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  1. You have to label additional rods(or hooks) with your name, address, etc. if you do that you are good to go long as you do not exceed max number of hooks. Mike
  2. nomolites

    More hybrids

    Moving water and hybrids are like meat and potatoes....made for each other. That is a good day to be sure - congrats! Mike
  3. As Wrench said the rock snot is bad in some areas....I did well recently using a Keitech and it is about time for the carolina rigged lizard /brush hog. Mike
  4. You just need a Mercury Marine hat to match the mood... Mike
  5. Another for you Wrench... Was down last weekend and ran up to the top of the Gravi to catch some whites(caught 20 but only three big females) and after I got back to the 4 mm and got the boat on the lift I smelled fuel. Got to looking and sure enough it was dripping out from above so pulled the cowling and gas was pooled a bit at the low point in the rear. Fired it up and saw nothing until I gave it a few revs and then it started dripping out of the fitting at the bottom of the starboard fuel rail(150 OPTI) Looked up the drawing and see 2 o rings and commenced to looking for parts, and guess what? Discontinued. Had to hit the road Monday early and stopped in a mom and pop repair shop in Pekin Il I happened to be passing by and the lady helping me was able to find a set in their “discontinued pile”. So there is that, anyway. Will likely replace them this weekend and see if that corrects the issue, but I am sure wondering what’s next and will I be able to get parts... Mike
  6. I was wondering where he was the last couple times in....good for him! Mike
  7. When trolling or bottom bouncing this is my method as well... Mike
  8. I have had an Ulterra since the first gen with I-pilot link. I love it but won’t deny early bugs - covered quickly and at no cost by MK - their customer service is stellar. The first qualifier is MK and Lowrance don’t mix..Humminbird only. Also, can really only run 2D sonar on them without some crazy looking workarounds for other ducers, at some point I’m sure that will change...I have a Helix at the helm as well and 2D suits me fine up front and I can spin that unit on the ram if I want to see wide. The foot pedal will never be the same as a cabled unit but all the other features far outweigh any negatives. It does behave like a woman at times, but I have learned her quirks and I think I will keep her 😉. The ONLY way I would run anything else(Ultrex) would be if I was strictly a bass fisherman and worked docks all day long...the cabled pedal is hands down quicker/more responsive. For big water fishing auto deploy is priceless, and vertical fishing structure it is simply not going to be beat. Mike
  9. Protem area has good walleye fishing close and is centrally located. You have the flats at Diamond City and the Sugarloafs and Shoal Creek right there to the west and Big Creek to the east with lots of good water in between and beyond either direction. I have stayed at Lakeview(Protem east) and Blue Waters(Protem west) who each have put ins and slips to rent if you choose. I know there are others... Mike
  10. Tongue patch is your easiest identifier...same on whites and hybrids. Excepting Wrench’s mutts of course.... Mike
  11. I HATE those things, I travel by auto for business and those nasty things are everywhere— worst dang invention I can think of. If I don’t have cloth bags with me at the store I make them use paper, and recycle as shipping overwrap or recycle collection bags tonam a couple uses. Would suit me fine if they were banned..... Mike
  12. I am a neophyte to tying flies as well...nice to hear I am not alone! Mike
  13. I’m safe cuz If I gotta measure it, it’s too small......and I don’t keep blue cats so that slot doesn’t apply. Mike
  14. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    Mai Lei is my wife’s favorite...delicious! Mike
  15. I have fileted thousands of fish on my dock and will hopefully do quite a few more. Never had an issue with the man, but I have seen others get written up - you just never know who is in that boat fishing nearby. Mike
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