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  1. I remember those seats! Had a '91 Champion for years and I had all the seats recovered in 2012 including the chair and butt seat. They matched the pattern perfectly. I remember thinking back then it was pricey but turned out great and was happy I did it. Slightly different colors from '90 to '91. You can still get the pedestals and any seat on top to have the same patterns.
  2. If a fish is making a run at the motor, the moment you put your foot on the pedal the Spot Lock (SL) automatically disengages to manual control. With auto pilot (AP) on, you can manually control it but auto pilot stays on and will go where you aim it. The latter has happened quite a bit fishing down a bank on AP and as soon as someone hooks up, I recommend tapping the SL. This is pretty sweet because your not blowing fish out or getting pushed into the rocks while trying to bring the fish into the boat. This also will automatically create a way point on your graph. It's pretty cool to be able to go back later and look at where you were catching your fish. If you want to go back over it, say the next day, you can tell it to retrace its route. The amazing thing is, is that when you catch another fish and SL, its commonly within a few feet of where you caught them the day before. So you find yourself watching your graph in anticipation of getting to the next way point. Its pretty fun stuff.
  3. I am in agreement with Vernon. I have been running the Ultrex 112(Blue Tooth Mdl) for almost 5 months now and have been 100% satisfied with the quality and toughness of this unit. I have it networked in with my birds and all functions have worked flawlessly. We (I captain for a high school) have definitely put it through its paces more than we should because some people like hitting every underwater tree and rock in the lake (tore a transducer off--never saw that before). The shaft and head look as good as new. The electronic functions are extensive and have been perfect so far. It is extremely well built and am very glad I choked the purchase price down to upgrade. It has changed the way we fish a lot of areas and conditions for the better. I kept my Fortrex for a backup but I'm starting to think the space it takes up is way more valuable. MK knocked this one out of the park in my opinion.
  4. Wow! That will get a war started. Brothers are the best.
  5. Thank you about my age That's really neat your wife will organize your boat! I'm not sure I want to go there with mine. That could be disastrous in more ways than one.
  6. I did have a roll of toilet paper to cover the baits but it didn't look quite right.
  7. You are so correct. Manufacturer's packaging is tough on organization. Probably by design! I have no doubt that my first tackle box changed my life when I couldn't get everything in it. All I do everyday now is fit square pegs in round holes Memory Lane: My first tackle box was the ugliest thing I ever saw (the colors back then were terrible), but I sure loved it. One tray. Had a couple of rigged creme worms (1-black, 1-purple), a jig, floating minnow, a hula popper, wiggle wart, and one single blade spinner bait. It seems like I was always going swimming for that wart. I think I catch more fish today than I did back then...sometimes. I hope Ahh, its all about the journey!
  8. Wow, and I thought it was only me having these issues. Love this website. OCD? Maybe. I came up with this a few months back mainly because too many bags and broken rubber bands. It's worked out pretty well for efficiency and keeps the boys from getting things totally out of wack. Keitechs are no problem. F
  9. That's pretty cool. Listen to everyone else weighing in some biguns while your fishing. Kind of like MLF. Stressful
  10. Thanks for the welcome. Yes I would agree that there are many students, coaches and family members eyeing these threads besides myself. No better way to keep your finger on the pulse of the lake when your not able to be there. We are really looking forward to fishing the tournament here in a few weeks. Should be a lot of fun!
  11. That's insane. Way to go QB! Man, I love that bite. Been looking forward to a report like yours all year.
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