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  1. Some still do ..šŸ˜‰. Hawaiian Island, Chimney Cove, Lighthouse cove, Millstone, .... Mike
  2. They do stock them in your neck of the woods...the ruckus sure sounds like hybrids to me. I have run into them busting up top early in the year on Beaver and it can be a real hoot, but I usually have trouble finding them on the lower end of LOZ in spring but I imagine many are up the river arms false spawning. I will keep trying. Mike
  3. Your boat deck looks like mine....couple rods...RIGHT. Mike
  4. Iā€™m still in NoCo but our next stop(semi-retirement, and soon) is going to be OUT of the city and close to as much water as I can manage. I live on the northernmost fringe but the riots just killed this whole area I and see things now I would never have imagined. Been poking around in the Mtn. Home area most recently as we love Norfork and of course you have the rivers and Bull nearby as well. Mike
  5. Nothing but the best, oh yeah. I may have stayed there a time or two when I was about that age too..... Mike
  6. ..and I bet you are still smiling. Love catching big hybrids; the big gals will validate whether you have good equipment. Mike
  7. Tying flies ..or what at lest generally resemble flies...lol. I can do without TV. I canā€™t do without fishing/hunting. Mike
  8. I have fished with Don a number of times as well; he has his own way of doing things but he sure puts fish in the boat. Specify boat 1. Mike
  9. That or a bare head, either tipped with something tasty or a swimbait like a Keitech when prospecting. Mike
  10. For me, a Reef Runner 600 and a slow death rig in warmer water and a suspending jerk bait and a jig in colder water. Mike
  11. Thatā€™s a fine map of Horseshoe Bend there FW...Iā€™m glad there arenā€™t arrows pointing to the spots I like! šŸ˜‰ Mike
  12. I have two CI4s and I love them; they get used a lot and have performed flawlessly. Have the small one on a TFO ultralight and a larger one on a Crucial drop shot. Mike
  13. Sorry for the loss of your boy; I am sure it was time, but that doesnā€™t make it any easier.
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