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  1. I remember .199 during the gas wars myself. We were on the way to LOZ and that was the price in Eldon at the the gas station on old 54 as you came in from the East. That place hasn’t dispensed fuel for many years... Mike
  2. I work from home when not traveling and it is nice on days like yesterday... Of course, I’ve driven through blizzards too while on trips, but that is OK because I am NEVER hung up in rush hour - especially rush hour with bad roads! Mike
  3. Hmm, can’t fool me - that looks different than my reference point on the sea wall...😉 Mike
  4. I’ve actually had sausage made from them that was quite edible. Mike
  5. I have a pair of Soft Science Terrafins and I love them; while they have holes in the sole I have not had rocks stick in them. They are super light and comfortable. Mike
  6. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    I picked up a plastic container with silicone lid purpose made with a hole in the corner, it works great and easier to deal with than conventional cookware. Mike
  7. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    Acquired one last year and we 😍. Nothing better for venison and game meats, and of course any meat is moister and more delicious prepped as RPS indicates. If you have the patience a beef chuck roast just melts in your mouth... Mike
  8. Agree with Quill - mix decent sized hardwood branches like oak with the Xmas trees for the best results. Have been maintaining a productive bed at our place for years - the fish love it. Mike
  9. I think if you can hit them it will do fine; only way to know if you can hit them is to load up and try it out. I’d get a big piece of cardboard and aim dead on for the bull placed In the top third to get an idea of drop and go from there. I think 70 gr is a pretty common charge for a 245 maxi. Mike
  10. Well, I’ll take the main lake points adjoining deep water with a flat and you can have every back end on the lake. There are not a large number with the right ingredients but they are money, especially in current. Mike
  11. With lead I wouldn’t go smaller than 6, but that is me. I usually spend the extra money for copper coated cuz I get better patterns. Mike
  12. nomolites


    Interesting - first I have seen that assertion. The problems you mention are certainly not new, I heard them first as a child 50+ years ago. While certainly areas where we need to continue to move in new directions I hadn’t heard they represent immediate threats to life expectancy for humans alive today. Now bombs, bullets, and bugs, those are another story. Mike
  13. Should be fine for turkey in close. If it handles 3” I would go for the extra shot count. Mike
  14. Family christened her Baby.
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