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  1. I got a pic here of something you might want to try.

    These or 1/64th oz crappie jigs. They are so easy to make. I just cut off about 3/8 of a inch of a rabbit strip and glue it to the bottom of the hook in back of the jig head with super glue. then wrap and seal it to the head.  They work well in colder water. I use them all the time on my favorite  crappie rod, A image.jpeg.8f3463f8b6f7313f4d10b7d580fa87 ft ultra lite rod with 10lb test braid on it. That stuff is so thin and the rods so long I can cast these little devils close to 30 ft wet. I use crappie candy a lot also on ligs

    1. Mitch f

      Mitch f

      Those look great!

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