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  1. one thing that must be of note is that they shocked the first 3.5 miles of the lake and the brown numbers look really low. There is still 18.5 miles of deep water that have gone untested, also in late August I would venture to guess most of the browns haven't began migrating up for the spawn yet either. So this is a great sample and a great read but there is a ton of deep and wide water that is unsampled and it's harboring who knows what in her depths?
  2. I really like the Winn Grip rod tape myself.
  3. i thought this sometimes included warm water species on the list but didn't see them this year? I know the article said only the upper 3.5 miles were checked though. Thanks for posting this, it's always a good read.
  4. Can't see your picture but your story is awesome Seth. Good on you my man! I find the absolute hardest part of getting guys to use jigs instead of bait down there is that they want to throw them on 6 pound test and look at you like your nuts when you tell them they really need 2 pound. 2 pound is way stronger than it sounds. Good job man!
  5. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    I did some of my 3-2-1 Ribs on the Traeger the other night. I prefer baby backs but these spares were awful tasty!
  6. indeed my friend, I try to give an accurate and honest report even if i sucked
  7. I would like to follow this up if that is okay. I was there last week for the entire week, saturday thru sunday. I've fished Taney for 30+ years and multiple trips a year and I honestly thought the trout fishing was as tough as I have ever seen it. The last two thanksgivings i'm pretty sure they haven't stocked (atleast not down lake). The previous thanksgivings up until the last couple years they put tons of fish in. I heard from alot of different people that it was as tough as they had ever seen it so I didn't feel terrible bad. Regardless it was tough enough that I went down river and had quite a week on the bass. I was averaging a dozen nice bass in a 2 hour morning. I posted some pictures in the Lower Taney forum. I did run to the cable one day for trout and caught several nice ones but it was alot tougher than I was used to and the lower lake trout bite was non existent for some reason. Even the fish house which is about the easiest place on the lake to find them usually I had a hard time getting a hit. I threw jigs only when trout fishing. Hate to report a bad report or that I sucked but just wanted to give an honest report from myself. Boy we had a great week though for bass fishing and family time and that's what is most important. I took my 8 year old daughter on the trail up by the hatchery one day and that was a blast. There are some really cool hiking trails in the Branson area!
  8. It was a good run this morning in the rain. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  9. Been a pretty good week so far from Rockaway down. When it's warm I can't catch crap but the cold days have been pretty good!
  10. I'm really curious about that week of thanksgiving as well! It looks to me like it's dropping around a half foot a day and if that held true we would be at 915 towards the middle of next week. But who knows what that level will do with Beaver.
  11. Travis Swift

    What's Cooking?

    I make "crab" cakes out of crappie and catfish alot. I have several places over run small crappie. I just filet them out, boil them and put them in the fridge. Then crumble them up and make a "crab" cake out of them. They turn out very well that way.
  12. looks like it washed out or almost washed out part of the road across from the branson landing last night and snapped a power pole.
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