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  1. Trout hollow posted a picture of a rainbow caught today on their Facebook.. Damndest looking thing I've ever seen. Figured I would share.
  2. Here's a picture of it.. That was a long long long time ago ahahha. Well over 30 years ago. We used to stay at Sun Valley then and goodness do I miss that place simply for the memories as we went there every year on vacation. I think a guy named Dale owned it back then and it was a top notch joint.. Atleast it was to a kid. Back then there wasn't very many of us throwing jerkbaits......goodness I miss those days! So many more fish and follows than there is now.
  3. I've caught some good browns there thru the years for sure. In fact my first ever 20 inch brown way back in like 1992 I caught out of the last brushpile there on a husky jerk. I always figured that eddy at the end past the waterfall gets loaded with dinky bow's during generation and the big browns could just come in and pick them off about anytime they cared to. That's cool about the Gerdy though, I hadn't realized that. Anytime I want to get my young daughter in fish I always head for that eddy at the end of the bluff and give her a jig with an orange head and it's about as automatic as a
  4. Probably fell out of one of those brushpiles over there. Beautiful fish and cool story. Still going to invest some time one of these days to my bigger swimbaits and glidebaits down there. Maybe next week, we will see.
  5. were staying down lake past the landing. Not this weekend but the next. I'm really hoping they are still running two units then but I bet they aren't.....and I bet you want it to slow down ahahahha. We will have to see what we can do man.
  6. By the way that's a great video Phil. Some quality bow's right there, that first one was a tank!
  7. I sure hope there are some in there still, I'm surprised one or two hasn't shown up this year yet
  8. My little Lithium came with the charger which was nice. it's so small i can charge it the boat or throw it on the kitchen counter. whatever is needed.
  9. can you post a picture of that? or email or text one?
  10. I didn't either until I started doing a bunch of research on them.
  11. I bought a 14.7 volt 19amp hour. Both the battery and black Box fit in my rodbox The battery comes with the charger. I'm running the livescope and a 93sv off of it and ran 12 hours last week and never even dropped to 12volts. Had plenty of juice left. Weighs about a pound which really is helpful with my tracker
  12. I bought an Amped Outdoords Lithium to run my scope and graph that fits in the palm of my hand. Will run it all day no issues and leaves my cranker to do what it's supposed to do. I know alot of guys running Dewalt batteries for their scopes now as well.
  13. DJ hasn't been on here since Jan 8th. Anyone heard from him and know if he's okay? He's like me, a hound on here every day so that's concerning. Travis
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