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  1. nomolites

    Walleye are still biting

    Been there. I put a heavier and longer cord(75’)on one of those lead/chain lure retrievers and have saved myself literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the last 5-10 years. I usually only lose cranks any more if I am running snap weights close(20’) to the lure in deep water which I don’t do often. I also catch more fish as I can work brush or trees without the anxiety of losing baits. Mike
  2. nomolites

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Don’t feel bad Wrench, I tried them in a couple of spots this week and caught everything but hybrids/stripers which is unusual...caught a lot of big whites! Sorry no catfish or drum pics but caught plenty. The LM was 4-7... Mike
  3. nomolites

    Do you have any screen shots....

    In general shad are more scattered in warm months; screenshots on the video are during cold water when they are pushed deep and stay there. This time of year current can be your friend and help position the fish; I’ve only fished Stockton the one week earlier this summer but I found when they were generating in the afternoon(during that hot spell in June) I could much more easily predict where the fish would be and catch a few spooning or jigging specific structure. Other times of the day I found fish to be much more scattered and I had to work harder. Mike
  4. nomolites

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    That is my favorite way as well. Agree wild(er) trout are best! Mike
  5. nomolites

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    ..when a plan comes together is a beautiful thing. Mike
  6. nomolites

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    The larger(size fish) schools do tend to stay deeper this time of year for sure. I catch most of my better fish in 20-30 FOW.... Mike
  7. nomolites


    I was with this group 7 thru 10 as well; John has not changed a bit - I’ll be a fan of his until he quits. His pants, not so much. Mike
  8. nomolites


    Spent the day there and it was quite nice; have been to US Opens, PGAs and WGC events as well and the comments above are not reflective of golf in the world today. All shapes and sizes, nationalities, and creeds. Yes, there are corporate tents for those entertaining clients but even that has become much less a phenomenon than it once was. I even had to PAY for my tickets this year 🤔.... It’s like anything else, if it’s not for you - don’t go. Just like I don’t do much carp fishing....I am however, now headed to the lake .. Mike
  9. nomolites

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Likely an issue of semantics. Shoal may be the better word, with the good ones having a significant area at roughly the same depth adjacent to deep water. For example 6 Mile, Gibson, Tony’s, Sheldon, and the hump( I refer to as Guido’s)on the lower end of the Gravi And one as you approach Lakeview moving up Lake - depending on conditions and boat traffic they can all be very good or very bad. I have also had success at Rainbow(mouth of Bogue) and others with smaller “flats” but you get the idea. They can be completely barren but as the shadows descend shad get pushed up by the temperate bass and walleye and it gets busy fast. The presence of shad nearby is the key, and in that regard current helps. Mike
  10. nomolites

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    They essentially behave the same in the hot months(now) except rather than the backs of coves they move up onto or around flats late in the day. Same old saw...those near deep water and on an inside turn are the best.... Mike
  11. nomolites

    Sunglasses ?

    My favs are a pair of scrip MJ Kahunas with Maui Brilliant lenses...yes, the price is truly breathtaking, but there are NO other glasses that compare IMO. Mike
  12. nomolites

    Sunglasses ?

    I carry ZEISS lenses cleaning wipes in the little packets; have them in the boat, truck, pack, everywhere. As Ness says blot first which will work with water but once I get skin oil or other crap on there I use the wipes. No scratches and keep them cased when not in use. And Ness, I lost a pair of Costas on a coaster in FL...they were in the case and flew out of my shirt pocket. I was getting the same line of smack you mention from one of the kids working it when another passenger walked up and handed me my glasses....they had flown back 6 cars and landed in his lap....I would rather be lucky than good any day! Mike
  13. nomolites

    Sunglasses ?

    Okay Wrench, if you insist you are FOS 😉. Polarization does not impact perceptive clarity negatively, and in bright conditions greatly improves it. Your understanding of how it works is not incorrect but these “scratches” are not visible and are refractive in nature. Personally I love good polarized sunglasses and have multiple pairs both in prescription and non for when I wear contact lenses..for me there is a dramatic benefit and I will not leave home(especially to drive or go fishing) without them. You do get what you pay for however, in the same way low end fly rods don’t compare to others, etc. Quality is noticeable. I have shopped (and tried) to find the colors, coatings, and designs that work for my applications. I even have a couple camo pairs(not mirrored) I wear mid day bow hunting in bright conditions... Mike
  14. nomolites

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Nice hybrids! This time of the year in the right place can be a blast the last hour of daylight. I will be heading down for the week Saturday with hopes to get my string stretched long and often. Mike
  15. nomolites

    Best Excuse

    Cutting firewood. Lame. Mike

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