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  1. I like that you are opting out on lead! To keep enough energy downrange over 40 yds with steel you need large shot, like BBB if you are hoping to drop a goose. For Turkey I would consider paying the big bucks for tungsten as one box will last you a few years and you will have much better and higher energy patterns at longer ranges with smaller shot than steel. I had trouble learning to shoot steel when it was introduced as I grew up with lead, but it is just as effective as long as you follow the guidelines on shot sizes and adjust wingshooting leads depending on range. It will also be much easier to dial in if all your wingshooting is done with steel. Mike
  2. Sounds like a nice shotgun. Interesting on the ratings for steel on the extended tubes; I would think shot size needs to be “yuge” to be effective at those distances and honestly I don’t think you can make clean kills out that far with steel - especially when you need to be swinging a half mile in front of the bird. I’d be interested to hear if they live up to their hype. Mike
  3. That is a 15# hybrid sir, not a true striper. Mike
  4. I don’t much care about intent, but this batch is 4 years old based on their growth rate in fertile fresh water. I also know I had not caught a true striper from LOZ for over a decade until 2 years ago, and there are enough of them now they are running in schools of just true stripers, all the same size. Mike
  5. They take one good hard run and you gotta let them go then you can start working them; hybrids do fight better pound for pound but the stripes get a lot bigger. I caught one about 25# form the Gravi as a kid, and there were a good number back then, but in the last decade of two nothing for a good stretch - until 4 years ago when this batch was stocked. I started catching them at about 12” a couple years ago - I hope folks give them at least another year before taking them out, I love when they stretch my string. Mike
  6. Nice; I have not either. I want them to grow to striper size! Mike
  7. They put in stripers 4 years ago....this is the first year they are over 20”. Leave a few for the rest of us.....😉 Mike
  8. Nice ride! Last time I was on Stockton we had a meal of big gills caught while bouncing as well; delicious! They are not far behind walleye in the table fare department... Mike
  9. I am the same most of the time. Exception would be long lining cranks on LOZ during the day; too much traffic/noise for it to matter. Mike
  10. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    I have driven through Baxter Springs on 166 many times and they have signs at the city limits announcing it to be the Home of Hale Irwin; I think he grew up in that area and later moved on to the city in his playing years. Mike
  11. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    Hale baby. From down south KS way, I believe Baxter Springs? Mike
  12. The Chants are certainly up, been the best year for size and numbers for me in a while - I have been bringing home a sack every time I have been in the woods working up my bow stands in recent weeks. Have seen lots of other varieties(bolete, corals, etc.)but I am content with the Chanterelles this year. Mike
  13. Those look like fish catchers to me! Nice! Mike
  14. Depends on what you are hunting and the amount/type of shot you are feeding it. Like JD said you need to experiment and pattern it. My experience is many(including me) try too tight of tubes for the application, particularly with heavy shot charges or plated or steel shot - the standard chokes should do fine. If you go to meat shoots or want to hunt turkey with 2 3/4 loads would be the time I’d think about an XFull or custom tube. Mike
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