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  1. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    Got my new Blackstone and cooked my first meal on it last night. I'm on low carb and i made Cauliflower Shrimp fried rice. It was awesome!
  2. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    ground, stuffed and smoked 30 pounds of venison summer sausage on my Traeger this weekend.
  3. that helps a ton, basically your putting more action or vibration in the baits to help the fish find the bait batter in the dark which is about what i was thinking in my head but was looking for verification of my thoughts. Thanks for responding man i appreciate it.
  4. For years I've wanted to try some night fishing on Taney in a boat. I know you guys do great up by the dam wading and a night in a boat but i'm talking about the rest of the lake. And I've fished off the dock for years and caught them but wasn't sure if the light off the dock was making them see the jigs. Let's use the fall creek to cooper creek area as example. I know up by the dam your looking at shallower water, not as wide and more fishing "holes" than say bluffs or deeper main lake stuff down lake. so that might make a difference but my specific questions are this: 1)If fishing a jig would you fish it in the same manner as you do during the day with a snap and drop technique? 2)If fishing a jerk bait do you fish it in the same exact jerk jerk pause method that you do during the day or is is it more of a slow steady reel on top of the water? 3)Would a jig and float work or can they even find a small jig at night? I guess i'm concerned if the fish can see and find these two baits like they do during the day at all in water that is deeper etc?
  5. Doc i don't throw either, i'm a jig man but i know from the Landing down spoons are very popular. Lil' Jakes and Thomas Bouyant spoons catch a lot of trout down there. I think alot of times it's cause they are freshly stocked and go for the shiny stuff. My daughter is 8 and I tie her on one of these spoons with 4 pound test and start "ducking".....kidding about that part but she catches plenty of fish on these spoons and there will be times in fact that as she reels in there will be a dozen to 20 trout at a time in schools follow the spoons back to the boat. I've found it's the easiest way for her to catch fish down lake while i'm fishing jigs. So by all means heck yes throw those spoons, maybe some guys will chime in from above the landing but i know from the landing down they work very well. Welcome to the board, tons of great info and people on here!
  6. I've got a charcoal grill and a Traeger grill but i'm starting to look at adding a flat top grill to the line up. Who has them and what do you think of them? Also is a 2 burner 28 inch big enough or do i wanna spend the money and get the 36 inch? Just looking for reviews and advice. thanks in advance,travis
  7. i believe there is a big sign just up from fall creek resort as you make your way up lake on the right hand side (the condo side).
  8. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    Last night I made Blackend fish on the Traeger and Zuchhini and onions from the Garden. The fish were a mixture of bass (from a farm pond), crappie and drum...drum are great eating if you have never had any! One of my favorite "low carb" meals.
  9. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    What I would do to have a Harter house here in Kansas. I always take an extra cooler and my Vaccum sealer with me on vacation and load up on Harter House deals!
  10. Pete did you throw that secret bait we've been talking about together at all yesterday?
  11. Hey my friend I have that EXACT same problem down there as well Good luck tomorrow!
  12. well you asked what's next DJ.....did you see this from last weekend by chance? A giant swan filled with people floated down the lake last weekend.....
  13. Do you anticipate flood gates in August or just heavy generation once they are able to start moving water?
  14. I believe they just posted that they are shutting all the gates this morning.
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