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  1. So last weekend I parked off of NN Hwy and waded down river a ways. I caught some very decent fish on the creek. BUT, I caught something I have never ever caught before on the Jacks Fork or any of the prongs leading into the Jacks Fork. I caught a green colored catfish that measured 12 inches long. I was told that it was a bullhead catfish and that they are all over the Jacks Fork but are hard to catch. Has anyone else caught one?
  2. I went out on Saturday and the water was real stained and nasty from run off. The lake was packed but didn't really see anyone catching much. I fished the Fout area and tried all the tricks I had and nothing was working. So I decided to resort to something that has always produced for me and thats trolling a suspending chrome and blue rogue. I paddled up and down by Fout boat dock and landed one after another. I'd say a fish every 2-3 minutes. Mainly caught whites but I did manage to land a small hybrid and a small stripper. I also trolled a Gary Yamamto Chikara in sexy shad and did very well with it. My biggest bite of the day was on it but the fish manage to get off mid battle. I did see a few fish (not many at all) hitting top water but I didn't give it a try.
  3. I'm surprised. January I went out and kayak fished the bridge by Panther bay and caught a 20lb striper on my kayak. Lots of fun and they guys in there boats looked a me like I was crazy. But, there is a thrill in landing big fish in a little craft. I'm heading out today and hopefully the fishing is good. Good luck to anyone else heading out on this beautiful weekend.
  4. Just curious has anyone else out here gotten into kayak fishing? I moved to the Ozarks from FL and it was a very popular sport because of the challenge element. I've gone several times and never scene anyone else.
  5. Every spring for the past 4 years I hit the upper jacks from the prongs to 17 bridge during the flood stages. It brings VERY VERY nice class 2 rapids. The ideal time is when the water level is between 4 and 5 feet. Thats when you see plenty of white water and some challenging rapids. I typically go on my kayak and have seen others do it on a canoe. Some will argue and say this is foolish and dangerous. But understand people use these waters to prepare themselves for class 3 and 4 waters. This is dangerous to the unprepared and unskilled with there water craft. Its a challenge and its fun. That being said I typically go at it alone every year. Every now and then I will run into others who are up for the same challenges but its only happend twice the past 4 years. Is anyone interested in tagging along this year when the spring rains come and the river is up? Some may be thinking how is the fishing. The only times I have ever caught pickerel in the upper jacks is during flood stages. The fishing is challenging because your moving so fast but I typically catch A LOT. Nothing really work bragging about and maybe 1 or 2 keepers but the smaller fish bite aggresively. All in all its a challenge and its fun. If anyone is interested in tagging along this year let me know. Its safer in numbers and also more enjoyable when you see others taking the challenge.
  6. LOL. Yea yea I guess we all have our own preference.
  7. If your soul purpose of being on this river is fishing I highly recommend a good fishing kayak. I own a Ascend FS12T. It does spectacular and even when the gauges are low dragging is never a real big issue.
  8. With a loaded canoe you will be okay with buck hollow gauge reading 1.7 or higher. Windys canoe has pretty accurate times. Keep in mind if your fishing you could add hours EASY. Those times are based on just floating.
  9. Plan on doing a fishing trip this weekend and my cast net is MIA. Wondering if anyone could point me into a direction to get some Gizzard shad or if anyone will be on the lake this sunday and monday who could help me out with getting some live ones.
  10. Anyone know where I can get some? Needing some for a fishing trip this weekend but my cast net is MIA.
  11. The 18inch limit starts at 17 bridge and ends in Alley. The fishing is really really good on those parts and always has been the past 5 years I have been here. I can honestly say I have ever had a bad day of fishing on the Jacks Fork or on any of the prongs. There is plenty of fish in that river and plenty of trophies in there also.
  12. Went yesterday. Fishing was GREAT. Caught about 30 smallies. Most of them were 12 inches or better. Keep in mind that they are not in season and they cant be kept until May 25th. I limited out on goggle eye. Water was a little chilly. This is going to be a good year for smallies.
  13. Monday is supposed to be beautiful. Going to get my kayak out on the Jacks Fork and hopefully land me some Smallies. Anyone else planning on doing the same?
  14. Well did a little fishing today between 17 and bachers (if thats how its spellt). I used some senkos of various colors and a few different craws. Didn't really catch much. Anoyone else have any luck lately?
  15. The gauge is active again guys. Just thought I would share.
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