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  1. I elk hunt on Red Table overlooking the reservoir(Reudi) and Frying Pan. Beautiful out there; I have only fished it a few times just catching a few small bows on nymphs - lots of private ground and inaccessible stream. There are some toads below the dam but they weren’t interested in my shrimp imitations or anything else I had to throw at them for that matter. Aspens should be changing...it will be awesome!! Mike
  2. They have been down for holidays weekends for a number of years now...glad to hear they are expanding that role! Mike
  3. Fished all that a lot in my younger days and ran trot lines at night out of an even smaller boat. Never bothered me a bit...lots of boats out there and up above at Candy Island and around the marina at the mouth of Dardenne Creek. Just gotta use your head...did go down stream to duck hunt once in pretty good flows and tried to head back in a pretty good sleet storm and motor did not have enough posterior to top the current. Ended up walking out to a Farm house and getting a lift to my truck and retrieving the boat the next day. Yes, I been stupid, but we did get our mallards. Mike
  4. I hear you, I feel my boat is underutilized these days but I have to admit it is because I have become picky. Locally, don’t overlook Hillsboro or Litchfield, small but they have fish and allow big motors. That said, I am drawn to our highland reservoirs and streams like a moth to a flame. Mud puddles in IL just don’t do it for me anymore. My boat actually sits on a lift at LOZ but half the time I stop there just long enough to load it up and head farther south. Saves me trailering back and forth from St. Louis anyway... Mike
  5. I called the hotline yesterday and the message said they were inundated with calls and requests for info and apologized that they were running behind. Could be a contributor... that said, their forecast was below 660 - I do like Wrench and gauge by level on my favorite fixed object(dock piling) and call the number primarily for projected discharges. I like current for fishing. Mike
  6. I think folks with marginal dock approaches do 90% of the whining. My biggest concern involves electricity and docks...people can be stupid...especially at LOZ. Mike
  7. 👍🏻 I’ve fished with Don a few times; he knows how the catch them. Mike
  8. Wish I didn’t have to be in Janesville WI that Fri -Sat., this sounds like a great outing. Dang the luck. Mike
  9. Walleye primarily, Northerns and Whitefish as bonus fish. Would like to have worked on some Lake Trout but the weather was pretty tough for boat control with limited gear as this was a fly In outing. No giants - best walleye was 7, had a handful of 5s as well. Mike
  10. Just got back from a week in NW Ontario...worst I have seen. Couple of guys had allergic reactions and swelled up from so many bites...and they were wearing headnets, etc. Black flies and B-52 skeet’s. I hate wearing that crap so I wore 100% DEET and pretty much swatted full time. Caught lots of fish as usual, so it was worth it. Mike
  11. That’s a big’n, fo sho. In a few years we will have some stripers going well above that number...I have been releasing all I catch in anticipation! Mike
  12. Lipless crankbaits like rat l traps troll quite well for temperate bass if you want to go shallower- speed will determine how deep they run. Even a small square bill will get it done at times but a general rule is the shallower the bait the farther from the boat it should be. Early in the year stickbaits can work well...try different things until the fish tell you what they want. Mike
  13. What he said ^^^^. The Glop... Yes, I did have to cheat.
  14. Those look pretty sweet. Mike
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