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    I enjoy chasing walleyes and catfish on Stockton,halibut and salmon in Alaska.
    September is meant to be spent in the mountains preferably Western Wyoming.

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  1. Has anyone seen the thermocline yet? It looked like it was set up around cedar ridge yesterday but further up lake it looked to dissipate. I have new graphs this year so I'm just trying to figure them out.
  2. Put in at Cedar ridge yesterday around 5:00pm. Fishing main lake points with channel swing close by. Jigging crawler on 1/8oz chartreuse jighead caught 4 drum,2 eyes over 20" lost another 18-20"@ the net, an eater Gill and a 15" LM. Was off the water by 7. Boat ramp was a little crowded with pontoons and ski boats but it was a nice afternoon. Seems to me like the old shoreline is the place to be. Marked fish from 15-35 fow but all my fish came between 15-18fow. Wt was 83.5 and had quite Abit of surface junk on it. I would have thought it was too hot and calm . I planned on catfishing deep but never got past the walleye.
  3. We found some gills on the old shoreline a couple weeks ago. Not on a flyrod but they were there. Bouncing crawlers on the bottom. Noticed carp up in the brush as well
  4. 1/8 oz chartreuse jighead with half a crawler. Work main lake points from 4' -25'. I've been surprised by several up near the bank casting to them while taking a break from jigging. I like the flatter side of the point next to a channel swing myself.
  5. Just doing my public service for the bass guys. I'll be taking advantage of the new limits this year.
  6. Got out Tuesday from 10-2. Just drug minnows through a cove with some standing timber to catch the crappie. 12fow or less was chocked full of sub legal males the better keepers were 15-30 but suspended 5-10' off the bottom. Found the eye on a rocky point with a jig and crawler. Not a bad day on the water. Lake was still rising but it wasn't too dirty. Was above the 245 bridge .
  7. I caught a few off that bank closer to high point but missed a limit by a few. Guess I'm going to have to break down and tie on an A Rig just to catch up. Have a great weekend guys.
  8. Dollar Bill, you turned off that bank to early this morning. I was in that old maroon ranger. Found some whites down past where you and your buddy quit fishing. I hit your bank this morning with minnows and scraped up 5 and moved right when y'all got there. Hope you made it off the water safe. It was getting rough when I left at 2
  9. Put in today at 4 and fished till 5:30. The wind was tough on the main lake but got on a secondary point and trolled up six crappie on minnows 3 keepers.
  10. Caught 7 channels 2 eyes and a short bass the other day in 1.5 hours. It was a good morning. Fished flats and ledges in the river.
  11. I agree Aldrich is the place to be. I'd try the East side of the big bend by the lake boundary or where cow creek comes in below the boat ramp. Also Greenfield access depending on the water temp.
  12. Some more Aldrich cats. My limb lines got away from me after the big rise but after scraping the bottom for a few hours last night I managed to retrieve them and a few bonus channels.
  13. Yes the cats have eggs on my end . The sacks were pretty full of firm eggs bright yellow. I saw one caught under the 123 bridge in the middle of the day under a cork. I'd say anywhere around that rip rap in the next week or so ought to be producing. Good luck to all. I think I'll target flats only this weekend. Any advice on where to find them in the Aldrich area. I know those flats a and structure ought to hold quite a few.
  14. The catfish bite at Aldrich was good this weekend. Only one flathead 8 lbs and 6 good channels. Plenty of drum and turtles though. I caught the big channel and the flat on live bait and the rest on minnows and crawlers. I had several twist off before I could get back to run my lines in the A.M.. This is my first time running lines in Stockton but the Available locations and quality of fish impressed me.
  15. I fished out of Aldrich on Friday caught crappie from 8 fow to 20. The good size keepers seemed to be in 16-20. Only had six keepers but picked through 40-50 fish to get them. Several short bass and a few whites as well just slow trolling minnows. Saturday started at Aldrich then switched to Ruark to fish with the family. Caught 85+ fish and finally hit the magic number right before dark. This was my first time fishing Stockton for crappie, but was very impressed with both numbers and the amount of 11-13 " fish in here. Also caught some channels on the trotline. A 24 inch and an 18.
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