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  1. I woke up thinking along the same lines. I don’t want for money, food , or family...while we can’t see folks in person today due to health concerns we can visit with them on-line....and they are actually happy to see and hear from us!. Yes, we have challenges, but I have faith we will get to the other side. God Bless all, and Happy Thanksgiving! Mike
  2. And they are fun to shoot. And they are easier to clean up by orders of magnitude than a traditional muzzleloader. Also, the results are quick clean, and sometimes spectacular kills as long as the operator has done the legwork up front to validate the loading. They can also be operated with lead slugs without sabots, black powder, and iron sights. I have used mine out west where that is the requirement and while it surely limits their range, they will take elk, deer, or other game swiftly and cleanly. I love that cloud of smoke and when it clears often seeing my target anchored in
  3. I have an in-line, TC Pro Hunter, and it shoots as well as any rifle I own. I would recommend an in-line, there are many good ones out there, use a sabot and high quality pistol bullet like an XTP and I prefer loose powder over pellets so you can adjust as required to improve accuracy although pellets are easier. Mike
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  5. I have caught hundreds from LOZ on cranks and spoons...even a handful like this guy(spoon). They roam with the shad and will eat any shad imitator. Mike .
  6. I have the same networked setup, use it and like it a lot. I primarily fish Lake of the Ocean and self deploy/stow is da bomb. I primarily chase walleye and with electronic boat control I can actually fish rather than fight the boat all day. Mike
  7. Agreed.....and I don’t recall you stating that this thing would be solved if “???” or “!!!” either. Our(humanity) track record suggests we(collectively) have more work to do. Mike
  8. Stood in line for 2 hours this morning to exercise mine. Saw 3 people out of several hundred not using good sense. Mike
  9. First let me say, I wear a mask as appropriate - which is a lot lately as my wife has health issues at the moment that have required many hospital and doctors office visits. My beef is the scads of virtue signalers, who quote their belief in science, when they truly do not understand it at all. Just repeating what they have heard .... and low and behold there are many who don’t like to be told what to do - and will go out of their way to not comply. We humans do not have control of this thing, we are just along for the ride. That is science. Mike
  10. I haven’t been down recently but I would start looking in coves/pockets off the main lake with wind coming into them...I would start looking in the middles in 40 FOW or less back to about 15 FOW and look for scattered bait And them larger fish. If a strong wind they will follow the bait to the wind blown flats or banks either in those coves or on the main lake. Deeper fish I’d work spoons; those in shallow will bit a variety of offerings but I usually start with in line spinners or swimbaits. Wind is your friend and concentrates them with the bait, flat water makes it tough - evenings have
  11. If you’re gonna go, might as well go two fisted.....
  12. I’m not worried on those terms either and I live in a diverse area; I’m more concerned about availability in the future. I stay stocked so I don’t get caught short. Same with TP(pre-COVID).....both rate about the same in my book....lol. Gotta have priorities. Mike
  13. That VISUAL hurts... Mike
  14. You did well. I dislike Pradco a lot for that reason. I’ve spent a good deal of time doing the same(searching, but for different lures or components), especially since COVID. I’ve had a habit for a number of years of staying well stocked or I’d really be mad with current availability .... Mike
  15. I have some of them all...for bass and walleye I probably fish more Megabass 110+1s than the others, the original Lucky Craft Pointers in wind, and have had really good luck on the lowly 4” RC Sticks for trout but the bills break and I’ve only got a few left. Mike
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