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  1. So, HogLaw, where are you on this issue? Has there been any resolution? I for one would pitch in and help with fees if needed. Most of us out here don't have your education, nor the access to the information and rescorces, it takes to win a 'McCillroy' type suit... I have been waiting for YEARS, litterly, for one of those jacka--es to show their colors to an attorney out having a day of fishing fun..... I don't understand the land owners position (I am a land owner, on a stream with small mouth) and their god like mentality about things... Honestly i feel it's a huge misunderstanding for the most part.... We ( River Smallie fishermen) get lumped in with drinking floaters, and party go-ers, who leave trash and they're sign every where...causing some land owners to just blame all creek users..... But the bottom line is, they don't have a right to harrass any one. The water and it's recreational use belong to the people. Most conciensious Brownie hunters, care....they care about the fish, and the enviroment they live in... Most practice C&R, or harvest smartly.... (only C&R for me).... Try fishing Spring creek west of hwy 12...... they use FOGHORNS and MEGAPHONES on you, and throw rocks in the water there..... the fishing is awesome, for skinny water.... 14-16" fish with regularity in great numbers....And the best part is it's a tributary of the Illinois..... which happens to actually be on the federal navigable waterway list.... This one would be a great set up to get the ball rolling... The other end of the note is that the local authorities need a direction to follow as well... they DON"T know what to do, so too often they side with the land owner and you get booted..... What else can they do? Theres a huge need for resolution here.... Maybe our state reps can step up here????? Maybe other fishing Attorneys can PM Hog LAw, and you pool your rescorces, and knowledge??? At any rate HogLaw..... there is a need.....and you are in the right, moraly, and legaly..... the prescedence just needs to be outlined and set in stone, with a judges signature, and the AGs opinion in writing on the specific subject. We owe this to our children, it's one of the most valuable natural resources this state has.
  2. So Mr. Agnew which P&S do you use? (Not to hyjack the thread)
  3. My Grandmother would give bleach baths to us kids...it was about a coffee cup to a tub of about 8 to 10 inches of water, i have since made 50/50 solutions with water and bleach, and reubbed down with a paper towl, and it works really well.
  4. I stumbled accross this sight VIA another board, and thought i'd share it. This company sells the components for you to build your own "pole anchor" for under 50 bucks.... at that price it might be worth trying??? I want a pair for my cat fish boat. I feel they would be benificial when trying to set up and cast to submerged creek chanels for blues etc when there isn't much for an anchor to grab on... And i also think that it could be very useful to a canoeist / kyaker, to have the pole available when you need it to stop and fish a likley looking spot without having to paddle back up and trying again?? The company is called MAX-GAIN SYSTEMS http://www.mgs4u.com/shallow-water-boat-anchors.htm 3/4" Off-white 2.80 8' Off-white RSR-34-8W $16.00 Most popular size, White 3/4" Black 2.80 8' Black RSR-34-8B $16.00 Most popular size, Black 3/4" CAMO 2.80 8' Camo RSR-34-8CAMO $29.95 New muddy water CAMO pattern for our most popular size
  5. Good news, had a guy call from a CL post i'd made. He had a Motor Guide Scissor bracket, that he thought would work. When i met him he had 2 of them, and i got them for 25 bucks... one would work and the other wouldn't. I had to take the top completly off the rod to get it into the MG bracket but it works great... Same upper shaft size... atleast in those year models??
  6. I am in need of a Minn Kota Scissor Bracket for a AT model. They don't make the older style any longer, and a new style is 140 bucks... then you have to make it fit?? I'm hoping someone has an old burnt up / or otherwise non functioning, trolling motor that still has the scissor bracket on it.... and would be willing to put a reasonable price on it?? Thanks Bob 479 957 2568 or PM me??
  7. I'll go one further.... Spots, in all they're forms are trouble in any system. They are the trashy kin folk you don't want to claim of the bass species. As far as I'm concerned they need to be removed as often as possible from all smallmouth habitat....and any good Smallie enthusiast should do what he can to help this issue out as the opportunity presents itself.
  8. Sounds like an awesome trip... I love that skinny water... alot of guys pass it by.
  9. Well we have the Bakers ford to Gilbert float booked for this week. I'm hoping it'll turn out ok... It's what my boy wanted to do for his B day... couldn't ask for a better boy... I'll post how it went... We've fished the Buffalo many times, but i've never floated this section.. it should be ok... I don't like hearing that it was slow for you grizwilson. Was there alot of other canoe traffic? We are going Thursday... so it should be decent?? I've done the Gilbert to Maumee south float... water was up too much for good fishing IMO.... but i usually think it's too fast for good fishing.... being a wade fisherman at heart.
  10. I've fished th Kings for several years...I really prefer the upper stretches that are harder to reach.. They pot hole up and aren't nearly as picky as long as you don't spook em.. When it's heavily pressured, try parking the canoe and dead sticking with a finess worm... They can't take it.... And to keep the small fry off try an EWG hook and ignore the fast tap.taptapratataptaptap "perch" bites...
  11. I didn't have any trouble. Most times you can park under bridges or on the sides of the road with out much issue. Water levels are likely to drop in the coming weeks. So keep that in mind.
  12. We hit war eagle at the 23 bridge. The water was up a bit, and a little murkey. Fishing was slow but we did catch some. The kings was in fair shape we hit upper portions around kingston. With the forcasted warm weather it should improve some. We caught a few fish and will return in a few days.
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