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    LD Fisher reacted to Ellros in Boat flipped this morning as MLF guys headed out   
    Watched that video the day it came out...   No PFD and NO killswitch.  Guy was lucky Darwin wasn't watching him.
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    LD Fisher reacted to tracman86 in Boat flipped this morning as MLF guys headed out   
    Guys, I was thrown from my boat last summer. Was not wearing the kill switch and was struck by the prop. Causing a near left hand amputation. I was fortunate enough to get flown to Barnes hospital in St. Louis and  have made a full recovery. I still have my hand and use of it. Regardless of how this happened . I know from expeince it happens fast and is scary. This should just be a reminder to all to always wear the kill switch and life jacket.
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    LD Fisher reacted to liphunter in Boat flipped this morning as MLF guys headed out   
    I was thinking the same thing. It wouldn't be easy to do that on purpose. Just a freak of an accident. Glad he is ok.  I certainly wouldn't judge the guy.  I know  it could be me out there bobbing around tomorrow. I have a few outings out there in my life, That made look around and see if anyone seen that. lol  I'm not sure who said it? Might have been Freud?
    "Feces Occurs"!!! 
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    LD Fisher reacted to Champ188 in WHERE ARE THE COSTA GUYS?   
    Thinking about ordering me a golf jersey from one of those eBay slicksters and bolting some Power Poles to the back of the cart!!!
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    LD Fisher reacted to vernon in WHERE ARE THE COSTA GUYS?   
    Well, in golf if you accept cash or prizes with a value equal to or greater than $750 you lose your amateur status, are deemed a "pro" and are no longer allowed to compete in amateur events.
    Now I and a whole lotta other guys (I'm sure Snagged and Champ are in this group) have won and accepted way more than that in Calcutta events, money games, etc. but still remain "amateurs" simply due to the relatively smalltime nature of the events.
    However, do that in any "name" event and you WILL forfeit your amateur status and, although it's possible to get reinstated it ain't easy.
    Technically, a guy or gal that wins a car as a hole in one prize forfeits their amateur status but that's such a blurred line that it is abused and circumvented more often than Babler goes fishing.
    I don't fish tournaments and could be very wrong about this but it seems to me that the fishing world hasn't done a very good job of establishing what is and isn't a pro vs. amateur or pro/amateur event.
    But then again golf doesn't do a very good job of enforcing their version of the rules and there's plenty of hotshots running around out there with $400 staff bags with "Titleist" or whatever emblazoned all over their hats and clothes that think they're somebody but can't even beat me.
    Lots of wannabes in all areas of "sport" I guess is what it comes down to and I find them to be humorous and annoying all at the same time.
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    LD Fisher reacted to mixermarkb in Pro Tour Rest of the Story   
    Well, in my defense lol, the concert is 90 minutes, but I'd been there since noon getting everything ready. My job at that venue is stupid easy, since the sound system that covers the lawn seating area is installed at the start of the season and stays up until the last show. I really just have a couple hours of working with the tour sound guys of alignment and tuning to make the lawn sound as good as possible. 
    The hard days are when everything goes in and out in one day, and I've done plenty of those over the years to work my way up to the "easy" gig I have now, and I still do 50 or more one off gigs in a year outside of the Ampitheater and sound for a church on Sunday morning. 
    Yesterday's tour was Rascal Flatts, Billy Currington, and Jimmie Allen, and while my part was easy, there were roughly 30 touring crew members, and 50 local crew members working their tails off.
    A typical day for a big show starts at about 7:30am, with ground riggers drawing chalk marks on the arena floor to locate where the climbing riggers will hang all the electric chain hoists that will support all the sound, lighting, and video equipment. Riggers are crazy dudes, with a crazy job, walking beams 80 to 100 feet in the air, pulling up chains and making bridles with steel wire to hang the points where they need when a beam isn't exactly where a hoist needs to go. It's not unusual these days to have 80,000 to 100,000 pounds of equipment suspended above the stage.  
    After most of the rigging is chalked out, the trucks start getting unloaded about 8am. Last night's show was ten 53' semis of gear, plus another full semi of merchandise. Everything that gets flown in the air goes up, and the staging gets built underneath, with all the band's musical instruments going up last. 
    After lunch, everything is checked, lights are focused and programmed, cameras and video screens balanced, any pyrotechnic effects get tested and approved by local fire marshals, anything broken gets fixed, guitar strings (for as many as 50+ guitars) all get changed and everything is tuned and tuned again. About 3pm, the bands start soundchecks, maybe rehearse a little, reset for show, and then dinner at 6ish, with a few hours of downtime to kill before the show starts at 8.
    Show till around 11pm and then the load out starts, which is typically around 3 hours of intense, seemingly chaotic, but highly organized work. After you get 10 semis worth of stuff back in the right cases and on the right trucks, and make sure nothing got left behind, you shower, usually at the locker rooms at the venue, get on the tour bus with 8 to 12 of your fellow crew guys. (that you just spent all day working with), crawl into your bunk, and sleep while your driver gets you to the next venue for the next show. Usually 4 or so shows in a row, with your days off mostly being long travel days. Most tours run from May thru October, with festival shows and a few one offs scattered around the rest of the year. 
    I know, none of this has anything to do with fishing, although a surprising amount of tour guys carry some gear and fish when they have down time. (many a bass caught out of hotel ponds) I just thought I'd share a bit of the behind the scenes of what goes into a concert these days for the 3 guys who read all that hahaha
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    LD Fisher reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Pro Tour Rest of the Story   
    Note to self when watching fishing at work.  MAKE SURE THE SOUND IS TURNED DOWN FIRST!!!!!
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    LD Fisher reacted to Quillback in WHERE ARE THE COSTA GUYS?   
    I'm a regular Tackle Warehouse walking advertisement, just about always wear one of my "free" TW T-shirts when I am fishing.  Nobody has conferred pro status on me yet however, which makes me wonder, how does someone know if they are a pro?  Does somebody send you a certificate?
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    LD Fisher reacted to merc1997 in WHERE ARE THE COSTA GUYS?   
    i would be very good at this one.
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    LD Fisher reacted to KistlerLews85 in Mid Lake bite   
    Fished Sunday-Friday. Top water bite was great Tuesday and Thursday. Hope to get back soon! 

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    LD Fisher reacted to 196champ in Shell Knob to Big Creek 5/4 - 5/5   
    Fished Shell Knob to Big Creek last weekend, lake was in much better shape than anticipated.
    Had a lot of work to do around the house so was only able to get out a few hours each day and made the most of it.  Seems to be many ways to catch them but the swim bait on gravel was the most consistent.
    Saturday - poked around with a wacky rigged senko and a spook, caught a few early but wasn't what i had expected.  with the clear water i went and idled a few gravel banks/flats outside of spawning pockets and there they were.  Caught them on a 1/4 oz head and 2.8 speed shad, color didnt seem to matter.  boat in 30-40 casting toward the bank, a few locations were just flat on!  Headed back out in the afternoon for a few hours and hit some more gravel with the same results.  Lots of big fat smallies and keeper sized spots. 
    Sunday - was stuck fishing the Campbell point area due to the fog and had some great blow ups on a spook in the flooded bushes early, only connected with a handful.  Also picked up a few largemouth in the 17" range on a large swimbait shallow, saw several fresh beds and fish cruising shallow, eager to eat.  Loaded up and went to do chores, came back and fished from 11-1 on the gravel with the small swimmer, a little slower but they were still there and left them biting as it was time to head back home.  Hope this helps!

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    LD Fisher reacted to Quillback in Buzzard 5-6-2019   
    Vernon sure did leave behind a mess.  😄
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    LD Fisher reacted to magicwormman in With This High Water?   
    We only got about a inch here on the James. Vernon must be closer to you!
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    LD Fisher reacted to Phil Lilley in National Youth Fishing Tournament   
    I had the honor today to captain a couple of Jr High boys from Springfield in the aforementioned tournament today on Table Rock.  I had William and Sam Kuzemka in my boat.  We launched out of State Park, first cast at 6:35 a.m. on the first point NW of the ramp close to the Branson Belle.
    They started out throwing a swim bait (grub) but I quickly switched them to a ned and it was on.  They fished my smallmouth banks in Jakes, Powerline and Clevenger Coves... all the ones I could remember.  I don't think I got over there any last spring so I was going off my long-time memory.
    Set the boat in 16-20 feet most of the time until the fog burned off about 10 a.m., then we backed out to 30 feet.  I had them fish the bottom although every 3rd or 4th cast came back with the green slime.
    They had about 13 keepers, all smallies expect one spot.  We culled a couple of 16-inchers and had one kicker brown about 3.5 pounds.  All bass except the spot appeared to have spawned - they had no pouches at all.... but what do I know, I'm a trout guy.  Had may be the same number of shots plus 3-4 nice gogs (which I'm going back for this week!!).
    The boys weighed in at 13.58 and took 2nd out of 60 teams.
    260 teams in the high school division... weigh in at White Water.  Needless to say there was a traffic jam getting into the lot, which was basically full when I left at the beginning of the High School weigh in period.  I hope they pulled it together cause .... well you know.
    Ulrich was there with 2 pontoons/tanks for the catches.  Babler said they do a good job keeping them alive and back in the lake.

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    LD Fisher got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in Garage size vs boat size?   
    Good God!  Where do you park the golf cart???   And where is your 8 by 12 tackle wall?  How can you live like that!!!🤣😂🤣
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    LD Fisher reacted to vernon in Garage size vs boat size?   
    Well, the golf cart was moved in order to capture such a stunning and high quality photograph that most will identify as the internationally acclaimed, “Boat in a Garage”. 
    After the photo shoot concluded the cart was returned to its normal spot next to the boat!
    If that sounds a little crowded, believe me, it is. 
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    LD Fisher reacted to dwiebenga in With This High Water?   
    Grab your 65lb braid and flipping stick!  Time for close quarter combat!
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    LD Fisher reacted to mixermarkb in With This High Water?   
    Yuck. I would't dream of fishing in filth like that. Imagine the mud line hat would leave on a pretty glitter boat. Plus, I've never, not once ever seen a shad spawn happen in stuff like that, and I've never thrown spinnerbaits up on top of flotsam like that and had bass blow it up. It just doesn't happen. Not in May. Fishing is ruined for the year, everyone just stay home and play golf!!!
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    LD Fisher reacted to 8pounder in Cows to the dam   
    I have been fishing this lake every spring for nearly 40 years now, and have seen it this clear only on a handful of occasions. I’ve never had a 3-4 day stretch of fishing like I’ve just had with a higher keeper ratio - 59 w/35 keepers. There was nothing new or mysterious to what I was doing, dragging a Dr or French Fry back to the boat, chucking the 3.3 keitech, an occasional fluke offering, and when conditions warranted I’d go Red Fin or Buzz Bait. Didn’t much matter whether it was pea gravel, fist size rock, basketball size, or boulders there always seemed to be fish looking for a meal or pizzed that something was in their space. Timber in the vicinity helped slightly. My boat was never in water more than 18-20 ft and many times I worked down the bank in 10 fow. Smallmouth were  predominant, but I did catch a few Spots and Large Mouth. All released to swim another day. Bite yesterday in the higher and rising water didn’t change. Nice to see the future dock crappers out swimming with mom and dad too. 

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    LD Fisher reacted to gitnby in Garage size vs boat size?   
    There are 2 things that every man wishes was bigger!
    His garage is one of them
    (The other one could also be the name brand of his Outboard Motor?)
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    LD Fisher reacted to merc1997 in Garage size vs boat size?   
    i thought out ahead and when i put up a boat shed, i made it a drive through.  i know for many that is not an option, but it is why i bought 2 acres and planned where everything would sit so there would be easy in and out access with a boat.
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    LD Fisher got a reaction from Quillback in 4-30-19 Table Rock Comprehensive last Several Days   
    Agree, but, it seems to me that they've been more proactive the last year or so.........probably only means the difference between 923 and 925, but every ft helps when you have a shed that floods at 922!! 😃
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    LD Fisher reacted to Devan S. in Borderline insanity   
    All Fishermen: Wake boats destroy docks and cause massive shoreline erosion. We don't care what amount of money you bring to the economy we want them boats restricted or banned.
    Wake Boaters: We bring so much money to the local economy you can't get rid of us.
    Non-tournament fishermen: tournament fishing has become too large and we think the impacts are detrimental to the fishery.
    Tournament Fishermen: We bring so much money to the local economy. You can't ban us. 
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    LD Fisher got a reaction from crazy4fishin in 4-22-19 Kind of Nuts Today   
    Mmmmm good!!!  Too bad I've wintered so well.  I now need to shed a few lb's or I'm gonna have to buy 4 more batteries to set on the port side of the boat so it will set level in the water!!!  😁
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    LD Fisher got a reaction from vernon in 4-22-19 Kind of Nuts Today   
    Mmmmm good!!!  Too bad I've wintered so well.  I now need to shed a few lb's or I'm gonna have to buy 4 more batteries to set on the port side of the boat so it will set level in the water!!!  😁
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