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  1. AAD

    Ramps reopening

    Gonna head up Saturday and see if can find any crappie that wanna play.
  2. Mark Twain Lake, April 27, 2020 – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is announcing planned opening dates for recreational hunting and boat ramp facilities at Mark Twain Lake. Staff and Public safety are our top priorities, and openings are based on capacity to protect the health, safety and security of the public, our partners and USACE employees. The openings are meant to provide increased public access to Mark Twain Lake in a manner that is consistent with CDC guidelines and practices in fighting COVID-19. 1. Monday, 27 April 2020 – Open all Hunter-Fisherman (HF) Access areas for recreation and dispersed public hunting except HF#11 at Rt.N. This includes 9 boat ramps at the following Hunter Fisherman Access Areas: * HF #15 at Shell Branch, #20 at FF, #26 at North Fork, #23 at Hwy 24, #30 at Route U, #41 at Elk Fork, #60 at BB, #70 at the re-regulation pool, and Duane Wheelan. * Dispersed hunting as normal except in developed recreation areas or as posted. 2. Friday, 1 May 2020 – Robert Allen, South Fork, and Stoutsville Recreation Areas and boat ramps will open and no fees will be collected until further notice. HF #11 at Rt. N will also open. The fish cleaning station at Stoutsville will remain closed due to social distancing at this time. 3. Monday, 4 May 2020 – Boat ramps at Ray Behrens, John F. Spalding, Indian Creek, Bluff View, and the Warren G. See South Spillway Recreation Area will open, however fish cleaning stations will remain closed. The Lick Creek and Joanna Trails will open at this time as well. No fees will be collected until further notice. 4. Campgrounds, beaches and picnic facilities will remain closed. Opening will be dependent on local conditions, social distancing protocols and mitigation measures that are currently being assessed. 5. All playgrounds, picnic shelters, fish cleaning stations, Visitor Center, shooting range, archery park and primitive camping will remain closed and no Special Use Permits will be issued at this time due to social distancing protocols. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and commitment to maintaining social distancing protocols while enjoying Mark Twain Lake as we work through these unprecedented issues together. Additional information on modifications, closures, openings or other restrictions related to USACE facilities at Mark Twain Lake will be announced as these situations are reevaluated. For more information, call the Mark Twain Lake Project Office at 573-735-4097, follow us on Facebook at Mark Twain Lake – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or email us at MarkTwainInfo@usace.army.mil. The established dates are subject to change based upon overcrowding that prevents social distancing and any applicable federal, state and county advisories and guidance. -30-
  3. We get to TRL one a year for a week in late June. At those time the water levels and water temps can vary greatly. We mainly fish around KC, Coney Island, and Cow Creek. This year I decided to do some Google Earth scouting, looking for areas I thought for the time of year would be productive. I was able to locate a nice cove/pocket off the main lake with a couple deep docks and standing timber. A spot we would normally drive right by. While we were there the water came up several feet and the LM were in the bushes. That little pocket produced a 5+ and a couple 3's within the week we were there. And out on the main lake side we got a bonus run of white bass one morning. That spot may not pay off every year, but you can bet we will try it each time we are down there. Just like other spots we fish.
  4. I second that on Lazy Lees. Have stayed there for years... Very nice resort, awesome owners
  5. For the past several years we have stayed near Kimberling City at Lazy Lee's Resort. Love it there. Very nice cabins. Some have been recently remodeled. They have a huge dock, with swim deck for the kids. In-ground pool. Sharky's pizza is there as well. Ron and Joy are top notch hosts. Give them a look. Cant wait to go the last week of June.
  6. Very nice fish. Guess your friends are believers now!
  7. Those are a could nice fish, welcome to the forum!
  8. Wish we had that good of a report in the STL Post Dispatch... Very informative and well written.
  9. OK, so the pharmacist nerd - data hungry side of me reared it's ugly head last night when I clicked thru all the boat wraps for the 2017 Elites. They had pictures of 104 of the 110 competitors. Here are the numbers. For brands, 11 different ones represented this year. Ranger - 19 Phoenix - 17 Triton - 17 Skeeter - 16 Nitro - 12 Bass Cat - 11 Legend - 7 Falcon - 2 Stratas, Blazer, and Xpress - 1 For the motors, it was very Merc heavy. Mercury - 63 Yamaha - 30 Evinrude - 5 Suzuki - 4 Honda - 2 Looked at a Phoenix at the STL Boat show a couple weeks ago. Looks like a really nice boat. I was surprised to see it tied for second in numbers.
  10. I have a single power pole mounted on my deep V Tracker. Use it quite often up here in Lake St Louis and in Texas. Made a huge difference for me, since the deep V is so high sided. I think it was well worth what I spent on it several years ago. Last year decided to get the drift paddle that attaches to it. I had some Bass Pro reward dollars, so it felt like I was not spending my money on it. Used it at TRL and up in Wisconsin fishing in Green Bay. I have to admit it made a difference on my drift rate in the wind. Could measure the slow down on my GPS. Allowed me to stay near the structure/drop off we were fishing. I am happy with mine. At times wish I had a second to keep me from spinning, but have grown use to correcting with the trolling motor. If you fish a lot of shallow flats (like in Tx) where you need to fish a lot of cover, it really pays off.
  11. Nothin better than a photo shop prank...
  12. Indeed it is a wet year. Went catfishing on Wright Patman outside of Texarkana back in May, it was a little over 2 feet high at that point. Just looked on the website and it is over 17 ft high now. Just an amazing amount of water on a 19,000 acre lake.
  13. Hard to beat the 6XD. Better price point and by the looks of the 10XD, you arms wont fall off after a day of cranking it. We are headed down tomorrow for a week. Will try to get some posts on documenting our success/failure.
  14. AAD

    Aunts Creek

    We make it to Table Rock once a year for a week. We do keep some fish for a family fish fry at the end of the week. We do not keep and clean every legal fish we catch. Almost all of them are K's. Any fish well over the 15" range is tossed back, usually after a pic. I have even brought frozen bass from Texas on our trip just so we don't feel the need to keep as many. We do keep and clean whites and the occasional eye or cat we happen onto. While we do like to post our daily success or failure on the forum, I would not post a pic such as the one above. However, their smiling faces do show how much fun they had that day. Also, from the dock at the resort where we stay, we have seen guides stop and have their clients clean their fish. Which is also within their rights. Sometimes the guides drop the clients off there, other times they get back into their boat to go elsewhere. I think 5bites summed it up pretty well in post #31...
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