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  1. Watch yourself at night. A guy from church drove his cigarette boat head own into a bluff there week before last. Split his scull wide open Died a few days later never regained concoius
  2. Try all you want. It will happen in time Problem is just too many people. As far as the bass tournament goes that amounts to no more than most of those fishermen involved just being fish themselves.trying to keep up with the jones. They just wind up on the stringer of the commercials and magazines. We are on the verge of a terrible recission if not a world depression That will slow everyone down except those with money to afford it .
  3. I am about to pull the lug on living down here on LOZ. Every year after they drop the lake I have concrete repair on my sea wall. At 80 years old it is not as easy. I have given up on the idea of any improvement to the condition here. I am thinking about going back to bank fishing tail waters of Dams.
  4. You like the light tackle stuff you should see my neighbor. We often fish together for everything from a crappie to Hybrids. I have seen him catch big crappie, Bass to 5lbs and a 8lb hybrid last year and never use anything bigger than his favorite 6 ft crappie rods.
  5. BOY WRENCH.. Can I ever relate 6o that. I remember a time back in the day years back before the creation of the drunk dump Coconuts when the points around the mouth of the Gravois were really hot spots for really good sized whites. I used to go down there every evening with a neighbor. and catch them on the rise. You could no more than lift them from the water and the S---- would fly in every direction. Some of it winding up on your clothes. Got so bad Pat would make me change clothes before I could get into the house and go directly to the shower. Boat looked worse than that Ranger for days on end. I think it amounts to nothing more than gorging themselves on shad. Same thing happens with us humans.
  6. I have yet to see one come in like a drunk or sand bagging. I just got new dual shoulder brace today. I hope to be out after them tomorrow evening. Going to try tipping a flutter spoon with frozen shad and see what happens. I hope they take it.Will not be like the real fresh thing ,but it is the best I can do till I figure out how to get them without a cast net. I have to give them a long gentel playing. as well.They can mess me up for awhile otherwise.
  7. For those of you that are into Gospel Music There is a new young lady taking the floor. She cut her first True gospel Album not long ago. Her name is Sally Berry. She is the wife of Hunter Berry. They say she sings like her mother Rhonda Vincent. I know both wish i could have hear either
  8. Think iot is time for mr to start visiting down the lake nest week around the mouth of the Gravois. Love to catch those things On spoons.
  9. That is what they say at the time they say it anyway. Those that hit on them or obvious. It is the disinterest friendly type. of chatter. They will draw them out.
  10. I know that story Wrench. I remember it well. But this is different. These women I was associated with were all 60s and up.Some were very wealthy. When they are this old and have reared their family and a have become a widow. They are going to feel lonely. Even if the kids like down the street she will still be lonely .This makes her susceptable So many find friends con line. To talk to about her travels ao life. . Things that would reveal she had money. Some guy in financial straights might see that and suddenly she has some man talking to her all the time. He does not have to be a out ward flirt. Just friendly it will go from there. I used to tell them be careful about what you reveal about yourself. You kno=w what they would tell me some of the timewhen its gone to far. Do not worry we are big girls now. Yeah right. Wiithin a very shot time granny with hot pant will be on a airliner headed for God knows where to shack up with some guy she does not really know. In most cases she will want him to come live with her after that. If he does she will help him with his bills feed him and generally take care of him. This guy can cost her a lot of upkeep money and he is not breaking any law. She gave it to him. Then in time he will find a excuse to move on. I know of one who went between 3 different women all in the same chat room and they all loved him.and wanted him back.
  11. The trouble is what happens when you find romance are something else on face book. Many people out there are lonely. They are susceptible. What happens onface book just the start Then comes up the phoning and what have you ,them finally the meeting. Young girl disappear like that. Then there are older women I sort of tried to protect them. There are guys on the internet who just love to find a older woman with a lot of money and get one of them to take him home and take care of him. That is not stealing her money if she lady gives it to you. Older women were worse than young girls. You see. She is alone all the kids grown and left and the husband is dead. Never seen one that was not lonely. There is one thing I learned in my time on there the two easiest things in the world are to make a young girl freel like a woman and make a old woman feel like a young girl. There are plenty of guys out there know just how to do that.
  12. I served a few years as a Cyber Angel back in the day before facebook. To me Facebook is nothing more than ghee right arm of the Devil. Its not a bit better than the old chartrooms
  13. Yeah I thought you would see that. I agree I often wondered if following that regamin might not cause a lot of miscues in practice. You ever hear from him ?? He seems to have about dropped out of site. If you do hear from him tell him I said Hi.
  14. That is very true. I floated a lot between Birds nests and Onondaga when I was in my early 20s and had family in Leesburg. I was there for a funeral about 6-7 years ago and went down to the river and it broke my heart with what I seen
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