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  1. They are hyper aware of change/movement to be sure...I have drawn on a few and they almost always get unnerved before I can release. Have some trail cam bobcat pics this year and maybe it will come sneaking by and I’ll observe his reaction....I called in a lion some years ago while turkey hunting and KNOW how they react.....😬. He went one way, I went the other.... Mike
  2. Those sure qualify for one of my arrows BH! I hunt in St. Louis County and in my woods mature bucks are a bit shy but once that scent is in the wind that goes out the window and they will move during legal hours. That also is the time when temps are cool enough to hang and cool them properly for at least 24 hours before taking them down, which I prefer. My wife and I will eat 2-3 a year depending on any sausage making in the plan and I much prefer to take them bow hunting but have to admit to having a soft spot for my .50 TC as well... Mike
  3. Pulled my cards yesterday when I got back in town and as you say the deer are now moving pretty good...have a few big boys on film but no mature bucks in daylight yet....nowadays that is my “go” signal and usually occurs the last few days of October. In my old age I look for quality or quantity stand time - once conditions are right I will then saddle up and sit until the right deer shows up...all day If it takes that long(and often does). This approach has worked well for me and I always schedule time to hunt/process the first week of November. Mike
  4. Same old, same old. Claim to fund deteriorating infrastructure and siphon elsewhere....... Mike
  5. nomolites

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    Nicely done. And she swims...!
  6. nomolites

    Knapp time.

    Congrats! Pretty cool! Mike
  7. nomolites

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    WOW! Fantastic! I never expected to win this drawing..THANK YOU Duane!!! I have been stewing on a jerkbait outing for trout either way, and now I have the perfect justification! Mike
  8. nomolites

    Nice To Be Here!

    I usually try to hit the Frying Pan when out there elk hunting; I hunt on Red Table above the reservoir. Pretty pricy in that neighborhood. Mike
  9. nomolites

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Good on him; targeting and catching big fish is an art form and requires patience of dedication. Of course time and money help... Mike
  10. nomolites

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    I was not bass fishing but saw a couple areas on the ‘Bird with toads working large threadfin shad in 35-40 FOW for extended periods of time..could have been blue cats but looked like bass to me. They were not interested in my multiple passes with #9 crankbaits; just curious if Oliver was dragging his baits deep in that range or shallow? The fish I caught this weekend(hybrids, blue cat, crappie, bass)were all in 30+ FOW. Mike
  11. nomolites

    Got an invite, and I will suck at this!

    👍🏻 Used to shoot league there; made a huge difference in my wingshooting from that point forward. Mike
  12. I have clean(medical use only) and good quality diagonal cutters and lineman’s pliers as well as a first aid kit with antiseptic and antibiotic ointment in the boat at all times. Been stuck too many times or had others(including pets) stuck and it is better to have and not need than need and not have.... That said, I am much more cautious as I grow older and when handling large strong fish like big hybrids I use locking pliers made for that purpose to hold the lower jaw while I extract trebled baits. My wound count has thus diminished....Go figure. Mike
  13. nomolites

    Knapp time.

    Agree your work is amazing and I can visualize the patience and motor control required to create these points. I have neither - I would be left with broken pieces and bloody fingers... Would love to take a closer look(s); please add my name to the list and thank you for the generous offer! Mike
  14. nomolites

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Please enter my name as well; those are beautiful and my jerkbait obsession requires I make the attempt. Thanks! Mike
  15. nomolites

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Kind of my philosophy for the weekend; I’m going to be bringing home some eats and relaxing. If you see me anywhere near a dock(other than mine) this weekend I am lost - please stop and offer help 😉. Mike

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