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  1. Thanks for the input, all!
  2. All, I would greatly appreciate your input for a Fall trip. My brother and I have been coming down to the lake for the past 20+ years during the Spring, but pushed back our trip this year do to the pandemic. As a result, we plan to come down in the September/October timeframe. Any insight when we should aim for during that 2 month range? Any specific recommendations would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if The Mill Creek ramp is open?
  4. All, Thank you for your input! Skeeter, Great to hear from... you helped my brother and I out a couple of years ago when we had boat issues and gave us a ride all the way back to Aunt's Creek area. We actually have rented a house right across from the marina and have rented a slip from the marina for the week. So, I will definitely consider giving them a call.
  5. My family and I will be heading down to the Baxter area for a week long vacation starting on Saturday (can't wait to be there). I have a couple of questions and would greatly appreciate the input of this forum: 1. Is the ramp at Baxter open? If not, where is the next best place where I can put in close to Baxter? 2. Any fishing tips anywhere for the Baxter area or within a moderate boat ride (Aunt's Creek, Campbell, KC, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. At times, I will have as many as 4 fishing out of my boat and some will them will be my young kids. So any tips that would a
  6. It is worth noting that Bill at Baxter Marina handled this exceptionally well. He immediately owned it, got us right in a shop to get our engine fixed, and took of everything.
  7. After a really good and enjoyable day of fishing, we encountered engine problems up by Baxter. As we are staying in the Aunts Creek area, it presented quite a challenge for us to figure out how to get a back from Baxter to our resort so that we could get our trailer and go get our boat out to have it fixed. As luck would have it we met Wilson, who turns out to be a member of this forum, who immediately offered to give us a ride. What a great guy! He gave up an hour of his day to go out of his way to help out some fellow anglers. He wouldn't even except our offer to give him some gas m
  8. Sorry to offend... We only clean what we eat (about 10 fish a year). Additionally, we are selective with what we clean (we do not clean anything over 18 inches). i believe in catch and release. That said, I do not feel guilty about having a fish fry or two each year... It is the perfect end to our annual fishing trip.
  9. Also caught this little guy on Ned... for a brief second, I thought I had a hawg.
  10. I beg differ... We had quite a bit of fun around point 11 and across from there on the bluffs yesterday.
  11. First of all, I would like to thank the members of this forum for openly sharing your tips and stories. I stumbled across this site last year and have found the guidance to be very helpful. My dad, brother and I have been making the annual trek to the lake for either the last week of April or first week of May for over twenty years now. Unfortunately, dad passed away two months ago. However, it has been great remembering him and celebrating him by keeping our annual tradition alive this week. We only get out one or two other times a year outside of this trip. So, we are more casual fis
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