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  1. I visited the Lil' Red with my better half for the Labor Day Weekend. On the way, going through Little Rock, we stopped at Bass Pro. I was trying to pick up some Maxima Chameleon monofilament. There's recipes out there for tie-your-own leaders that call for it. I wanted to try it out. Nope. I can't seem to find Maxima anywhere. So I stuck with buying a couple of 7 1/2 ft 2x machine-tapered leaders to which I put tippet rings on, then tippet. The cabin we rented was downstream a little ways. It was beautifully kept up. Great hostess. It had river access, and kayaks we could use. We didn't kayak
  2. Can anyone tell me how long it is from the time generation begins till the higher flow reaches Libby Shoal, typically? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, guys! I fished Swinging Bridge and Libby Shoals 3 years ago and enjoyed them both very much. I do recall SB having much more fishing room. I will definitely be bring sow bug/ scuds. In my research I discovered that LRR has been known to have a BWO hatch in late summer. Anyone know anything about that?
  4. Hi folks. At the end of the month the wife and I are going to visit the Lil' Red. We will be staying in a cabin on Little Dunham Rd. I'm a fly fisherman. All my fishing will be wade fishing. I will not be boating or kayaking. 1) Can anyone tell me will I be able to wade fish Dunham Shoals? I'm fairly sure the cabin in not right on the river AT Dunham Shoal, but a little before it and off of the river. I understand I may well have to visit one of the public access points like Libby Shoal (I fished there a few years ago) if I can't get to Dunham Shoal without crossing private property.
  5. My pleasure, but I think it's Amery who has it going on!
  6. For me, the big rainbows were on the left side of island. Nice, but smaller, browns were on the right side. But, I heard another fisherman caught a big rainbow on the right side. They were there, all right.
  7. Pic attachment didn't upload. Donno why. Well, it was a very nice sized trout, but not a world beater. Hadn't really developed a hooked jaw yet.
  8. My wife and I spent the week of Thanksgiving at Spider Creek Resort in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It's actually just outside Eureka Springs on the Beaver Dam tail-race of the White River. If I'm not mistaken this is the most up-stream tail-race of several on the White that hold trout and are stocked with trout. This is my report of the fishing and our experience there. I'm posting it on several fly-fishing forums I visit. I hope it's not too generic. Spider Creek Resort is ideally located for a fly fisherman who intends to wade. (There's also guys floating it.) Its frontage is mostly on
  9. Thanks, Gents! I'll let you know how I do. I'm bringing my tying gear. I may go to the local fly-shop, buy enough materials to tie up a reddish-brown "meat whistle", and crawl it on the bottom through a pool in the wee hours. I've been fascinated with fishing a crawfish imitation ever since I hooked something pretty big on a large reddish wooly bugger last summer on a stream nearby where I live. I lost that fish, but I want to try it again. (Or, I may just stick to the midges of which I probably already have 'aplenty. We'll see.) Cheers, jonbo
  10. Thanks! (Don't tell anyone, but I'm bringing a few micro-jig olive woolies. They use 'em a lot at the Lower Mountain Fork in South East Oklahoma).
  11. I plan to spend several days next week fishing the BD Tailwater. We'll be staying at Spider Creek Resort. I'll be wading, flyfishing. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips. I'm bringing plenty of midges and a few pheasant tails, some egg patterns, and a number of small/medium streamers that I'll probably fish with my 6 wt. I've been told to plan to use very light tippets with the midges. I was told a week ago that the area around Spider Creek was fishing very well. Is it still? Will it be worth my while to go over to Parker Bend/Bottoms (whatever it's called)? Is there anyth
  12. Sorry, Nick. I did mean that for Derek. Sfiser, thanks for your reply. I hope to find some minimum flow. That would be wonderful, but from what I've been able to glean they seem to run at least one unit just about all the time. I'm hoping to find some wading anyhow. Been told to try up around the RV park. Probably take a jaunt over to the Norfork at some point, as well. According to some web-site posters (another site) it's all a conspiracy! jonbo
  13. @Nick Williams: I'm really glad to have your report. I've booked His Place for the week of Thanksgiving. I booked it back in June or so based on the fact that you can wade right there. Since then the MF started up, an event I hadn't heard of in my research. It sounded to me as I followed reports like the flow was kept too high to wade. Especially the one guide who's report is posted everywhere, John Berry, he always says there's been no wadeable water. I didn't know how to take that. None anywhere, or no publicly accessible wadeable water, or nothing he can safely recommend. Anyhow, your repor
  14. Thanks, gents! I'd been a little scared because Mr Berry keeps saying there's been no wadable water on the White. He probably is being careful and CAN'T recommend that someone wade at 25 MW of generation. I'll find a way to get my fishing in. I just like to be prepared. Does anyone here have any knowledge of whether there are plans to go with the originally announced minimum flow? I understand that the power company keeps their plans pretty mum. The one fellow was told, I guess, that as of now the power company can't generate 7 MW due to equipment issues.
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