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  1. Pretty nice deal on some good jerkbaits, crankbaits, etc. right now https://shopdunns.com/product-tag/fishing-lure-sale/
  2. Idk if you read my initial link, but 7 of the lakes in St. Louis county are also getting a bunch of browns stocked here soon, so you can blame the brown shortage in the rivers on the urban program too!
  3. I want to go back to January-Wabash tonight but I'll either need to keep my ar strapped to my back to keep the thugs at bay or just invite @oneshot for backup! Too bad he's in Ozark country!
  4. Well that's disheartening and encouraging at the same time. My mother is a Berkeley High grad. and witnessed the same decline. I agree that it seems pretty silly to grow a lunker just to condemn it to a stillwater death sentence. Stockers are one thing.
  5. Went back out to January-Wabash park in Ferguson last night around 8pm and the trout were there and very active. One older fisherman fella who offered me a bucket of 30 dink crappie from Busch lake #33 was leaving and he said the trout were stocked yesterday (Tues.) so the hotline was incorrect with the listed Monday stocking. Said he only saw 1 trout caught earlier in the day. My gf came with and I invited a buddy who is former law enforcement. He jokingly declined because he said he didn't want to get robbed. No bites on the jigs and flies I tried, and Ashley got no action on the powerbait, surprisingly. I'm guessing that such recently stocked trout might not be feeding so soon? Now at this point we have been the only people in the park and we're fishing near my truck, when a few odd things occurred that didn't seem random. Several empty parking lots with 50 spots open, and an all black, tinted out mustang pulls in and backs into the spot 1 over from my truck. Just sits idling and no one gets out or cracks a window. 15 mins later, another figure appears on foot in all black, hood up, and after passing 6 other benches, sits down one bench over from us, never acknowledging us. I'm not saying it was a set-up to be robbed, but when there's shady characters on either side of you, in North StL in a park after dark, it's probably time to go. My former L.E.O. buddy said the thugs clock out by 6am, and I don't work till 9am so I may be focusing my efforts to early morning excursions! 😂 Night bite was zilch so hopefully the am will be more productive.
  6. The 30 min proximity to home and the possibility to catch a lunker and hear gunshots all within city limits in one evening is too much to resist! And yeah I'd bet there were no trout there last night.
  7. https://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/mdc-celebrates-50-years-urban-fishing-stocking-10lb-rainbow-trout-select-st-louis-lakes There's an abundance of nice trout in my backyard and it has me intrigued. Some of the lakes stocked are open till as late as 11pm I've learned, so I'm going to target the lakes listed with browns/lunkers after work. January-Wabash was listed as stocked on the hotline yesterday, and I made it out last night around 8. Fished some jigs and flies but only caught 1 bass and didn't see any trout movement or any in the water. Maybe still getting acclimated? I've fished for pond-stocked trout at Busch in the past for some quick eaters primarily using powerbait, and have even done so at night while ice fishing frozen Busch lakes, but with the extra big fish stocked, I'm wondering if they can be targeted with any success using big trout lures like jerkbaits or streamers? Anybody had any success catching bigger trout out of stocked lakes?
  8. @JestersHK brought a box of jerk baits along with some bigger streamers but never got into them. High water, not a lot of access and heavy flow meant I was the only one out most evenings.
  9. Had a great time vacationing at the lake last week. It was really fun and interesting fishing during this 5 day period due to such a variety of conditions we encountered. From fishing in the boat with bluebird skies and high winds trying to grind out a bite on Wed., to steady downpours on Thurs., wading around the dam with zero flow for several hours on Fri., and finally drifting from the cable down the trophy section with flood gates open and trout gorging on shad Sat./Sun., with a few nighttime wading outings mixed in, it was an awesome experience! Top flies were #18 tan scuds during no flow, and #14/#12 grey and brown scuds with the gates open. Saw quite a few people doing well on red/orange San Juan worms and worm/scud tandem rigs. Caught fish at night around the dam on black 1/8 and 3/32nd jigs. Once the gates opened up, 1/8 white and dead drifted was the ticket. Fish were all really chunky and had a lot of fight. Ashley somehow caught a decent carp on a sculpin jig on Wed. which was the first fish of the trip. Seen the color and thought she had her first brown on. I think I was more excited than she was, but quickly noticed it wasn’t fighting her at all and she drug it right in. She was a bit bummed but I thought it was hilarious! 😂 We caught a lot of really nice fish and I managed 2 browns on scuds wading near the dam. Lost a really nice bow during no flow on Fri. that I’m still aching over. 6-7 lb fish that would have probably been my pb on a fly. All in all it was an excellent trip, my best one so far. Landed a lot of fish, too many to count, and my hands are still sore from all the abuse!
  10. I'm heading down next week. Just got done telling my fishing partner we would be fishing from the boat the whole time since the water will be constant. 😁 Phil your posts are invaluable info that have helped me catch fish every time I've been down! Thank you!
  11. I fished the park in July. I focused on the Little river and its creeks and had good luck. These guys summed up everything very well. Lots of miles of fishable water to explore which can become overwhelming, so a game plan is important. And definitely bring a wading staff, my knee took a good blow. Only thing I'd add is if you're in Townsend, be sure to stop by the Little River Outfitters Fly Shop. Let them know what your goals are and they will gladly point you in the right direction, where to go, and whats been working lately. I regret not hiring one of their guides since it was my first time, and will be doing so on my next trip there.
  12. I was working a top water spook one evening with a flock of geese swimming nearby. They didn't mind the lure until a bass exploded and sent them in motion. Missed the fish, and a goose crossed my line with his foot and ended up getting hooked in the webbing. I didn't know what to do at first so I kept feeding line out as the flock continued to ascend, yelling to my buddy that my spook was flying away! Began putting pressure on the line till it was a full on tug of war. I was trying my best not to hurt the bird but he crashed and hit the water like a downed fighter jet, and all of this on a busy summer weekend on public water with many onlookers. Got the lure out and the goose flew off.
  13. I'll be down there that weekend and am interested in fishing the tournament. This will be my first Tourney on Taney, and I'm a bit green when it comes to the rules. It says tourney will be judged by weight of trout only. So do my partner and I keep and weigh our best 4 fish without culling? Because of slot limits would it be better to stay below Fall Creek?
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