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  1. nomolites

    Gun questions

    I’m not going to even talk about my weapon.... Mike
  2. nomolites

    Winter Crappie Question

    I don’t know how he is set up but especially being on both sides looks like interference. Usually trolling motor or trim motor on outboard.... I usually just use one side when shooting docks because it gives me much better clarity. All you really need to know is if they are stacked in there and about how deep though...then there’s figuring out how to skip them jigs way back up in there 😉. At least that is one fishing application where an inexpensive glass rod works best! Mike
  3. nomolites

    Winter Crappie Question

    Looks like interference to me...maybe from the trolling motor being run?
  4. nomolites

    Gun questions

    Handguns can often be run for the cost of the ammo or a nominal rental at many ranges; I recently tried out a P320 compact while at my local range...and that is likely going to cost me the price of a new one before I’m done 😬. Mike
  5. Only works if you check in together..... I love pre-check - like others I travel a lot for work and it makes airports less stressful, for me at least. I absolutely hate the get undressed/dressed/juggle your laptop/ all while jumping on one leg and moving with a herd..... Mike
  6. nomolites

    Slow and windy, but fun.

    Looks like an old v-bottom aluminum job upside down to me. Mike
  7. nomolites

    Elk in SE Kansas

    X2. The KS warden who posted this mentioned he was glad to see folks following the regs....Usually therearen’t regs w/o a huntable herd? Mike
  8. nomolites

    C’mon over to the Darkside

    Can’t beat the hound dog...some of the best fishing money I have ever spent. Mike
  9. nomolites

    Bass fishing tips.

    Yes, that was me Pat - you had me wondering when you said you were bass fishing and catching walleye..lol. It was a fabulous day to be out on the water! Mike
  10. nomolites

    Bass fishing tips.

    I went out for a few hours this morning looking for walleye and had no problem catching bass ... I had cycled through jerkbaits, crankbaits, lipless cranks, and spoons w/o a bite...picked up a 3” Keitech and the bass were just inhaling that thing slow rolled on chunk rock banks. Did that for about an hour and caught nothing but green fish before I had to head in and assist with dinner prep... Mike
  11. nomolites

    Working birds

    Used to hunt the wade and shoot regularly at Shanks with similar results before the floods killed all the pin oaks...dang that was some fun! Have not been up there in years.... Mike
  12. nomolites

    Opening weekend come and gone. How'd you do?

    Beauty! I though about taking my AR out as well but could not find a factory loaded partitions for my setup and have not yet tinkered with handloads. Would not consider using it for deer with anything else. Mike
  13. nomolites


    My wife and I fished Stockton this year and while chasing walleye we caught a mess of bull bluegill......and they got in my belly! Mike
  14. nomolites

    Got my buck

    Really nice buck; they are hard to handle by oneself! I hope to have a chance soon... Mike
  15. I sat from 1015 until dark Wednesday and Critters were on the move; had a big fork and a mature buck with a normal 4 point beam and a straight up fork on the other side within easy bow range but passed. The old buck was fun to watch...he was cagy as heck and looking up even scanning the trees every couple of steps for danger - after about a half hour he ended up wandering off and harassing a couple of does down in the creek bottom. I learn something every time a see a mature animal like that doing their thing. Also had a red fox and a coon come through very close...just a gorgeous day to watch the flow. Mike

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