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  1. Caught a 6.0 this afternoon on a Huddleston swimbait.
  2. I'm still trying but that's good to know 😂
  3. Got here Saturday but didn't fish till Sunday. I'm down lake past the landing but wanted to let anyone know that's coming that MDC stocked off of their ramp on Tuesday morning. I grabbed my 9 year old and let her catch about 20 real quick like before spreading the word. So there should be plenty of fish in that landing area. I've not trout fished at all this trip, decided I was going to bass fish for a big one and just be away from other boats and people and enjoy the peace and quiet. I was lucky yesterday to get just what I was looking for with a 7 pound 5 ounce trout eater!
  4. I think the phone app is the easiest way to go, just make sure you have the kiddo's SS# ready or no dice.
  5. They are shutting them down at 4pm today. If your going up you better hurry.
  6. They just posted that they are shutting them off at 4PM today. That didn't last long
  7. I"m salivating thinking of a white jig bite.........I wanna run back down so bad. ugh.
  8. oh okay, sorry about that. I've been up there a ton of times with the gates open but I won't lie it's intimating the first time I get up there every time when they are open. I always try to make sure the boat is organized, the net is handy but out of the way, minimal rods are on the deck of the boat, slow steady movements the first time or two and most importantly my Mustang inflatable life vest is on. I love that thing and it doesn't get in the way at all. After the first drift or two down it feels good and normal but yes Sir it can be intimating at first for sure.
  9. Man I would go rent a boat if I were you. Flood gates, especially in the fall or winter are a special time!
  10. Gatorjet, we always get excited when your there when we are, we can hear you coming from about a mile away and we get excited to see you fly by, it's awesome!
  11. Millenium has a new pedestal seat out that smaller and red and grey both and it's awesome. I bought one for my Tracker and love it!
  12. if you could find a way to ship them reasonable i would be in for them in a heartbeat
  13. I like to stay on plane in my tracker and go by people, I know I'm being safe and doing them an actual favor but I get flipped the bird and yelled at by people on rental boats sometimes because they simply don't realize it's creating a ton less wake for them than the folks that plow by them. I've only got a 60 hp so it's not like i'm acting like a nut job. I actually try to wave people on quite a bit when they are coming by me, I just want them to stay on plane and come on by. Another thing no one mentions.......when boats come by and throw a wake, I get bites ALOT, especially with jig and
  14. We fished Saturday and with the three units going it was one of the tougher mornings I've had in quite awhile, we actually went down lake and bass fished a bit. When we came back up the water was off and we whacked them pretty good on jigs catching around 30 the last 45 mins of our day, they were just stockers but a nice end to a tough day.
  15. I talked to Lionel a couple weeks ago, it's their attempt to slow people down... But it doesn't work too well. My boat gets the snot beat out of it on their dock. It's a pretty narrow stretch and people will go by there on plane or throwing a wake at literally less than 10 or 20 yards sometimes, it's nuts!
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