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  1. Does Anyone Know How Old You Have To Be To Rent A Camping Site?
  2. Ok Maybe Not, Everyone Is Doing it.
  3. Yeah Thinks It's My Phone Sorry About That.
  4. Well even The Doctor He Had Said The Same Thing About The Hospital Conditions. He Said About Everything The Doc Asked For They Didn't Have And Had To Substitute Something For It. But Yes Great Time On The Water I Did Break My Fly Rod Though.
  5. Our Trip Started Off Really Good I Caught A Few Brown Trout Nothing Big But First Brown On A Fly Rod. Weather Was Outstanding Not A Lot Of People On The River Where We Were. We Decided To Stop And Camp But That's Where It Started Going Down Hill. I Have A Broken Bone In My Hand Prolly Shouldn't Had Gone But I Couldn't Resist So My Hand Was Killing Me From Paddling My Kayak. So We Are Setting Our Tents Up, My Pastor Gets His Machete Out To Cut A Limb Down But Not Realizing How Sharp It Is He Swings It Harder Than Needed. Well It Cuts Through The Limb Like Butter And Goes Right Into The Front Of His Lower Leg. Cuts Him About 7Inches Long And It Splits Open About 2 1/2 Wide.Fortunately We Have A Fireman/Paramedic With Us. No Cell Signal Of Course So Two People Hiking Up The Hills In Opposite DirectionS One Of Them Finds Some Campers A Few Miles Away That Have A Vehicle. So We Put Our Pastor In A Canoe With Two Others And Get Him To These People And Drive Him To A Spot Where The Ambulance Can Get Him 40 Stitches Later He Is Doing Fine. But The Conditions Of The Salem Hospital Is Horrible, No Supplies .
  6. What's The Cheapest Place To Rent From That Is Right On The Water?
  7. Would You Start Off Fishing Something Different In Morning For Trout Vs In The Evening? I'll Be On The Current Friday Around Ten Wondered What To Start Using First?
  8. I'm Not Familiar With The Blue Ribbon AreA.D. We Are Floating This Coming weekend going to be fishing for anything that bites. we are putting in at Baptist and going all the way down to Pultite is this the Blue Ribbon area?
  9. With All This Rain Coming In What Do You Think It Will Be Like Above Akers Fairy Next Weekend?
  10. We Really Like A Place With Not Very Many If Any Drunks At All. We Tried Noel Once But It Had So Many On It. I Know We Won't Find A Place That Is Totally Free Of Them But The Less The Better
  11. I Live In Lamar and Our Church Is Wanting To Go On A Float Trip. Fishing Camping And Just To Float. We Usually Go To Jack Forks But It's A Long Drive. Anyone Know Of A Closer Place To Go That's Just As Good? ?
  12. muzz


    Looking For A 7 Ft Flyrod
  13. What Are You Catching The Smallies On?
  14. Want To Fish and camp When Is The Best Time To Go?
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