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  1. The guidelines I follow for calculating lead core sink rate: 5’ per color at 2mph 7’ per color at 1.5 mph 10’ per color at 1.0 mph add to that 1/2 of the dive curve depth for the lure you are using for the amount/type of line in the water. As Eyeman pointed out when you turn the inside lines will slow and sink faster and the outside lines will speed up and rise. This speed/depth change is often when You will get bit as it triggers a follower to strike so running shallow “S” curves is an often used tactic, just be aware a sharp turn will have the inside lines sinking rapidly and can lead to problems. ‘Smooth” turning makes life simpler and more trouble free. Just as speeding up will make the bait rise, if I mark good fish below the level I am trolling I can s l o w down and let my lines take the lures down to that range as I pass(within reason) and sometime pick those fish off. If is a very effective system, but as MG pointed out not very sporting with smaller fish. Hook up with a large hybrid, striper, or big blue cat and that lead line is unnoticeable. Mike
  2. Very true, bur with lead core your line will follow the contour you are running instead of cutting sideways on curves, AND if you find yourself shallow or over a brush pile you can simply speed up briefly and the lure will rise allowing you to avoid getting hung up. Also, when you do get snagged - as you will when trolling contours for walleye, you can run the old Hound Dog retriever down the line and recover things 95% of the time. Can’t do that with tadpoles or snap weights(unless using the 50/50 method) - but for open water trolling those devices do have their place. Like anything, best setup depends on what type of fishing you are engaged in. mike
  3. Lead is very speed dependent due to the large diameter(it will rise the faster you go)and is not user friendly. That said, when used properly it is VERY effective for trolling deep. I use it almost exclusively (sometimes use snap weights)when trolling once we get a thermocline(June-Sept). The depth you mention is IF you are traveling @2 mph. Faster is less depth, slower is more depth - @1 mph it is more like 10’ per color. The crank bait’s dive curve also has some impact on where you end up; it takes practice to master but lead puts FISH IN THE BOAT. You can easily fish that flicker shad at 24’ which right now = crappie.(for that bait(#7) at 24’ @ 1.5 mph I would start with 100 feet of line counted out) Mike
  4. If they don’t get pollinated, squash will just shrivel and fall off - insecticides/dusting can kill pollinators. One other possible cause could be lack of calcium - I have seen both give squash the problem you describe. Mike
  5. I was a regular at Shanks wade and shoot before the floods killed the pin oaks; spent many a day on Mark Twain when the lake was filling (literally for years)when we couldn’t draw in the poor man’s line. I don’t miss the early wake ups but I do miss the fellowship. Like TM, I could bring them in when I was where they wanted to be...and that is 90% of successful waterfowl hunting. Mike
  6. I like the confidence snoodle. Is that on a remote so you save battery? Mike
  7. Correct, was just curious why the change. Keep catching those big fish! Mike
  8. Scott, ‘Why did you ditch the “BigFish” for “BF”? Just curious. Mike
  9. ..and I get claustrophobia if I am in less than 25’. I WILL go there though when the fish are there. Not this time of year; those shallow fish are all yours. I was catching the 21’ LM( mostly 15-17”) while prospecting for walleye 2 weekends back. Fishing is pretty good. Mike
  10. I have fished LOZ most of my life; strategically located brush holds the good fish - not just bass, but more importantly desirable fish like walleye. The very best brush is on spots the average Joe overlooks or can’t reach - when you locate/place enough of those, that equals a nice milk run and a chance at a really good day every time out. You also need to be able to place your bait in them cleanly, and that is why skipping, pitching, flipping, and shooting rule on LOZ. Ethical? Yes. Much more so than fishing PB2. Mike
  11. Too funny. If Trump said wear a mask, CWF and all the protestors and rioters would be gathering barefaced chanting you can’t make me. FWIW - I wear one when around you germy creatures, and not because anyone TOLD me too. Mike
  12. Truth. Best to remember that we are mortal beings and can’t control the course of nature. We like to think so though; pretty comical actually. Mike
  13. I would not throw the towel in on without having it looked at, I’d take it to the nearest MK service center. Mike
  14. I read this response and SMH. What you describe is PRECISELY what the MSM does to push the liberal agenda and incite emotional responses in THEIR followers. I heard once that when you point a finger at someone there is one finger aimed at them there are THREE aimed at you. True story. Geez.
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