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  1. anyone familiar with Crestliners?

    I have an 1850 Fish Hawk and run it mainly on LOZ; no complaints whatsoever. Mike
  2. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    I'd say you have friends in high places. Mike
  3. Stupid otters!

    We had that issue and they would leave the carcasses on top of the flotation in inaccessible(without swimming underneath) parts of the dock - the smell was horrid. Getting it out was a treat. Don't leave fish in baskets anymore... Mike
  4. LOZ piggies

    ..and the advantage of outboards is you can splash them any time of year without any real worry about winterization. Unfortunately, these days those big boys do....year round. Mike
  5. Walleye fishing Help??

    I prefer to broil walleye, fry or sauté crappie for fish tacos, broil hybrids/stripers, fry white bass for sandwiches, and will occasionally blacken a smallish blue/flathead or fry up a mess of big bluegill. I pretty much stay away from bottom feeders.
  6. LOZ piggies

    So far this year I have seen 8 different boats rigged like that - one was only a little 32'er. Crazy. Mike
  7. Walleye fishing Help??

    I am still looking for that double digit fish and enjoying the hunt. Last time on LOZ I pulled a good one out of the livewell by the gill plates and she had more spunk than I thought and sliced me real good. It happens. I won out in the end though cuz she's in my belly. Mike
  8. Walleye galore

    Nice - that is a wonderful day; well done! Mike
  9. Trolling motor problems...

    I would pull the prop and check the shaft to make sure you don't have a ball of line around the shaft or check the connections at the batteries and breaker first. Mike
  10. Boat Lift Help

    I have done my own work and it can be tricky as you don't realize the force of the buoyancy of that tank. I would recommend a pro but if you decide to tackle things yourself you need to make sure the tank is SECURED and can neither come up, down, or tilt when you take something loose - if it does things can go bad fast. Been there, fought that, survived. Mike
  11. Gravois Arm this week

    Been to Fitz's quite a bit; closest decent shop to me and I agree that that are clique-ish. Plus they are close to Pistols Plus... Mike
  12. Gravois Arm this week

    Bring the boat - the lake is all ways fishable sunup to 0930 - I was down the week of the 4th and out every day early with no issues. It DO get rough by 1030 and stays that way until 7pm or so when it is time to get out again as the lake calms and the fish move up. They will get shallower around light after dark but In daylight I still do best in cooler, deeper water this time of year - as stated fishing docks mid day is real tough on your hull and motor cowling with the ocean liners moving you 8-10' in one swell....there is deep structure holding fish away from obstacles you just have to hunt it up. Mike
  13. Gravois Arm this week

    They usually get deep on brush when the water warms up; 10" power worms in red shad, tequila sunrise, or watermelon red are a good bet to start. Find the thermocline and start looking at that depth - you would be surprised how many brushpiles Wrench and Warrior have sunk out there under cover of darkness... Mike
  14. Couple days last week

    Very nice! Mike
  15. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    The Revo SX is a good reel; if set up properly they cast smoothly. I don't run anything heavier than 20# braid and have no issues; it is either a set up issue as ST suggests or have something to do with the 40# line on the small spool and the fact that on long casts you are unloading it or did not have tension the line when it spooled up at some point. Mike

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