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  1. Inside turns like this one can be found on most lakes and all it takes is two drivers trying to cut the corner from opposite directions and a tiny bit of inattention and things can go bad...I try to stay wide or slow way down and peek before proceeding...and that’s because I was luckier than these folks as I earlier in life had a near miss rather than a collision. Very sad. Mike
  2. nomolites

    What's Cooking?

    Penzy’s Ranch base is delish as well if you like that(my wife does). Lots of goodies they carry. (Disclaimer: the emails from the owner can be slightly politically slanted) Mike
  3. I have the spray in liner and a mat as I am a bit rough on a truck bed. I have found if I cut wood, etc. that I need to sweep or hose it out well as debris does easily clog the drain holes like oneshot’s does and the bed will hold water after a good rain. Keep it clean, no worries. Mike
  4. On the topic of spoons, add to that the Cicada and a more recent excellent vertical jigging bait the Sebile Vibrato - they are just killer if you are top of them. Unfortunately, they are getting hard to find. Mike
  5. Agree as the water cools through winter docks get the nod. I have great luck trolling from pre(mid-April)through post(mid-June) spawn when I move on to other species exclusively(walleye and stripers) during the summer. LOZ is a great crappie fishery! Mike
  6. Crappie like a slower troll if you can, 1.5 - 1.7 seems to be the best. Over 2 mph really slows the bite. Mike
  7. I catch hundreds every year on LOZ bouncing spoons. Expand your horizons. Mike
  8. You are correct, you are not a striper expert. Nor am I, hence the precursor “WAG”....I base my comment on my observations...I will leave the why to you. Mike
  9. My two-bit WAG: Norfork’s(the lake) DO can get funny when things warm....most stripers head to the dam area to stay deep but I could see some choosing the good water coming in from the NFoW for the same reason. And they DO like trout... Mike
  10. Nothing wrong with sauger! I haven’t caught one in quite a while cuz I’ve been strictly on the lakes. Mike
  11. That looks like a sauger to me...but I could be wrong. Mike
  12. When I drink whiskey I drink whiskey, and when I drink water I drink water..due to the pandemic.
  13. I bailed after the knuckleheads arrived Thursday...every asshat in a performance craft was running WFO. I don’t worry as much about the professionals out trialing, it’s the dipsticks out drinking. Mike
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