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  1. Depends on what you are hunting and the amount/type of shot you are feeding it. Like JD said you need to experiment and pattern it. My experience is many(including me) try too tight of tubes for the application, particularly with heavy shot charges or plated or steel shot - the standard chokes should do fine. If you go to meat shoots or want to hunt turkey with 2 3/4 loads would be the time I’d think about an XFull or custom tube. Mike
  2. I agree you get what you pay for. Love my Silver Sonics but I don’t believe they are still in production. Equally important are wading boots....for all out comfort I normally wear Soft Science Terrafins but switch to a lug soled boot if I am going to be scaling steep or muddy banks. Mike
  3. I have been stopped numerous times and never had any issue - did have one follow me home from Millstone back in the day after a day of drinking on the lake - I guess he wanted to confirm I was coherent and aware and I’d bet he’d have hauled me in if I wasn’t. That was the old days though. I have not been stopped recently, too much low hanging fruit on the water these days - I am an old guy following the rules safely. There, now I have almost assured myself a stop next time out....🙄 Mike
  4. Occupational hazard. I do my best not to squeeze while removing hooks and hold over the WATER as much as possible. I guess a guy could cut his line without bringing aboard... Mike
  5. They get feisty once they see the boat... Mike
  6. Nice load out. InReach works great; have used in the CO mountains and N Ontario with no problems - nice to be able to check in at home and still enjoy wilderness. Looks like fun! Mike
  7. Over the last 40 years in the N half of Missouri anyway. Been in the since I was a kid and never saw bobcats(when I was a kid they were protected) until recent times. Or Armadillos. They are getting thicker by the year. Did call in a lion turkey hunting in some rough country along the Osage outside Linn 20 years ago; was told I must be mistaken. Not hardly. Mike
  8. I used to do exactly the same; had cages full of snakes caught wild in the basement. 2 4’ lengths of 1/4” rebar with a 6” “L” on one end pinned poisonous snakes down as you worked up to the head so you could grab them , make ‘em dizzy, and toss them in a gunny sack and tie it off. Had a couple get loose in the basement one time...that was interesting. I quit keeping venomous snakes after that. I have wondered with the spread north of bobcats and ‘dillos whether cottonmouths and other snakes have done the same...my guess would be that is a strong probability. Mike
  9. Hang in there; glad to hear you will be OK. Agree with others that this dude should go away. Mike
  10. ...and that is just the starter kit! 😂 Mike
  11. Was at the parade of astronauts Saturday in Cocoa Beach celebrating that event, my 4 year old grandson loved it. Al Worden came by in a convertible vet sitting on the trunk and I told my wife that’s because his cojones were too big to fit in the rear seat of that little car 😂. Mike
  12. Prolly have the right idea. They have been pulling a lot of water so the current usually positions the fish and I would start looking around with that in mind. Mike
  13. Same rod, I have field tested to confirm - just different color and no longer Browning marketed. I don’t know if they would prorate an older one. I had never had a rod break like that(snapped below ferrule) but I really love the UL action for working small stickbaits and jigs. Mike
  14. Don’t know how old the rod was - inside of 12 months BPS will replace the Airstream no questions asked; I had mine break in Canada setting the hook on a walleye and traded for one of the new red ones( they have retaken the label from Browning and changed the color). Mike
  15. Agree with Wrench, 15 and 20 are not the same and 20 is a good day and then some. I have to agree with Mark also that the lower end regularly produces 20# sacks, but of drum and blue cats only, there are no LMB in that deep clear water 🙄. Mike
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