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  1. I"m half way interested but would really like to see some other pictures if at all possible.
  2. any idea what brand hooks they put on them? the wlure hooks are pretty awful so curious what the boys put on theirs when they are done painting them?
  3. 308x Mitchell, never been on a rod. Perfect shape. $20 TYD
  4. Something I discovered the last trip while drifting is called a "Carolina keeper". They come in clear and red and are a hard rubber that you squeeze open with pliers and then when you get it where you want it it you release and it holds your weight in place. So you just place your weight or swivel on the line then the Carolina Keeper and slide it up however far you want. This means you only have one knot on the whole set up which is tied to your lure and your eliminating the need for 2 more knots with the swivel up above. This also allows you to adjust the leader length as you want in a moments notice. It doesn't crimp or damage the line like a split shot would either. You can retie way way faster as well. I used it both drifting scuds and small jerkbaits. Anyhow a tip I wanted to pass along.
  5. i don't know that it has a weight on it. it's a bigger reel. Just figured someone would jump on a $15 reel for a spare or to get someone started?
  6. Reddington Crosswater. 9 ft, 8 weight 4 piece. Perfect condition used only a half dozen times at most. Comes with a case as well. $80 tyd
  7. Never used Mitchell fly reel for sale. $20 tyd
  8. If school is out the lake and resorts will be packed. For room wise and fishing wise it probably needs to a be a winter type deal or early spring.
  9. That will buy you a few yummy Busch Light's too my friend
  10. I know one thing there is more boat traffic and pressure than I've seen in my 35+ years of fishing that lake. The other thing is the poor things have no clue with the water, gates opened for months, then zero water then zero water to 4 units etc. They probably have no idea what to think these days
  11. I use 6 pound on spinning rods and 8 pound on casting rods. I use Pline CXX. I prefer to throw them with 2 units running or more usually but i'll throw it anytime. Late and early in the day (low light) are by far the best times to throw them in my opinion. Back in the 90's when very few of us were throwing them I thought the fishing was substantially better on them than it is now with them. Seems like now about every 3rd boat you see is throwing them, especially on the bank. I will say this though, the fish you catch on them now are way way better than they were in the 90's. The fish are as healthy as I've ever seen in that lake in 35+years of fishing it. One other observation is back in the 90's we almost never caught a rainbow on a jerkbait, it was almost unheard of but now the Rainbows really slam them. Sounds like you had an awesome day! The one you broke off there is a chance you had it in the back too, I caught several a couple of weeks ago in the back because they were just swiping at it to kill it and man when you hook them all heck broke lose for a few seconds. Congrats on a great day and your first Brownie, it's a beautiful fish!!
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