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  1. That is really interesting, i'm glad you caught it. Last week with the water off I thought the fish we caught were the hardest fighting fish I have ever caught in Taney and you know how much I come down. Some of them put the best acrobatic show on of any fish I have ever caught as well jumping way out of the water but it took forever to get fish in the boat, especially up top as they just wouldn't give up. I'm guessing the running water this week was oxygen starved though. Good info Phil
  2. kinda nice and kinda torture at the same time cause I know when I see the posts I want to be there all day everyday ahahah. Hope you are well Marty!
  3. My friend Adam that owns Lakeshore mailed me this booklet he found a few weeks ago. Not super old (1981) but another cool edition to the man cave
  4. I'll take some up close pics in a bit Phil
  5. I found this old Taneycomo map on ebay a few months back, the wife snuck it out of the house and had it professionally framed for my man cave. Great way to return home from Taney this past week. Also when cleaning out the boat I found these scuds and other kinds of bugs in my livewell and even had dead scuds all over my boat deck. Crazy healthy lake right now!
  6. There was 5 shocking boats go by, it was cool to see! Then I got up to use the little boys room and looked out at 2:30 and they were headed back home. Thanks to those folks for all the hard work, they worked right thru a pretty good rainstorm last night doing that.
  7. We ended the day with 200+ fish for the two boats. Man what a trip so far!
  8. Yup just a mini jig basically.
  9. #1 bait has been the micro with an orange head and either sculpin/peach or sculpin/amber. When the sun gets up sculpin/wine and straight sculpin have been our best color micros. Hope that helps ya! 1/80th is what I pour and tie
  10. Man what a beautiful day weather wise! This morning short creek was way tougher for us. Caught our limit for dinner in an hour or so and a bonus walleye that ate a Micro jig and 2 pound test. Got those cleaned up for another fish fry tonight and went to the trophy area for some catch and release fun and that we did! Atleast 60 or 70 between the two boats almost all on micro jigs, they are really out fishing the midge for some reason for us anyhow. Headed back out after lunch for hopefully a fun evening bite again. We do it up right food wise on this trip
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