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  1. With lead I wouldn’t go smaller than 6, but that is me. I usually spend the extra money for copper coated cuz I get better patterns. Mike
  2. Interesting - first I have seen that assertion. The problems you mention are certainly not new, I heard them first as a child 50+ years ago. While certainly areas where we need to continue to move in new directions I hadn’t heard they represent immediate threats to life expectancy for humans alive today. Now bombs, bullets, and bugs, those are another story. Mike
  3. Should be fine for turkey in close. If it handles 3” I would go for the extra shot count. Mike
  4. Family christened her Baby.
  5. I am no expert(let me get that out of the way now), but from what I’ve seen it depends on how fast they are brought up, the temperature, and what species as well as how deep they were. I fish regularly in the 30-35 ft range and don’t see many issues; crappie seem to be most fragile, walleye are rarely an issue and the catfish species can take a licking and keep on ticking. Bass species are in between. Wintertime is usually no problem; warm water and deeper fish seems to increase the risk. Mike
  6. Those look nice; would be real nice for subtle presentations. I bet those tails would really swim on an A-rig too... Mike
  7. This is why I plan to move out of my(or any) development; the patience I once had for this BS is expired. Mike
  8. One of the few classes I aced.... Mike
  9. Each is entitled to their own set of beliefs in my book - I’m thinking more humans have died as the result of one group or individual attempting to enforce their beliefs upon others than for any other reason, and we are all likely to be at least partially wrong. I will go with what my set of life experiences have given me as a belief set, and you should do the same. Mike
  10. Lakemaster is a compatibility must for iPilot Link as the others wont work. I’ve been running it for years and love it. Mike
  11. I’m fond of a good knife myself; can’t stand to cook, skin, or work with dull tools. Everyday Buck 110 on my belt, hunting Gerber Gator folding drop point gut hook, fileting fish an American Angler electric, and in the kitchen a set of Wusthofs with sharpening tools. I have many others, but these are used a lot. Mike
  12. It’s the clowns in the big boats that are often the source of the problem. Anderson Hollow didn’t have a source of E. coli other than macerators....pull them big boats off the lake and it is a much more beautiful place. Mike
  13. Grew up on Cheshire Drive in Wedgwood. Used to run the banks from there down to the Jamestown bridge and occasionally out to the river. Mike
  14. I grew up in that creek; no telling how many bullfrogs I ate from there....I should be glowing in the dark. Mike
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