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  1. Air Rifle

    I cannot find the ones with BB inbedded in them anymore. They hit as hard as anything I ever seen in my 177 RWS. As far as being accirate that thing has been shooting wHere it is pointed since the first time I used it. The BB invedded ones are like a domed pellet
  2. Lop-headed dog ????

    I am not sure that there has always been something wrongvwith him I f you read what I sentvyou itvsays something about acmedicated condition from other treatments. Just waht that that means I have no idea. But tvcould nean some other drug administed to hm for some reason has a effect. You mightvwant ovtslk to the vet about that.
  3. Lop-headed dog ????

    I googled the Symptoms and sent them to wrench. Itis bot something unknown.it effects certain breeds mostlyiy cn happen suddenly.let wrench e plIn itI do ot know whereto start
  4. Lop-headed dog ????

    You never sen Orion
  5. Lop-headed dog ????

    No it certianly has not. Just last week I was very concernd when I saw him. I was trying to help retrieve some maiden of the house garmet from him. i figured go to his food bowl and mess around with it. That will get his attention, and it sure did. He came galloping accross the kitchen about shaking the floor and about knocking me down. To make a long story short. I never did get the garment. He galloped back very fast and knocked me away from his treasures. Mr Wrench sat there and laughed thru it all. He is a nice dog. He likes me and I like him. But never give him the idea your a play thing.
  6. He is a fisherman. hevevseen other picks of him with very large pike and muskies
  7. I see your from North central Mo I ha e friends in Kirksville.
  8. We.l if you beloev it then use it. Be cuase if you doubt it at all It will go straight into your mind where it will mes with your head and hurt your fishing success. I have used about everything and have never noted a difference. I use 20lb braid on wacky worms. Years ago before all the electronic we used to take a heavy 3/4 bell sinker and attach a size 0/2a-0/4 wire hook about a foot in back of it all on 20 lb test we would throw it around in circles search for hidden brush piles. I have had both bass and crappie take that bare hook. Not often but it happened a few times.
  9. How abour if the fish can see your line or hook they will not bite. Yet today a lot of people believe that My dad used o believe if the fish are jumping the fishingvwill be poor.
  10. St. Louis Favorite Places

    If it was me i would stop at the nearest White Castle. load up the car with those little gems
  11. Hooks for senko type worms

    I use 2 different rods. One 7 ft and the other 51/2 one that os older than most of you on here. In back the docks the 7 footer gets in my way sometimes.in tight docks. I use 20lb pro braid on both. The pro braid 20 slick stuff is the only one I have found that can take as much abuse back in and around cables etc as Mono. I was thinking about trying some Nanofil till I found out it is worthless in abrasive inviorment. Spider wire baid is about useless as well.. Skipping the wacky pays off a lot. I try catch my wacky when it hits the water very near the bank and skip it a couple times and let it sink.with some small jerks. I belev the skipping very near the bank gets the attention of any god bass in thcare
  12. Someone with a brain!

    You would just love my daighter and son in law Gavin. Both in the top systems group at United health till they sent it to India. Wanted them to be sole lasation here in US for United Health. I will tell them about it Tueday when I get up to Herman. But do not hold your breath. the under secretary of HUD tried 3 times to get him to come to Wash. And help with Obama care and he would not budge.
  13. Hooks for senko type worms

    I and wrench have discussed ths in the past I know both of us use 03 or 04 size octopus hooks. The octopus hook in this size seem to hook much better. I use about anything as far as brands go plus some stuff like plastic worms 6" trick worms. I caught sone of my larger fish on the trick worm. . Thing about the worms they do not skip as well as the regular sinko types. I have never seen a real Sinko. I like worms tha have a bit more flex in them. I think the flex thing is more in my head than on the end of a line
  14. Freshwater Table Fare

    My favorite are crappie caught in the morning and fried for lunch.

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