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  1. I saw something today that scared the crap out of me. My boat and another boat got to the cable at the same time with 4 units and 4 flood gates going. The other boat wasn't very big and all the sudden they throw out an anchor and when it caught it almost pulled the boat under and almost knocked a passenger from the back seat. Please use common sense people you can't anchor up there in this kind of current and to top it off neither had a life jacket on! I thought for a few seconds I was going to be on a rescue mission! By the way the white bite was on today!
  2. Easiest thing for you will to use some power bait or worms and either get behind the bass pro fish house or go up in turkey or Roark creek which are both close to scotties where you would launch. I would think some stocker rainbows will be looking to get out of the current and get in those creeks. It's 100% safe to be here, enjoy it!
  3. Good morning this morning too although rhe Browns seemed to be slapping at it.
  4. We just got here this evening and the first 30 minutes of my week long trip started out good. 19 inch brown and a 20 inch brown. Gonna be a good week!
  5. That's gonna be a perfect flow for big fish. I hope it runs like that all week!
  6. The corps is worse than a woman, you can never predict them or her and just when you think you have them figured out they flip flop on ya...
  7. You are probably right Phil. I"m headed down in the AM and will be there till the following weekend. I have no clue what we are going to be looking at water wise so I've got it all with me and tied on. I need to stop in and grab some marabou and other supplies, i'll try to find ya for a chat as well.
  8. As little that is now coming in and as high as Newport is it makes me wonder if they can and will just try to control it with generators, something like 3 or 4 units? It is going to get hot and sunny by early in the week so the power maybe needed? And no rain in the foreseeable future. Right now Beaver is letting 7600 into Trock and Trock is releasing 7100 thru the generators so I have to wonder if they will do something like that and just ease it out until newport is low enough they can open gates? Newport is up .41 in the last 24 hours so I don't think they can go up much more there.
  9. They showed flood gates on taney yesterday evening and now nothing? Did they have them open then shut them or is the app messed up or?
  10. At some point in the near future they are gonna have to move the water even if it's slow and steady. We are only about 5 weeks out from Hurricane season and heaven for bid of one hits and the remints move up to the white river basin it could spell disaster if they haven't dropped these lakes fairly significantly in the next month.
  11. I think the flooding down stream will have them release less than other events. Even if they open the gates I don't think we will see super high amounts? Maybe something along the lines of what they ran a couple months ago, 5 gates like they did before and maybe just run it for a long time bringing it down slowly? Just my thoughts. Hopes too cause I'm headed down Friday for a week so I would love some flood gates with a fishable amount of water for a week.
  12. didn't look like it would take much for the fish to swim back and forth if the levels come up much more?
  13. The pictures i've seen on facebook this week from powersite dam show that the level there isn't very far below taneycomo, what will happen if they open the flood gates on taney, will the two lakes basically become one?
  14. I truly do like them. I keep the smaller ones usually but I think they are great eating fried.
  15. Good updates above Phil, thanks for posting.
  16. I filet them like wallye, crappie whatever and just fry them up. They are great and i've fed them to tons of people that had no idea what they were eating and loved them.
  17. I'm due down next Friday May 29th and staying all the way thru the first week of June. I'm guessing we are looking at flood gates when i'm there I bet. We have alot of rain in the forecast here in south central kansas forecast for the coming weekend, 3 to 5 inches in fact. Alot of time those rains drift towards the ozarks. Setting up to be a a close rough situation down there the way it looks.
  18. Good Luck DJ and crew! There are more big trout in the lake than I've ever seen in my 30+ years fishing it. You guys are in for a super weekend!
  19. We caught them good up at the cable for one pass till the sun got up then it got tougher than I've ever seen it in 30+ years. We drifted from the cable all the way thru monkey Island and then even went to the goldmine down lake all for about 6 or 7 trout. It was brutal Saturday!
  20. Final report for this trip we ran up to the landing for 45 minutes before we have to leave today. Caught 17 on jigs. Not great but alot better for sure. Can't wait to be back in a month, was great to get a quick weekend in though for sure!
  21. Well this morning was totally different up there. Despite the 400 boats it was fishing really good today. Sculpin ginger jigs were the ticket for us today.
  22. Fished an hour Thursday night and we caught a few stockers and a nice 19 inch brown. Friday we started at the cable and to be flat honest it was brutally tough for us. First time we've ever made that drift without a fish. Drifted all the way to monkey island throwing jigs and dragging baits and throwing jerkbaits picking up a few here and there but nothing very consistent at all until we got past Cooper creek. Went back to the cable in the afternoon and again it was terrible for us. Started drifting back again and I finally caught a big brown that was 21 inches and weighed 5 even. It's been as tough of a trip as we have ever had so far. We will see what Saturday brings but the big fish make up for the missed numbers!
  23. one thing that must be of note is that they shocked the first 3.5 miles of the lake and the brown numbers look really low. There is still 18.5 miles of deep water that have gone untested, also in late August I would venture to guess most of the browns haven't began migrating up for the spawn yet either. So this is a great sample and a great read but there is a ton of deep and wide water that is unsampled and it's harboring who knows what in her depths?
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