dictates where I am going to fish. But it sure will not be very deep. If you would PLEASE hurry up and fix that impeller me and the owner feller will be going to that long, in the sun all day bank up your direction. Did his wife come with him? She is one of the top Horseshoe pitcher in the state. She averages near 60% ringers.
  5. I know what your thinking Seth the dark color should color will absorb more sunlight and heat up better. But if the sunlight is not getting through. Then the water below there does not heat up much at all. Maybe I am wrong and it is effecting my fishing. When its this water is this cold and murky I just do not want to go mainly. I know thought that close to the bank on a sunny day I might be able to do well by following the sun. To old to work at it.
  6. I would imagine the whole Gravois and lake down to the dam has been effected. The muddy stuff was caused be a drawdown bringing the mud down the lake. Sometime the back of Indian creek misses out on that But it looks pretty thick this time. Then there are times when thecwater color means nothing. What into not likes thecommbine of cold water and muddy water. Brown water does not heat up even in the shallows from sun
  7. Thing about batteries. A lot depends on how they are maintain and how much they are used. many are overcharged, or charged to fast and and much they are used. I no longer have a charger I use on the boat over 3amps.
  8. I am staring to wear a inflateable even on the dock. At almost 80 I do not take chances anymore. Kids in sister on it.
  9. How far up you asking about. Here at Cedar Point it is turning pretty muddy
  10. All this stuff about this that and the other thing. Everyone helped make the bed and we might s well lie in it. Climate change is real. Our Weather its iscontroll a lot but the oceans of the world they been steadily getting warmer. As far nice ages go they can come at anytime and rapidly if the Atlantic belt slows down or stops and it has been doing that for several years. Then there the Astroid belt. I would suppose most are aware we got the gulf of Mexico from one of those things lighting on the earth. I often think that is the tool God will use to get rid of us. Wrench is right IF your Christian and GOOD HONEST CHRISTIANS you do not have anything g to worry about. We live at the end of times. It is going to get worse and worse. I believe people today will believe anything. So does Trump
  11. It probably should be 12 they seem to be all over fhepalce in places like LOZ
  12. They are mostly just expensive decoration anywhere in the Ozarks. I suppose there is no keeping up with the jones unless you look like it anyway
  13. Down here on the Gravois yesterday we had some sustained 40mph winds. Mostly out of the south. They made white caps coming out of the coves on the Southern side of the lake about 3 ft high. The docks were dancing around so hard I would not have chanced to walk on them. About a hour before it started I seen 3 or 4 bass boats come blasting up the Gravois past the mouth of Mill Creek. I think they came out of Coffman's Beach. I hope they were Locals and knew where they were going and got back OK. That wave action would have really been a threat to even a big bass boat. And with the water Temperature so cold they would have be asking for a case of hypothermia. just from the spray.
  14. I do not like them out on the dock. i have had the both the dock damaged and a prop damaged. My advise to anyone you catch Never tell anyone you catch crappie there not even close friends. Unless those friends have crappie beds themselves. Never show a picture to your local tackle shop profiteer , HE WILL SNITCH. If you do you will become a known. Then you can see boats around your dock in 3s and 4s at times. But do not worry most will be gone in a few years. But there will still be at least a few come by in the most foul of weather. '
  15. I used to think that also. Not anymore. second one I experienced on LOZ we pulled into a dock and it was a awful ride for a few minutes. Glad we did not get out. We were about 200 yards from where it crossed the Gravois. When it was all over there was a big sycamore down that the tornado had twist in half and dropped the upper half about 75 yds from us. As far as paying attention to the weather. To me that means watching the sky for any thunder heads. We have had 4 close calls since we lived out here. First one was a sunny day in the 90s. I was putting a new window in my garage. Walking up I noticed this very high White cloud with a very flat top. I knew it was a danger sign. I went ahead and was loosing up the old window to put the replacement in. I walked over to get the new window and the one in the wall blew 1/2 way accross the garage. Tornado had come down our point and thankfully missed us. I have seen more docks upside down in yards than I like. I have seen a two stall dock with a 24ft pontoon and run about in it plus a swim deck all picked upend layer upside down like some giant pancake turner just reached down under it and flipped it cleanly. I been through 2 hurricanes at sea and they never compared to with the sudden violence you can experience from a tornado. I about lost Wrench in one some years back when he got him in a direct hit and it wiped out everything he owned. His description of going through that was something to read
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