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  1. Well if I continue down this road with my arms and shoulders. I think the tackle and fish might be tl much for me to handle
  2. That is pretty detailed as to where to fish Champ. Now all they need to know is what way and what time. I think I will just have to stumble trhu my own instincts and ubntil they ever do.
  3. Maybe I was serious If I recall Friday was first night past full moon. Fish dropped down her one LOZ as well. always does
  4. I spent the better part of the day recently Looking for my teeth. Sweat popping out of my forehead worried about the cost of a new se. I finally found them in my shirt pocket.
  5. I would love to do that Mitch. I kind of thought you guys would have your annual get together out here at the same place. I cannot fish many hours and using anything like a crank bait is not going to happen. I also do not fish the drop shot like I did then. I use a lot shorter rig. I pretty much am stuck using the plastics pitching and drop shooting. Got another suggestion for you to mold and market; It is a 6 inch or 6 1/2" Wacky.worm about 1/2 to 5/8 inch thick. I just bought 40 of them close to those dimensions from Big Bite Baits. There're people I know out there that do very well using a wacky worm flipping it Texas style or on a jig.Now that said I might be dead by sundown. One last note Mitch my Friend Rhonda is moving down here. And will be my neighbor across the lake by the end of the month. At least she will be when she is not running all over the world. A real fine down to earth lady
  6. It is the constant flushing out of Truman causing it. Do not know about night but during the day I would advise you to buy a bunch of those very bright green trick worms I was using them on a drop shot the other afternoon. soon as I switched to them it was like turning on a light switch.
  7. I am pretty much limited In the amount of time I can be out in the evening. if I can get in2- 3 hours in the evenings. Using my drop shot and a Monster kriet worm 10lbs is not hard at all. This year has seen a whole lot of 3 lb fish in this lake.
  8. Here is part of the score from last week ends tournament.Herevis the top 10. Not bad for a old ugly sewage ditch is it. 24-9 23-3 20-15 2013 20-4 19-14 19-9 19-8 18-15 18-10
  9. Getting muddy in the Gravois. I guess its that way all over the lake. Truman is trying to get a to of water out of there. I think that is where it is coming from. It does not look though like the water shed of the Mississippi up north is going too cooperate 2with letting the river get lower. I suspect this water control is going to get worse as the years got by
  10. NAH not that hard. Just get big bag of pork rinds and some cold beer He might ev en purr for you
  11. Back in the day some folks on low use to inforce it with a deer rifle. I think history repeats itself
  12. I still would have to see( with me standing there watching it and measuring itI to believe it. My son is a Surf fisherman. His rod is 12ft long. I know what 50 yards is. I mow it a couple times a week. It does not matter really. There is a old saying 90% of the fish or caught by 10% of the fishermen. On LOZ you can bet that 10% are real good at flipping and pitching. What would be the practical fishing purpose of it anyway sneaking up on the fish??? I do not think so. I caught a 5Lb bass last week and he never got any further than 15 ft from my boat except when he was making a run.
  13. Now Tell me all about the rest of the setup your casting to 47 yards with.By that I mean line, test, weight your throwing length of your rod and its action .If I sound like I doubt you I do and also the picture of someone allegedly casting 450ft
  14. Well Been bait casting since reels even had free spool. I do not think the new reels are all that. I have 2 or three. They might be expensive but most are cheaply made. The whole thing is accuracy with me. I think bait casters are more accurate in the hands of those who can use them. I still cast when I need to. Other then flipping and pitching about 50% of my fishing is straight down.
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