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  1. nomolites


    Let me rephrase..the Dam area warms up last(deepest) comparatively and by March temps should be moving back up. However, the Northshore area is pretty darn good early given the layout with prevailing wind and sun...but most guys looking to fish shallow will be in the backs of the creeks. There is usually a several degree difference between the Dam and the upper end of the Gravi with it warming the farther back you go. It is usually not muddy unless there are heavy rains very recently and settles out pretty quick. Mike
  2. nomolites


    Usually big sacks in derby’s this time of year...A-rig, jerkbait, jig, WW. Coldest water will be closest to dam...the farther up an arm the warmer. Wrench has a lot of company this time of year up in Indian and the Gravi. Mike
  3. nomolites


    Yes it is. Mike
  4. Agree - thicker filets(halibut, salmon, walleye, striper, larger crappie, etc.) never get fried at my house. Mike
  5. Andy’s red is my favorite but too spicy for many; for company I mix 50/50 with the mild or white. I dip filets in milk and toss in the dry mix, shake off excess and into the hot oil. Mike
  6. nomolites

    1/26 report

    Zero. Closed now. Mike
  7. nomolites

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    Agreed! I love spooning, but if I was restricted to only ONE technique I would have to go with Slow Death rigging. There are tons of variants and they just can’t resist fresh meat in a death spiral. My fav is a gold Mack’s blade and float held above a Trokar hook with a bead and bobber stop but we go with the flow and try to give them what they want. If that day it’s a spoon I’m a happy fellow! Mike
  8. nomolites

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    Pretty funny Mack. Mike
  9. nomolites


    If you have power trim there is a sleeve the slides over the shaft on one side to simply provide support. Mike
  10. nomolites

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    Thanks! Will DVR it; I use that approach often and always looking for new twists. Mike
  11. nomolites

    KY3 Story on Branson Landing Jet Boat

    I understand but I would argue that we live in the safest place going. That said, where and how would you draw the line? For example, a bass boat is really just a pointed fiberglass projectile, and that is validated hundreds of times per year. Is risk only unacceptable if you are charging money or is there a number of people that could be harmed that is the threshold? I am not defending these excursions and I would not get on that type of vessel, I just think that too often there are unintended consequences when freedom to choose is gets restricted as a result of reactive legislation. Bottom line is we all need to to accountable for our actions, business or otherwise. Mike
  12. nomolites

    Deep fish

    3/4 or 1 oz spoons work well. Gotta put your hook where the fish are... Mike
  13. nomolites

    Rod/Reel combo Trolling Recommendations

    I have some Cabelas trollmasters that I have boated a ton of fish with from 15# hybrids on down that were $30. They are telescoping 9’, fast enough to take the shock of a viscous strike, but still have enough backbone to work a fish. Longer rods are a plus for fighting big fish and to help keep your baits separated in case one is out of tune(or to get more rods in the setup). There are other brands that are similar, pick your poison. I would spend most of your budget on good line counter reels...the rods are cheap. Diawa and Okuma make a decent reels or I have the high end ones from Cabelas that work as well...stay away from cheap plastic ones as the counters break. i usually run four rods without boards2 - 8 footers out the back and 2 - 9 footers on the side and another pair of 9 footers if I have help and want to put boards out. If I am using lead core I have 2 - 12 footers for the sides for more separation. Mike
  14. nomolites

    Your first fish of 2019

    Montauk...mainly behind the lodge. My partner today didn’t want to try below the park or I would have been christening the Duane special sculpin jerkbait...I could have gone either way. It was a beautiful day to be out...it’s been way too long. Mike
  15. nomolites

    Your first fish of 2019

    Had to try out the new fly rod... 2019 first on an olive wooly; picked up a handful more before some midges started to come off and after a number of offerings finally caught a couple on a #20 BWO...went back to a black wooly and picked up a couple more before heading to the house. Mike

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