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    What's Cooking?

    how's your keto going? I've been doing it since Jan 3rd and I'm down 87.4 pounds so far. started at 323.8 and this morning I was 236.4. It's more of a low carb than keto. I don't believe in the tons of fat stuff, I just cut the crap out and eat meat and green veggies mainly. I don't miss much at all to be honest and feel good. You should see the before and after pics, it's crazy. Keep it up if your doing it, it works and it's life changing!
  2. Caught a bunch of trout again this morning then moved to the bank and caught these on back to back casts. Let them go after a photo op
  3. You can fish off fall creeks dock for $5 a day, you can fish the copper creek access dock and the docks at the Branson landing for free. There is also a public park where turkey creek runs into Taney across from scotties as well as the park where Roark runs into Taney. All can be good fishing at times.
  4. Fished the lower lake again this morning. Caught around 15 or so but they were biting funny, not taking a jig great, just nipping at it. Probably hooked up and lost twice as many as I caught. Good morning but could of been great if they would of stayed hooked up. Mainly chased schools of midgers around. Was weird everytime it would sprinkle they would stop midging then when the rain stopped here came the fish again. I also think they bit better after the fog burned off which seemed weird again to. Size was decent but bit quite as many bigger ones as the last few days. Still a really good morning on the best place on earth! Yesterday I ran up and fished from the cable down to short creek with the water running. Threw a jerkbait the entire float and caught 5 brownies and 6 bows. Biggest brownie was about 16 inches and had a couple bows in the 17 inch range. Just flat got to dang hot for me yesterday afternoon so back to the pool with the family I went.
  5. Weird camera angle trying to take a selfie but it truly was long. Just a tank of a fish and mean as can be
  6. Pick away any time. Always glad to help. It's so peaceful with not much boat traffic and the scenery is beautiful
  7. Done really well so far this week from bee creek or rockaway on some really nice rainbows. Done pretty decent rockaway to empire on the bass. Not caught many but when I catch one the size is great. Been a great week so far
  8. Went back again tonight and catching wasn't as great but it was good for sure! What a beautiful area of the lake to and so peaceful
  9. If you don't mind me piggy backing or help your report I fished the lower lake this morning cause the fog was just to thick to get all the way up from below the landing. From the bee to rockaway there are alot of rainbows and some are very nice, they obviously have been in the lake awhile. On a couple occasions I saw schools that had 50 to 100 fish in them. Lots of midging going on too. The landing has the usual lots of fish but they aren't near the size that they are down stream. Sculpin/amber sculip peach with orange heads tricked a ton this morning
  10. are they launching this round out of moonshine beach? kinda looks like it. i'll be on taney starting tomorrow for a week but might drive up to watch them launch a bit if we are in that area.
  11. I have 3 that I have pins/certificates for. Is there somewhere I can email you the pictures and have them added? I would be happy to, it's a cool page!
  12. you can NOT. I'm going to throw some but it won't be up there obviously.
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