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  1. Old plug

    Fishing instead of huntin

    Wrench My buddy from Kirksville has been catching limits of crappie trolling 15 ft or better with crank baits Up in Indian creek. Worst day he had was last Wednesday he caught 12 . He caught several Hi Brids that day also. I went one day when the weather cool weather earth stated to close in for 5 hours. We caught a limit but trolling about 70 ft back with a crank baits can be tiring. With these shoulders of mine it took 2 days before I could reach up into the kitchen cabinets. I have officially retired from that sort of thing. Buddy or no buddy.
  2. Old plug

    Full of dinks.

    Glad to see your fishing buddy is not dressed as the buddy is still and down home fishing girl. Kind of wondered what she might pick up on her recent trip
  3. Old plug

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    I been fishing a big black plug for years that i do not even remember the name of(I think it might be sputter fuss. it is about 3 1/2 to 4' inches long and has a buzz bait type spinner on there front. It has large heavy galvanize hooks on it.. The hooks are the reason I do not use it more they do not hook well. I really need to change therm and be more serious with it. Pretty versatile bait over all
  4. Old plug

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    For you coming were having a a very cool day with very cool off and on rain I started very early this morning about 5am while i was out gunning s Armadillo. It could play havoc with your plans pattern I bet
  5. Old plug

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Everything has been slow but the Green fish Give you an example of the crappie We caught few after dark under light from a friends dock down the gravois and they were all in a brush pile laying down in 15 ft of water. Rain might change things I hope to be down there Sunday evening after the crowd goes home. I set on my deck a lot of evenings and watch them work the point across mil creek from me I haver only seen one boat out there all this week.I also drive up the road a lot in the evening to Botts Farm if you know where that is and look out over the lower Gravois. It looked like a ghost lake out there last week. I hope these rains coming or cold. a lot of the gravois is back up to 82. I sort of think It is not so much the heat as it is that Sun. That is really hot and penetrating
  6. Old plug

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    I been trying for a couple of years to catch some of those I know down at PB2 on the Friday before. Its not going to happen this year. I have to leave early Friday and transport a antique Chest of drawers and My 12'inch chop saw to St Charles and do some finish carpentry. Won't be back till made Sunday or Monday.. If we git the rain (cooler the better) Saturday I would look towards Buzz Baits for something that will get you a check in one of those periods. I would still not forget to check the deep for a real hog. That water is in the 80s and it is suppose to be near 90 today and again on Friday. Next 5 days the weather is going to be weird. Watch yourself Saturday for the thunderstorms. Its no joke to get caught on LOZ in a tornado. I been there and done that.I was just lucky I was not in the path proper.There just is no place to hide out on the water to hide All you can do is watch the weather and run like hell the other way..
  7. Old plug

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    I think Would encourage the music thing. If she gets serious about it some types of music can be captivating.
  8. Old plug


    Yes. I have seen my friends do it up in Laurie at ozark outfitters in the past do it but not for a long time. I was told it is expensive to do. They heat they jig with a torch then dip it in the powder. Myself I understand a lot of guys like a jig head colored. I use all of mine just like they come out of the mold. .
  9. Old plug

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    I do not know what kind of crap you would have had to go through. every time i see her she is setting on there couch peacefully.
  10. Old plug

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Glenn I do my donuts over them and try to intercept schools coming in. I think once they have stuffed their faces they are in not mood to feed. I have found in the place I fish they are moving towards certain areas as I am sure you know. I stay out a bit from those areas to do my donuts and searching. That is what happened the other evening . There were 3 boats out there besides me. They were all sitting up on a shallow area that the fish had been rising to. The rise there is the not a consistent thing. . I stayed out and was doing my exploring in 20 ft of water. I found two schools of big ones at 18 ft. and caught 5 out of them. Never seen another fish caught by anyone. I have said this before. I think bigger the fish get the less time they spend shallow. I can see in my mind how a large Hybrid.would be searching more for a bigger meal or one that it has to expend lesser energy catching. And I will admit. I do cheat( as I been told by some people people) some of the time by using FRESH Shad on the tip of my spoon.
  11. Old plug

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    I have known for a long time they show up on the bottom under feeding whites. I seen a woman boat one over 50 one evening. guy with her weighed it with some help from me and it his scale was limited to 50 and went there real fast.. I have caught enough of them under White that I sometimes use a small wire leader on my spoon.I had big one chew off right by my boat.
  12. Old plug

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    I just cannot get over how the big Hybrids seem to act like a big catfish. I have visions of them swinning along mouth open scooping up fresh and dying shad like a vacuum cleaner. I have had some real nice experiences with big cats while bottom jigging for whites. Earlier this year I had just bought a now front depth finder. Was not certain what just i was seeing yet. We were bottom jigging and I seen this rather large glob on the bottom. I knew cats looked like that on my old finder but this seemed a bit to large for a cat. Out of curiosity I flipped any spoon over the top of it expecting to get hung up in a small bush. And in the first seconds I thought I had. Then this bush started moving out slowly no head shake no nothing just moving well enough to turn my boats bow 90 degrees before the hook pulled out of what I bet was a 60 lber or better that I foul hooked. I hope I see that thing again and hook it in the mouth.
  13. Old plug

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Anybody on here ever caught a big Hibrids( 5lbs or better) on the surface??? I have caught 4 or 5 over the years jigging breaks 15 to 20 ft when the smaller ones are chasing shad on the surface. Makes me think the big ones have a differant behavior pattern Sort of reminds me of big catfish that follow under the whites and Hybrids scooping up what the surface feeder kill and stun as they sink to the bottom.
  14. Old plug

    Intermiadate angler looking for some help

    I went out White Bass fishing for about a hour last evening on a point close to the house. I found a couple of groups of fish at 18 ft. Got 2 out of one group and three out of another. Those 5 white were the bast i have seen in my neighborhood for a few years. All were right around 14" . Very happy to see that. They have stocked so many Hybrids these past few year I was kind of thinking they were competing with the Whites.
  15. Old plug


    Happy Birthday Phil There is one thing I learned when to passed that mile stone. You start thinking your old and next thing your acting like it. So don't do it. The thinking young can last you many more years.

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