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  1. Be neat to see someone fish several PW colors side by side to see if there's a preference.
  2. I need to contact Duane and see what weekends he has open between Nov. and Feb.
  3. Exactly how my 20" Taney brown was caught last year. Mid-day, sunny, no generation and cast a foot off the bluff wall.
  4. I want to tie a streamer pattern I'll call "troutguts" to cast around the docks!😀
  5. This all makes complete sense. Thanks for the reply! I've caught more on jerkbaits but my only >20" was on a jig.
  6. What is it about the marabou jig that seems to consistently catch monster browns? Lots of crawlers/powerbait drug up and down the lake, thousands of flies being swung of all sizes up to big streamers, and jerkbaits cast till arms fall off and yet the jig seems to be the most frequent big brown lure on Taney. ZigJigs FB have a lot of huge fish posted frequently as well. Is it the KVD number game philosophy of being able to cover more water = more fish = more chances for a monster? Or is it something about the jig that big browns just can't resist? Is locating them first then targeting with a jig coming into play?
  7. That’s exactly the issue. She’s accustomed to bass and can put a hurting on the crappie but there’s a big curve between 4lb line crappie jigging and 2lb line trout jigging. Zebra midge bite 5 ft deep with a float was hot Sunday morning so I handed her the fly rod. First bite she reacted exactly like a crappie and whip snap! Rerigged, cast and she immediately got hit. Whipped it again and I thought she broke off. She set the rod down and the line started moving. That’s how she landed her first flyrod trout.😂
  8. Shes still a bit of a trout/light line novice and hasn't begun to adjust the drag on the fly yet. It wasn't the reel. The area we were wading also had a lot of structure to get hung up on.
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