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  1. Any advice would be welcome. What is your favorite ?
  2. The battery cables were barely hand tight on the Cranking battery. Haven’t had any new problems since tightening up. Should have checked that first.
  3. 2011 ranger with Yamaha 250 sho. Checked and battery cables were barely hand tight. Thanks for help. Sounds like more is going on.
  4. three times recently I have hit a big wave and lost electrical power and motor dies. 2011 Ranger 522 I can restart from the keypad and turn graphs back on and all is fine... Something is loose Where to check first? there is a switch that I throw on each trip... that disconnect electrical power.. I think that is the issue?? Maybe I shouldn't switch it on each trip?? Any help welcome..
  5. fowlthing


    FYI eagle rock is closed. Some folks are launching from the parking lot. But that concerns me because of the big rocks they out there. We were able to launch at Big M but was difficult. Lots of logs in the water.
  6. We blanked yesterday and from folks we talked too very slow. There was a ton of debris in the water. wouldn’t have gone out except I was taking a foreign exchange student out before he goes home. FYI eagle rock is blocked off. Some people are launching from the parking lot. But I am spooked about that because of the large rocks they put out there
  7. We have been catching a few smallmouth in Beaver. Mostly swimbait drug slow across rocks in 10-20 foot of water I have tomorrow off work and wondering if Table Rock was messed up with the water dump from Beaver? Any advice is welcome
  8. Would like to get out Saturday morning if the water isn't too trashed up or a very muddy? Any thoughts are welcome.
  9. From a podcast I listened too... they have to continue the Cup events because of sponsorship deals....I am sure there are other reasons... for continuing the cup events while introducing the BPT tour events. It will make more sense as time goes on... I love the format... I would personally rather catch 50 under two pounds as to catch 5 five big ones in one day. I feel I might learn something more from this format... but to each his own.
  10. I wonder if it was Dave Lefebre that was talking to Bill and his clients.... he has a lime green boat... and from what I have watched.. sounds like something he might do...
  11. Templefork makes some great rods for 100$ I also like Falcon.. they have been great to stand behind the rods. I love my Tatula... but also like my lews reels as well. Some of the bass pro reels are good.. the white ones /carbonlite are not as good as the cheaper... pro qualifer.. I got some of those for about 70$ and they work very good.
  12. I have the regular Panoptix and like it. Learning curve is still going on. But the ability to see brush piles and schools of fish is helpful. I wish I had the livescope.
  13. I fished two Bass opens as a co angler. Really enjoyed the experience overall. Learned from all 4 boaters. Two of them knew quite a bit more, one had been on the elite series before an illness. They were all great to spend the day with, and truly enjoyed it when I caught fish. Cost was about 450$ per tournament plus they encourage helping with fuel, about 40$ per day. I agree with Bill, that many are everyday guys, that have had some success somewhere, but are not not necessarily way better than many locals. But this event also had some truly top notch talent, Elam, McClelland, Clouse, Even the elite guy at the end of the day asked me if I had a spot and we went and each caught a keeper. It was great fun, and did offer the possibility of winning some money, although that was not my motivation to enter the event. I hope to do it again, it make me realize how hard the pros and guides work to fish everyday. The days are very long.
  14. Fished Eagle rock to point 23 Friday... caught more fish at Eagle Rock than we did down lake.... could have been the time of day... was at Eagle Rock at dusk to after dark. Caught some on drop shot, and spro rock crawler... and a spook...nothing of any real size .. one was 16 inches... I don't think it ruined the fishing there.
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