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  1. Old plug

    Not all tourney fishermen are jerks...

    I believe people want to be helpful in a situation like that.
  2. i have been out so little this year I have no idea what is going on with the bass but they are sure getting some big crappie. A friend of mine got a 16' crappie. She is a very inexperienced angler and was trolling with her husband at the time. My neighbor got one about 1/4 of a inch short of 16. I go one 15 and 5 more over 13 and kept them in my live box for a dinner we had. Cleaned them two hours before they were deep fried in beer batter. That is the way I like my crappie.
  3. Old plug

    Dog Loves Me

    I no longer keep a dog. After many years of not ever being without one. A cat is a simpler animal we figure to take care of itself if your gone inside or out. My cat gets fed at 7am each day. If I dare role over in the bed after 5am she will not let me forget it either. Even if I do notified her to 7. Any visits to many regular wisker visits to my face. Even if I can stay in bed till 7
  4. Old plug

    Been Married 35 Years

    Well sorry to hear that. But just maybe she is trying to stop you from fishing in a boat. I been married for almost 53 years and the stoping me from fishing in a boat is a real source theme around here.
  5. Old plug

    Why not to buy Mercury

    We'll I sure did not add anything to it. You telling me I did.
  6. Old plug

    crappie goods

    My friend and his brothers were fishing in your area Wrench. I seen them on a measure board. It is really going to be a year for a lot of Big crappie. And yes that was about the biggest group of 8 I have ever seen since I been down here. They caught 55 keepers that day. He did not say how but I know he trolls down through that area on north side of the Gravois that you and I both like.
  7. Old plug

    crappie goods

    You might be wrong champ If she measured from tip to front to tip of tail over that big belly on that fish she might be right close.
  8. Old plug

    crappie goods

    i agree they are 2x6. A 2x6 is 51/2 inches wide. I wii give it 11'for both boards and a liberal 1' for spacing. The tail hangs over about 3" on the final board so So I will say the lady is pretty close to 16". And maybe is with the tail straight like they are often mesured. I caught two one time on two cut on a Rogue that were 17" Put a pic here and everyone said they were 15. So pay no attention to them Cindy Jo Maybe you should be fishing up here in LOZ. !6' is big up here to but they are there. I seen a bunch last weekend of with 8 crappie from between 14" and a few to 15" That a friend and his brothers caught. I have caught a lot of crappie 14 or better in this lake over the years. Right now the crappie here are just Big and Plentiful.
  9. Old plug

    Why not to buy Mercury

    Tell me about it.
  10. Old plug

    MO Lake water quality discussion

    I think the local powers that be( resorts and other business) would apply pressure to coverup anything that was found. I know they have a moss problem around the dam area in lower Table Rock that they say it is from lawn fertilizing. Well maybe to a tiny effect. When you understand the lower lake is the closest to the major business center I got my doubts. Realize there are suppose to be stringent rules for subdivision and individual systems. I also know any pollutant can travel tru the ground for miles and enter a body of water. I think the lower Table Rock is just starting to show the effects. onece a pollutant goes into the ground it does not come out it travel with every rain. IF you do nothing t believ chat read it. I am sure the Corp of engin era know that. Here at LOZ some people on here like to shoot there mouth about how dirty it is. Thing is we have a independent lake water motoring ststem that is constant. We also or in the process of establishing sewer districts. I live in one of those districts. We have a central treatment plant that will cover nearly all of the Gravois arm down to the camdenton county line.The plant is located not for from from Gravois Mills in addition to regular treatment the water passes though a long shoot that sterilizes the water to the point where when it reaches the outlet it is totally sterile Its tested hourly. The main problem here is property owners refusing to go on a sewer system for years. Law was passed a few year ago that sewer hook up is not voluntary. If you do not want them they are going to put them in anyway and Bill you for the service. The reason they are not advancing faster is our glorious state legislature. Who will not appropriate any money from the state for further projects. DNR has also told our sewer district that in those cases where people refuse to pay. IF the sewer district shuts off the water and it backs up they mush pay for any damage that occurs they are responsible for all damage. Does that make since to anyone ? These people are just steeling th sewer service with state help. MOst of these type plans are rentals. Table Rock Really Lake is just a whipper snapper as far as lakes af goes. All the same problem older lakes have is coming there also. You drive around the hills down there and all the time and see cuts just full of Quaffers. that can travel miles up and down hills to reach that lake.
  11. Old plug

    Line Size?

    If anything bothers fish about the size it would be its vibration in the water. But I doubt it does. Way back in the 50s when Garcia first come out some of the old timers did not like them because they claimed they made to much noise and it went down the line to the lure. I am sure it it went down there just as a string between 2 tin cans will transmit a voice. The lines movement the water itself creates a sound waves they can detect. So I never worry about it. I use blank 10lb Pro braid on my crappie outfits in both black and bright yellow because it lets me straighten out the soft jig hooks in order to retrieve them.
  12. Old plug


    should not be hard since it looks to me like all he did was shooting the the backing and the impact on the backing caused it to lick forward to kick forward and hit the balloon. knocking the dime off.
  13. Old plug

    Crappie picking up

    Sounds to me like they have vacated the bank again. They seem to go back and forth this time of the year with total disregard for water temperature and where condition tell you they should be.
  14. Old plug

    Fishing LO this weekend

    Yesterday was a real good day for small bass I understand from people who came by the dock. Cold front came in last night and it looks like it is not going to be much fun out there this weekend.
  15. Old plug

    Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    Yes your lying when you use the work constantly. The is just rest your just run off your mouth without the slightest understanding of what your talking about. We put 500 homes on the Gravois on a central sewer plant just a a few years ago. Notice I said central plant not some subdivision collection pool. Anytime waste water goes into the ground it stays here. Cutting out the solids like I have been told they do down there means nothing there is still most of the impurities. Yes I will continue to live my life. I will not be pushing people to buy expensive things. I will continue offer some tips. And they are real tips mostly that have to do with Technique. Something else I do not think you understand.

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