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  1. Decent summer fish

    Majicworm that was a good example of fishing slow. I would deliberately repeat that If were you. i have done that this time of year often letting it sink to 10 ft or more. It is just that the bass are spending deeper under the dock.
  2. Steady decline of the fish population.

    IF your doing 100 days a year out there your doing OK especially of you retired MANY years ago. (I retired early in 94 ) I would go every evening till the wakes,tradfic and health problem slowed me down. I am still out there regularly. When I can be. But I have a 32X32 dock about 50 ft away from the house plus beighbors docks.that I have done things to for the fishing wih surprising results.
  3. Just funny stuff

    a few years back I was on my dock trying to adjust a wiggl wart to get ot to run straight. I had 10lb test mono on. I was cast far out and watching how the wart ran coming back. I sngged this thing right in those three bones where the body meets the bill.. Was a bit of a tussle but let him have all the time he need to give it up.
  4. Water Patrol Rescue

    i used to own a 2 log ponton on LOZ came upon a giant cruiser roller ( they are very hard to see) cane pver the top seen what we were into but otvwas too late stuffed the nse of that pontoon into that roller water cane in breaking thecfrontvdor and the back ebd raised out of the water so far the motor was about 3 foot in the air? I hollared for everyone to stay still and the boat just backed inself out of the hole and we were ok. Incan omnly imagine whatvwould have happened had I not hollered or paniced. Old navy experience cones in handy from riding liberty boats.
  5. Whatchya Drinking?

    I agree about the water. Also Teaa and coffee. Going to a party in a week or so when my friends wife gets back from roaming were only drink they will serve is Sweet Tea. That is my way to party. I was a Honky Tonk man 1st Class when I was in my eaely 20s I feel lucky some land reaxhed out of the heavans and straithtened me out.
  6. Steady decline of the fish population.

    That is interesting about the Alfalfa. This is the scond time in about a week I head about using it A friend of mine bought a house across the lake from me. He put plastic pipe in the lake for feeders and puts Alfallfa in them? I never heard f that before. I know the purpose it is to drawe bait fish that draw the crappie. I will have to reserve judgement on that. If it draws minnows and the crappie come to fed on the minnows it sort of looks like it will work against the fisherman to me. I have sunk enough brush over the years to fill an couple of dump trucks. Never Tried willow My fovprote is Oak because it does not need to be weighted if you are gomg to hang it. I love those garly oak top you see hi up in some oaks. Kind of hard to come by. I found long ago that side scanning finders my and my not work. I watch them come by here all the time marking the brushy docks then come back and not catch any fish.
  7. Steady decline of the fish population.

    Sounds like a nice quote from MDC. LOZ has a ahoreline full of docks and it is one of the beneficial things as far as fishing goes .Fish of nearly every species on the lake benfot from docks. The thing is ther are more wanna be fisherman out there that with more knowledge about catching the fish and less knowledge about how t care for then.
  8. Missouri Botanical Garden

    i spent several years of my youth living at 3825 botanical. Just a few blocks from Shaws Garden. I do not know how many times I have been thrown out of there for fishing. Back in those times there was a nice lake in the back area of the gardens . We fished there regularly. Also used to fish for crawfish for bait in those ponds puctured in posted here. . I returned there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I believe it was the first time I took the time to stop and smell the flowers so to speak. I went way in back of the compound to see if the damaged Chain link fence was still there. IT WAS! We bent a hole in the fence at the bottom to sneak in. They would throw us out the front and we would cone in the back. OH SUCH FUN!!! If that was today we would have been sent to reform schol with a criminal record.
  9. Steady decline of the fish population.

    That is interestng I got to wonder though jus how much you fish.
  10. Steady decline of the fish population.

    The very fact that we are into stocking is absolute evidence to me of the fishimg pressure increase.
  11. Steady decline of the fish population.

    Someone mentioned the Mississippi. That was one fine fishery back in the yeasteryear as my wifes grandmother use to call it. . Have spent numerous fine winter days below Clarksville Dam. I understand its crowded now. More than being more fisherman there are more that know how to do it. Me saying that does not mean I support in any way or fashion the bombardment of information into the anglers mind today. It is all a commercial endeavor to get into your pocket.. It can lead to more confusion that help. I will say again there are only 3 things that really matter. RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE and RIGHT WAY. None of this has to do with expensive tackle. boats, electroics Rainbow of bait and colors that your told is what " catches them" Knowing your lake and how the fish behave is really what is important.
  12. Steady decline of the fish population.

    I think your right about that. If you ocan run the whole lake and fish hours and hours you might do better. Bur at my age I have no inclation to do that. my estimations are based on this little 3-5 miles I have not left in years.
  13. Steady decline of the fish population.

    Thats true but you do not see many of those period anymore. This year on LOZ a 20 inch bass ran better than 4 + lbs. I caught one 22" this year that was one of the 2 seperate 5 lbs ones I caught. That one was in a spot I did not expect it to be in. First time I hook it I lost it. Went ahead and fish other newrby spots and got this nagging notion to try that spot again. Went back there and caught it in the same spot about rhat was about as bog as a toilet seat. Over the next 3 weeks I cauight it twice more out of that tiny spot. have not caught it since mid june. It was just one of those rare things you experience in fishing that makes it so wonderful
  14. Steady decline of the fish population.

    If he's been fishing there 35yrs and says that the fishing has declined. I would tend to believe him. I know all the BS surrounding the catching of bass has done things to most lakes. Nowdays everyone wants to be a bass fisherman. I fish here on LOZ for large bass not keepers becaiuse that is my goal. I have caught only 2 at 5 better this year. In one two week period this summer I caught 16 bass between 18 and 21 inches fishing just 1-3 hra in the evening during the week days. I surely should have caught a couple in the period at 22" or better. 25 yrs ago I certainly would have. I believe a lot of bass or caught bounced around in live wells or handled improperly by to much showing them off and do not survive. I never keep any of these fish. I do not cotton to competitive fishing. I would not win anyway. I only average between 2 and 3.a evening and that is enough ro satisfy my 87 yearcold bones.
  15. Troubles at Mizzou

    i just hope my grands get a scholarship to some fine school. All the potential s there. They both stated reading at the age of 4. All any of us parents or grand parents need to do is see that this really fouled up world does not infect them in any way.

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