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  1. Glad to hear everyone is OK! Mike
  2. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    Nope. Most often used here as an adder with basmati rice and mushrooms cooked in chicken stock. Doesn’t take much - simple and delicious. Mike
  3. This was the lower end...no ice near shore due to de-icer ,running.
  4. I think JungleJim buys from them, he had me checking them out. They seem to have inventory right now when nobody else does... Mike
  5. Most of the lake is ice covered. Mike
  6. I still shovel, but my back was protesting last night as I was slinging full scoops of the white stuff. I’m too cheap to buy one to use once or twice a year....if I live farther north I’d have one. Mike
  7. Agree they should not be able to stick the consumer, but should they be able to shut you down if supplying you is not profitable? Currently, the answer appears to be yes. I see this becoming more of an issue, not less, with movement away from more stable energy sources. If you need power, you better have a backup, because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine....and if they aren’t making money - you will be off line. Mike
  8. $18 MWH is dirt cheap - final costs are typically multiple times that after the all misc adders like “peak” demand charges are calculated and added to an invoice. Electricity under peak demand is always cost prohibitive and most big consumers curtail or drop off line rather than take that beating....that may be driving at least some of these blackouts where utilities are buying from someone else. I don’t think they are allowed to pass their posterior whooping for that power on to the end user..and may be why you don’t get it. Mike
  9. Our dock on the NShore of LOZ is locked in...not very common to be sure but not unheard of to old guys like me - I have an ice saver running and all will be well. Mike
  10. Maybe just until fracking is shut down to the extent natural gas supply costs swing the economics; then my guess is certain alternative energy companies and their stockholder politicians are given a cut of our earnings in the name a green new deal. And actually, coal would still be economically viable if it had not been legislated out of business by this same process and most of the same politicians. Just my observation, there is a slim chance I could be wrong. Mike
  11. I’ve got my seeds started, but I simplify the more time passes. Canning and slicing tomatoes, cucumber, jalapeños, squash...and Happy Flowers(giant sunflower) for my wife. Mike
  12. Surprised to see now...figured they’d be DEEP. Mike
  13. Yes, I have been using my hillbilly snow blower as well - works like a champ when things are this cold! I can have the vehicles, driveway, and walkways cleared in a snap. Just need to move things down wind.... I take the dog on a 3 mile jaunt every day...and , yes, walking in snow, even a few inches, is a workout. I don’t wear a face covering, but I have a fitted stocking cap that paired with a sweatshirt hood around the neck area keeps me toasty warm. Mike
  14. Agree fly fishing them will they are piled in there is not the hot setup, but they will smoke certain crank baits drug along the bottom - as a bonus there are normally BIG female crappie staged at the same time and filling up the live wells with a mixed limit is not too hard. Won’t be long. Mike
  15. I have been playing myself, but I am trying to K.I.S.S. and just refill my boxes. I give a lot away, and of course I lose my share. Been tying jigs(marabou and hair), nymphs, and some articulated streamers and waiting on a few supplies to arrive to finish up and maybe try a couple new offerings. Thought about getting some more jig molds but like everything else this last year there is nothing available that I would like. Truth is, I carry around a lot more gear than I ever use already....I just like tinkering. Mike
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