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  1. Travis Swift

    Taneyfest Recap

    I would really like to attend one of these sometime and meet all the fine folks on here!
  2. Travis Swift

    2019 Taneyfest

    Congratulations to BOTH of you. What a story!!
  3. Travis Swift

    2019 Taneyfest

    Spoiler alert it looks like according to Facebook one of the night time boys just caught a BIG brownie! Watching from afar and wish I could have joined to meet all the great folks on here. Congrats!
  4. Travis Swift

    Quick Report

    do you fish them on the bottom or just really close to the bottom? coming down Saturday, can't wait!
  5. Travis Swift

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Good luck, looking forward to the reports and pictures. I've got 16 days left then I'll be down there for 9 days over thanksgiving. Can't get here fast enough.
  6. Travis Swift

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    I've got a nice little stash of them on the way as well but mine haven't arrived quite yet. I'm thinking with that color that a guy could add a few dots with a sharpie and make a decent trout imitation ? Certainly won't be a Doty special but could possibly work. I'll be the guinea pig with them next month.....
  7. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    Thank you for the reply and tip. I will give that a shot.
  8. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    I have the tool and I'm trying a decent bug but it spinning around the hook. Any tips?
  9. Travis Swift

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Congrats to Nomolites, enjoy that treasure. Classy move Duane! Love the forums on this thing, lots of good folks.
  10. Travis Swift

    Quick trip, report w pics

    pretty fish and a good report. When I started fly fishing this summer I kind of feel in love with it, I bought some waders thinking maybe sometime I would wade below the dam if I didn't have my boat. Well I'm on this taney fly fishing facebook group and I swear every time I see a picture of a fish there is a ton of people in the back ground all close to each other. Not sure that looks like much fun to me so i'll probably stick to my boat fishing or use it to beach somewhere in the lower trophy area away from folks. I just can't believe how packed it looks during the week of late.
  11. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    I was hoping to make some where the bead is attached to the hook, basically threaded on the hook.
  12. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    yeah I sent a couple, one towards the end of Sep and one last week. Didn't need anything in particular just seeing how your doing, thought I pissed ya off some how ahahahha.
  13. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    Marty I hope you're doing good my friend, sent you a couple PM's the last couple weeks.
  14. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    i have a mold that will pour a 1/80th ounce head and a size 10 hook so that is what i'll use on those. I want some both with and without a jig head. I will also check out the tubes or make one out of a pen. Thanks so far guys!
  15. Travis Swift

    Help needed tying an egg fly

    what size of jig and any idea on a hook size? I pour my own heads so I could do this as well for a variety.

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