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  1. What are these called?

    Especially the crystal minnows...
  2. What are these called?

    They look like Sirmanski shad-skis....
  3. New Rapala

    Uh, those have been around for years...floaters... but they do work well early in the year when the water starts warming up. Mike
  4. 11/30 - 12/1 Report

    Wrench, I actually ran up to the Mills area and poked around and was surprised there were zero shad above Soap - and yes Terry those I found were on a deep swing but shallow so I can see why docks would be producing - they looked jammed with crappie too on the SI. Caught some big whites along the break at the last hard right turn of Indian but they were scattered and deep(15’). Mike
  5. 11/30 - 12/1 Report

    Nice fish; you the man! I have not had time to fish recently - was down last nite and this morning and tried sticks after dark for walleye but just had a few big whites and one keeper LM. Tried the Gravois this morning and about the same story - had to get back to town for an event tonite. The shad were not where I thought they would be right now but that’s fishing. Hope to get more time later this month. Mike
  6. Sunday - Indian Creek

    Stripers like flukes slow falling and twitched like a JB - make sure your rod has enough backbone for a good short hookset, they will try to flat take it out of your hands. Mike
  7. Thanksgiving fishing

    That can certainly be the way to go; just vary retrieves and see what happens. I can think of a few spots right now where that might be just the ticket.... Mike
  8. Thanksgiving fishing

    Won an early spring(WT mid forties) tourney with 21.57 some years back throwing a lipless crank on sunny banks on the north shore. Nobody believed me...they thought I jerked them up and was misdirecting. Mike
  9. Minn Kota Ultrex update

    They do great work; they did warranty repairs on my Ulterra just as fast. unfortunately they were 10 minutes from me on Lindbergh and now 45...beats 90 though! Mike
  10. Thinking about planting brush piles

    I like to mix hardwood like oak with cedar; add some fresh each year and the fish will stay. I also like the cedars vertical which is accomplished by tying a 1 liter pop bottle to the top. Mike
  11. Beaver Walleye

    My money would be on a RR 800... Mike
  12. Buzzbait prep.

    Or tape it to the mirror bracket for a spell...
  13. Humminbird 1198c problem

    Smacked one too many logs with my transducer and had to replace this year; after I installed the new I realized that mine had actually been losing definition over the last few years..every thump of debris seems to take something away. Have a high speed ducer switched in as well and was able to confirm as it still worked fine. Mounted my replacement a bit higher; lose resolution at a lower speed but don't care to buy another. Mike
  14. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Nicely done Conor! I bet there are a couple more in your cove... Mike
  15. Water Patrol Rescue

    As an LOZ denizen I can tell you that a two log pontoon has no chance in rough water - there are VERY few in operation on LOZ any more. The front end will nose completely under bringing the rear out of the water if the operator is not on the ball and depending on weight distribution the logs and decking will sustain heavy damage. That's why a pontoon to run LOZ anymore can run you well above $100k, with three oversized pontoons and some added framing....oh, and depending on length 2 matching 250(or more) outboards to push the beast. Mike

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