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  1. Big Bass Bass

    ..get in line. To launch, park, fish, dock & weigh(hopefully),and pull out. Rinse and repeat. Mike
  2. Crappie Attempt

    Fish evenings for sure; they will move up and the BBBers hafta be off the water. Mike
  3. Big Bass Bass

    2 for nine is still pretty dang good Seth....I’d bet you were sniffing around the check line the other seven as well. Mike
  4. Big Bass Bass

    I was actually considering but then got an invite to turkey hunt; those green fish will always lose out on that one. I’d be chucking a big white spinnerbait(at least a #6 gold willow blade) or a jig. Mike
  5. Crappie Attempt

    Next weekend will be orders of magnitude worse with the BBB; they should be moving up in the evening by then and easy pickings EXCEPT for the 3000 bass anglers crappie fishing for the evening.....😏 Mike
  6. Crappie Attempt

    A friend waxed them Thursday am on the jig and bobber rig on shallow gravel with brush. I have still been shooting docks and doing well with the big girls starting to move in to them; lower end main lake was 52-53. Mike

    29 pounds and three 8s is impressive, I don’t care who you are. Mike
  8. Boat Insurance 101

    I carry Geico(ski safe) replacement value on the rig ($35k) and contents ($7.5k) and it runs @ $350/yr. Mike
  9. The Bradford Pear conspiracy !

    I love to learn new things as well; interesting indeed. As I stated in my earlier post I will be looking more closely at the “whites” I catch from this point forward. Not surprised the folks at Norfork want to keep their revenue stream coming....money talks is not just an old saying. Mike
  10. The Bradford Pear conspiracy !

    I still see whites, striper, and hybrid surface activity although I will agree and say it is not what it once was - I have attributed that as much to boat traffic as anything. I do not keep many whites but I don’t recall seeing many “mutts” as you call them and I catch hundreds a year from the Gravi and lower end; but that last photo IS interesting - you sure you didn’t pick that fish up after it has been floating for a day or so? 😉 I will say this, I will be looking more closely at the whites I catch this year and rest assured that I am doing my part as ❤️ me some hybrids and harvest and eat a good number every year from the Gravi. Those stripers should be in the 22” range this year and will be more fun to catch but I intend to continue letting them grow to adult gizzard eating size before I put any in my freezer. Mike
  11. The Bradford Pear conspiracy !

    I fish for stripers in LOZ a LOT and it seems they are stocking more stripers than hybrids recently...like BH I like them both in addition to whites and other native species. LOZ has a seemingly unending supply of shad hence the great fishery she is; can’t see as they have made much of a dent in them - I personally believe they help keep the gizzard shad in check where the LM and Blue Cats alone can’t. The overall mild winters and lack of shad kills also has the baitfish booming. I know the hybrids and stripers will run up river in a false spawn but I have seen no indication of success - how are you IDing the progeny fish? I would believe a striper male being capable over a hybrid male...but both are supposed to be shootin’ blanks. Mike
  12. 3-31-18 Snagging Footage

    Thanks for sharing-was curious how fast you were trolling. Used to catch them the hard way from the Mississippi but you have that deal down! I hope that mud doesn’t make it down to the lower end... Mike
  13. Graph Question

    Unfortunately just cuz we can see them doesn’t mean we can catch them. That said, I think good electronics make a big difference; as Zara says with SI, DI, and 2D views of one spot you can pretty much ID a fish return - learning to read what species of fish you are seeing and their mood is next. Certain returns on the 998c get me really excited...kind of like one of Pavlov’s dogs.... Mike
  14. Boat Insurance 101

    My policy has a valuation associated with “contents” which includes tackle/electronics and is adjustable. Good idea to have photos and a list should they ever be needed... BTW-I would not dream of operating somewhere like LOZ w/o coverage; as the song says people are crazy, and just to confirm I see it most times out... Mike
  15. Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

    I travel 2-3 wks/mo for my job and am knocking on some serious wood here... Mike
  16. I don’t believe anyone is zero, although my picks are sure trying...🙄 Mike
  17. Visit

    If you want clear water mid way in the creeks is the best place to find it; pretty good stain up and down everywhere I was last week. Mike
  18. Helix 12 si G2N

    Si is a game changer - look out fish! Mike
  19. This week

    ConorSixta and I bass fished the north side of Soap Creek Saturday and the crappie were scattered all over the first large shallow flat toward the back on that side...lots of guys fishing below it but it would have been easy pickin there with the float and jig rig. I caught a couple good ones on the jerk bait before moving on. ConorSixta had the only decent bass of the day below that on that dang a rig. Mike
  20. 8 lber caught yesterday

    25 is a good sack anytime. Have seen a few 8s but none of the 9s I hear about this time of year - they are definitely in there. Mike
  21. Trolling

    I catch lots of whites and crappie in 45 degree water...don’t do much good on walleye and stripers until 65+. Mike
  22. Trolling

    I mostly fish LOZ but usually whites and crappie can be caught easily trolling once the water starts warming in the upper ends of the creeks. They will suspend and feed in the upper basins on the way in and out of their spawning areas. I usually don’t do well trolling for walleye until after they finish spawning. Mike
  23. Correct. They were a bit cheaper a few years back..
  24. I run 2 series 31 AGM batteries with my Ulterra and a 27 AGM cranker; have never run low on juice with them and that’s why I run them. Just had to flip a switch on my MK charger when I went from wet to AGM. I bought my batteries at a wholesale club for a good price and have not been disappointed. Mike
  25. Brush piles

    AFGC did as well...do a search for last year. Mike

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