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  1. Great report and pictures!! And now very expense! .............. I showed it to the boss and now she wants to try to target walleye this fall. So....... I am now the proud owner of a portable heater, two trolling poles with line counter reels, two rod holders, 24 pencil weights in various sizes and a drift sock to slow the boat down while trolling!!!!!! I do like the thought of just setting at the console and sipping a beverage while I fish!! Could you in the future just report that you caught a few more, no sizes, no numbers and no pictures!! LOL
  2. Not much love for the wife and me either. Could find fish here and there, but not any numbers even around bait. Tried the drop shot, both plastic and the real deal. Caught a few on the live worms, but all short. Gave up and tried trolling, caught a keeper crappie, but again everything else was small. Probably didn't help that the boss wanted to sleep in and the earliest we got on the water was 8:30😖 Both Sunday and Monday. Oh well, we'll be back in 3 weeks and the fishing should improve, plus the traffic won't be as bad!
  3. You won't be disappointed with the Helix! I have the Helix with MDI on the bow through the TM and he Solix with Si at the console. Had a 998 on the bow and a 1197 at the console and the G3 Helix is a huge step change in clarity! Had the I-Link added to both heads so I can, if I choose, run the TM from either position or the remote. I've heard good things about Ulrich, but I haven't used them, yet. I hope I don't need them, but it's where I would head if I had a problem.
  4. Great question, i have the same concern and am looking forward to the thoughts and suggestions from everyone.
  5. We'll be back Labor Day also. Would love to catch fish on a spoon, seems all I do when I tie one on is stretch my line out 😁
  6. I’ll be out Friday morning, mossy over and say hi! May be out tomorrow morning if the weather is good, the wife doesn’t want to get her hair wet😂🤣😂
  7. Should’ve come over, the catching was enough to share. Would’ve enjoyed meeting you!!!
  8. Drop shot, live worms. Had to cut em in half because we were running out. Not much size but very active catching, the wife had a ball!!! Went back, but “no joy”!! Had a hard time locating anything to speak of this morning!
  9. Yep that was the boss and me! Caught north of 40 but mostly all shorts, wife had a ball though
  10. I agree!! I'm not a great fisherman, but the success I have on TR is due to the trips we've taken with Bill. And no one knows how expensive he can be. After the first trip 5 or 6 years ago and the wife caught a 5-6 pound LM I had to buy a fishing boat!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nope, not yet, dang it. Heading down tomorrow for 9 days, so leave a few fish for us to sore lip! Wife says I have to test the ladder to make sure I can get back in the next time I fall out............ now that I think about, she may have pushed me the last time when I leaned over!! 😁🤣. So I hope the water stays warm!!!!!!!! Plan to be down the Kings and up and downstream the White from the SK bridge. That means all the surf boats will be in that area because they really seem to like being close to me..................Ya'll can thank me later for concentrating them in that area so the rest of the lake will be clear........... that's after my boat stops rocking 🤣😂🤣
  12. Yep! The wife and I were drop shotting there one morning when the waves from their boat rocked ours and I went swimming while leaning over the boat to rinse my hands. That...... cost me a new boat!!!
  13. Bobby, I'll let you know after I get some experience with it. My thought was to be able to easily control the trolling motor from the console if its cold and we want to just troll. I know I could just use the remote, but things have a tendency to jump out of my hands when I'm on the water 😄
  14. Not when the wife is involved!!!! 😂
  15. Well, l'm cheap. No, I didn't want to pay for two solix's right now and I didn't think I needed a touch screen on the bow. I believe the helix on the bow will do a great job. The solix on the console is a touch screen and linked to the I Pilot so I can control the trolling motor from the console if I want. I was out in it for about an hour last weekend and there is a learning curve on the solix…..the helix is very similar to the 988 on my old boat so I am somewhat familiar with it's operation. Still have to learn all the capabilities with the I Pilot, but that shouldn't take long and WOW is the screen clear!! The boats a 1880 MS with a 150 on the back......the wife is excited to have a full windshield that blocks all the wind on chilly days, so i'm hopeful we will be spending more time on the water!!
  16. Picked up the new boat last week and plan to break it in starting this weekend and all of next week! Took it out to a private lake to get a feel for the new features, spot lock, Helix and Solix........... Love the spot lock and I Pilot Link, but think I need to go back to school to learn how to use the Solix!! if you see me out, please stop by and say hello! Larry
  17. You didn't say if the two of you were ok?? people just don't get it, I would bet that the boat that caught fire at the Kings River Marina didn't run his blower or it wasn't working at least no deaths, only injuries, .................. some only learn from the school of hard knocks!
  18. I agree, most cars and trucks that switched over to ethanol in the 80's had problem because ethanol is one hell of a solvent. Cleaned the gas tanks, fuel lines, etc. I had a problem with a suburban in the late 80's coming Bach from a soccer tournament when I filled up in Iowa. Only took 50 miles to plug the fuel filter!!! Like I said, I'm not a fan of it but Uncle Sugar says we need to use it!!!!! 😡
  19. TJM, Jimmy Carter introduced the ethanol subsidies in 1979, it became pretty widely available and used in the mid 80's. As for the chainsaw, I have always used 10% blend in my Stihl chainsaws for years with no problems.......don't know why he'd say that, but each to his own
  20. Interesting read!! Mines the first two initials ...... Larry D and the fisher part is what I like to do....... I thought about catcher, but that would be a blatant lie!! The view is an early morning pic of my favorite lake, Table Rock!!!
  21. What Moguy said. I had SI on both on my old boat and didn't like the fact that moving the trolling motor screwed with the SI view. If you only have it on the trolling motor you can't use it with the main engine which is when I use it the most looking at structure while I'm idling looking for fish
  22. Gentlemen, after spending 30+ year in the refining and marketing of fuels, I can tell you that all motors/engines are designed to use a 10% blend of ethanol. As Wrench stated, the components will eventually wear out or degrade no matter what fuel you use! i am not a fan of ethanol, but when the government mandates and subsidizes a product to make price attractive, it will be used. That being said, I use it in all of my outboards, inboards and small engines and have for years with absolutely no problems or issues. Ethanol is extremely water sensitive, therefore i change water separators on marine engines annually, if I see a transport delivering gas to a station I will go to a different station to buy gas. Why? Because while ethanol is metered and added to the transport at the terminal like any other gasoline additive, the key to not having problems lie at the station. The station needs to be diligent about how much water has condensed in their gasoline tanks and remove any excess water before it is pumped into your tank. When a transport drops gas into the stations tank, it will mix the sediment and water in the tank with the new gas and this will be suspended for a period until it settles back to the bottom. Most gasoline stations will have filters in the gas pump housing to filter this sediment before you put it in your tank, but I still don't like filling up while a transport is dropping their load at the station. Ethanol has a lower btu than regular gasoline and therefore reduces mileage in a vehicle or affects gallons per hr in a boat. But, it is almost impossible to find ethanol free gas. Ethanol also boosts octane by 2 points, so, depending on the gas stations tank configuration, ( most only have 2 tanks ) you are buying 87octane gas that is in most cases 89 octane because to have a true 87 octane blended gasoline the station would have to find and buy a 85 sub octane gasoline which is not readily available at product terminal and generally only available at the refineries terminal. To provide 89 octane the station would need 3 tanks or blend a straight 87 with a 91 octane to get a 89 octane at the pump, this would put the station at a disadvantage because of the cost. So, if a station has straight or ethanol free 91 octane at the pump it is probably selling 89 octane at both the 87 and 89 octane pumps. Long story short, today's engines and fuel systems are designed for a 10% ethanol blend and other than reducing btu's, with common sense maintenance one should not, as Wrench said, experience any problems on the water with a blended fuel.
  23. 👍👍 The smiles say it all!
  24. 2010 521c with original 2010 Yamaha 250 (137 hrs). Boat is pristine condition. Asking $37,500
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