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  1. delopez

    Mice patterns on the niangua

    Don't forget scuds... Pink flesh usually tastes better (no pun intended), imo.
  2. delopez

    Mice patterns on the niangua

    hahaha! I didn't land anything on the mice either. I was at NRO (no comment needed... it was ridiculous). I fished the ripple on both sides just below the launch area. I pulled trout out on almost every swing. 23 fish on Saturday and 15 fish, Sunday morning. It was a pretty good time. A couple of 3ish pounds (my best guess) as well. All buggers... As soon as one color stopped working, I switched colors and the bite was back on. Black, Olive, and tan.
  3. delopez

    Mice patterns on the niangua

    Not sure if you mean, from "drunken rafters," or trout/smallmouth? I guess if the mouse pattern isn't working well, I could always switch to casting cans of beer?
  4. delopez

    Mice patterns on the niangua

    I've had great luck with many patterns on the niangua... But, I wanted to see if anyone was tossing any mice patterns this time of year for trout/small mouth on the fly and if you had any success with them? Of course, this time of year... I may have a better chance hooking a drunken rafter...
  5. delopez

    Fiery Fork CA

    The little niangua is a great place for fishing, from what I'm told. I'll be hitting that up, this year quite a bit.
  6. delopez

    Coming Up

    I just asked you a question about your fishing status for this Saturday. I guess this answers my question...
  7. delopez

    Went To The River

    Hey OneShot, Are you fishing this weekend, by chance? I'm going to do a turn and burn from St Joseph, on Saturday if the river level isn't too high.
  8. delopez

    Went To The River

    I was there on Saturday. Spey rod with tan, brown, olive, and black. Worked from 64 bridge to barclay. Caught rainbows and a brown. Not sharing where on the brown, though. Most people don't release them, so I don't like to share. Let them grow and get bigger!
  9. delopez

    Floating the upper kings in June

    What about for fishing with casting tackle? What colors are working well with plastics? Frogs? Jig-types? shakey-head rigs? etc?
  10. delopez

    Floating the upper kings in June

    Thanks, Danimal! Good to know!
  11. hey all, I'm floating the kings in June from Rockhouse to Trigger Gap. I wanted to know what color, type of flies that need in my bag of tricks for the float!? Also, I'm going to be swinging flies through the trophy area. Thanks, delopez
  12. Hey OneShot... I feel like you're on the North American Fly Fishing Forums as well. Do I have the same guy? 

    1. oneshot


      Nope it is an Imposter.


  13. Hey all, I'm heading down south, next weekend (23rd). I wanted to check the water levels and see what colors people were having luck on? Fly-wise! Also, if anyone wants to join me I'll be swinging flies about a mile north of Hidden Valley Outfitters! It's been a year since I've been down, so it's time that I have a date with the water! Local, dirty waters get tiresome after a while... Thanks, delopez
  14. delopez

    Fly rods FS

    Could you send me a pic of the 5 weight diomandback?
  15. delopez

    closest smallmouth stream to KC, MO

    I've actually heard of the little blue in KC and indian creek both having some smallmouth in them.

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