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  1. Seth I'm a falcon only guy and you would love an Amistad. Tell you what, if you want a good deal American Legacy Fishing has Falcon Low rider Amistads for $99 with free shipping.
  2. You kidding me DJ? How freaking cool is that? When did you take that picture? Wish I had known I woulda hit you up for a sneak peak. That's absolutely mine. Small small world man.
  3. Don's work is amazing and he seems like a great guy as well. Terrific communication also.
  4. I wanted to share a picture of my replica I got made and just got back of my 10+ pound rainbow from last fall. With a suggestion from Phil Lilley I chose Don Frank from KC to do it and I think he did just a marvelous job. Thanks again for the suggestion Phil. He did a great job with the orangish pink gill plates and fins. Pictures don't do it justice but I wanted to share.
  5. if you pour at all the Do it Molds "walleye jig" is a flat sided jig perfect for taney. I pour my own and tie my own. A lot of sense of pride in doing that and I'm able to put an awesomely sharp hook in mine.
  6. I might just do that. It sounded fun as heck. I actually went down to bass fish lower Taney but finally got my wit's about me and took advantage of the flood gates and I'm so glad we did!
  7. Wanted to share some video I recorded from this weekend of a few of our jerkbait fish. First fish was a 20 inch brown which short lined me at the boat and made me call for the net about 12 times in 6 seconds hahaha. Ended up with 16 Browns Saturday on jerkbaits and probably another 10 rainbows. Also caught alot of rainbows on jigs but over 25 fish on a jerkbait was really the highlight cause it's so darn fun. We lost 3 really big ones which tends to be the case when throwing the stick baits but that is all part of the fun. All fish were released unharmed and swam away great! ***Of note I waited to post this after Seth and DJ posted their beautiful brown this morning. I'm in no way competeting against them I'm just adding some supplement video we captured to show how great the weekend was for lots of folks on the water. Was really happy for both of them on their awesome weekend filled with a win and a big brown to boot!
  8. Congrats man what a beautiful fish!!
  9. Thanks man. Seen you guys several times today, gave you guys a wave but didn't wanna disturb you since you were in the tournament. We did awesome on white jigs before you guys all got to the cable but when all the boats showed up we drifted on down and started throwing jerkbaits and just had an epic day on them. All 16 Browns were on a jerkbait and we lost 3 that were bigger than the 20 incher I landed. 2 of them that we lost were WAY bigger. Even had alot of bows on the jerkbait, all in all I bet we hooked close to 25 brownies today. That is really nice to see for a change! That's how it goes though, I can look at a jerkbait and get 3 hooks in me, a fish can slam it and somehow not get hooked? Ahahah. Anyhow I'm glad you guys had a great day as well. Safe travels home to all of you!
  10. After 30years plus of fishing taneycomo I think this weekend was the prettiest I've ever seen the water. Goodness was the that beautiful or what? And the weather was amazing. All around wonderful weekend!
  11. We have now landed 16 Browns today. We've lost alot also but those 16 actually came aboard. Pretty awesome day. Lots of nice bows to
  12. I probably should have Phil we've got eight browns already today and lost4 more and it's not even noon. Lost a much bigger one than this one too
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