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  1. Beaver Walleye

    My money would be on a RR 800... Mike
  2. Buzzbait prep.

    Or tape it to the mirror bracket for a spell...
  3. Humminbird 1198c problem

    Smacked one too many logs with my transducer and had to replace this year; after I installed the new I realized that mine had actually been losing definition over the last few years..every thump of debris seems to take something away. Have a high speed ducer switched in as well and was able to confirm as it still worked fine. Mounted my replacement a bit higher; lose resolution at a lower speed but don't care to buy another. Mike
  4. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Nicely done Conor! I bet there are a couple more in your cove... Mike
  5. Water Patrol Rescue

    As an LOZ denizen I can tell you that a two log pontoon has no chance in rough water - there are VERY few in operation on LOZ any more. The front end will nose completely under bringing the rear out of the water if the operator is not on the ball and depending on weight distribution the logs and decking will sustain heavy damage. That's why a pontoon to run LOZ anymore can run you well above $100k, with three oversized pontoons and some added framing....oh, and depending on length 2 matching 250(or more) outboards to push the beast. Mike
  6. Fishfinder/GPS advice Side imaging?

    If you drop the WP on your SI image with the cursor it will place it where you put it....that is how I usually mark brush, boulders, etc. I also have the puck for my head(yes, I have an older 998) mounted above the transducer so I get an accurate mark either way. Trouble is, at times I still can't catch fish....🤔 Mike
  7. walleye exausted

    As always RPS is giving great advice. Mike
  8. sunglasses

    Costa or MJ, sadly good lenses are not cheap. Have both but my scrip pair with "Maui Brilliant" lenses are unbeatable - had a hard time coughing up the dough for them but no regrets. I have not had good luck or longevity with more affordable options. Mike
  9. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I could not agree more. I was down to work on a few things and thought I might fish early and late, WRONG!!! As soon as the sun broke they were racing WFO on the lower end(and I expect elsewhere) wide open sometimes 4 wide without much regard for safety or the level of noise and time of day. There was much more $$$ in play on side bets than ever in the races, I guarantee. They were doing the same in the evenings with all the other boat traffic out there to magnify the hazards. I have never, ever, seen the lake infested with so many complete idiots in all my years ... I am thinking It may be time to for a change. Mike
  10. anyone familiar with Crestliners?

    I have an 1850 Fish Hawk and run it mainly on LOZ; no complaints whatsoever. Mike
  11. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    I'd say you have friends in high places. Mike
  12. Stupid otters!

    We had that issue and they would leave the carcasses on top of the flotation in inaccessible(without swimming underneath) parts of the dock - the smell was horrid. Getting it out was a treat. Don't leave fish in baskets anymore... Mike
  13. LOZ piggies

    ..and the advantage of outboards is you can splash them any time of year without any real worry about winterization. Unfortunately, these days those big boys do....year round. Mike
  14. Walleye fishing Help??

    I prefer to broil walleye, fry or sauté crappie for fish tacos, broil hybrids/stripers, fry white bass for sandwiches, and will occasionally blacken a smallish blue/flathead or fry up a mess of big bluegill. I pretty much stay away from bottom feeders.
  15. LOZ piggies

    So far this year I have seen 8 different boats rigged like that - one was only a little 32'er. Crazy. Mike

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