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  1. This gives me a heavy heart, I was fortunate to fish with Bill several times. Always positive and a great teacher. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  2. Rain forecasted all next week, this is not good at all. This area can't catch a break.
  3. Is there anyway we can consolidate signatures to one letter we agree on to submit to the $enators? Surely someone has some internet savvy and way to get their attention. Guess it might be time to stick a for sale sign up and move to Stockton. RIP Table Rock, glad I got 46 years to enjoy you.
  4. Glad you are back in the saddle Bill! I'm sure you have missed being on the old girl. We had similar results with the plopper on Saturday, the fish were lethargically rising on the bait and missing it by a mile. Slick water and high pressure are not a good mix and we tried to force feed them something they had no real interest in. I didn't see many gizzard shad in shallow like i normally do this time of year. This lake will definitely make you scratch a hole in your head at times.
  5. I've had trucks stolen, decoys stolen, entire contents of my bass boat stolen. I filed a police report every time. I even found out who lifted the truck and could have gone to him and imposed vigilante justice. But, I chose to utilize the legal system. Not judging, if that's your way of handling incidents, by all means knock yourself out. Just remember desperate people do desperate things. And if they don't value and respect your property, they probably don't value your life.
  6. Kinda like the BLM mentality. Good plan.
  7. So you ended up breaking more laws than they did? Weren't you the one busting my chops about being devoted to "family" on a previous post I made? SMH....
  8. Went out around the house for a couple hours about 10PM. Just dragging plastics and jigs. Found a few here and there. Gravel bite picked up the later it got. Ran into a pretty good brown fish in the process. It sure is nice not getting your guts knocked out by wake boats.
  9. A list of things to overcome that will make this type of format feasible, and they are BIG ones. 1. Cheating. Anytime money is involved there will be morons trying to manipulate the system. 2. Compensation. No one is going to ride around in a local jackpot derby for free, logging data on an Ipad. 3. Sponsor exposure. As much as we all hate it, sponsor money makes these derbies possible. Even the smaller circuits need sponsors. And they aren't going to kick in when their product or brand isn't being mentioned 25 times during the weigh in process. These are just the big ones I could think of, I'm sure there are plenty more. And believe me, I wish it was possible. You could still go off the weight of your 5 best fish at the end of the day. The last two weeks have been brutal on released fish.
  10. We had the same thermocline today. Our fish came from 15 ft. to 45. Find shad, find fish.
  11. I don't know why we are worried about outside threats to our domestic security, we are doing a fine job of destroying our own country. The rest of the world is just grabbing a bag of popcorn and waiting till the end of the show.
  12. Fishing a little derby tomorrow. I don't know which will be more fun, dodging boats or watching the skin melt off the bone.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=major league fishing
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