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  1. looks like it washed out or almost washed out part of the road across from the branson landing last night and snapped a power pole.
  2. dude that's no joke. i think my bow was $610 or something like that. i think it would of been like 200 bucks cheaper to do a skin mount but it wasn't worth killing the fish to me. i'm scared to think how much your brown mount was but hell it's worth it with all the time and effort we have put in to catch these fish.
  3. wish i would of seen his work in person, i bet his shop is really cool. how about you get a bow big enough to take to him this year, and i'll get a brownie and then we can each have one of each?
  4. Those look awesome man! What a story and big beautiful brownie!! Don did an unreal job on my rainbow replica last year too. His work is stunning and i was thrilled with mine as well!
  5. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    you can buy an insulated blanket for the Traeger but truthfully i've never had to use one. I've used them in single digits before with no issues. They have "P settings" which allows you to change what smoking temp you use based on the conditions like air temps and wind. mine sets on a covered deck but is 100% exposed to wind and cold temps and i've never had an issue at all. hope that helps some?
  6. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    i'm very partial to my Traeger or pellet grills but not sure if that's what your looking for. I cook on it probably 4 to 5 nights a week 52 weeks out of the year and we have plenty of wind and cold in kansas. it's fool proof and is an amazing cooking tool.
  7. 3/32nd ounce jig on 2 pound test line and spinning rod fished straight.
  8. how you fish that mega worm Seth? i have a bunch tied up but haven't used them for some reason or another.
  9. A friend is wanting me to fish right below the Powersite dam at night during the week of thanksgiving. What kind of fish will be available then and willing to bite? Are stripers and walleye and bass there or trout or what is there that time of year?
  10. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    that looks amazing on the Alfredo!
  11. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    Just got back from Taneycomo with 4 of my great friends. We enjoyed fried trout as appetizers and giant ribeyes as the main course for 4 straight nights and washed down with some cold Busch lights. Good times and great food.
  12. We just got back from Taney and had a great trip. The fish are so thick, healthy and beautiful colored right now. Taney is in great shape! Our best fishing was in the restricted zone between look out and fall creek all week. We caught fish on sculpin Peach jigs in the morning till the sun got high then had to go to natural colors, sculpin and ginger, sculpin brown, sculpin wine etc. One day they got off the jig bite big time so we switched to micro jigs on fly rods and it was hammer time all day long doing that and it was a blast. We are still pretty new to fly rods and stuff but goodness we caught alot of fish and had a blast doing it. Shallow side was our best but the big fish of the trip came on the bluff side. It wasn't all roses this trip as the jerkbait bite was WAY off for us. We caught plenty of smallmouth and Kentucky bass on it, quite a few rainbows on it but only one brownie and I threw it ALOT. Something was just off and I can't figure out what it was. The fishing from the cable to look out also wasn't as good as we have come to expect either. The stretch from look out to the narrows was for sure the best stretch this time around. An interesting note is we had a half dozen nice smallies on the bluff across from lilleys this trip.
  13. We caught several very small rainbows.. This one was.. Well what was he thinking???
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